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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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August 1st Update

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)
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Mid-summer update

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Independence Week

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June 15th

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Early June Update

Posted by Arkami, Inc. (Creator)

While June starts summer vacations for some, rest assured our team is hard at work and each week brings more excitement to our team as production continues.

Although September is still a few months away, we sent requests for correct addresses to make sure we’re in front of the shipping process as we will be shipping product to the USA and 54 other international destinations.Your shipping data is now stored in our ecommerce platform. Soon we will email a URL that allows you to log into your account, check details and monitor shipping status.

We’ve heard back from most of you, but we are still waiting for a few more responses.

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1) Software and Architecture updates

Each week our internal project updates are significant. This week’s status report included updates on iOS and Android mobile Apps, our bookmarklets and our cloud-based portal.

2) Hardware and Manufacturing updates

You have asked for additional details on the hardware specs – so please see the following detailed list.We have locked down all components and you’ll see that myIDkey is a very robust device. Following security best practices, you will note that we’re not listing the component manufacturers.We are excited to announce three new additions to myIDkey from backer feedback 1) a small dynamic speaker for user interactions 2) an additional small LED for monitoring battery life and 3) a hardware crypto chip.

We wish we could share the credentials of a key EE engineer on myIDkey as you’d be super impressed with the high-visibility projects on the vitae, but the contract is under non-disclosure terms.

SoC/MCU:Low power ARM architecture processor unit

NAND: Controller for NAND flash (16GB)

Display: Display controller: OLED, blue/yellow mono color OLED display module


Audio: Voice search

HS USB: USB 2.0 HS 480 Mbps

Biometric: Biometric fingerprint reader

DSP: Fingerprint DSP controller

Crypto chip: Hardware Crypto chip, AES 256

Bluetooth: Bluetooth LE 4.0 + classic - dual mode module

Mic: Digital mic + voice search solution

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7v/800mAh

Buttons: 4 push buttons (1 up, 1 down, 1 voice, 1 on/off)

LED:LED for battery status: red for low, green for full

Speaker: Dynamic speaker for user interactions

3) Other activity

We are really excited to announce that the myIDkey referral program will be live very soon.Many of you endorsed the program in our last SurveyMonkey. We receive weekly emails about how to buy another myIDkey without having to pay MSRP and this program is the answer. All Kickstarters will automatically receive points in the program based on their purchases so you are closer to getting a free myIDkey.

Again, thanks for the ongoing interest and support.