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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Chris Davies 1 day ago

      @Robert Zander- I think an undertaker would be more appropriate. Possibly a historian also.

    2. Creator Robert Zander 1 day ago

      It seems the project was nearly resurrected, with much enthusiasm. Then, as suddenly as the recovery process began, we are seeing a reoccurrence of the disease and all communication has ceased. The patient is in a death spiral - get the crash cart!!!

    3. Creator Hiren Shah 2 days ago

      Update please or refund!

    4. Creator R. Sanchez Goldar 5 days ago

      When will the idkey M ship?

    5. Creator BAF 7 days ago

      That video is from 3 weeks ago

    6. Creator BAF 7 days ago

      Thanks to twitter I found this..
      Why can't you guys keep us informed to what is going on?

    7. Creator Brian Cooney on July 26

      shouldnt these guys of had a working version of this before they started! it shouldnt take three years to complete a project like this. i think ill check with the my legal office, because i have asked for a refund (probably like most of you did)

    8. Creator James Webster on July 22

      Like many of you I have waited (hoped, begged, prayed) for this project to actually come true. Like any tech, this idea has come and gone in so many ways. I'm sure many have tried to ask for a refund to no avail. I personally have and like some of you have received an offer to pass on the IDKEY M that we were promised and receive an IDKEY X that is now shipping. I think I will take them up on that offer and pray I can get some sucker to buy it off of me to make back some or all of my money. Good luck to you all, and lesson learned.

    9. Creator Thomas Phan on July 22

      Hmmm .....
      Sonavation discovers method for reading fingerprint through Gorilla Glass

    10. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on July 21

      "I am surprised that no Attorney General or state attorney has decided to make a name for themselves and press charges on this.The public has been deceived, and potentially defrauded with a modern version of "snake oil""

      Would it be quite a case load if General or State attorneys were to took all those cases? I have at least 10-15 cases to provide them, including this one!

    11. Creator Mr. PACG on July 20


    12. Creator BAF on July 19

      Their last log in was on July 15th. Must have been checking on the last project they backed....

    13. Creator Eric Karr on July 15

      So I got this response on July 9th, I am interested in discovering what "soon" is in terms of this project now. This was the first project I ever backed, feels like years ago, oh wait......

      Arkami, Inc.
      Jul 9 2015
      Report spam


      We greatly appreciate your continued patience. We'll have an update for you
      soon and we'll notify you all when shipping begins. Please notify us if you
      have a change in shipping address. We currently have XXXXXXXXXXXXX on file.

      Thank You,

      Team Sonavation

    14. Creator Diver Dennis on July 14

      Jackie, I posted this last December, "It feels like there is going to be a catch somewhere before this is over, like a mandatory subscription or something similar. Just a hunch and hope I'm wrong."

    15. Creator David Lusskin on July 11

      When one looks at the totality of the circumstances surrounding the progression of this "project" one can make an argument that this is fraud ab initio. (From the beginning) The initiators of this project clearly stated that they were ready to go into production. The subsequent back pedaling and revisions could support an allegation of deceit and an intent to defraud investors rather than actually produce a finished product. I am surprised that no Attorney General or state attorney has decided to make a name for themselves and press charges on this.The public has been deceived, and potentially defrauded with a modern version of "snake oil". If somebody said I have the Brooklyn bridge to sell you, and people paid, them there would be no question and charges would be brought. It makes one wonder if there are politics playing out behind the scenes.

    16. Creator David Lusskin on July 11

      When one looks at the totality of the circumstances surrounding the progression of this "project" one could make an argument that this is fraud having ischio plane and

    17. Creator Jackie Cheng on July 10

      Found on Amazon link provided by BAF:
      "IDKEY Premium Service can be purchased via the IDKEY website. Premium Service includes access to firmware updates and feature upgrades. Service lasts for 1 year. Renewable annually."
      Guess they want to milk your wallets every year...
      But I think we're safe since we're never going to see an actual product. Even if it comes out, it's obsolete 3 years old tech...

    18. Creator BAF on July 9


    19. Creator BAF on July 9… For sale on amazon now. No mention of the M series... And the M series page can't be found any longer on the idkey website......... AN

    20. Creator Dave Burness on July 7

      Unfortunately, I will wait

    21. Creator BAF on July 6

      On the Idkey site. The M series is now available for pre-order.

    22. Creator Scott B Hunt on July 5

      Just reading all the comments is worth the $99.00. This dog died a long time ago but folks just won't let go. Put the KalCan in the bowl and wait for her to come home. I got bad news for's going to be a long long wait. La data daa Lassie come's the stuff a good show is made of... But the story has a sad ending and we all cry.

    23. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on July 3

      Again ...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    24. Creator Chet on June 27

      Today is 6/27 and last update was 5/27. I thought they would at least post an update at the 30 day point. Well, maybe Mon, Jun 29.
      From the Apr 2 update:
      "Rest assured the first units have been dedicated to you our Kickstarter backers and we have not changed our overall shipment schedule to begin to fulfill deliveries over the next few months." We are at the end of that window. (Apr 2 - Jul 2)

      Bottom line, here's what I'm asking for. An update concerning 1) the technical problems (May 11 update about sensor communications circuits in the daughter board) and 2) a current estimate of the "overall shipment schedule". Could it be slightly better than "over the next few months"? I'm NOT looking for an exact month and day! Thanks.

    25. Creator Adam Lofthouse on June 27

      Awwww @Trogdor..... the video has been taken down..... what was it?
      I never got the chance to see it.

    26. Creator Mr. PACG on June 26

      1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

    27. Creator Jackie Cheng on June 22

      They're probably going to make another excuse saying that they're upgrading the USB to USB-C connection to future-proof it. Also they're going to offer it in 3 colors: silver, black and gold. After that they're going to make another excuse and say that the gold color was not done nice enough and would take a few more months to source another factory to do it properly.

    28. Creator Michael Steven Tungate on June 22

      Any update? Things have gone pretty dark.

    29. Creator Christian Aryee on June 22

      I'm yet to receive my device. This is really unacceptable!!!

    30. Creator Mr. PACG on June 18

      +1 @Marie-Andree - They should send Ben C. in here to tell us jokes or funny stories to keep us entertained.

    31. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on June 15

      This project is really ....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    32. Creator Daniel Eisterhold on June 14

      I opted for the X series and finally received it on June 12th. The only thing I have been able to use it on is my google account. Also, the fingerprint reader seems to be really finicky.

    33. Creator Insomnia on June 11

      I would really like to know what this IdKey premium service is all about. I smell a ploy to extract an annual fee from idkey users. We don't even have the damn things yet, not sure we ever will, but I can tell you right now, I really hope it isn't what it sounds like.

    34. Creator Trogdor on June 3

      Re: You chuckling about refund requests...…

    35. Creator Adam Lofthouse on May 29

      I keep chuckling to myself about all these comments that are asking for refunds.....

      Refunds are NEVER going to happen people.
      The company that did this kick starter doesn't even exist anymore, it's IP and assets were bought out by another company, and I am pretty sure that part of the purchase of the dead company's assets and IP was that they did NOT take on the companies liabilities or obligations.

      If you want to try and sue the company who failed the kickstarter, go right ahead, but good luck, you probably wont get anywhere.

      The only reason Sonovation is looking to fulfill the KS backers is for two reasons.
      First, it is good PR. Second, it allows them to use customers who had an interest in the product as "marketing beta testers" of sorts, since they already know that the customer had an interest in the product to begin with.

      They're never just going to give back $100's of dollars to people when they wont get ANYTHING back out of it..... whereas they WILL look at giving $20 worth of cost price hardware as a test marketing survey research type tool.

      This method is probably cheaper than setting up their own marketing research department, and since they would be giving hardware to people in this instance anyway.... why not use the previous Arkami database client list, and score some PR points in the process.....

      Now if they could only actually deliver a product....... that will be interesting.....

      I lost over $400 on this failure.... so it's already been written off to me.

      But it will be nice to see ONE DAY if such a product ever comes to fruition, as it's still a product that I want. I am not holding my breath.... as for if it will ever happen.... I'll beleive it when I see a shipping tracking number in my inbox.... until then.... I will assume that I am still out at a loss of over $400.

      A shame.

    36. Creator BASILIOS TSIMISIRIS on May 27

      I want a refund!!!!!

    37. Creator arckal on May 27

      I would still wait and see what will be delivered and how it's fit in our need, provided if Sonavation keep supporting in future for this product. Good luck Sonavation team.

    38. Creator Mr. PACG on May 21

      Any word on the sleeves? ;-)

    39. Creator BAF on May 13

      From the site.
      IDKEY X basic, available for purchase now $149.95 . IDKEY M available this summer.

    40. Creator dim3m on May 13

      @Tom, lol. I actually dont use the IDKey. It sits right here in front of my monitor as a reminder. I still really really hate the design change. When the creators gave out the survey to vote on the design. They clearly made the current design more favorable. I compared all the options and we were tricked into picking the current one. I still very much like the original design. I have already expressed what this current design looks like in the past and got a my comment removed and warning from kickstarter about the words used. Anyways, what can we do when they decided to waste the initial funding to redo the whole damn project.

    41. Creator blank on May 13

      SO I can buy a IDKey model X and get it , but can't get a model M because of issues. Why can't I just get an X?? What is wrong with you Sonavation!!!!!!

    42. Creator Glen Johnson on May 12

      Please refund all my money. The wait for this has been way too long. Thanks

    43. Creator Tom Kraus on May 12

      "IDKEY by Sonavation ‏@IDKEY May 11
      #YouShouldKnow - 23% of employees will open a phishing email. Secure your corporate #Google accts w/ the #IDKEY. "

      #YouShouldKnow - 99% of Kickstarter backers will get "scammed" by supporting #IDKey (#myIDkey) @Sonavation and @BenjaminChen88 (the 1% being dim3m + a few others)

    44. Creator dim3m on May 12

      This project is not a scam. I have received the Original MyIDKey with limited features. The problem was it was a poor execution by the original creator and more funds used when they tried to change the whole thing. But I still have hope for the new people behind this product.

    45. Creator Ian Rainford on May 12

      Thanks for the update.
      I'm going to continue to be patient and wish you good luck whilst I keep my fingers crossed to receive a delivery at some time.
      Please keep the updates coming though

    46. Creator Roger Brown on May 12

      Thank you for for the update. While others may be discouraged or worse, indignant, I am confident this project ultimately will be delivered.

      Angry backers: consider project creators who have taken the money and vanished. MyIDkey is still alive. Be thankful.

    47. Creator Jackie Cheng on May 11

      The funny thing is that not only do they fail in creating a product...they actually FAIL at scamming people as well. Here's a crash course for you: Step 1: Design fake product, Step 2: Get a sh!t load of "investment" money, Step 3: RUN. There is NO Step 4: Keep up with fake updates.
      So just end it already. We all know you don't have anything real. We've all accept the fact that we lost our hard earned money. So don't drag it out. Close this kickstarter and end it.

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