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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Sundeep S. Grewal about 2 hours ago

      Passport looks great! Probably just wait for that. I'm glad I come back once in awhile to look at the comments! Thanks Jackie Cheng.

    2. Creator Charles Ebert about 11 hours ago

      The Passfort looks more or less like what I want. Unfortunately they are saying that they're not going to ship until next March. Since it's too late to contribute to the Kickstarter, I think I'm going to learn the lesson from MyIDKey and wait until they are shipping them to order one.

    3. Creator Diver Dennis 4 days ago

      I may well be Big Ben lurking here Mr. PACG. Con men like to admire their work sometimes. I don't understand why he would want to remind himself of his abject failure, if that were the case.

    4. Creator Mr. PACG 6 days ago

      Looks like Slopovation likes to lurk in here too.

      Last login = Oct 7 2015

    5. Creator Vincent B. Donadio on October 5

      At this point, I just come to this page every month or two for the comedic value.

    6. Creator Mr. PACG on October 4

      @Beranger - I don't think it was a scam as much as it was total incompetence by the morons that ran Arkami (myidkey). Several of them are part of Sonavation so the idiocy continues.

    7. Creator Margarete Quinones on October 1

      Better Business Bureau Complaint: submitted
      FTC Complaint: Submitted
      Looking at a lawyer website now.
      Kickstarter pretty much washes their hands at this, They tell me it's an all or nothing set up. I told them yeah, the company gets all of the money and we get nothing.
      If they were to man up and admit this is over they're supposed to give refunds which we'll never see. It's not like they really have anything to lose, they've screwed themselves by screwing us. I think I am going to contact an attorney and look for compensation for not just what I paid but for all of the time and aggravation, etc I've been through. These people should not be allowed to get away with this

    8. Creator BERANGER on October 1

      At this point one wonders if it waas not a scam.

    9. Creator Mr. PACG on September 30

      Their last login: Sep 28 2015
      Cowards should man up and post, the truth, saying this is over.

    10. Creator Jackie Cheng on September 30

      Can someone from California go over there with a bat and pay them a visit? lol

    11. Creator Mr. PACG on September 30

      @Paul - It doesn't matter they are NEVER sending us anything.

    12. Creator Paul Stern on September 30

      I need to change my address. How do you want me to do thins?


    13. Creator Glen Johnson on September 29

      I also filed a complaint with FTC, tired of waiting on item and / no refund.

    14. Creator Karen M on September 29

      FWIW, I filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
      Nothing may come of it, but at least it's on record.

    15. Creator Mr. PACG on September 29

      11 massive crowdfunding disasters
      USB gizmos are another hot Kickstarter category, as people invent all kinds of things you can plug into the side of your computer. One particularly ambitious product was myIDKey from start-up Arkami. The personal security device included a fingerprint reader and, when synched with your PC, would auto-fill password forms and other private information for you. They had a working prototype and brought in half a million on Kickstarter and another $3 million in venture capital. Unfortunately, Arkami kept revising the product to add features, so the scheduled ship date of September of 2013 came and went. Arkami closed its doors in 2014 with no product shipped and tons of pissed-off backers.

    16. Creator Jeremy Desrosiers on September 26

      I say we hunt them down and we kill them all. only option left now.

    17. Creator Agnes Danczkay on September 25

      I already sent two e-mails without receiving a reply.
      If anyone is willing to make a complaint I would like to join in.
      These so called "updates" are totally meaningless and in bad faith.
      I'm terribly disappointed!

    18. Creator Margarete Quinones on September 24

      I'm going to try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FTC. I just wrote to Kickstarter but I'm sure that won't receive any acknowledgment. Somebody has to be held responsible

    19. Creator Mr. PACG on September 23

      Refunds aren't going to happen, ever.

    20. Creator Frank Wiley on September 22

      Please just refund my pledge at this time. I have been patient long enough.

    21. Creator Paul Shabian on September 21

      Any FTC complain petition coming?

    22. Creator Sascha Glade on September 20

      I've backed a lot of kickstarter projectd, and unfortunately while this project looked promising, it turned out to be the worst one I backed. Slipped deadlines, no communication, sold company, broken promises, the list goes on...
      When a complaint is filed I'll happily sign it.

    23. Creator BAF on September 18

      I'll sign it. I took screen shots of the idkey website many months ago. It use to state that The M series would be delivered at the end of summer.which is NOW!!! well that was removed sometime back. I'll sign it...

    24. Creator Mr. PACG on September 17

      Slopovation has logged into kickstarter several times over the past two weeks, most recently today, and not a word from them here. Typical from these clowns.

    25. Creator Ben Davis on September 16

      Ahh.. my $99 invisible gadget!

    26. Creator R. Sanchez Goldar on September 16

      Me too. I'm tired of waiting,

    27. Creator Stephen Mathis on September 14

      be happy to sign onto the FTC complaint. Why don't you post the information here...

    28. Creator Mr. PACG on September 14

      Good read:
      Court orders restitution, fines in first-ever victory against a delayed Kickstarter

    29. Creator Ferenc Molnar on September 13

      In another project, where no update/response and naturally no product has been received many of us backers have filed a complaint with FTC.

      I'll be doing the same thing here. I don't believe that we will ever see the product we have believed in and we're supporting, but I'm sick of these cheaters. KS doesn't care about such stories (unfortunately other sites have adopted similar practices as well).

    30. Creator Mr. PACG on September 11

      @Jason - Give Bennie a hug for us if you see him.

    31. Creator Jason on September 10

      Im going to stop by the Sonovation offices and say hello

    32. Creator Arik on September 10

      I am in fact happy this has failed........It KICSTARTED my way out of these crowdfunding platforms.

    33. Creator J on September 10


    34. Creator Diver Dennis on September 7

      Where is Big Ben these days? I listened to his BS on the phone with no results.

    35. Creator Edgar Arroyo on September 5

      Another project with high hopes and little to show for. "2013 CES winner in three categories!" What a bunch of crap.

    36. Creator Mr. PACG on September 3

      Here's a leaked picture of the new, top secret, IDKEY model Z

      *Note: Pen/pencil not included.

    37. Creator R. Sanchez Goldar on September 3

      Seems like a never ending story!

    38. Creator Mr. PACG on August 30

      I miss the good old days of when Ben Chen would stop in here to post super cool lies and get our hopes up.

    39. Creator Christof Reithinger on August 27

      Hi there... Is there any motion on the other side? In this, case no mews is bad news! However... I guess Nobody did really expect anything to the project has been dead fort some time, anything else but this would have been a surprise....

    40. Creator Jackie Cheng on August 26

      I think I'm going to start a website called LawsuitStarter. Get funds to hire lawyers to do class action lawsuits against scamming kickstarters.

    41. Creator Christian Mestermann on August 24

      Are you already burns in hell

    42. Creator Mr. PACG on August 24

      @Brent - Some more contact info via
      T: (561) 209-1201
      F: (561) 209-1202
      Sonavation, Inc.
      3970 RCA Blvd.
      Suite 7003
      Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

    43. Creator Lori Ciavarella on August 21

      Any updates?

    44. Creator Brent on August 19

      I found a phone number for sonnovation. Not sure if itll get us anywhere but it wasnt listed on their site. 561-209-1201.

    45. Creator R. Sanchez Goldar on August 19

      Still waiting.......

    46. Creator Trogdor on August 18

      All I could think of was the South Park monocycle it for those interested. :P

    47. Creator Insomnia on August 18

      I have just learned from high placed sources inside the idkey management that the reason the M series has not been released to backers is because it is going to be the first consumer based product to be made with sonavations new technology. It all happened during a staff meeting a few months ago. A sharp, but new intern commented that the M series idkey device resembled a suppository. Quickly catching his mistake after getting several looks, everyone turned to the CFO who was chairing the meeting. Expecting to be fired on the spot, the intern was shocked when the CFO turned to his team and asked "what about that?" "Could the new technology be adapted to bio-metric identification rectally? A light bulb went off in the room as it was quickly embraced. A suppository with rectal bio-metric identification technology could revolutionize the security industry. The technology is new and will take several years to develop. When asked about the extended time frame, the CFO replied by simply stating "we're a little constipated right now, but as soon as this enema starts working the flood gates will open."

    48. Creator Boomerangs on August 15

      Got a Yubico Neo in the interim, does a lot in a small form factor.

    49. Creator Jackie Cheng on August 14

      @dim3m - They probably going to ask us to donate a kidney as well.

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