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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
Created by

Arkami, Inc.

3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Margarete Quinones 7 days ago

      After 2 years I think those of us that remained with this project should get some kind of bonus

    2. Creator Lewis Wilkerson on March 17

      This has FRAUD written all over it. Perhaps I should file an inquiry with my State Attorneys office

    3. Creator Helder Frazao on March 16

      Are you guys' (Sonovation) surprised in the low interest ? most people have moved on and forgotten about this. With the project 2 years behind your still claiming it's going to take 2 months to ship ? don't be surprised if most people don't believe you, me included. I'm at the point yeah sure whatever, I'll believe you when I have working model in my hands.

    4. Creator arckal on March 16

      yes webcast would be great idea, at least people who are not close and interested could enjoy it!

    5. Creator Richard C on March 16

      I too am Leary about product and delivery. Why cancel the event. You say low response rate well why not move into this century and do a web cast at least we can then see something

    6. Creator Alan Johnson on March 16

      I wish I could get excited about this. But the design has changed so much since the original Kickstarter, it's pretty much useless to me. The app to maintain passwords has always been riddled with bugs to the point that it wasn't worth trying updates. This is growing into a solution in search of a problem.

    7. Creator Insomnia on March 16

      Dear Sonovation, I think I speak for many backers when I say that we're not interested in Demos, events, or videos. This experience has been a roller coaster of disappointment. While we're cautiously optimistic about your promises of April Shipping, It's nothing we haven't heard before. If you wish to prove yourself to us, your backers, and drag the reputation that Arkami has so generously passed on to you, out of the mud, try communication instead. Talk to us like we were in some way relevant to you and maybe you'll get less paper weight remarks and more optimism.

    8. Creator Mr. PACG on March 13

      13 days into March and ZERO word from MySonvationKeyId..or whatever they call themselves now ;-) ... They tweet daily from the account ... radio silence here
      Last time they logged into kickstarter = Last login Feb 25 2015
      Starting to feel like the 'same old same old' again
      Communicaton / com·mu·ni·ca·tion
      noun 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

    9. Creator Charles Ebert on March 13

      Chris, I found that they are not heavy enough to even make a good paperweight.

    10. Creator Nicholas Blake on March 13

      We should get these just about the time that USB C and biometrics are mainstream.

    11. Creator Silentas on March 13

      @Kim Bryant I also received one and would have to agree with @Chris Davies. Mine still works but is very unpredictable. Looking forward to the new version though. Hopefully there is some improvement.

    12. Creator Chris Davies on March 11

      @Kim Bryant- i received one, most expensive paperweight I've ever owned. Update Please?!

    13. Creator Kim Bryant on March 9

      I agree with Eric L Karr. especially since I didn't receive one the first time they were shipping (I'm curious who actually did) and I never got a phone call or email from Ben thanking me for my patience. So I would hope that the early backers would be rewarded for their patience.

    14. Creator Mr. PACG on March 6

      @Creator -
      Update : noun ˈəpˌdāt/
      an act of bringing something or someone up to date, or an updated version of something.

    15. Creator Eric L Karr on March 4

      @Creator/Sonavation How will you be shipping these? In other words what order are you going to use? Yes, I am wondering if since I am one of the first 100 Backers that is in an Early Early Bird tier will I be one of the first to receive it?

    16. Creator Donald Kudler on March 4

      Any update on shipment?

    17. Creator Mr. PACG on March 3


    18. Creator Mr. PACG on February 24

      @Engels - Info about refunds:
      Will Sonavation be issuing refunds?
      Sonavation will not be issuing refunds. All Kickstarters will be shipped the Sonavation® IDKEY™ M-Series Device.

    19. Creator Engels Wilson on February 23

      I need a refund, please.

    20. Creator Richard C on February 20

      I don't need a meet and greet. Just myIdKey

    21. Creator Dan Schaeffer on February 20

      You know what would be better than meet-and-greets with the Sonavation team?

      Getting the actual myIDkey(s) that I pledged for.

    22. Creator Alan Johnson on February 20

      IRT, Thomas Phan's comment, it's an excellent point. Sonnovation is already While nothing is forever on the Web, it would be reassuring to know I could get data into and out of the IDKey without an app. Thus if the app never gets updated, at worst it's an inconvenience.

    23. Creator Alan Johnson on February 20

      I haven't shrieked loudly but had written my money off. I disagree with Jeff Brown's comments that these are investments. They are not. We are pledging money in return for something. We are not purchasing part of the company in question. According to Kickstarter, if the fulfillment cannot be carried out, each participant is owed a refund. This is important to realize that you are not just giving someone money and if it vanishes, oh well.

    24. Creator Jon Burke on February 16

      I second Jeff Brown's comment; I have been one of the quiet supporters, with the occasionally expressed concern about feature creep. This new turn of events is very welcome. Those who were previous shrieking loudly that this project had come to a bitter end have been remarkably silent recently.

    25. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on January 31

      Good question Thomas. The app is perfectible. Why not do a partnership with existing apps like 1Password, or PasswordBox? Those apps are well distributed, and let say it, much better than the Arkami/Sonovation one.

    26. Creator Thomas Phan on January 25

      Awesome news on the idkey. But what about the app. Will sonovation keep the same app or make another. Even if they don't change anything with the app it self what about updates and improvements on it.

    27. Creator Stephen Seko on January 24

      So surprised and delighted that Sonovation and MyIDKey have formed a partnership. I was not expecting delivery on this project would ever transpire. I know I take a risk as a backer and was not overly upset when I thought my backing would not yield a product. I am pleased at the commitment to the original backers and wish you nothing but success in your business.

    28. Creator Jeff Brown on January 23

      I should also include "Thank" to all of the remaining Arkami team and i hope you find satifying new positions with Sonovation!

    29. Creator Jeff Brown on January 23

      I would like to say "Congratulations" Ben. Not all of us have been vocal with harsh criticism. Many have sat quietly on the sidelines wishing you success and hoping for the best. None of us wanted to lose our money but we all know the risks involved in backing a project. It is never a guaranteed investment and never has it been promoted as such. You should never invest what you can't afford to lose. That is a basic truth in investing. If you don't understand that, then don't invest. Thank you Ben for caring so much about this project and your investors and working so hard to make this happen. Thank you Sonovation for picking up this project and making it a reality. From a marketing perspective, honouring the Kickstarter fulfillment is good business yet it was not necessary and so we thank you. I am really looking forward to delivery.

    30. Creator helder on January 21

      finally some good news...
      i hope..
      i say this because things change overtime (remember and we pledge here in kickstarter?) and sometimes what is promised and what we get are very diferents things... so i guess i just have to wait for March and see if i really get it!

      anyway at least there is hope ,)

    31. Creator arckal on January 20

      That's a great news, thanks for keeping us in mind and bring this project to live again. Keep us updated, waiting for mine.

    32. Creator Marcel Berman on January 19

      This is a good new for me ! I did pledge for 2 MyIdkeys ... And I was not so happy to see my pledges being lost ... But that is crowfunding ! Sometimes You can loose your money !
      Now I want to publicly thanks the Arkamy team and the Sonavation team to bring this project alive again ! And most important, not having forgot the ones who did pledge !

    33. Creator @KolbyPanda on January 19

      *Happy Dance* @Kolbypanda

    34. Creator ian douglas on January 18

      I'm really happy that new life is being given to this project, and looking forward to getting my idkey.

      How do I register a change of address? My upcoming move will be my third residence since I backed this project.

    35. Creator Jari Turpeinen on January 17


    36. Creator Thomas Hogan on January 9

      When can we access the free google chrome extension?

    37. Creator Diver Dennis on January 8

      Thanks Donald.

    38. Creator SonOfSlam on January 8

      So I checked out the site, and I'm cautiously optimistic about something that I'd already written off. I do have a question: Are we going to get the M series or the X series? The M series is closest to what we were signing on for.

    39. Creator Mr. PACG on January 8

      @Donald - Thanks for the info/update

    40. Creator Donald Kudler on January 8 I went to the Encore Hotel last night to the Sonavation Suite and met Ben, Bob and others. I saw a current version of the IDKey tethered to a Mac. Worked fine and put in the login credentials into As I understand it, Ben says, for now, must be tethered or via wifi due to a restriction within the browsers on Macs and PCs. I didn't ask about connection for autofill on phones but understand that bluetooth does/will work for that on phones. It is the same form factor as the old MyIDKey (as finally produced) but you can see the difference in the fingerprint reader. For those of you who got the original, screen looks the same.

      Things are looking up. The team seems positive and ready to get this thing done. You can see by previous comments, that I have been critical. Now, I am hoping things will be completed as planned.

      /s Donald Kudler

    41. Creator Dan Colwell on January 6

      From the comments in the last update:

      Creator Arkami, Inc. about 5 hours ago
      Hi Kickstarters,
      The website is now live at
      For those wondering, yes, all backers will receive the new IDKEY device. You will receive the same number of devices that you originally pledged for. Shipping is expected to begin in March.
      - Team Sonavation

    42. Creator Burton Strauss III on January 6

      Please clarify - ALL Kickstarter backers (not just those who received a prototype) will be receiving a working MyIDKey in March *2015*?

    43. Creator Mr. B on January 6

      As a backer I guess I'm glad that they seem to be going to honor our purchase since the original went belly up they could just tell us to pound sand. I have been using the android app since it was released and works fine for me.

      I woild like to be able to see a demo online or pictures though.

    44. Creator Li Xiaolai on January 6

      I didn't receive anything... :(

    45. Creator Gene Graan on January 6

      So what happens to us backers that didnt receive an old myidkey and are still waiting? When are we going to receive our new fun product?

    46. Creator R. Sanchez Goldar on January 6

      What is the url of the website?

    47. Creator Yen Tran on January 2

      Please issue me a refund as I have waited long enough for nothing. This is the last time I back anything on Kickstarter. I rather use websites like CircleUp, Angellist, SeedInvest, etc.

    48. Creator Diver Dennis on December 29

      Thanks for posting that Chris. Since the refund avenue has been closed, I hope the product we may receive lives up to original expectations.
      It feels like there is going to be a catch somewhere before this is over, like a mandatory subscription or something similar. Just a hunch and hope I'm wrong.

    49. Creator Chris Rusnak | AoUA on December 26

      Here is an email response I got when asking for a refund:

      Hi Chris,

      Sorry my first answer wasn't clear. We will not be issuing refunds, but will rather be sending out the new IDKEY as a replacement to any MYIDKEY that was purchased.

      I hope that clarifies.



    50. Creator Christian Mestermann on December 24

      Hope 2.0...

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