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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Taterka about 14 hours ago

      Non-Response from the BBB complaint:

      Dear Sir or Madam:
      On November 29, 2016, Sonavation Inc. (“Sonavation”) received the above-referenced complaint from the Better Business Bureau servicing Southeast Florida and the Caribbean (“BBB”) (the “Complaint”). By way of his Complaint, David Taterka (“Mr. Taterka”) contends that a product initially presented by Arkami, Inc. (“Arkami”), and into which he invested monetary funds, has not been produced to date. He is requesting a refund of his investment from Sonavation. Sonavation appreciates the opportunity to provide this response
      By way of background, Arkami presented the “myIDKEY” product through Kickstarter PBC
      (, a web-based funding site (“Kickstarter”), in March 2013. For various reasons, the product was not delivered to Kickstarter participants and Arkami was unable to continue its operations. In December 2014, Sonavation acquired the foreclosed assets of Arkami from its secured shareholders. Following the acquisition, it became evident that Sonavation needed to invest additional time, energy, and resources to complete development of the product. Should Sonavation succeed in resolving certain design flaws, the company can apply for and obtain the required industry certifications and export approvals which are a prerequisite for delivery of the IDKEY™ M to consumers. Sonavation
      regrets any inconvenience Mr. Taterka may have experienced.

      If you, or Mr. Taterka, have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 561-209-1201. Thank you once again for allowing Sonavation the opportunity to address this customer concern.

      Very truly yours,
      Bruce Rector

      Bruce Rector
      Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
      Sonavation, Inc.

    2. KS Addict
      5 days ago

      +1 @ Alistair Dale They should have shipped us all a #2 pencil and a pad of post-it notes.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Taterka on November 27

      I filed a complaint at your suggestion with the BBB.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alistair Dale
      on November 26

      Yay, I just designed my own version of the idkey- it's called paper and a pen. These guys should be ashamed of themselves as should Kickstarter. What a waste of time. I'll check in again in another three months and see if they have been to the man store and gotten a set of balls!!

    5. KS Addict
      on November 21

      I looked up douche-bag in the dictionary:

    6. Jeff Ray on November 20

      Per the Kickstarter contract (during the time of this project);
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I'm filing with the Florida Attorney General and putting in a complaint with the BBB. Please join me.

    7. davidicus on November 8

      Sonavation: just nail the coffin if this is dead!

    8. Missing avatar

      Carl Ritter on October 27

      Long ago I accepted that this project had died. I accepted that I had made a bad investment. I accepted that I had lost my money.

      What I cannot accept is that Sonavation refuses to give us closure by telling us the project is dead. Their silence is deplorable and reprehensible.

    9. Missing avatar

      dim3m on October 26

      It was very stupid of them changing the overall design in the beginning. Which pretty much ate up most of the funds and caused additional delays. Delays cost money. And the design change was also rigged. To the original founders of myIDkey, you guys are worthless .

    10. Edgar Arroyo on October 23

      I keep coming back to see what others have posted and see that nothing has changed. I'll check back in a few more months. They should be forced to return their CES awards. VAPORWARE!!!!

    11. KolbyPanda on October 18

      Can I just have an old working laptop instead? IT may be a little heavier but I can put passwords on it instead.. *giggle*

    12. JimM on October 12

      IHere's another project of the same variety for those willing to roll the dice again. I'm pretty sure Big Ben isn't on hand to mismanage this one.

    13. Christof Reithinger on October 1

      Wonder if I get my ID-key for Christmas.... most likely not... would be a nice surprise..

    14. Missing avatar

      R. Sanchez Goldar on September 27

      When will this drama end?

    15. Joel D on September 26

      Ok, since its long since obvious that I'm never going to see my myIDkey in any shape or form, feel free to send me one of the CES trophies for a product that never existed. I put this scam right up there with the Radiate Tee Shirt guy...

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Mann on September 6

      Last update the 9th October 2015, what more can be said. Below the comment box is "Be respectful and considerate". This company is showing no consideration to its backers, nor has it shown any respect by its science it permeates to all. The so called technology from 3 years ago, is now so far outdated, and not worth zip with other "id keys" on the market, far cheaper, and readily available now, not when this company wants to stop playing. Money certainly wasted for sure.

    17. Holden McSweeney
      on August 29

      You would think they could make the post on Kickstarter.

    18. Trogdor
      on August 23

      My response from the team on Aug. 12:
      We're currently making efforts towards the final completion of the M-Series Devices. Some manufacturing inconsistencies brought about additional setbacks that were not anticipated. We truly understand the frustration that the Kickstarter backers have experienced and our teams are focused on bringing you the most optimal product that we can provide. We thank you for your continued patience while we approach the completion of this project.

    19. Susan R Grossman
      on August 23

      Any update is welcome when it's been so long. Thanks - Susan

    20. Jurriaan Wittenberg on August 16

      I sent an email to Sonavation last weekend and got the following message back from them. I can't help it but I keep holding faith:

      Sonavation is continuing to work to develop the IDKEY™ M-Series device. The technology we acquired from Arkami was not fully developed and had design flaws. If Sonavation can complete development to its satisfaction, delivery to is expected to begin after Sonavation obtains the required industry certifications, export approvals, and manufacturing is underway. Thank you for your continued patience.

      Sonavation Team

    21. KS Addict
      on August 12

      Another fraud by Ben Chen. Only thing he is good at is making shit fail.

    22. Boomerangs on August 8

      Like many, doing my round of dead campaigns, gone down the drain like Mycestro, Radiate fitness shirts. Didnt even realized that I lost the ability to believe campaigners for awhile now, sad for the true, honest campaigners that suffer the blunt of lack of early trust as soon as a misstep occurs. And this technology is far outsmarted by Apple to name one, logging thru iphone and watch authentication, samsung uses retina scanner, Asus fingerprint scanner to log you into your computer, apps, browser, I even use a very simple usb authentication key that cost under $30 now, no storage but who cares, a 16gb usb key barely cost $3 by now, I order them in bunch now, encryption is included, no actual idea what I'll do with the IDKey when they arrive, if any.

    23. Michael Gottesman on July 29

      I just dropped in to see if there was anything new... but of course there isn't. I took a quick look on Sonavation's website and noticed that there is no longer any reference or link to IDKEY at all. Also, the pre-order page has been pulled down from the IDKEY website: (page not found). I won't be surprised to see the whole site pulled soon. It would be nice if they would show some minimal level of integrity and admit they will never deliver the product. Benjamin Chen, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    24. Brandon Maas on July 26

      This experience is down there with the Agent smartwatch. Both obsolete at this point.

      There was a funded justice campaign against Chris Walker(Agent Smartwatch) that didn't get funded, but if someone could start one that would go after all of these scam artists, I would invest in a heartbeat.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brake2Late on July 26

      wow... it really has been long.
      can I get something solid with my pledge? This single campaign beats every scam I have seen on Indiegogo and this sure is the worse on Kickstarter.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Taterka on July 21

      From the mydwebsite:
      Sonavation is committed to "Empowering Trust, Delivering Peace of Mind."

      They failed on both counts.

    27. Missing avatar

      Frank Wiley on July 15

      Agree with Thomas Phan. Nothing here. I'd really like to see some $ refunded on these projects that have not produced anything in year(s).

    28. Dave Dugal on July 13

      This is my oldest, unfulfilled Kickstarter campaign. I'm just curious if Arkami, Inc., is bankrupt, or if we can expect to see a return on our early good-faith investment in the future?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Miller on July 11

      Fantastic experience with this campaign. Successfully turned me off to kickstarter. Thanks for promising and not delivering. Ps. Apple figured this tech out for you already. Is the next campaign going to be a super duper new form of VHS cassette?

    30. Thomas Phan on July 9

      Making my rounds to dead Kickstarter campaigns. Nothing to see here carry on...

    31. Rob on July 9

      Looks like this project is dead and my money has been stolen... yet again reasons why I do not support any more crowd funding projects and slag the KickStarter/IndieGogo franchises on twitter. Thieves

    32. Edgar Arroyo on July 7

      Three years and counting. This is a project that makes others think twice about being a supporter on KS. Very disappointed how so many of these companies just don't care.

    33. Missing avatar

      Marc on July 1

      Feature creep, empty promises, don't expect to get anything out of it and think A LOT before you ever back something on kickstarter. I got scammed twice... the first was here and the second is the damn peachy printer

      Thank you scamstarter for helping scammers.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on June 24

      You made a promise to ship us the reward...

    35. Missing avatar

      Marius Alexandru on June 7, 2016

      Be honest about kickstarter. Go look at all the pledges you've ever made, remove all the projects you actually really use and leave the rest: the scams, the products that are so bad you would be afraid to use, the ones you don't use at all and so on. Now sum all those money up. Would you still want to back a kickstarter project? EVER?

    36. Oliver Irgendwo on June 3, 2016

      Please everybody take 5 minutes to rate them 0 in facebook and any other place you can find to WARN others from going into business or buy something from this people! The name of the founder should be published everywhere to never make business again. He is already known for those kind of things anyway.

    37. Oliver Irgendwo on June 3, 2016

      they did use our money to build it, they sell it online and on events but dont pay back the backers with products. these group are criminals! and kickstarter is supporting this scamers!

    38. Missing avatar

      R. Sanchez Goldar on June 1, 2016

      Kickstarter should be renamed to Scamstarter.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirwin on May 23, 2016

      I can't believe it's been 3 years and nothing. This is one reason why I've decided not to fund anyone else on this site. Kickstarter should have a responsibility to its customers to ensure we don't get ripped off like this product.

      Happy Funding to all others.

    40. Missing avatar

      BAF on May 23, 2016

      The promises they made after they took over. They are legally obligated to fullfill.

    41. KS Addict
      on May 16, 2016

      Project is 100% dead. No refunds. No myidkeys. No idkeys. No communication.
      Besides you'd have to be cray cray to use ANY device (software / hardware) they create. Pretty sure they can't program the clock on a VCR let alone make a secure, functional security product. #flashing1200 haha

    42. Jeremy Desrosiers on May 13, 2016

      I want a Refund now, I've waited too long.

    43. Barbara B on May 3, 2016

      join me at with request for an update?

    44. Boomerangs on April 30, 2016

      Sad thing is that the original 'business' was acquired by sonavation, meaning they don't have to fulfill said original campaign owner's promises, unless in written agreements during the acquisition negotiation transcript.
      Secondly, for a well established company as 'the buyer', I find it rather dubious that despite a so called finished product as the campaign portrayed is still capable of leading to years of 'work' afterward, It begs the question of the original design's real status and/or the latter's desire to fulfill any original promises.
      In essence, I dont believe this will pan out well for us backers.
      As for below remarks regarding the CEs awards, as the Sonavation product is different to the original, I dont believe they would be allowed to stick the award to their designed models, it only applies to the original MyIDKey, as the award stipulates, not the Sonavation IDKey.

    45. ian douglas on April 27, 2016

      "happy" 3rd anniversary to everyone else who also hasn't received their device which was supposed to arrive in March/April of 2013.

      I got an official reply from them recently stating there would be no refunds. Yay.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on April 24, 2016

      Kickstarter allows scammer coming to raise a huge sum of money and then disappear?

    47. Missing avatar

      Thomas Jablonowski on April 19, 2016

      what a ripoff, not even a statement in the last 6 months. Folks like these are what will make community funded projects die.

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