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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
Created by

Arkami, Inc.

3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mr. PACG 4 days ago

      Any word on the sleeves? ;-)

    2. Creator BAF on May 13

      From the site.
      IDKEY X basic, available for purchase now $149.95 . IDKEY M available this summer.

    3. Creator dim3m on May 13

      @Tom, lol. I actually dont use the IDKey. It sits right here in front of my monitor as a reminder. I still really really hate the design change. When the creators gave out the survey to vote on the design. They clearly made the current design more favorable. I compared all the options and we were tricked into picking the current one. I still very much like the original design. I have already expressed what this current design looks like in the past and got a my comment removed and warning from kickstarter about the words used. Anyways, what can we do when they decided to waste the initial funding to redo the whole damn project.

    4. Creator blank on May 13

      SO I can buy a IDKey model X and get it , but can't get a model M because of issues. Why can't I just get an X?? What is wrong with you Sonavation!!!!!!

    5. Creator Glen Johnson on May 12

      Please refund all my money. The wait for this has been way too long. Thanks

    6. Creator Tom Kraus on May 12

      "IDKEY by Sonavation ‏@IDKEY May 11
      #YouShouldKnow - 23% of employees will open a phishing email. Secure your corporate #Google accts w/ the #IDKEY. "

      #YouShouldKnow - 99% of Kickstarter backers will get "scammed" by supporting #IDKey (#myIDkey) @Sonavation and @BenjaminChen88 (the 1% being dim3m + a few others)

    7. Creator dim3m on May 12

      This project is not a scam. I have received the Original MyIDKey with limited features. The problem was it was a poor execution by the original creator and more funds used when they tried to change the whole thing. But I still have hope for the new people behind this product.

    8. Creator Ian Rainford on May 12

      Thanks for the update.
      I'm going to continue to be patient and wish you good luck whilst I keep my fingers crossed to receive a delivery at some time.
      Please keep the updates coming though

    9. Creator Roger Brown on May 12

      Thank you for for the update. While others may be discouraged or worse, indignant, I am confident this project ultimately will be delivered.

      Angry backers: consider project creators who have taken the money and vanished. MyIDkey is still alive. Be thankful.

    10. Creator Jackie Cheng on May 11

      The funny thing is that not only do they fail in creating a product...they actually FAIL at scamming people as well. Here's a crash course for you: Step 1: Design fake product, Step 2: Get a sh!t load of "investment" money, Step 3: RUN. There is NO Step 4: Keep up with fake updates.
      So just end it already. We all know you don't have anything real. We've all accept the fact that we lost our hard earned money. So don't drag it out. Close this kickstarter and end it.

    11. Creator Lynn Loomis on May 11

      I don't like to be negative, but seriously. The changes in technology 2 years later have basically made this concept obsolete. If I'm wrong, someone please set me straight.....

    12. Creator Jason on May 11

      The best way to get back at these people is to hold them accountable, get on their social network accounts and let EVERYONE know about how wonderful this experience has been.

    13. Creator Eric L Karr on May 11

      I am fairly certain the Daughter board was an issue back at the end of 2013 or something. Shortly after that they had to redesign the whole thing and get rid of the sleeves. Next design is a 2" cube.

    14. Creator dim3m on May 11

      Great update. Thanks

    15. Creator Tom Hoffman on May 11

      It is time for refunds. I have no faith, despite today's update, that this product is real or will ever ship.

    16. Creator Ian Rainford on May 11

      it's now been more than a month since your last update. Please would you let your backers know what's going on and when we might expect delivery.
      Even if there has been more problems and delivery is delayed further, it's best to keep us informed as I think that most of us are likely to be patient, it's just that we want to know what's happening!

    17. Creator Philip Temiyasathit on May 8

      over a month has gone by... please give us some updates.
      I think all of us would appreciate some type of consistent regular update on what's going on.
      Even if it's delays.. redesigns.. we just want to know.


    18. Creator Eric L Karr on May 8

      @creator Seriously, what is going on? It has been almost a month since the last update. Are these ever going to ship?

    19. Creator Hakimuddin Tinwala on May 6

      I have got 2 pieces of trash USB dongles big ugly and not functioning units,,Kickstart become scamstarter,, and also supported by CES and reddot.

      I don't understand why all this big organization organization how they certified the product just based on concept unless those product not even function.

    20. Creator Jackie Cheng on April 30

      @Holden - Yep! I'm sure right now they're thinking of ways to add in a curved touch screen with a USB 7.0 connection and offer in a sparkling gold color. The new idkey better have a retina display on it and I hope they can get it to us in time for Christmas 2035.

    21. Creator Holden McSweeney on April 26

      They're probably redesigning the whole thing again, will run out of money again and tell us they will find a new company again. �

    22. Creator Eric L Karr on April 24

      Shouldn't these be shipping by now.

    23. Creator Brian Poage on April 23

      Last update was 12 days ago.... whats happening now????

    24. Creator Trogdor on April 16


      Delays? I'm sure they can. Lets add more things and more things and more things and keep delaying it.

    25. Creator Jackie Cheng on April 16

      Can they delay it longer so they can add in the USB-C port?

    26. Creator dim3m on April 12

      I can't wait to get MyIDkey M series. I still have some use for it. And glad they added the bluetooth.

    27. Creator Philip Temiyasathit on April 3

      Promising to start delivering late March has turned into.. We started testing in (now) beginning of April.... And will be fulfilled in the next few months?

      This is my first funding... And from this experience.. Will probably be my last.

      Greatly disappointed...

    28. Creator Mr. PACG on April 2

      Mark your calendars and hold your breath :-)
      "Rest assured the first units have been dedicated to you our Kickstarter backers and we have not changed our overall shipment schedule to begin to fulfill deliveries over the next few months." (re: Apr 2 2015 update)

    29. Creator LC on April 2

      I am glad I got the refund. This project seems like a scam at all.

    30. Creator Ian Rainford on April 2

      Come on guys... You said you'd keep us updated on progress, please find the time to do this for your backers. I really think we deserve one. Thanks

    31. Creator BAF on April 1

      I sure hope so....

    32. Creator Mr. PACG on March 31

      Last time they logged into Kickstarter: Mar 31 2015
      Maybe an update is in the works?

    33. Creator Jackie Cheng on March 30

      Vaporware company...create fake products to get funding to line their own pockets.

      @Scott Beard - "late March"...but they didn't say which year.

    34. Creator Scott Beard on March 30

      "Kickstarters will be the first to begin receiving the new Sonavation® IDKEY™ M-Series Device. Shipping to Kickstarters will begin in late March and will continue for several months until all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled." It's as "late March" as you can get. Update?

    35. Creator Mr. PACG on March 30

      In-case you don't follow them on social media... recent post from @Sonavation twitter:
      "Curious about last week's #ConnectID? Cue the highlight reel:";
      The pics display small, here are the full sized versions:

    36. Creator Mr. PACG on March 28

      I hope this means the Sonavation crew are hard at work this weekend printing shipping labels and sending out packages.
      "We are on course to begin shipping the first units at the end of this month with the remaining shipping over the next couple of months. "

    37. Creator Thomas Hogan on March 28

      When can we expect the next update?

    38. Creator Margarete Quinones on March 20

      After 2 years I think those of us that remained with this project should get some kind of bonus

    39. Creator Lewis Wilkerson on March 17

      This has FRAUD written all over it. Perhaps I should file an inquiry with my State Attorneys office

    40. Creator Helder Frazao on March 16

      Are you guys' (Sonovation) surprised in the low interest ? most people have moved on and forgotten about this. With the project 2 years behind your still claiming it's going to take 2 months to ship ? don't be surprised if most people don't believe you, me included. I'm at the point yeah sure whatever, I'll believe you when I have working model in my hands.

    41. Creator arckal on March 16

      yes webcast would be great idea, at least people who are not close and interested could enjoy it!

    42. Creator Richard C on March 16

      I too am Leary about product and delivery. Why cancel the event. You say low response rate well why not move into this century and do a web cast at least we can then see something

    43. Creator Alan Johnson on March 16

      I wish I could get excited about this. But the design has changed so much since the original Kickstarter, it's pretty much useless to me. The app to maintain passwords has always been riddled with bugs to the point that it wasn't worth trying updates. This is growing into a solution in search of a problem.

    44. Creator Insomnia on March 16

      Dear Sonovation, I think I speak for many backers when I say that we're not interested in Demos, events, or videos. This experience has been a roller coaster of disappointment. While we're cautiously optimistic about your promises of April Shipping, It's nothing we haven't heard before. If you wish to prove yourself to us, your backers, and drag the reputation that Arkami has so generously passed on to you, out of the mud, try communication instead. Talk to us like we were in some way relevant to you and maybe you'll get less paper weight remarks and more optimism.

    45. Creator Mr. PACG on March 13

      13 days into March and ZERO word from MySonvationKeyId..or whatever they call themselves now ;-) ... They tweet daily from the account ... radio silence here
      Last time they logged into kickstarter = Last login Feb 25 2015
      Starting to feel like the 'same old same old' again
      Communicaton / com·mu·ni·ca·tion
      noun 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

    46. Creator Charles Ebert on March 13

      Chris, I found that they are not heavy enough to even make a good paperweight.

    47. Creator Nicholas Blake on March 13

      We should get these just about the time that USB C and biometrics are mainstream.

    48. Creator Silentas on March 13

      @Kim Bryant I also received one and would have to agree with @Chris Davies. Mine still works but is very unpredictable. Looking forward to the new version though. Hopefully there is some improvement.

    49. Creator Chris Davies on March 11

      @Kim Bryant- i received one, most expensive paperweight I've ever owned. Update Please?!

    50. Creator Kim Bryant on March 9

      I agree with Eric L Karr. especially since I didn't receive one the first time they were shipping (I'm curious who actually did) and I never got a phone call or email from Ben thanking me for my patience. So I would hope that the early backers would be rewarded for their patience.

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