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myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
myIDkey is a voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth / USB Drive that displays passwords and personal info online and on the go.
3,927 backers pledged $473,333 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Taterka 4 days ago

      From the mydwebsite:
      Sonavation is committed to "Empowering Trust, Delivering Peace of Mind."

      They failed on both counts.

    2. Missing avatar

      Frank Wiley on July 15

      Agree with Thomas Phan. Nothing here. I'd really like to see some $ refunded on these projects that have not produced anything in year(s).

    3. Dave Dugal on July 13

      This is my oldest, unfulfilled Kickstarter campaign. I'm just curious if Arkami, Inc., is bankrupt, or if we can expect to see a return on our early good-faith investment in the future?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Miller on July 11

      Fantastic experience with this campaign. Successfully turned me off to kickstarter. Thanks for promising and not delivering. Ps. Apple figured this tech out for you already. Is the next campaign going to be a super duper new form of VHS cassette?

    5. Thomas Phan on July 9

      Making my rounds to dead Kickstarter campaigns. Nothing to see here carry on...

    6. Rob on July 9

      Looks like this project is dead and my money has been stolen... yet again reasons why I do not support any more crowd funding projects and slag the KickStarter/IndieGogo franchises on twitter. Thieves

    7. Edgar Arroyo on July 7

      Three years and counting. This is a project that makes others think twice about being a supporter on KS. Very disappointed how so many of these companies just don't care.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marc on July 1

      Feature creep, empty promises, don't expect to get anything out of it and think A LOT before you ever back something on kickstarter. I got scammed twice... the first was here and the second is the damn peachy printer

      Thank you scamstarter for helping scammers.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on June 24

      You made a promise to ship us the reward...

    10. Missing avatar

      Marius Alexandru on June 7

      Be honest about kickstarter. Go look at all the pledges you've ever made, remove all the projects you actually really use and leave the rest: the scams, the products that are so bad you would be afraid to use, the ones you don't use at all and so on. Now sum all those money up. Would you still want to back a kickstarter project? EVER?

    11. Oliver Irgendwo on June 3

      Please everybody take 5 minutes to rate them 0 in facebook and any other place you can find to WARN others from going into business or buy something from this people! The name of the founder should be published everywhere to never make business again. He is already known for those kind of things anyway.

    12. Oliver Irgendwo on June 3

      they did use our money to build it, they sell it online and on events but dont pay back the backers with products. these group are criminals! and kickstarter is supporting this scamers!

    13. Missing avatar

      R. Sanchez Goldar on June 1

      Kickstarter should be renamed to Scamstarter.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirwin on May 23

      I can't believe it's been 3 years and nothing. This is one reason why I've decided not to fund anyone else on this site. Kickstarter should have a responsibility to its customers to ensure we don't get ripped off like this product.

      Happy Funding to all others.

    15. Missing avatar

      BAF on May 23

      The promises they made after they took over. They are legally obligated to fullfill.

    16. KS Addict
      on May 16

      Project is 100% dead. No refunds. No myidkeys. No idkeys. No communication.
      Besides you'd have to be cray cray to use ANY device (software / hardware) they create. Pretty sure they can't program the clock on a VCR let alone make a secure, functional security product. #flashing1200 haha

    17. Jeremy Desrosiers on May 13

      I want a Refund now, I've waited too long.

    18. Barbara B on May 3

      join me at with request for an update?

    19. Boomerangs on April 30

      Sad thing is that the original 'business' was acquired by sonavation, meaning they don't have to fulfill said original campaign owner's promises, unless in written agreements during the acquisition negotiation transcript.
      Secondly, for a well established company as 'the buyer', I find it rather dubious that despite a so called finished product as the campaign portrayed is still capable of leading to years of 'work' afterward, It begs the question of the original design's real status and/or the latter's desire to fulfill any original promises.
      In essence, I dont believe this will pan out well for us backers.
      As for below remarks regarding the CEs awards, as the Sonavation product is different to the original, I dont believe they would be allowed to stick the award to their designed models, it only applies to the original MyIDKey, as the award stipulates, not the Sonavation IDKey.

    20. ian douglas on April 27

      "happy" 3rd anniversary to everyone else who also hasn't received their device which was supposed to arrive in March/April of 2013.

      I got an official reply from them recently stating there would be no refunds. Yay.

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on April 24

      Kickstarter allows scammer coming to raise a huge sum of money and then disappear?

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Jablonowski on April 19

      what a ripoff, not even a statement in the last 6 months. Folks like these are what will make community funded projects die.

    23. Missing avatar

      Philippe Wend on April 6

      No news, bad news. One more epic fail....sick of it.

    24. KS Addict
      on April 5

      Jared -
      No need to update your address.. this will never ship.
      Paul -
      No refunds, they made that clear (that is about the only thing they made clear, haha).
      Insomnia -
      LOL at "But they can always say they won CES in 3 categories!"

    25. Jared Neaves on April 2

      I need to change my survey after so many years. If indeed sonovation will send out products.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on April 1

      Final Update or refund the money....

    27. Missing avatar

      Insomnia on March 31

      By the time they make this thing, USB ports will be legacy and passwords will be obsolete. But they can always say they won CES in 3 categories!

    28. Seth on March 25

      Nobody picks up why bother calling!

    29. Robert Zander
      on March 23

      Successfully funded 3 years ago today. Sold whatever intellectual material he had to Sonavation in 2015.

    30. KS Addict
      on March 22

      Contacting them directly may be more effective than posting to them here.
      Sonavation: (561) 209-1201

    31. Venkat on March 20

      It's been 6 months no update, businesses fail we understand that, responsibility is communication still rests in this campaign to provide us who backed you with some news. Where do you stand in 2016 end of 1st quarter.

    32. KS Addict
      on March 16

      Refunds aren't happening. The money is gone.

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on March 15

      Refund my money!

    34. KS Addict
      on March 15

      +1 @ Christian Mestermann
      I also miss the fancy stories Ben would tell us about how everything was going to be alright.

    35. Christian Mestermann on March 14

      icch miss your Fanciful stories. there is no fairy tale sequel?

    36. Robert Zander
      on March 10

      It has been so long, this device is completely outdated. I suspect, its relevance was actually fading at the time this project was being introduced, and the window closed very quickly after that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Norm Rechtman on March 9

      I still haven't received anything from this backing, can I just get a refund?

    38. KS Addict
      on March 4

      @Jackie Cheng - Ben was a huge success. At making companies and products fail. His Linkedin reads like a bad book.

    39. Missing avatar

      David Taterka on March 3

      BTW: Did anyone notice that their only shipping product end users product, the IDKEY X Series, is no longer on their website?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jackie Cheng on March 3

      Why even bother. This product was a scam from the start. Ben just wanted free money from all of us. He suckered us and many other investors. Wait awhile and he will do it again with another new company with another new bullsh!t product. Look at his previous companies...all a failure with no actual products/services.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Taterka on March 3

      In my opinion, I just don't believe Sonovations has the capital or resources to complete this project. It seems like their main product is their ultrasonic FPR, which they announced at CES last year. A few days later Qualcomm introduced a similar FPR from a prior acquisition of Ultrascan in 2013. Considering how may Smartphones use Qualcomm as a processor, OEMS may go with their FRP as well. Also take into account the other FPR vendors have been in the business much longer than Sonovations, such as Synaptics (Major OEM supplier for years) via their acquisition of Validity. I'm not even bring up all the Asia players makers as well.

      FPRs are a very old technology. They became more mainstream in end users hands when IBM started using them in laptops around 1999 (UPEK and Authentech before the Apple acquisition). Sonovation's play may be in the licensing of their technology, but I don't believe they will make it as a hardware player. Since that's the case, this product may never exist outside of the few prototypes. Even if they do produce a hardware product, the software will never come close to the levels of all the other password managers. Sonovation's best bet would be to partner with one of them and not try to reinvent the wheel.

      Hopefully, I'm wrong, but considering all the delays and lack of updates, it's probably true.

    42. KS Addict
      on February 29

      Trey & Frank - Refunds are never going to happen, Sonavation (IDKEY) made that crystal clear early on when they picked up where Arkami failed / left off.

      Oliver - Arkami went bust and is no longer a company. Kickstarter really doesn't care about backers but even if they did there isn't anyone (Arkami) to go after anyway.

      It has been crickets from them forever and I doubt we will ever hear from them again.

    43. Oliver Irgendwo on February 27

      And the Fraud continues! Why nobody puts this people in front of a judge and the responsible in Prison? Years taking money from Backers, years of lies and stories... Kickstarter should STOP those kind of people ASAP! Lets setup a campaign against the responsible people here and publish everywhere what they are doing!

    44. Missing avatar

      Trey on February 23

      I asked for a refund almost 2 years ago and to date that request has been ignored. I'd say that it is time to write this one off as a lesson learned.

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