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Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
4,010 backers pledged $354,115 to help bring this project to life.

Mycestro Kickstarter Update

Posted by Nick Mastandrea (Creator)

Hello again everyone

Here’s a quick update of what’s going on with Mycestro. I’m sorry to those who have not yet received their Mycestro. We are still shipping to backers as fast as we can.

We continue to work on some cool stuff, but I can’t tell you too much: my patent attorney said he would flog me if I revealed anything. The only thing I can say now is that at some point, all new Mycestros will ship with this cool stuff, and our legacy Mycestros should be able to get this cool stuff after a software update, so you’ll all have it. I know some of you may be frustrated by that news and be thinking: “Why are you working on cool stuff instead of getting me my Mycestro?!” We are working on cool stuff to attracked new markets in order to sell more Mycestros, which allows us to keep shipping to backers. So bear with us, we are pushing it along.

I noticed that there are some complimentary comments on the performance of the product. We also continue to get detailed feedback and great suggestions through email and surveys. Thank you! Our team is energized by your support. I hope that, when all our backers receive their Mycestros, you will all agree that it was worth the wait.

We continue on our time-consuming campaign to raise additional money from Angels and VCs, and we’re finally starting to get some traction here.

Ok, so that’s it for now. Bottom line, we’re still here, still shipping, and still fulfilling Kickstarter rewards.

I’ll be in touch,


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    1. Morgan Hancock on

      They still seem to be selling on Amazon;
      but I doubt they have any intention of ever fullfilling the kickstarter backers.

    2. Missing avatar

      alwinh on

      Any updates regarding fulfillment?

    3. Isaac Alvarez on

      Can you at least say something?

    4. James Willmott


      I still haven't received my 3D Mouse?

      Is it likely to ever arrive??

      Many thanks,


    5. Missing avatar

      Thiago on

      I´m still waiting.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lisa Octtorovich on

      Disgusting. Hasn't it been years? Dude is a thief. I asked, last year, how to get my money back - they wanted a $10 "processing fee"!

      I would be happy to sue on all of our behalfs, but we would lose - we agreed to the possibility of becoming suckers!

      What upsets me most - after this experience, I became completely disillusioned with the whole idea of Kickstarter, and never contributed to any other company again. Good businesses didn't get my help because of this jerk.

      I don't know how he lives with himself for being this fine example of a bad human being. If he has kids, I am sure they are ashamed.

      Lisa - still mouseless

    7. John Vines on

      Wow, no updates for over a year. I guess it's time to declare this kickstarter a true bust.

    8. Mario Lecker on

      I´m still waiting. No communication :-(

    9. Sergio Grazzini on

      I start to think that it is a fraud. I was one of the first backer for 79$, but at today, 06/06/2016 I haven't receive the Mycestro.

      One updateper year it isn't respectful for the backers!
      How can receive my money back, Mr Mastandrea? After three years and so many words, I'm not interested in this device.

      Be serious and give us the money back, otherwise you must use your attorney to defend yourself in a court.

      Best wishes

    10. Missing avatar

      Karen rasmussen on

      Me too. Still waiting. This is so bad. No communication. Nothing.

    11. Andreas Bjärnemalm

      Still waiting. I don't think I'll ever receive my Mycestro...

    12. Jeremy Janes on

      Also still waiting 3 years later...

    13. Morgan Hancock on

      Well this isnt very encouraging, they don't even sell them on thinkgeek now to 'generate funds to make shipments for the backers" . Stock is N/A.

    14. Missing avatar

      T Tahere on

      Hi all just my yearly check in on this project its been 3 years now still no product and no idea when its going to eventuate.

      At the rate its going we should have a great app and 5th generation product as i hope they are spending time improving the product. Surely by now they have solved the colour issues.

      Guess i'll wait for the yearly update in july

    15. Josh Rose on

      I ordered a black one when I backed this, but I'll take a white one if it'll mean having it sooner. Thanks for your continued updates!

    16. Larry Lynch-Freshner

      I still have not received anything as well - when can I expect something?

    17. Missing avatar

      Erica turzak on

      Hi Nick - just checking in. It's been several months since your last update and I still do not have my item. Can you let me know the status? Thanks so much! -erica

    18. Preben Granseth-Olsen on

      Could you tell me when I can expect delivery in Europe? Haven't received anything yet.

    19. Hoani Cross on

      We are on 2016 and I'm still waiting for my mycestro to arrive...

    20. Missing avatar

      Heiko Haida on

      Well, I hope you guys are having a nice time with our money.

    21. Benoit Gilon on

      Oh and yes.. ending up purchasing the Myo armband meanwhile.

    22. Benoit Gilon on

      We are 4000, not 40.. sorry.

    23. Benoit Gilon on

      Here is a clue to guess how many rewards per day should have been shipped, assuming that, at the time of writing (ie. now), all backers have received their reward for the project, assuming that every backer rewards coinsist of just one device. We are 40, we should have received our reward on October 2013 (given the estimation provided to kickstarter backers), so that means that 4000 devices have to be built since that time for every backer to receive his MyCestro device. Imagine that the production line started on beginning of January 2014 instead of October 2013, given the difficulties that the project might have experienced at the beginning.
      So 4000 / 24: about 167 devices per month. So We we estimate that the production line runs 20 days a month. That would imply that 8 devices per day coming out of the production line should be sent to kickstarters. I am interested to know how many devices ahve been sent to backers since the project was funded (mid 2013)...

    24. Benjamin Schlageter on

      Haha best joke ever! Yeah sure, main thing, YOU got OUR money and now your selling YOUR product to OTHERS which WE KICKSTARTERS financed a long time ago!!!

      In short: please never ever start an other campaing!

    25. Missing avatar

      Glenn Lopez on

      ended up buying a normal 3D mouse instead
      -- soon as I said that, they stopped giving me email reply and updates
      this is a scam

    26. Missing avatar

      siggjen on

      I wonder if there will be an update or you have left kickstarters out cold now.
      I ordered 2 of these cool things and guess there is little reason to keep faith now.
      At least it would be nice to see details how many are shipped and how many are left.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bryan Yorksmith on

      I have never received my purchase. My address has now changed. How do I update you with my new address. I am still hoping that you will fulfill my purchase. Please let me know... Thank you. Bryan Yorksmith

    28. Bobby Leung Hoi Wong on

      This company is really really suck! Return my money back!!

    29. Rajeswari Kailasam on

      hi any further updates on when i will get my Mycestro? Thanks

    30. Missing avatar

      Gabriele on

      Stille waiting for mine as well... Should I keep hoping to recieve one?

    31. Brown Dog Gadgets on

      Still waiting for mine as well, also saw the ThinkGeek email and was quite confused at why they were retailing when backers were still waiting.

    32. Sander Vet on

      Unbelievable! After receiving the same email, I was shocked when I read
      Kickstarter, do something!! Time to take your responsibility, you also made a lot of money with this project.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric Crew on

      I'm done with working it out with Mycestro. I'm going to start the escalation of pressure against them where I can. Here is my current email that was just sent to ThinkGeek, and I encourage you all to do the same:

      Good day. First off, let me start by saying I'm a long time customer of ThinkGeek, and a big fan. Yesterday, however, I received an email from one of your suppliers that disturbed me. It was a simple email regarding a limited-time sale on Mycestro for $99.99. Well, as much of a good deal as I feel that represents for that product, I am disheartened that a company such as yourselves would be supporting the continued screwage of said company's kickstarter campaign.

      See, I was one such backer, and had put my good faith and money into the company in exchange for a product. Instead, we backers have been directly lied to and intentionally ignored while they received the benefit of our backing. Mycestro says the don't have enough product to send what they promised to have in our hands two years ago, yet they have enough to put them on sale through your fine site. They refuse to tell us how many of their promises they have kept, how many more of us they need to get to, nor even just an outline of a time that ANY of this might be resolved.

      Is this a business ThinkGeek wants to be aligned with? Both on the front of publicity/ill-will with its customers, and from the business side: if mycestro has reneged on their previous promises of product, deadlines, and common long until they do the same to you.

      We customers need some way of pushing back on mycestro, and we are running out of options other than legal. I'm taking the first step now, to see if I might be able to lead a charge with the support of those, like ThinkGeek (who are unknowingly being led into enabling the continued fraud against customers) to push from both sides onto this company to affect positive change... or even just a little but of honesty for God's sake.
      Together, we backers will have to eventually form a group and create a class action lawsuit against mycestro, but we know that will take years and years of weary fighting that, in the end, will most likely end in a shuttered company, massive legal bills for everyone, and no product in the hands of those very people who wanted it so badly that they spent their money to fund its very creation. I truly hope that each of us backers would simply get what we've ordered, mycestro thrives,and ThinkGeek gets a best selling product.

      But then again... I'm a realist who's so far at wits end, that he's sending a midnight email to an online store that is under no obligation to even respond .

      Eric J. Crew

    34. Izaddin Syah Yusof on

      "Be respectful and considerate." The people behind this project we're backing sure aren't.

    35. Joe Hall on

      I am still waiting on mine so I don't think will bother spending more money to but one from think geek. So far pretty much all I know about this company is that I paid and I never received a product, why would I pay more to get something that I have already paid for.
      Why solicit the Kickstarter backers with the think geek email ? We already know about the product, that is why we paid for it.
      I also would love an update on where the Kick starter deliveries are at?
      I understand that the company is doing things and working on things. Work on a uber simple webpage that tells people "thanks for buying our stuff, here is where your purchase is in the que"

    36. Missing avatar

      Colin Gallagher on

      Still waiting on mine so I don't think I'll take up the generous sales offer I just got. Would love an update on where the Kickstarter deliveries are at?

    37. Morgan Hancock on

      At least the thinkgeek sale may actually generate some funds to squeeze out some backer mycestros but Nick clearly grossly under-priced his campaign if two years in they need to sell units to fulfil backer orders.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Beuschel on

      Yet another backer hopeful that the email from Mycestro was about fulfillment. Instead, I got a great opportunity to buy one of my very own - at 33% off, no less! Overall, it's a good bargain, get it while you can, guys.

    39. John Vines on

      So now you're blasting out emails about how I can get them for my envious friends and family on thinkgeek, even though you still haven't shipped mine to me? You folks really don't understand PR do you?

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Maurer on

      also not received my Mycestro....come on....

    41. Missing avatar

      xpopy on

      This is fucked up. I still haven't gotten my Mycestro 2 years afterwards, and you're now putting it on sale? At least try show us backers some respect

    42. Missing avatar

      William Humphrey on

      Still have not received my unit and it's for sale on ThinkGeek??!

    43. Steven Lord

      Perhaps you should send them to your backers before sending them to ThinkGeek to sell?

    44. Missing avatar

      andre harrington on

      Still no product now I know why Kickstarter have changed their full title to
      Kickstarter is a Benefit Corporation = Benefit of scammers.

    45. Eric de Weerdt on

      Still not have received my unit.

    46. Heatherm Huang on

      Never ask me to update my shipping info.

    47. Shigeki Morimoto on

      I don't receive yet....

    48. Missing avatar

      D'APARO ROCCO on

      I don't receive mycestro now with this news i know your fraud intent

    49. Rastislav Švarba on

      Can you tell us, how many backer mycestros have you shipped already?

    50. Kevin J Dorsey on

      Battery pack expanded. Broke open the outer case.