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Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
4,010 backers pledged $354,115 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Darren Ong 1 day ago

      I'm from Singapore and I have yet to receive my mycestro. I am wondering when is the expected delivery date? It's been too long, is it possible to ask for a refund?

    2. Creator Christoffer Sjowall 2 days ago

      I anerstant that you, Nick have a hard time to delivery to the backers. But I don't think that it's OK to sell so many to regular kustomer then you don't fill up you promecis. Here is the deal.
      *You selected
      *$79 reward
      *2,651 backers
      *You’ll receive one Mycestro™ in classic white, a commemorative Mycestro Conduct
      *Your World™ T-shirt and a listing as a Silver status backer on our website. You’ll also
      *receive advance notice and updated information on Mycestro’s availability, as well as
      *progress reports throughout the project. Free shipping in the U.S.

      *Estimated delivery: Oct 2013
      *Ships anywhere in the world

      The teknik go forward and your Mycestro is not the same as in 2013. I like to get it know.

    3. Creator Perry Mowbray 5 days ago

      After the last update I contacted their customer service to see if I could change my coloured order for L+R to 2 x white R. They were very helpful and responsive: changed my order and sent it almost immediately.

      They arrived the other day -- one for home and one for work. I've had 2 days usage and home and one at work. I am very impressed so far: very painless transition from other pointing device to Mycestro. My biggest problem so far is keeping my finger immobile when double clicking.

      I realise that the fulfillment is a long time coming, but it's been worth the wait (so far) :)

    4. Creator Vlad Skidelsky on April 17

      Finally got my Mycestro yesterday! I had requested that they change my original color option to the white one last week via their customer service email. I have to say that I'm very impressed with it. It is very intuitive and fairly easy to transition from a standard mouse or mouse pad. I had a minor issue from the initial installation where the mycestro wasn't responsive and non of the leds were lighting up with or without usb cable. A quick driver update solved the problem. Device Manager did the trick as the mycestro software download includes the driver files. It's working well now (on Windows 8). Can't wait to test it out with Solidworks and ANSYS.

    5. Creator BC Newkirk on April 13

      Too little too late. Anyone notice that the update that finally came out had a bit of the wrong tone. Some chastisement for those of us who have waited so long without timely or effective communication. Pleased to report I got my refund today, check this out.

      " We have cancelled your pledge KSxxxx of $149 minus the Kickstarter and credit card fees. Your total refund is $136.04. We hope to earn your business in the future. Have a great day, Melissa"

      Good luck to everyone, what a horrible Kickstarter experience.

    6. Creator Bruno V. on April 8

      Thanks for the review Spectrum5GHz. I'm surprised to see there is no Linux app in the store. There was supposed to be one...

    7. Creator Deborah McCormick on April 3

      Like everyone else, I'm extremely disappointed in the total lack of communication and transparency. Your update today was way too late and full of excuses. I'm done. Refund please.

    8. Creator Spectrum5GHz on April 1

      Just uploaded my review. If you are a kickstarter backer this is a must watch:…

    9. Creator Spectrum5GHz on April 1

      Just received my Mycestro today and will be posting a youtube video shortly. Once you get it you will be in awe.

    10. Creator John Whitelatch on April 1

      They are now selling this product on Think Geek. I encourage you to e-mail them at and let them know what kind of company Mycestro is, and how they treat their customers.

    11. Creator Patrick Neville on March 31

      Nick Mastandra ( you are a thief sir. A very good one. Where is my device Nick? I can paint it myself for the money I paid you people.

    12. Creator Patrick Neville on March 31

      Device or the money Lebowksi? #zeGermans know your secrets

    13. Creator Patrick Neville on March 31

      Money...Lebowski? Where's my money?

    14. Creator Patrick Neville on March 31

      Where's my money Lebowski?

    15. Creator Patrick Neville on March 31

      No response still and it has been almost 2 years. I keep contacting customer support via email and twitter. It seems because I paid extra and got a color choice that I was screwed out of the deal. This is what I get for trusting a company from Ohio.

    16. Creator Jamel Smith on March 30

      Got my refund finally. Pledged $99 and got back $94. This trainwreck has run so long that I don't even mind the fees.

    17. Creator BC Newkirk on March 27

      Update, finally heard back from @Mycestro about my refund, they want to deduct Kickstarter fee and credit card processing fee! I have moved this disagreement to Twitter. Please join us in complaining about this horrible experience.

    18. Creator Christian Schierhorn on March 26

      Where is my device?

    19. Creator Craig A Corlis on March 26

      Two years. No response to emails requesting a full refund. Disgusting.

      Claim with the BBB has been filed. Project has been reported to KS.

      No wonder you require all comments on your website to be moderated before being posted. You know the people you have stolen from are unhappy.

    20. Creator Jim Drey on March 25

      The thing that ticks me off the most is that Mycestro is shipping standard orders before fulfilling Kickstarter orders. Not the way it's supposed to work, fellas.

    21. Creator Beverly Lange on March 23

      I'm pleased to report that I received a refund (less Kickstarter fee) today; 24 days after submitting my request via email.

    22. Creator Jamel Smith on March 21

      I received an email about a refund 18 DAYS AGO. No refund has been accredited to me and I reported this project to kickstarter. Enough is really enough.

      It looks like their twitter is alive and well. Maybe we should all start voicing our opinions there as well, but I have a feeling they will be deleted.

      Congrats on getting your project our there in the open BY STEPPING OVER ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORTED YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED MONEY TO GET THERE.

    23. Creator Michael Werner on March 21

      With 32 projects backed, this is the only disappointment. No responses to my refund request, and at two years past funding, my professional need for this device has expired. As has my interest in waiting for them to deliver. I have filed a complaint with Kickstarter, as it seems that they are selling the item but have not delivered to those who funded it. I believe the legal term for this is fraud. Next step is the BBB of Ohio.

      If anyone is pursuing class action status I am interested in joining.

    24. Creator Rene Laursen on March 19

      Reported to Kickstarter for not replying to messages and not giving updates... So sad...

    25. Creator Jesper Flindt on March 19

      Project reported to Kickstarter...

      You are not replying to messages, not giving updates - it has been TWO years since I backed you.

      I want a refund!

    26. Creator Luke Daley on March 18

      almost as bad as the L8 Smart Light .. i backed that in 2012 ......

    27. Creator Glenn Lopez on March 18

      FYI: You may REPORT this project by going to the project page and scrolling at the bottom. Pick the most suitable reason (ie: lack of updates and communication with backers)

    28. Creator Benoit Gilon on March 17

      What upsets me the most with this "project" is their lack (a better wording would be "complete absence") of response to either of my three polite queries made both in this comments section and directly by emailing to and likely it seems that I am not alone in this position.
      It is the kind of projects so badly managed.. I will follow with interest the request that many of us called a class action in order to get a refund. To the kickstarter management team at least I would ask that they put this company on a black list so that further backers would not be victims of such bad behavior from a project creator.

    29. Creator Brian J. Pierce on March 17

      Well I just put in a support ticket with Kickstarter to try and get a backer history accounting of who has got their pledge fulfilled and who hasn't. So make sure your Backer history is up to date. This is in the upper right hand corner drop down menu. If you don't have your pledge filled, make sure "got it!" is unchecked if you do, check it. Thanks!

    30. Creator Henry Tan on March 15

      Until now, no reply from them.
      They seems to be avoiding me for the full refund.

      @surdeal. You can get your refund but they will make you pay the bloody kickstarter fees which you should be.

    31. Creator Joseph Mokadim on March 15

      My keyboard made me write something wrong.
      I meant:

      Is not there a way to initiate a class action so that we can obtain what we paid for?
      Can someone answer this?

      Thank you guys.

    32. Creator Ronald on March 15

      Most disappointing project to date..Sigh.

    33. Creator surdreal on March 15

      Also with the nothing received. If there are refunds I would like one. The project I wanted this for is long past.

    34. Creator Jeffrey Price on March 13

      Backer 1159. Nothing. Two years and this dip wad can't deliver. Can't answer emails, can't bother to say "I'm sorry."

    35. Creator Shigeki Morimoto on March 12

      Nothing received in Japan.

    36. Creator Joseph Mokadim on March 12

      Hi all,
      Is not there a way to initiate a class action so that we can obtain what we paid for?
      Can someone asserted this?

      Thank you guys.

    37. Creator Henry Tan on March 10

      I received an email on the refunds.
      They had the bloody guts to tell me that I have to pay for kickstarter fees.
      I demand a full refund as this is @creator fault.

    38. Creator Rene Laursen on March 6

      Still waiting for the white one, which they stated would be shipped in November/December. This is ridiculous - waiting for two years -- I want a refund!

    39. Creator Glenn Lopez on March 6

      as much as I hate to say this... Is it possible to get a refund?

    40. Creator Jesper Flindt on March 6


    41. Creator Henry Tan on March 5

      I'm getting a refund as well. way too long.
      I WILL NOT recommend any friends to back them or buy their products.
      Their excuses for not able to send is that they are STILL MANUFACTURING the white ones.

    42. Creator Jesper Flindt on March 5

      I agree with the last few commenters. It is almost two hears since I backed this project and since you started shipping I have sent you several messages asking for a estimated delivery date but I haven't heard anything from you.

      I am starting to lean towards a refund!

    43. Creator Paolo Dobrowolny on March 5

      Totally agree with Jeffrey and Julia. 2 years waiting is enough. I want my refund

    44. Creator Jeffrey Wong on March 5

      I totally understand you guys are facing with the manufacture issue. However, that will be a good approach for giving us an update on regarding the project and giving us an estimated delivery time schedule. Please do understand, as a backer, 2 years waiting is long enough. Since the time being and technologies growth, I start thinking the product I backed is worth the money or not. I kindly advise that you should be quick or you may face a big numbers of refund. Good luck.

    45. Creator Julia Howard on March 2

      At this point in time, given that it has been almost two years since I backed, and I still have not received the product, but you can buy it on their website, I'd like a refund.
      You should have shipped to your Kickstarter backers first.

    46. Creator ZHANG YANG on March 1

      It's my first pledged project on kickstarter, till now no communication,no schedule for shipping. The kind of company will destroy whole crowd funding businesses

    47. Creator Breandán McDermott on February 26

      You can buy the Mycestro on their website... why have we not received ours??? We backed, funded this product but have yet to receive anything?!??!?! you took out money and have not fulfilled your end of the bargain. Its projects like this that make me reconsider ever using crowd funding again. No updates no communications??? How about a shipment schedule? You choose to ignore the people that backed you in the first place.

    48. Creator Arkalimo on February 26


    49. Creator John Whitelatch on February 25

      Since this entire company is allergic to customer service or transparency, here is the latest news I got in regards to colored versions:

      We are struggling with the manufacturer for those units. They gave us several promise dates and then backed out. So at this time I have no way to even tentatively guess when we will be able to move forward with them.

      I guess I'll take some solace in the fact that the universe is just, and they have companies blowing them off as if they don't matter the same way they have blown off their kickstarter backers.

    50. Creator Jeffrey Price on February 24

      Thank God I'm only out $99. Could have been worse. No, wait, it is worse. I was dumb enough to back this. I'm an idiot and this project is proof. Awwww, crap.

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