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Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
4,010 backers pledged $354,115 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Bill Pellowe 4 days ago

      I'm surprised that some people still haven't received theirs. Mine is already dead. The battery "bloated" and that caused the mycestro body to come apart. Looking at old comments, I see it would cost up to $80 plus international shipping to fix it. I don't think that's worth it... sad to say that the Mycestro never really worked its way into my routines. I tried using it while giving a presentation but it lost connection halfway through, so I got a dedicated remote control for slides etc. I'm sure your mileage will vary.

    2. Creator Rami Nasra 6 days ago

      Nothing in Dubai yet.

    3. Creator Christian Münger on November 19

      nothing yet, i'm still waiting in switzerland...

    4. Creator Tjebbe Westendorp on November 19

      Got mine today.. two years later, but so far so good.. have to get used a little to work and type with it.. but I think I can get used. It works pretty good!

    5. Creator Remy Porter on November 17

      Two years later, I finally got my Mycestro. It's a pretty decent little gadget. Glad I got it _eventually_.

    6. Creator T Tahere on November 12

      Wow this shipping issue is annoying as i'm an international backer and paid for shipping granted it was only $10 which seems like not enough now but 2 years ago was about standard i ordered a colored one and don't want white. And that email to review their product was a joke can't review it when you haven't got it.
      They need to go to companies and sell it especially when you see a bluetooth mouse connected and this would be a lot easier.

    7. Creator Tjebbe Westendorp on November 10

      I just got a trackingnumber for my white right handed mycestro!

    8. Creator Mike Morris on November 1

      Just months ago there was an issue with the colored mycestro, is there an update?

    9. Creator Maurizio Sgroi on October 31

      Still waiting... Bitch!

    10. Creator Jason Graham on October 31

      Update for those that do follow this.. I sent them an email on their site after getting the think geek email. They informed me think geek was to round up money to use to ship out our orders still.

      Soon after they also asked me if I would like to change my color choice to move up in a queue, which I did....

      Almost a the whole month has gone by but yesterday I got an email with tracking, stating my Mycestro will arrive in 3 business days. So its looking up.

      I will inform you all upon receiptnof said product and when I get a chance to use it, how well it works.

    11. Creator Alessandro Osellame on October 31

      This is the great answer from the mycestro team!!!!

      Hello Allessandro,

      Thank you for contacting us. I want you to know that we continue to ship rewards to our backers. With each reward shipped you move up the list. We are working very hard to raise the money needed for shipping the remaining rewards. There are periodic updates for our Kickstarter backers and our last update holds true. We have not forgotten about you!! Thank you for your patience. As was mentioned before when your reward ships out you will receive an email including a tracking number for your package. If I can assist you further please feel free to contact me.

      Would you take a moment to update your shipping information including, current address, phone number, and desired size for your t-shirt. I will enter the current information so that we can ship your reward as soon as possible. Thank you!
      If I can assist you further please feel free to contact me.


    12. Creator Tjebbe Westendorp on October 27

      "July, 22: Just got an e-mail to supply shipping address... looks like there's some movement!"
      And still waiting...

    13. Creator Glenn Lopez on October 26

      So its a race between flying cars and getting this shipped in my front door. Sweet! I feel sorry for any cancer patients that backed this project. Probably all dead now.

    14. Creator Vladimir Sytchov on October 18

      Got mine on Friday and very impressed with it. Just give them some credit, they still sending and if you are patient I'm sure you will get it. Hopefully anywhere...

    15. Creator Jeffry Fletcher on October 17

      So uh, when is it coming?? I expected it to arrive TWO YEARS ago, as stated on your kickstarter page under est. delivery date. Now i can understand a short delay but it has been TWO YEARS. I would like a proper answer to my question. WHEN AM I GETTING IT!! If not, i want my money back.

    16. Creator Jason Graham on October 14

      Ok so an update for those who follow, they have gotten in touch with me. The Think Geek promotion was to apparently get funds to ship out more backers items. They are working on white ones at the moment (right handed as far as I know) others are still not even in queue.

    17. Creator Tammy on October 13

      I did get my money refunded less the Kickstarter fees, so I am counting the money I did not get back as a lesson learned. Such a shame.

    18. Creator Jason Graham on October 8

      Guess I should have checked this... I sent them a note on here when I saw the think geek email and just today I emailed them thru their website to complain... the only promise they kept for my money was listing me as gold, oh wow, thank you. I did pay my way to have a name posted in a spot I had to find, so a little well hidden when all I wanted was what I backed you for.

    19. Creator Emad Soliman on October 4

      this company / project is a DISASTER

      dont know how they are getting away with this! i want my damn money back - keep your stupid mouse!

    20. Creator Anthony on October 1

      Amazing. I was an early backer. Two units. Received nothing. Nothing. Two plus years. And u come here and discover that they do exist but not for us? What? How crazy is that?

      How can you do that to the ones that put their faith and hard earned money towards your project. I don't understand that at all.

    21. Creator Casey Songe on September 30

      This is the email I just sent them. Maybe I'll get a response. I hope that we as backers don't have to seek a legal solution. I'm just going to start off by saying Think Geek, really?! You can't send out product to Kickstarter backers that have been waiting TWO YEARS, but you can offer a sale on Think Geek? You post our names on your website thanking us for the support using us as advertisement, but you won't send us the product that we backed. We put faith in your company, faith in the promises you made on Kickstarter. You have let us as backers down. I hope that you All are working fervently to fulfill the backers promises because I believe that if something doesn't happen soon some people may start seeking Legal advice, and I'm sure that a lawsuit would push against this funding that you are so called still trying to get.

    22. Creator Casey Songe on September 30

      I've been waiting patiently for about 2 years like everyone else. I didn't get anything fancy just a regylar right hand version. The Think Geek email really ticked me off

    23. Creator Tammy on September 30

      Well, it isn't over yet, and I will wait to believe it when I see it, but I replied to the ridiculous ThinkGeek email with an all caps message about how I had been trying to contact them about a refund for over a year and had gotten no reply to numerous messages, and I actually got a reply!!!! The person said they checked their system and had no record of any email from me, but that I could get a refund for my two colored Mycestros (less fees). I had saved copies of seven of those messages that I sent and so I copied those back into my reply that yes, I want the refund. I can't help but think something is broken in their system because I was using their own contact form on their website. I believe I emailed them directly too, though. Now I just have to hope against hope that they actually process the refund, so I can put this whole unpleasant mess behind me. The real shame of it is that if they just been more responsive with updates and explaining the holdups, I, and I expect many others, would have been willing to wait. There is just nothing so frustrating as dead silence. Nothing except that ThinkGeek email, that is. That royal blankup really takes the cake.

    24. Creator Eric Crew on September 30

      Here is the email that I sent to ThinkGeek, which is just the latest step in this long process. Please join me in raising awareness and sending a like-minded, respectful email to ThinkGeek.

      Good day. First off, let me start by saying I'm a long time customer of ThinkGeek, and a big fan. Yesterday, however, I received an email from one of your suppliers that disturbed me. It was a simple email regarding a limited-time sale on Mycestro for $99.99. Well, as much of a good deal as I feel that represents for that product, I am disheartened that a company such as yourselves would be supporting the continued screwage of said company's kickstarter campaign and its backers.

      See, I was one such backer, and had put my good faith and money into the company in exchange for a product. Instead, we backers have been directly lied to and intentionally ignored while they received the benefit of our backing. Mycestro says they don't have enough product to send what they promised to have in our hands two years ago, yet they have enough to put them on sale through your fine site. They refuse to tell us how many of their promises they have kept, how many more of us they need to get to, nor even just an outline of a time that ANY of this might be resolved.

      Is this a business ThinkGeek wants to be aligned with? Both on the front of publicity/ill-will with its customers, and from the business side: if mycestro has reneged on their previous promises of product, deadlines, and common long until they do the same to you.

      We customers need some way of pushing back on mycestro, and we are running out of options other than legal. I'm taking the first step now, to see if I might be able to lead a charge with the support of those, like ThinkGeek (who are unknowingly being led into enabling the continued fraud against customers) to push from both sides onto this company to affect positive change... or even just a little bit of honesty for God's sake.
      Together, we backers will most likely have to eventually form a group and create a class action lawsuit against mycestro, but we know that will take years and years of weary fighting that, in the end, will most likely end in a shuttered company, massive legal bills for everyone, and no product in the hands of those very people who wanted it so badly that they spent their money to fund its very creation. I truly hope that each of us backers would simply get what we've ordered, mycestro thrives,and ThinkGeek gets a best selling product.

      But then again... I'm a realist who's so far at wits end, that he's sending a midnight email to an online store that is under no obligation to even respond .

      Eric J. Crew

    25. Creator Derek on September 30

      Still waiting.

    26. Creator Sami Hamouri on September 30

      Where is my Mycestro ? How is this possible ? Your selling it on think geek "with sale " and I have not received my Mycestro for two years now ... Yes I ordered left handed , but if I knew that the left handed version would take this long I would have ordered the right handed ! Seriously how much longer ?

    27. Creator Udi Graff on September 30

      Agree with the last comments! Waiting for more than 2 years for the device...

    28. Creator Izaddin Syah Yusof on September 30

      This is just plain rude, Nick Mastandrea. Rude. How do we get a refund?

    29. Creator Alexandru Mincu on September 29

      This is so rude! Sale on ThinkGeek while kickstarter backers are still waiting? Been waiting for 2 years for the device to get shipped..

    30. Creator Brenna Hill on September 29

      I have not received mine and I don't see how to contact them.

    31. Creator Michiel on September 29

      Same here! Got the mail, but still no device!

    32. Creator PK on September 29

      Also got the email but have not received my backer's reward.

    33. Creator Maurizio Sgroi on September 29

      Still waiting ashole!

    34. Creator Thijs Bastiaens on September 29

      I've also received the mail. what frustrates me the most is that I moved appartments by now. And have no clue how to change my address, even after sending personal messages, I've received 0 feedback, feels like a scam. even though it probably isn't. it's just getting very infuriating.

    35. Creator Craig Campbell on September 29

      I too just got the thinkgeek email about Mycestro. That is pretty crazy considering I still have not received mine from the Kickstarter campaign over two years ago. Then again I ordered a left handed model so I'm not sure if those have started shipping yet.

    36. Creator Christopher Thorjussen on September 29

      This is rude! As everyone else getting the thinkgeek email about Mycestro on sale.... Where is my Mycestro? I still haven't recieved it. And even though the email said no international shipping, the kickstarter had international shipping. So where is mine? When will I receive it in in Norway? OR refund me!

    37. Creator Christopher Mendes on September 29

      Still have not received this and like everyone else saw the ThinkGeek announcement. Please refund the order

    38. Creator José-Manuel Pazos-Bretaña on September 29

      Got the mail announcing the ThinkGeek sale but I'm still waiting for mine. Really???

    39. Creator Patrick on September 29

      I just received an email about selling these on ThinkGeek, and they haven't even finished sending them out to backer. I even ordered two, a right-hand unit and a left-hand unit. This is getting ridiculous.

    40. Creator Mary Lynn on September 29

      And now it's being sold on Think Geek and we still haven't received it. Really?

    41. Creator Jesper Flindt on September 24

      I backed you in march 2013!!

      And still nothing - I am done waiting. I want a refund!!

    42. Creator Darren Ong on September 23

      I'm still waiting for mine

    43. Creator mahmati on September 23

      Haven't received mine either. An estimate / explanation would be nice.

    44. Creator Edwin Menor on September 21

      I'm still waiting.

    45. Creator Windrider on September 21

      I'm still waiting for the good news. But I believe it would make it a bit easier to wait if we could see some progress updates (like, how many items have already been delivered, when is the next batch coming, how many devices, etc.).
      It's been more than 3 months of silence now. Is the situation that bad?

    46. Creator Erik Mygrant on September 13

      Nothing yet...

    47. Creator Tony Lin on September 12

      Nothing yet,I am in China.

    48. Creator Hiba Sharaf on September 11

      I haven't received anything yet

    49. Creator Bruno V. on September 4

      @Martin I've had plenty of positive experiences with crowdfunding. Don't blame the tool, look at the person handling it.

    50. Creator Pierluigi on September 3

      Still waiting...

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