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Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
Mycestro™ is a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.
4,010 backers pledged $354,115 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Martin Appleton about 15 hours ago

      Looks like I've got a bloated battery as well.
      I left the mycestro in it's little bag for a few days and then found it had disassembled itself with a bloating battery.
      Waiting to hear from support, but from the looks of other peoples experience, I'm not going to get a replacement or fix without forking out money.
      It's a shame because other KS projects like the Pebble had stellar customer service for issues that arose over time that couldn't have been found in a short round of QA.

    2. Creator VinzzB 1 day ago

      Just received mine today. And i must say, what a life changer. I'm a programmer (C#, Java, VBA, .net, Python) and i used my good old mouse a lot! When i use a normal mouse i get pain in my wrists after a while. This device actually solves this.

      There is one minor thing that i found rather annoying when using the MyCestro. That is, when i press a button, I sometimes move my finger a little resulting in a drag action instead of a click action. There should be a little time between clicking and dragging. Like, pressed button for more than 500ms, then drag, otherwise just click... But I'm still in a learning phase, maybe this will solve itself when i get used to the device.. pointing a mouse at a position actually works well.

      I have to say, I'm pleased to have this device and it has stable windows drivers!
      Had to wait for it a long time, but it was worth it (for me)!

      Also, I'm actually happier that I've chosen 2 white right handed instead of the combo pack (left and right black).

      btw: play Solitaire for a while to get used to the MyCestro. This is also the reason why M'sft made this game in Windows 3.1... And it really helps! :-)

    3. Creator Michel Vashro 3 days ago

      I have not received anything and would like to know when I will. Could you please email me at
      Thank you

    4. Creator Bruno V. 5 days ago

      I also got mine last week, but there still isn't a control app for Linux, and I doubt there will ever be one. Saying that Linux supports Mycestro would be more accurate than the reverse.

    5. Creator Joseph Mokadim on August 21

      Two and a half years after backing this project I received my Mycestro yesterday. YES!!!!
      It works great, just need to get used to it.
      Now I'm going to find out how to set it up with Linux....

    6. Creator Henry Tan on August 20

      *taken us as

    7. Creator Henry Tan on August 20

      guys slowly wait. my best guess is that thy will fulfill their orders on the web 1st then the kickstarter. Mycestro dun even care abt us as a backers.
      2 yrs already and not other color or no left hand ones in production yet.
      This is ridculous. They are busy starting earning money from the web order which is only the right white so for them, who cares abt the kickstarter backers. they taken as as idiot or foolish backers.

    8. Creator Victor OUDIN on August 20

      When I backed this project, I chose the standard right-handed white one. That means I should get one soon, right ? Right ? :-)

    9. Creator Heinz-Peter Widek on August 14

      still waiting

    10. Creator VinzzB on August 11

      All right! They have read my previous post. I just received a mail with tracking-number for my MyCestro shipment. Thanks! Can't wait to test this out.

    11. Creator VinzzB on August 11

      on June 3th I've asked to converted my pledge from left & right handed into two single right handed devices. They asked for my cell number and they told me my devices would probably be shipped with the next July batch. But i did not received any tracking number yet.

    12. Creator Eric Mourant on August 11

      I'd really like mine soon too.

    13. Creator Jill Wilson on August 10

      No sign of it yet �

    14. Creator James Allen on August 9

      Still waiting....forever waiting....

    15. Creator Alper Torun on August 7

      Dont know if it is worked but I got an email with tracking number today after commenting here yesterday. Hope to see it soon.

    16. Creator Alper Torun on August 6

      still waiting... they said I will be added to the shipment list months ago. still no go...

    17. Creator Henry Tan on August 2

      Guys. Ask for your refund.
      They are not making any color of the right. I think they are not making of the left either.
      It's been 2.5 years and they are not producing any result.
      And they keep telling us to change to right white.
      I advise you to stop waiting for it as they already open their product for public market to buy.
      I believe it will still a long waiting until other colors coming and the left hand ones.

      They are posted colored ones just to bluff you to support them and then dump you once their product out. They dun even care your email or comments now.

    18. Creator Daniel Khaw Tze Ming on July 24

      Hi, I am one of the earliest backers, I even backed this project for 2 units. But till today, there is no further communication on when i will be seeing any MyCestro. You had repeated requested for my shipping address which i have repeated replied to you. But still no package sent, no tracking no... please respond.

    19. Creator Russell Wakelin on July 23

      What a business model... make your backers waiting over 2 and half years.
      Beyond unprofessional.

    20. Creator Tjebbe Westendorp on July 22

      Just got an e-mail to supply shipping address... looks like there's some movement!

    21. Creator Tjebbe Westendorp on July 20

      Same here... still waiting for a right white classic

    22. Creator Tjebbe Westendorp on July 20

      Same here... still waiting for a white one (right...)

    23. Creator Rob de Jong on July 15

      2,5 years now... Luckely i'm a very patient guy...

    24. Creator Paolo Dobrowolny on July 12

      Didn't have any news about it. It's a HUGE delay and not a very professional behavior with regards to us backers. How can I get my money back? I'll report this to the kick starter admins

    25. Creator Christoffer Sjowall on June 28

      The get it for any one else before the backers. If I get lucky I get it before I don't use an PC any more!!!!

    26. Creator Christoffer Sjowall on June 28

      This i get in april!!!

      "Hello Chris,
      I have added you to our shipping queue. Thank you so much for your quick response. When you have reached the top of the short queue, you will receive an email notification including a tracking number so that you may track your package as it ships to you.
      Thank you,
      But nothing happend.....

    27. Creator Glenn Lopez on June 17

      @Nick MastandreaIs, is there any way I can get a refund so I can purchase the retail version instead? This is getting ridiculous. I just need a unit to review for a YouTube segment. Id rather not purchase one from ThinkGeek then suddenly get the one I backed on Kickstarter 5 years later.

    28. Creator Perry Mowbray on June 17

      I've had my 2 mycestros now for 2 months under daily usage (one for work and one for home).

      I'm still very, very happy with the product, freaks people out at work. Initially had issues with the blue-tooth connection at work, but after repositioning the dongle into a USB hub in the open the lag completely disappeared.

      Battery life is a tad disappointing. After a full day it will start to get unresponsive around 4pm.

      My biggest issue has been strap failure. I've had both break: the flexible bit inside the strap broke into two bits which means it loses its grip -- first my work one, which they kindly and quickly sent a replacement, but before I could install it, the home one broke too (though worse than the work one which can still just sit on the finger). So the home mycestro's strap got replaced, and now I'm struggling with getting customer service to answer my emails about another strap.

      Anyone else having issues with the strap?

    29. Creator Yida on June 10

      @Peter Buzas

      I experienced exactly the same. I'm quite disappointed about their unbelievable concept of shipping a product that looks fine at the beginning and after a while all of a sudden pops up and floats the battery. The response of their team is just ridiculous.

    30. Creator Peter Buzas on June 10

      Just an update to those who have not yet received their promised device - make sure you test it throughly in the first 90 days you receive it because Nick's company is only giving you a 90-days limited warranty.

      I had issues calibrating mine until version 2 came out of the software so I haven't really used it for months. Now a few weeks ago when I finally was able to start using it for real one day I noticed that the whole thing popped open. It seems that the battery malfunctioned and when I tried to put the thing back together it no longer fits into the tiny case. I checked with customer service what can be done :

      "Hi Mycestro Team,

      I’m one of the lucky backers that already received a white right-handed Mycestro. I’m also one of the unlucky ones whose Mycestro popped open (can’t really describe it any other way). There does not seem to be any broken parts however I’m unable to put it back together. It seems like the battery is now bigger than it is supposed to be so the parts no longer fit inside the casing…
      Have you received any such feedback before or mine is a unique case?

      Their response was:

      "Hello Peter,

      Thank you for being a loyal Kickstarter backer!

      It sounds like you may have a bloated battery. Unfortunately you are outside of the repair warranty.

      You may choose to pay to have your Mycestro repaired. I've asked our Quality department, and they estimate it could cost $30-$80 to repair your Mycestro, replace the battery and/or modified components. If they are unable to repair it, they may choose to replace it. If you wish us to repair your Mycestro, we are able to accept PayPal. We will not know the exact cost to repair your Mycestro until we receive it.

      Please let us know you still wish to have us set you up with an RMA and repair your Mycestro.

      Thank you,

      Lesson learned - no more crowd-funding for me.

    31. Creator Jonathan Wee on June 8

      Nick, just ship out those motherfarking products and stop avoiding your backers with these despicable delay tactics. Honor your farking project deliverables. Bloody ingrate.

    32. Creator Jeffrey Wong on June 8

      Thank you Sohail, I am a mac user as well.
      Your comment really help me to withdraw from the waiting and asking for refund.
      Have no idea on how they run a project like this...

    33. Creator Vladimir Sytchov on June 8

      Hi, Sohail
      I will buy it from you. Just email me on with details.

    34. Creator Sohail A. Rahim on June 8

      not happy with my mycestro. doesn't work very well on a mac.

      doesn't reflect movement very well. yes, it's charged up completely.

      if anyone wants to buy mine, i'm happy to post anywhere in the uk.
      maybe this is better suited to windows

    35. Creator Johnny Tamindzic on June 8

      Not received yet, and my address has since and where do I update this?

    36. Creator Julio Antonio Soto de Vicente on June 4

      Same here. No reward received yet :/

    37. Creator Nick Chong on June 3

      hi, i also havnt receive my reward. please do update.

    38. Creator Gautam Kaul on June 1

      where the hell is the awesome reward????

    39. Creator Brenna Hill on May 29

      I still have not received my reward. Please update. THANKS

    40. Creator Ryan ONeill on May 29

      All I have to say is this is the best mouse ever invented to date. I will be buying a second one.

      The only complaint is it seems to only have sensors that work best when it is in the horizontal position. If it could detect movements better in vertical positions it would be flawless.
      I am still not sure of battery life yet.

      The control, the scrolling, it is fantastic. Before this mouse my favorite was the logitech M570.
      I wish this company was better with communication as they were absolutely horrible. They are lucky the product is so damn good.
      All I can say is those who are asking for refunds is to wait. You have no idea what you are missing in terms of a fantastic mouse.
      If this company really ran out of money and undersold, I think they should have taken out a loan to finish the kickstarter quickly and then recouped their money later from new sales. They also should have been giving at least monthly updates instead of just leaving everyone in the dark.
      Again, they are lucky their product is so damn good. It is just genius.

    41. Creator Ryan ONeill on May 27

      Received my mycestro after 2 years, 1 month, 27 days.
      Also, I emailed them my new address and they still sent it to my old one. Luckily I had mail forwarding.

    42. Creator Durukan Devrim on May 27

      I really don't care abot your stupid mouse anymore. Just want my money back!

    43. Creator Durukan Devrim on May 27

      2 years man... How can you sleep at night Nick? I hope you drown in your own pile of sh*t.

    44. Creator Daniel Khaw Tze Ming on May 27

      I have yet to receive mine:
      Two Mycestro™ MULTI PACK (RIGHT HAND)

    45. Creator David J Bradley on May 23

      Please send my 2 units.
      David J Bradley
      1551 Twisted Oak Dr.
      Reston, VA 20194

    46. Creator Alper Torun on May 16

      Selected the white one. Not yet received anything. When will you deliver to Turkey?

    47. Creator Mikołaj Misiurewicz on May 12

      I've switched to white on April 3rd. The order was sent on May 7th and delivered to Poland today (May 12th). As far as one day usage experience goes - it actually works, and works quite well. Whether I'll be willing to switch from standard mouse to Mycestro in my standard daily usage, time will tell, but I'm NOT disappointed by the product quality and they way it works.

      So yeah, Mycestro actually exists (at least the white version) and delivers on its main functionality promises. At least I'd say so. It's also pretty cool as far as technical gadgets go.

      But come on... the communication, the lies, broken promises when it comes to everything else. That's just awful and terrible. And it's not like they made mistakes at the beginning and then learned... It's still going on. It deserves a big "WTF??!".

      Sad that a nice piece of tech gets such a terrible customer experience.

      Btw. it's never too late to turn to light side of the Force.

    48. Creator Nuno Figueiredo on May 12

      Cannot get an answer from customer support in order to get the refund for my lefthand Mycestro from the past 2 months... really bad customer support...

    49. Creator David Harrington on May 7

      I really cant wait any longer and I'm not angry. I was let down. I would ask for a refund but its been so long since I back this project I've switched banks twice... Its a bittersweet world for the left hand man. I really hope things sort themselves out but I've all but given up hope on seeing my Mycestro...

    50. Creator Rob de Jong on May 4

      Still waiting... (For over 2 years now....)

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