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Her brain is broken. Her mind is limitless. A film about a young woman's cerebral haemorrhage with outcomes no one could have predicted
Her brain is broken. Her mind is limitless. A film about a young woman's cerebral haemorrhage with outcomes no one could have predicted
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      Simon John James on

      Could you please send me the digital download, and inform me when you have done so. There are issues regarding my email address with KickStarter, but I can still send messages to you. If problems still occur, is the film likely to be on amazon, or dvd?

    2. Chris on

      The film is beautifully done. Bravo!! I am amazed how Lotje kept smiling throughout it all. :)

    3. ArthurD on

      Dear Sophie and Lotje

      Please share some news. Since we exceeded the expected delivery date by one year this December I am staring to get a bit worried...

    4. Lucy Brown on

      Just to echo comment from S - really excited to see the film and wondering if there is any update?

    5. Missing avatar

      S on

      Hello - I can't wait to see this, and get more excited with every award and bit of good news. Hope all is going well? Are we any closer to knowing when we can expect to see the film?

    6. ArthurD on

      Hi Sophie and Lotje

      I hope everything is going well. Could you share an update on the progress on getting the movie ready for all of us to view? I am really getting excited to see it :D

    7. Chris on

      I'm very excited to see the film! Will you share it soon? Please? :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Geoff Anderson on

      Well done Sophie and Lotje!! I mean, brilliantly done! The competition must have been intense for such an award and I can only begin to imagine how you must have felt when your film (our film!) was proclaimed the winner - and how you must be feeling now that it is sinking in! And to get a special mention as directors is well earned praise if only because of your commitment and passion which has been evident to this backer even at this distance. I think I'm due a download though to be honest I can't remember now, but I await further news anyway with much joyful anticipation. - Geoff

    9. Fiona Cockwill on

      Hello Lotje only just saw your reply, thank you, I just got back from another trip to London to have the shunt setting upped as had been stuck in bed over two weeks with low pressure. Feel considerably better already. I have intracranial hypertension and have done for 26 years, but pain is easier to deal with than what you have gone through and you inspire. I hope your film is doing well I look forward to seeing it. I hope to write a book on IH to try to help others get the treatment they need not end up left as long as I was. Best wishes xxx

    10. Sophie Robinson & Lotje Sodderland Creator on

      Hello Fiona,
      Just wanted to say hello and say that I hope things will improve quickly for you...
      It sounds like a challenging condition, but it's inspiring to know that you are finding ways to deal with the dark moments.
      Never stop!

    11. Fiona Cockwill on

      Hope you are well Jotje I'm in hospital after shunt surgery with my old pal insomnia. Hope to go home tomorrow xxx

    12. Chris on

      I look at my Word from Lotje everyday (happy!) and wonder how she is doing and if the film is making headway. Any updates to share?

    13. shannon palmer on

      Hey girls, just another possible connection... Moby is huge into brain architecture and whatnot, and, he's also created a whole bunch of music that is free for independent filmmakers! you can view his music here:

      and you can listen to some of his fascination and research about identity, the limbic system, cognition, and brain architecture starting at around 18:34 in this recent podcast interview with nerdist:

    14. Kirsty Cromar on

      As someone who 4 and a half years ago at the age of 28 suffered a brain hemorrhage I could not let this project pass. Thank you both for the strength in tackling this subject and I look forward to comparing and contrasting my own experience with yours. Take care x

    15. shannon palmer on

      Lotje I found you through @like_knows_like and I have contributed, and am spreading the word best I can. I am sending sincere love and positive thoughts from my brain to yours... I look forward to your positive growth and continued neural connections... and thank you Sophie for bringing this story to light.

    16. Fiona Cockwill on

      Sending love and strength from a fellow slightly broken brain, I can only relate to a fraction of what you are going through and I admire your strength. X

    17. Zoe on

      This movie makes me love art again. I'm so happy we have a variety of ways to express ourselves. Can't take that for granted. Can't wait to see the movie, Lot. xxHUGSxx

    18. Ali Alvarez on

      I am wishing you guys so much luck. I had a brain injury last year, not nearly as bad as this, but had to learn to walk and write again. Deal with the world again. Start over. I can relate. I wish you both so much luck... I also live in London Fields (where I see you shot some stuff?) and if I can be a sort of sounding board or needed cheerleader, please get in touch. x

    19. Anita Fontaine on

      sooooooo excited! soooooo speechless! epic guacomole/ playing in the snow party to celebrate this love love you lotje! x

    20. Missing avatar

      nicola Stumpo on

      Good luck with the project. Can't wait to watch it.

    21. Antti Vainionpää on

      Lotje, you're beautiful :)