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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

Customer Support Form

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick update - Please use the following form from here onward to report any issues with the shipping: 

According to our partner, TOM warehouse, US domestic shipping is estimated to end around mid-August, and that's the only time we can start redelivering any missing/damaged items.

We really want to resend them early as much as possible and help as many backers as we can, but due to the sheer number of rewards to be shipped, we have to set things in order and complete the main shipment first. Handling the redelivery right now may confuse TOM warehouse's staff members, and we don't want to risk having problems with the ongoing process.

The dev team is currently focused on Photonflowers and also fixing PS Vita text issues - a patch may be up within the month. We still have the digital/interactive CODEX project and Android port pending on our list, though it may take time before we get there (after Photonmelodies most likely).

Also, if you're going to be at Otakon in Washington DC, there will be a Muv-Luv fan panel at 10:45 on Friday night (August 10), so come meet your fellow fans and catch up with the latest updates from the BETA-verse!

Sincere Regards, 

The Muv-Luv Team


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    1. Patrick J. Miller on

      Still waiting for the codex and photon flowers.

    2. Jake 'Grayfox' Radcliffe on

      No response to the form, after completing multiple times. Any chance I will be receiving my backer rewards soon?

    3. Edson Balskra on

      Sent the form and e-mail almost a month ago and still not received any response.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nier on

      Did anyone receive items from the redelivery? Just wondering because I haven't and they aren't responding to emails for some reasons.

    5. Attack Slug on

      Why have a form if you aren't going to respond to issues? Still waiting on my Vita games to ship and it's October!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kir on

      Can I ask who's brilliant idea was it to ship international packages via DHL? Its one of the worst companies to use for shipping, with insane customs fees in many countries. Why not use EMS like you did for early gift bag delivery?!
      And my problem is that UPS does NOT deliver any packages to individual persons in Russia, its stated on their website and yet you STILL managed to ship my package via them, its just unbelievable. Of course the package was returned to you, I've also just returned from my long vacation and discovered all this mess.
      Filled a customers form + emailed you, hoping that you'll be able to sort it out and send my rewards using EMS.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Adams on

      I sent in my form about my missing Codex on August 3, and got a reply on the 22. I still havent gotten a word back about my unresolved issue. Granted, having a few weeks to think about it, my issue, finally knowing its related to billing, is nearly entirely unfavorable toward me.

    8. Paul Downs on

      I'm now being spammed by DHL sms asking for £26 in fees, for a package that appears to still be in Portland, Oregon. I'm not paying them having been assured by that I don't need to. Hopefully it's just the shipping label being prepared way in advance of the replacement book being sent but it's getting a bit frustrating not knowing what's going on.

    9. Jake 'Grayfox' Radcliffe on

      Waiting patiently for DHL to email me with shipping details. Hope my backer rewards haven't gone missing :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Lauren on

      Mid-August has come and gone. Is shipping still going on? I haven't heard anything about my pledge yet :/

    11. ActionVerwalter on

      this kickstart is sadly a mess

    12. Chris Coales on

      I sent an email on 16th July complaining about my Codex book arriving in terrible condition (pages completely detached from the spine), and then obligingly filled out the online form reiterating this on 22nd July. It's been over a month, and I have still received no response at all. I'm pretty disappointed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Adams on

      I got a reply back on August 22

    14. Paul Downs on

      Err I meant " I shouldn't be paying these fees again for a replacement".

      Heh, I need a proofreader.

    15. Paul Downs on

      I've had no replies to my emails or customer support submission. That would all be fine assuming you weren't in a position yet to send replacements. Today though I got DHL notification of a shipment, again from Portland OR. I can only assume it's you guys sending the replacement book.

      Sadly DHL have raised £26 in import fees, almost as though the package has the full invoice amount marked on it. :-( I should be paying these fees again for a replacement. What can I do? If I don't pay them they'll return it, if I do pay them can I get a refund? This is fairly urgent; as DHL won't hold onto the package forever.

    16. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      I was just wondering if there's an estimated turnaround time on replies to reports from the Google form. I got three of my items in what seems like good shape, but no Destroyer-class BETA plushie ...

      I'm guessing (based on comments prior to this) that it's not a particularly fast turnaround. My further guess would be that you're holding off to try and sweep through all of the reported issues in one go, and presumably try to consolidate any multiple reports along the way. It would be something of a relief to know that reports are being received and read, but you've only got so many people to work on this (and I don't know how many actual problems are coming up).

      Still, close to 8,000 backers, and how many of them were getting physical rewards? I can understand it taking a while. Hoping to hear something soon, and further hoping that things are going relatively smoothly!

    17. ActionVerwalter on

      i filled out the form a month ago and had no respons, whats going on?

    18. Missing avatar

      Vinnces on

      Can I get a respond please to my form. It's been a week since I filled one out in regard to my damage box.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Adams on

      Its been a week since I filled out the form above and still havent gotten a word back on my missing item.

    20. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      As I've enough room on my Vita for the download version, I'll just be keeping these wrapped and wait for that patch. Buuut, unless it's somehow packed into the Collector's Box, didn't get a Yuuko's Gift Bag, despite its listing on my invoice. Maybe there was some miscommunication about whether it had been sent out with the earlier orders? Regardless, filled the form, though I hope to receive correspondence if the image link happen to not work.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Adams on

      I opened my box and found out that my add on of the Physical Codex was not in it and wasnt even on the invoice even though I was billed on it. I detailed why this may have happened through a form. I immediately filled out the form when I opened the box Friday evening and it is now monday evening and I still havent gotten a word back.

    22. Christopher Bolanos on

      Hm. Not quite the "Collector's Box" I was expecting (especially considering what we got for Grisaia), but maybe the physical copies of Photoflowers and Photonmelodies will at least fill it out...

    23. Missing avatar

      Karen Thomas on

      I got a confirmation email saying my 150$ physical tier was shipped 5 days ago via UPS and was given a tracking number but the ups site only says that a ups shipping label has been created. It has not updated for the past 5 days and I filled out the form too ask what's up with that 4 days ago and still have not gotten a response.

    24. Missing avatar

      ryuzaki909 on

      Is there anyway to track the shipment?

    25. Michael Simon on

      Well there's your problem, you're using TOM instead of White Rabbit Express :V

    26. Pierce Tomas on

      Filled out my forum still have not received any shipping notices for my t-shirt.

    27. Cerzel on

      Something I forgot to ask before: Are the shipped PC versions the adult versions, or am I required to download an uncensor patch even for the "collector's edition" of the games?

    28. Paul Downs on

      I'll fill in the form as my book was pretty damaged. :-( I immediately sent an email to when I noticed the damaged item. This email also included a brief additional question; will I receive a reply to that question?

    29. Kit-Un Chao on

      I didn't even know you guys are shipping, I didn't get any email from DHL.

    30. FlamingFirewire on

      It's a real shame the Vita text issues happened at all considering how long you've been working on Muv Luv TL + all the fixes to the PC version, but I'm happy nonetheless to see the patch coming soon :)

      I got the game in the mail on PC as well - is there any word on if there is a patch for the version on the disc to get all updates the Steam version received? And does the Director's Cut patch/DLC for both games work with the on disc version?

    31. Tjoeb123 on

      I've been seeing plenty of grammatical issues in the Vita version (especially in Alternative); so I was wondering if it was gonna be fixed. Glad to see it's being worked on!