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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping has officially commenced!

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

We’re very happy to announce that the shipping has officially commenced!

The warehouse staff are going through the order list, about 100-150 shipments will be made daily until all orders are sent, so please be sure to double check your e-mail every day starting today!

IMPORTANT: We also advise all backers to double check the destination address when you receive the notification e-mail and tracking URL. Please contact your respective courier immediately if it’s incorrect (UPS for US/domestic, DHL for international.) 

For international customers, DHL/customs will likely ask for a proof of payment or “Order Confirmation”. To get your copy, simply click on the “View Confirmation” button in your BackerKit link and e-mail/fax a screenshot of the full page. The page should have all rewards listed including the declared values for both physical/digital items. 

1. I received an e-mail from DHL with weird weight values and only one item mentioned, why is that?

DHL should no longer send e-mails after this update. Since their system is incompatible with our data, all e-mails will be coming from going forward.

2. Why are there digital rewards listed in BackerKit as well?

Digital rewards are listed in BackerKit, but we assure you they are NOT included in the invoice attached along with the package. They’re kept as-is in BackerKit for transparency to explain why the physical items are declared lower than the pledge amount, so the totals may end up different from the actual pledge value (mostly being less.)

3. Customs did not ask for an invoice or proof of payment and already decided the VAT, how did they calculated the value?

Like we mentioned above, rest assured the invoice attached to the package is the same as BackerKit’s Order Confirmation page minus the digital rewards, so if anything, you need to contact your local customs and possibly ask for a copy of the invoice attached to the package and inquire how they computed the value.

DHL shouldn’t have any data related to digital rewards, so it’s impossible for them to have included it in the invoice attached to the package. The VAT depends per country, and we can’t keep track of customs practices/decisions per region.

4. My friend(s) have lower VAT/weren't taxed for their rewards. How did this happen?

Based on our research, some regions’ customs are basically a coin toss. A certain reward tier from another campaign was received by some of their backers without taxes, while others had to pay VAT to receive them.

There are also instances where the VAT is high because the customs decided on a theoretical import value. It’s really beyond our scope and obligations to try regulating the VAT declared by customs per region. We’ve done our best to keep things reasonable for both backers and international customs as a campaign creator working with a US warehouse. We can only advice communicating with DHL/customs about your order and asking them to review the invoice attached to the package + proof of payment.

5. I’m missing item(s) in my package, what can I do about this?

Please contact We understand that re-delivering any missing items will incur a fee. We first need to verify what happened to the package, and then we’ll figure things out from there. The solutions will vary per individual.

If you have any further inquiries, or failed to receive your rewards and confirmed that it’s returned to sender, please don’t hesitate to contact us via


The Muv-Luv Team

TOKYO CHRONOS Kickstarter launched!

Virtual Reality has been trending in Japan, and Tokyo Chronos will be one of the major Adventure Game/Visual Novel x VR releases that's to be localized in English as well.  

We've met the devs of Tokyo Chronos, "MyDearest" studio, and found out they're also fans of the Muv-Luv series! Please do support our passionate comrades by backing their project and/or spreading the word! Giving feedback is also appreciated to help them achieve the best VR gaming experience. We sincerely look forward to their project's success!

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    1. Missing avatar

      T. J. on

      Duty: $11.73 - reasonable.
      DHL fees: $16.02 - ridiculous.

    2. Missing avatar

      Remdur on

      I received my collector box today and... I have to say that I'm a little bit disappointed. Everything was in perfect condition but... I paid 150$ for something that in the end is like... little. The box is small, the artworks are fine but the box isn't very solid, it's a cheap cardboard. The items are moving on the inside. The games are in good conditions, same goes for the ost. About the "artbook", it's just a small booklet, almost like a game instructions for use. I thought we would had a biggest artbook. The illustrations inside are good but again it's just basically 4-5 illustrations per characters. No group pictures or something; Unfortunately I didn't pick the physical Codex so I can't tell how it looks. The figure is fine but again just a white box, no artworks...

      So in the end I guess I'm happy to finally have it, but for the price it was, and with all the money that came from this kickstarter, it's really a shame that everything inside is so little. Maybe we should have use a bit more of money to do a trully wonderfull box with a great packaging and artbook instead of making a lot of patches for the games that were already very good in the beginning >.>

    3. Missing avatar

      Zeoroot on

      I recieved an attempted delivery slip from DHL and they say I own them $30.94 Canadian. I'm pretty sure they are over charging me the physical good only weigh in at $80 and according to a duty caculator it should only be around $13.74

    4. Missing avatar

      CQ on

      @Gerson Koji Saito
      What do you mean with picture of the pose?

    5. Missing avatar

      Gerson Koji Saito on

      I receive my package yesterday delivered by DHL!!! Awesome!!! I only wish that they could send a picture of the pose for Sumika...

    6. Asakura on

      For the love of God, NEVER send with DHL Express again. 50€ for the import is INSANE on top of the price that I've already paid 3 years back.

      I feel scammed.

    7. Missing avatar

      CQ on


      Well, give them a fair amount of time to answer, they have probably a lot of emails or it can be that the timezones don't overlap very well.

    8. clairobskur on

      i've paid 41€ to DHL and many items are missing inside the box. they are not replying to emails. i feel scammed...

    9. Missing avatar

      CQ on

      Zellox, watch out for them not adding a random value to the declared one in the customs paper.

    10. Zellox on

      just got a text message from DHL i'm in the Netherlands and have to pay 55.56 euro -.-'

    11. Martyn Ras on

      Received my Muvluv box today, and happy to have everything.

      So just to confirm, when are we getting the digital versions of the Codex, the OST and PhotonFlowers and PhotonMelodies?

    12. Jon on

      yup, extra $30 for me, thanks DHL

    13. Missing avatar

      Remdur on

      Well, I just received a mail myself... I'm in France and it looks like I'll have to pay 32€.... That's crazy after all this time and we still have to pay, and that much !! o_o

    14. FaceEater MK II on

      Mine was sent from PORTLAND - USA.

    15. cabfe on

      @DoomSage: Mine came from Portland, OR. as well, then Germany, and then home.

    16. DoomSage

      Hello, can someone confirm that the shipments were sent from Portland, USA?
      I have a strange DHL letter from a tax station several hundred kilometers away from my acutal home adresse, right at the other end of Germany, and I have no clue what shipment that could be.
      Therefore, when the shipment was hailed in fact from Portland, I at least know what they have there.
      Thanks for help in advance.

    17. Missing avatar

      CQ on


      9504.30.0010 is Video games code. 9504.30.0080 dunno, I can't find it.

    18. PKFC on

      Yeah got dinged by DHL too. No idea if classification code 9504.30.0010 is tax exempt, but it's suspicious when that's listed on the invoice, but DHL calculated tax based on 9504.30.00.80. Brokerage is a pretty sweet racket though. Processing fee AND a transaction fee? Do you think you're Ticketmaster?

    19. Missing avatar

      CQ on

      So it is DHL being thieves. Good to know ,everyone should be sure to double check what they ask to pay.

    20. Missing avatar

      Nein on

      PS: for those wondering, the declared value on the $300 tier invoice (well, mine at least) is 126 USD.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nein on

      So yeah, after having checked the included invoice, it seems DHL is trying to money grub me too. (I'm sure they systematically do this by default and make some big $ from it, given that most people probably won't go through the trouble to get their money back).

      Using a customs calculator I need to fill in a hypothetical shipping cost of $200 to get to the amount that I got charged by them. This is obviously nonsense.

      So, in order to help us file complaints with DHL, can you give us the actual shipping cost, @MuvLuvTeam? I got the $300 tier shipped to the Netherlands.

    22. cabfe on

      Got mine today too.
      Destroyer-kun is so cute and soft!
      And the codex is an impressive work. Good thing it went physical!

    23. Connor Voskamp on

      @FaceEater MK II Oh I checked, it 100% is DHL being money grubbing scum. It is literally entirely their handling fee they want me to pay for. Their handling fee can blow me, I already paid for shipping. I have to say this customer experience is probably the biggest fucking mess I have ever seen. I wished they used UPS to ship out my Copy, UPS has a store in my town and I could yell at them there.

    24. Missing avatar

      Hunterw40k on

      Got my physical rewards today, it’s just gorgeous (despite the customs fees).

    25. FaceEater MK II on

      @Connor Voskamp
      Maybe DHL trying to get some extra cash.

    26. Missing avatar

      CQ on

      Check then how is the package declared.

    27. Connor Voskamp on

      According to the CBSA video games aren't actually subject to import taxes and customs anyways so this is retarded.

    28. Missing avatar

      CQ on

      @Connor Voskamp

      Dunno where you live, but it is probably the VAT percentatge over the game, plus the handling fee (in this case DHL's, though there is always a handling fee if customs catches the package).

    29. Connor Voskamp on

      AHAHAHA DSL is trying to tell me I need to pay 20.50 to get this shipped to me, How in the actual fuck does this math work when the cost of the physical game is 20.00?

    30. Missing avatar

      CQ on


      In Europe if the cost of it all (what is shipped plus shipping) exceeds 150€ , they hit you with additional taxes (2.5% more) and with an additional handling fee, at least in my country (don't remember, it's like 15 or 22 €).

    31. Missing avatar

      Nein on

      So it seems in Canada you'll have to pay customs duties as well.

      Note that unless it is stated to be explicitly covered within the shipping fees (the only company I know that does this is 'Limited Run Games'), you can always expect to have to pay import fees when buying things from abroad.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nein on

      @Connor Voskamp
      Depends on Canada's customs rules. Most people from the USA, for exampe, will be fine as they do not have to pay taxes for items with a value of $1000 or less, I beieve. Europe is just very strict with this and any foreign (outside EU) mail valued above €22 (~25 USD) gets incurred a ~20% total value tax + handling fees.

    33. cabfe on

      @Cerzel: Photon Flowers and Photon Melodies are digital from the start. A physical release was never confirmed (and has not been yet).
      You can find it in the FAQ of the project.

    34. Connor Voskamp on

      So wait, am I gonna have to pay for shipping AGAIN? I distinctly remember having to pay an additional 5.00 when I backed this because I live in Canada,

    35. Cerzel on

      So what about photonflowers and photonmelodies? I thought the shipping wasn't supposed to be until everything was done. Are we going to get those at a later date, or are they only going to be digital now?

    36. Missing avatar

      Zachary Schmitt on

      I just got my box yesterday! Everything was there and everything looks great (especially the codex); speaking of, are we still going to be receiving a digital copy of the codex?

    37. Tjoeb123 on

      So will the digital copy of the soundtrack be uploaded to BackerKit, or will it come in the form of a voucher code included in the Collector's Box alongside the DVD?

    38. Jeffrey Mancebo

      Does this include the PS Vita version?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ash & Pilky <3 on

      Still pissed that we're going to get hit by import fees, when non backers have earlier access to the game at a cheaper price. Adding your next project to the bottom is a bit of an insult, I may as well wait for the game to be finished, then I can pick it up with 0 import fees :/

    40. Missing avatar

      Juan C. Gomez on

      I do have one important question: is the digital version of the CODEX supposed to be available by now? If so, I am not seeing it on my Backerkit at the moment.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jack Thay on

      So is the release of Photon Flowers' next in your list?
      I know nothing was promised regarding a Director's cut patch for both Photon Flowers and Photon Melodies, but is there any chance to see one even as a paid extra?

    42. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      Oh, please do e-mail us like mentioned in the update so we can look into it. Thanks!

    43. Daniel McAndrew( kingrisen) on

      Aye. But it wasn't in the box with the rest of the rewards :/ ( the only item missing )

    44. Radosław Wójciak on

      Could you send any photos of final box or other items?

    45. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      @Daniel McAndrew - I checked your BackerKit Order Confirmation page. It's listed there as "Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX (Physical) - $20"

    46. Daniel Núñez on

      Now I wait.

      This really made my day.

    47. Daniel McAndrew( kingrisen) on

      Are you still printing the Codex? It is the only item missing according to the invoice.

    48. Axeman on

      Woohoo, still eager for the android port to come out

    49. PKFC on

      Wondered what that DHL text was and did side with this project. Huzzah