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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

Important notice: Please finalize your shipping info on BackerKit on or before May 31

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Hi everyone,  

With the production of Collector's Boxes, CODEX, and PS Vita underway, we've begun preparations for shipping. We expect to deliver the rewards to your doorstep this coming August. It's important for us and Tokyo Otaku Mode that all backers update their shipping information on BackerKit on or before May 31, 2018 so we can send over the final data to TOM, and they can start working on the dispatch notes from June onward.

Please help us spread the word to other backers so we can make sure everyone’s shipping info on BackerKit are finalized as soon as possible.

If you need assistance in updating your shipping country and/or BackerKit e-mail, please send an e-mail to For concerns not related to shipping, please e-mail


The Muv-Luv Team

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    1. Nonscpo on

      I've tried to email the two accounts provided, but my email service doesn't recognize them, and so won't send out my email!

    2. Megazone 23 on

      I sent a e-mail on May 21st and did not get a response.

    3. Missing avatar

      Just Cruising By

      It is is sad that Amazon has both Vita games on sell for June 26 and backers for the game are not getting it till August.

    4. Rengokuhyouya on

      I selected the option to get all my physical rewards when they were all done. Does this mean that the codex will be on a separated shipping since the date is on May 31?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jack Thay on

      So... the game is coming June 12th on Vita, are we getting those survey soon for the region of digital copy?

    6. Missing avatar

      Konadust on

      Online stores have this coming out the second week of June. Why are the funders being made to wait until August? There would be less animosity if this were at the very least acknowledged and addressed. Silence only adds to the frustration.

    7. Austin Phan on

      Hi there, I emailed Jason about a BackerKit question a week ago, but I didn't get a response. Please help, thank you!

    8. Marcop on

      beware that they said august, but not in which year

    9. Theodore Ward on

      I have a question when will the digital version of the games come out for the vita

    10. Missing avatar

      Jack Thay on

      @Phung V.

      That's what I've been asking for months!
      That they starting sending the survey they promised at the end of their Kickstarter (see their FAQ)to ask each one of us which region we want for the Playstation Vita version (both physical and digital).

      PLEASE, even if I live in Europe, don't send me European copies of the game!!!!!

    11. Sergio garcia on

      Question! Are we getting the game before everyone else? I mean we were the ones that funded the game and would be nice if get to play first before the general public

    12. Lee Brown on

      If we could receive the rewards we backed for sometime within our life times, that would be groovy.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ban on

      What are the reasons that we should expect or give even a sliver of trust that you will fulfill the deadline this time around? It has been almost 3 years since the first deadline that this campaign aimed for. Why should anyone be convinced differently now?

    14. Playcool92 on

      Hope it it towards the end of August... also it would be nice to see anyone replying to my questions via message.

    15. Bailey Fenzl on

      When are you guys sending out the digital Codex?

    16. Missing avatar

      Phung V. on


      There are still ZERO information about which Vita version (NA or PAL) of the game will be shipped with the collector box.

      Can someone tell us this information because if it's only PAL or NA, some of us will have to re-purchase the game right from PQube / RiceDigital to get their native region version.


    17. Chad Long (Tecrogue) on

      Crap, now to figure out who I can have it delivered to in case I haven't found where I am moving to in August.