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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

Muv-Luv Relaunched on Steam, and new friends (part 2!)

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Hello everyone,  

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived!  

Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative are relaunched on Steam!

Play Muv-Luv here:


Play Muv-Luv Alternative here:


Sekai Project says: "Hello Muv-Luv Trilogy PC Backers and Steam Users!"


Thanks to Sekai Project for helping us relaunch the games sooner, with the best comeback ideas possible!

"It is my absolute pleasure to be able to work with ixtl on the Muv-Luv project. We understand the fervor of the fans of this groundbreaking franchise and it is simply an honor to be a part of all this. On the behalf of Sekai Project and our staff, please enjoy Muv-Luv!" - Christopher Ling, CEO, Sekai Project

"This is Hirei from Sekai Project. I'm very excited to be part of the team once again. As a fellow fan, I look forward to spreading the luv even further! Cheers!" - Stephanie Hii, Project Manager, Sekai Project

What's new* in the relaunch version?

1. Updated scripts for Muv-Luv Alternative- There will be one more final text update, but this won’t affect the save data at all, so feel free to progress with the story.

2. Muv-Luv Extra+Unlimited will be available for $29.99! (from $34.99)  

The games are 30% off until March 15, 2018 

Help spread the Luv to your friends and family by sharing our social media posts!

*The new Steam cards, and backgrounds will be implemented after the release. We were rushing to relaunch the games so we weren’t able to finish all graphical assets in time. Rest assured we’ll update everyone here on Kickstarter, social media, and Steam  once they’re available. Please look forward to it!

The Director’s Cut Patch is back on Denpasoft!

Also, the Director's Cut patch for Muv-Luv is available once again on Denpasoft store, and only for $4.99!

Troubleshooting with the original AppID:  

The existing patch still works with the new version of Muv-Luv! Just be sure to uninstall the old version first before applying the patch. If you encounter any issues, be sure to let us know so we can help you. 

I already own the game(s), how to get the new key(s)?

For Backers - New keys for Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative were added to BackerKit. Please check your pledge details and browse the "Digital Downloads" section.

For Steam Users who owns the original AppID(s) - Valve support said they’re currently looking for ways so the original AppID owners can also get the new versions. If we can’t solve the problem before the end of March, we’ll be using Steam API to fix the issue.

How to transfer the previous save data?  

  • Uninstall previous Muv-Luv games (the save folders should be left intact) 
  • Copy the original AppID save folders somewhere as backup. 
  • Install the new versions of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative. 
For each new version of the game, do the following steps:
  • Run the game once, and open all save slots. To do this, at the very beginning of the game, just simply click save and fill up every single save slot with the same scene to “unlock” them.
  • Once all save slots are occupied, close the game and turn off Steam Cloud sync, located under Steam “Properties”→”Updates”→.then unchecking “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization”. 
  • Copy the previous Muv-Luv save folder over to the new version's local directory located inside "steamapps/common" folder. 
  • Turn Steam Cloud sync on once again, and all original save data should be transferred to the new version. 
Credits to Gabgrave, The Muv-Luv Team's passionate localization team leader for figuring out the solution!

That's all for now. if you have missed out on the physical rewards update, please check Update #49Please look forward to even more sweet updates in the coming months!


Tanaka@The Muv-Luv Team

Customer Support Email -

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    1. Missing avatar

      Philipp Trousil on

      ahhh~ I just hope I will get my goods still this year...

    2. Daniel Núñez on

      Ok. I completed Extra and Unlimited, the patch worked.

      I have an issue. I fully completed all the routes and endings (and the clear list is 146/146) but there is still a Steam Achievement that is not unlocked. I know what it is (since I completed Degica's release too) but whatever I do, it just keeps locked.

      Also.. There as a strange noise on Unlimited's ending song, just hear it carefully (is on the cast roll, close to when "Base Commander" shows on the credits)

      As for the Alternative patch... well, I do agree that we have to get it, mostly because it was offered. Originally I was waiting for the patch, but in the end I knew what was patched and to be honest Alternative works as a story without it... some even might consider the all ages version of some scene better. I do recommend reading the all ages version first and then check those scenes later, when we get the patch.

    3. John Stern

      The new patch worked for me. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to future updates.

    4. Dac on


      I still have some routes to do in unlimted and extra, so I guess I'll do that. Plus other VNs I want to play, so there is that. I really do want to play alternative, but not until it is in its complete form.

    5. cabfe on

      @Dac: I agree. I'm waiting for the "complete" version of Alternative before I start reading it. So if Photon comes first, it'll also wait until after I read Alternative, and it'll become a long time this way.

    6. Dac on

      I don't understand why your priority is not to finish work on Alternative, which was what this kickstarter was for, and instead work on what is a stretch goal. Whatever, hopefully you can get it done by this year.
      Thanks for answering.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Thanks Muv-Luv Team! Everything's working perfectly.

    8. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      We've resolved the Error 86 issue. You can download the new Director's Cut patch on BackerKit which works with the relaunch version of Muv-Luv. Backers can choose to download the 2018 patch on BackerKit, or use the 100% discount code on Denpasoft and download it for free!

      Regarding Muv-Luv Alternative patch : As we've said before, we'll be doing the Director's Cut patch for Muv-Luv Alternative eventually as it was a promise made during the campaign.
      Photonflowers is our current priority right now, and we'll make an announcement for the next project (not decided yet) once our plates are empty :)



    9. cabfe on

      @Zachary Schmitt : From this update "The new Steam cards, and backgrounds will be implemented after the release."
      So, yes, they're coming soon.

    10. Missing avatar

      Zachary Schmitt on

      Any chance of getting trading cards for the new version, as well as alternative?

    11. Missing avatar

      Bank S on

      Trying to get the DC patch to work. Same issue with everyone, Error Code 86. After verifying the patch, the gallery just shows the All Ages version of the scenes.

    12. Dac on

      Can we get word on the DC for Alternative? The first DC came out pretty much right away, I don't understand why this one isnt being treated the same.

    13. John Stern

      I have the same issue with the director's patch as everyone else is reporting (error code 86). I don't really care to hassle with moving my saves over since I wasn't very far anyway and don't mind starting over, but I do want a working DC patch.

      I would also like news on a DC patch for Muv-Luv Alternative.

    14. Sensuifu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on

      I don't know if this is really a fix, I doubt it is, but I figured a way to get the old saves working, but now the error message does the opposite with the dummy (newer) saves made during the update.

      Here's what I did (again, not sure if this is a permanent solution):
      1) Verify the integrity of game files to get the 'updated' Steam version of the 'muvluv16.exe' executable. It should be 2,760KB in size.
      2) Make a backup copy of this exe; to a name like 'muvluv16.exe_newver'
      3) copy to ''
      4) run the director's cut patch
      5) The files '' and the DC patched muvluv16.exe (2,886KB) are created
      6) Delete or backup this new muvluv16.exe to 'muvluv16.exe_dc' (this exe won't run under Steam, so this isn't the one that will be running)
      7) Rename the 'muvluv16.exe_newver' back to the default name 'muvluv16.exe'
      8) Rename the '' that the DC patch created earlier to ''
      9) Muvluv should now run under Steam and you can load your old game saves.

      Unforunately, loading the dummy saves now gives the opposite error with a windows warning dialog (not the in-game error message, but a windows prompt) stating:
      "Warning: This save was made in another version. Loading this save can result in an error or a state where the game can not be completed. Do you wish to load this save?"

      Loading these dummy save game seems to work, but again, I do not know if this is really a fix.
      It may just be a lengthy way of reverting back to the pre-update/DC-patched version since the 'new' ruo1 file is being replaced with the older, DC patched file.
      I really can't tell, but at least it's apparently able to load the old saves.
      Perhaps someone who's already completed the entire game(s) can chime in with the saves, extras, etc..

    15. Mickey Possingham on

      I've also been getting that error code 86 thing... maybe there needs to be an updated patch? Since the patch replaces the EXE and the appID has changed?

    16. onan

      Sensuifu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about 6 hours ago said:
      I got the "error code 86" message, but was able to fix it by clicking 'verify integrity of game files'

      Same here with the error, but that's not really fixing it, it's reverting back to pre-director's cut patch.

      Any idea why this is happening? I hadn't played yet and only had the one first scene save in order to follow along with the directions. I used my original patch from before and also redownloaded, same error 86. Please investigate.

    17. FaceEater MK II on

      It was pretty obvious they were going to work with SP after Degica was gonne.
      Leaving the problems with Sekai project's translations and their boss shitting on everyone, I did have some problems with previous SP's KS, so I hope their work in the future would be limited to dealing with the steam publishing.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Sensuifu: I tried patching before I restored my saves and after and it didn't work either way if that's what you mean.

    19. Daniel Núñez on

      I did a full run with skip for Alternative since I completed the previous version (later I'll check some parts I remember were wrong, now I can check individual chapters). I'll also test the saves.

      I think it used to show an Icon on the game menu when skip or auto were active (it shows the small green icons when playing) So when on the menu I had no idea is skip was active or not (sometimes it was deactivated)

    20. Sensuifu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on

      Brad, I ran into the same problem with the old saves. I thought it was working, but loading them up shows the error between the two versions. Looks like verifying the integrity only overwrites the patched executable with the steam/unpatched version.

      Wondering if skipping the save step in this update has any effect.

    21. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Chris Adamson: Wow, I didn't even try to load my old saves, scatterbrained I guess. I have the same issue as you, it says that the saves were made with a more recent version of the game and wont load any of them. I guess we really need that patch to work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Sensuifu: That's what I had to do too. Since those saves were made in the Director's Patch version of the game which isn't working now I wonder what will happen with the gallery CGs. If you view them now they are the all ages versions, I wonder if reapplying the patch when it is working again will fix the unlocked CGs.

    23. Chris Adamson on

      Brad: I just did the "verify integrity of game files" approach on ML and it said it had to re-download a file, but once I did, the game runs again. However, with some saves it shows the windows dialog about "this save was made in a different version". Other saves show the "you need to apply the patch" error, which makes me wonder if the re-downloaded file that fixes the integrity problem just un-did the patch.

      Lots of problems with Alt. Can't save empty saves past slot 73 (though I don't think I ever used that many), and a problem when closing the game "Current play data cannot be written to disk".

    24. Sensuifu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on

      Got it working now. The old save games that were saved under the 449830 folder have to be copied into the new version's folder 802880.
      The original directions may not work for some. Thankfully I backed up my saves, though I wish the update wasn't so confusing.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Daniel & Sensuifu: I got my patch from backerkit. I also fixed the game by verifying integrity of game files but luckily I didn't lose any saves. I did test to see if the patch had worked anyway and it hadn't, which I didn't expect.

    26. Alan Daniel Rueda

      If we lost the original patch we got for backing do we need to pay for it or will our old code work?

    27. Sensuifu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on

      I got the "error code 86" message, but was able to fix it by clicking 'verify integrity of game files' under the 'local files' tab under properties.

      Unfortunately, I lost all my game saves, or at least, they're not showing up...

    28. Daniel Núñez on

      Brad, Chris, I got the same error. I also contacted support.

      You guys got the patch from backerit or the Denpa one?

    29. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Chris Adamson: I had the exact same issue and sent an e-mail to Tanaka. At least I'm not the only one.

    30. Zenophilious on

      I won't touch anything Sekai is involved with anymore. After the train wreck that was Hoshimemo, they apparently can't even be trusted to produce a TL that's consistently better than a JP -> CHN -> EN one that's chock full of inaccuracies and memes.

      It's extremely disappointing that you're partnering with Sekai. If they have any role in any of your upcoming projects, kiss my money goodbye.

      Here's Sekai's recent stance on QA for several of their recent releases:

    31. Bhaal42 on

      Migration worked, but on Mul-Luv you have an warning message that save is from another version and thumbnail does not work. Alternative works witouth any issue.

    32. Chris Adamson on

      FWIW, applying the director's cut patch broke my copy of Muv-Luv — "error code 86", — so I had to uninstall and re-download. If anyone has better luck, please post what you did.

    33. Bhaal42 on

      Thank you, I found the info on reddit, but some people would probably like to have this info

    34. Chris Adamson on

      Bhaal42: Try this page:

      In the folder described in that post, "449830" is Muv-Luv. The "vmrXXXXX.uuc" files are Muv-Luv saves, and I *think* the folder "_alt16" are the Muv-Luv Alternative saves (the file dates look right to me).

      I'm midway through this process myself. Hope it works.

    35. Bhaal42 on

      where are located the saves?
      I've uninstalled my games, but I don't find the save folder

    36. Chris Adamson on

      Esker: that was explained back in update #47, . ixtl took the project back from Degica, but Degica couldn't / wouldn't / didn't know how to transfer the AppIds, so ixtl's release (via Sekai project) needs to be a new AppId.

    37. Missing avatar

      Esker on

      Why are these completely separate AppIDs instead of this just being a patch?

    38. Cerzel on

      Sekai Project? Really? What the hell were you thinking?

    39. Missing avatar

      Encrypted12345 on

      I won't go as far as demanding a refund (All kickstarters are risks after all), but I will say this influences my future purchases of Age games

    40. Daniel Núñez on

      Well. I understand while some people does not like Sekai Project, but in the other hand, this is mostly translated, the translation team is assembled... and like it or not Sekai Project is an already established and known company in the west.

      Hopefully this could also help to get other Muv-Luv games translated, and you to consider what I mentioned about Director´s Cut for the Photons (also would be a nice thing for the backers, after all this wait)

      Sadly the old forums are gone, I can't really remember all the reported translation problems for Alternative.

    41. cabfe on

      Has there been a repack? The sizes indicated by Steam for the previous versions and the new ones don't match. About 200 MB less each time.

    42. Franklin Vasquez on

      so do i uninstall 1st then d/l? Also do i just original patch to patch game again? i actually haven't started the game yet so i'm not worried about save data

    43. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bailey on

      Will the old directors cut patches from the backer kit work with the new version or do we have to pay $5?

    44. Missing avatar

      Kroh on

      Should I contact support in regards to refunding my pledge or is there another branch to contact? I have 0 interest in supporting ANYTHING that Sekai Project has their hands on. I'm amazed you guys even considered partnering with Sekai Project considering all the horrible releases they've done lately and I don't want to support their atrocious business practices. I've waited nearly 3 years for physical goods AND Alternative still hasn't been finished (no restoration patch) and now you're telling me I'm going to have to deal with Sekai Project? No thanks. I've seen how the company's Ex-CEO mocked people for complaining about all the typos and untranslated text their company has in released titles and how little they care about us since we're "Not the targeted demographic they're selling to".

      I'd really like to avoid the 6 month long Chargeback associated with issuing one but at this point It's a far better alternative than needing to deal Sekai Project. I didn't pledge to support Sekai Project. I'm done, I'm out.

    45. John Stern

      Can we please get word on a director's cut patch for Alternative?

    46. Chris Adamson on

      Bruxae: Go to and (if necessary) log in. Scroll to the bottom where it says "Muv-Luv 2018 Steam Key (Bundle)" and "Muv-Luv Alternative 2018 Steam Key (Bundle)"

    47. Bruxae on

      So.. How do I find my backerkit link?

    48. Chris Adamson on

      I'm going through these steps now and I'm not completely confident of the order. You may want to back up game data from C:\Program Files\Steam\common\muvluv first, before uninstalling the old version, because that folder is gone now that I've uninstalled. Then again, if the sync works, I guess it shouldn't matter. I'm sure others will chime in here once they complete the migration successfully.

    49. Mickey Possingham on

      Glad to hear this is sorted out... it sounded like something of a mess.

    50. Ben on

      It was a bit of a hassle to find the backerkit link again.