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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

More PS Vita Luv, and new friends!

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Happy Valentines Day!

Thank you for the gifts, everyone.
Thank you for the gifts, everyone.

We hope you like Rosuuri's Valentines artwork, featuring our beloved Marimo-sensei!
The full size version has been added to BackerKit digital downloads section.

PQube Games says: "Hello PS Vita backers!"

We're so happy to announce that we’ve partnered with PQube Games for the physical PS Vita rewards production of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative, as well as distributing digital copies on NA and EU PSN within the next few months! 

“We're so happy to be involved with Muv-Luv. We're are big fans of visual novels, and this is a series we have long admired - it's great to be in touch with ixtl and helping bring Muv-Luv to more players worldwide.” - Geraint Evans, Head of Marketing at PQube Ltd.

We’re also excited to have a partnership with the Rice Digital store, well-known for its collector editions, which will also be retailing a dedicated complete set of the trilogy. The physical releases will be in limited quantities, so if you missed out on the campaign but want to grab a physical copy, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our next few announcements!

Here are some photos of the games running on PS Vita:

Muv-Luv Extra


Muv-Luv Unlimited


Muv-Luv Alternative


Physical Rewards Update

We're absolutely excited for the physical rewards, because we're almost there!

  • Once PQube have completed the physical PS Vita production within the next few months, the assembly of Collector's Boxes for both PC DVDs and PS Vita will commence right away.
  • The CODEX is also being completed in parallel, and will be printed this March.
  • The Collector's Boxes and CODEX are the only items left needed to be produced, so TOM can start the full packaging of rewards pledges per backer, and finally shipping them afterward.

*The rest of the rewards like the pillowcases, Sumika figma, and apparels (T-Shirt, hoodies and TSF Pilot jackets), Destroyer plushies, and TSFs have been produced for quite some time already.

We sincerely advise backers to keep your shipping address up-to-date using your BackerKit account. If you need to change the shipping country, just contact our customer support at so we can process this for you.

The upcoming months will be full of updates, especially with the relaunch of Muv-Luv games on Steam later this month. Please stay tuned, everyone!


Tanaka@The Muv-Luv Team

Customer Support -

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Adams on

      At the time I couldnt add a physical CODEX to my backers kit and, with the printing scheduled in March, is it possible to purchase a physical Codex to add to my backers kit? I paid for the $150 tier one.

    2. Theodore Ward on

      Nightwolf21k I agree about this project having warning signs just in a way I wished I never backed the project just I am hoping that the final product proves my fears were wrong

    3. NightWolf21k on

      Like Adam F said, its good to hear that backers are on your priority list on top.

      That so many are worried just has to do with how poorly today so many KS projects are done. Sadly many creators just start loosing interest in this platform and shortly after they reached their goal they say goodbye and only update on their sites or in closed chatrooms. And then later release their product for half the price to the public and the backers are just sitting there and wait (i had at least backed two project where the rewards are still going out or where sent out two years after the public release, and i also backed a project where we are still waiting for the physical release after the games where already sold in so many bundles that nearly everyone has to have at least two or three copies of it already - and they were cheaper than when the KS was started) - so its no wonder when people start getting distrustful.

      And lets face it, this project had also already some very big "warning signs" - so if you really can avoid these big elephants in the room, you are doing a great job. So prove to us we can trust you and your not like these other creators.

    4. Adam on

      Thank you for this information. It makes things a lot clearer and seems like you really did consider the backers. This sort of thing has happened too many times on Kickstarter for backers to assume you are putting them first. This update is very much appreciated (by me, at least). One last point-- any chance of the digital copies being released to backers sooner than the physical ones?

    5. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      Typo: "and the $60 KS Vita bundles are a lot cheaper than Digital Rice’s LE. "
      We agree with Playcool92 that KS should let us edit comments for typos... ^^;

    6. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      We sincerely apologize for the lack of clarification. It's not Monday yet, but it won't hurt to post this now so more people can read this during the weekend. Please do hear us out:

      1. We didn’t achieve the minimum amount for physical Vita production, so we approached PQube and asked them if they're interested in helping us fulfill the physical Vita rewards in exchange of letting their friend, Rice Digital, sell the extra limited copies.

      PQube and Rice Digital decided to work together with us, despite knowing the huge risk involved on their end. We’re all currently supporting each other, so PQube can recoup the manufacturing and misc costs, and for ixtl to fulfill the Vita promise for backers.

      Rest assured the above will be done without devaluing the KS Vita version:
      - Backers were able to pledge for the normal Vita bundle for a much cheaper price.
      - Rice Digital will disclose their LE pricing later, but as a reference: the Steam releases were $20 higher than the KS value, because we sincerely believe our backers should be getting the best possible deal.

      2. Our intent here is to also make it an opportunity for people who missed the Kickstarter. We’ve been getting countless emails from non-backers about the chance to back a physical Vita copy. They’re still fans of the series, or newcomers interested to try reading Muv-Luv, and we believe we shouldn’t ignore them.

      3. Rice Digital's Vita Limited Edition is totally different, but the KS Collector's Box still have significantly more exclusive items, unique packaging, so it doesn’t take anything away from how special the backers’ editions are.

      Should we stop Rice Digital from packaging the Vita copies into a special LE? No, because it's a good way for the companies to recoup the manufacturing cost, and we fully support them for it.
      Without PQube and Rice Digital’s help, there would be no progress to the PS Vita and the shipping would also be further delayed. However this doesn’t mean we’re foregoing the significance of backers’ pledges. As we already statedーThe Collector's Box still have more exclusives, and the $60 KS Vita bundles are be a lot cheaper than Digital Rice’s LE.

      4. More detailed shipping process:
      - Once PQube produced the Vita cartridges+Boxes, they'll send the copies to the company handling the Collector's Boxes, artbook, and OST. The aforementioned company will be assembling the Collector's boxes before sending it to TOM.
      - Lastly, TOM will be doing the final packaging and shipping to backers’ doorsteps.

      - Our partnership with Rice Digital store is limited to selling the limited extra copies. They're not going to produce more than the copies we've agreed upon.
      - The Collector's boxes in BackerKit also have the manually signed stickers option. You probably missed the update, but soon after we announced the signing issue, we decided to follow everyone's wishes to continue with the manual signing but in sticker format (along with the alternative being digitally printed shikishi w/signatures of the team.)

      We hope this answers most of the worries about our partnership. Rest assured we always think of the backers in every decision we make. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      Sincere regards,

      Jason@The Muv-Luv Team

    7. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      Hi everyone, we'll have a public statement on Monday, answering most of the concerns especially about exclusivity and the actual advantages backers have.

    8. Lars. A Ruden on

      I'm so done with you for toying with us regard the "exclusivity" of the physical VITA releases. I'm ashamed for giving you guys so much of my money, when it's going to be regular release.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nein on

      To add to that, Rice Digital (PQube) is known for restocking their LE's so they're not actually that limited at all.

      I went in this thinking the Vita LE would be KS exclusive, signed by the creator, so I forked in the $150 hoping to have a very exclusive Vita game (à la Limited Run Games, but with a tripple A title)

      Then it got known that the signing wouldn't happen, which already was a letdown but at least it would still be a limited collector's item.

      But now it will become a regular release which will be guaranteed to end up selling for like a 5th of the Kickstarter price at the Rice Digital store.

      Honestly I'm done with this at this point, sadly the money is already long gone.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nein on

      I really hope this won't be like others where non-Backers get it retail earlier and cheaper then people who backed it.
      Adam F about 5 hours ago

      That's exactly waht it's going to be, at least about the cheaper part. Honestly a big bummer.

      I've bought a full priced LE of Rice Digital once (Gal Gun Double Peace) only to find that a few months later it was sold at a 3rd of the price.

      They do this with every LE I found out so I just only buy them on sale. A few months ago I grabbed the Vita LE's of Akiba's Beat and Fate Extella for ~$25 each.

    11. Aaron Fox on

      alright, so when are the games coming back to Steam?

    12. Adam on

      I really hope this won't be like others where non-Backers get it retail earlier and cheaper then people who backed it. It basically encourages people never to back another KS from that provider again. (i.e. Funimation - Escaflowne) Please be sure to do right by the people who funded this. Glad for Vita news though, thanks.

    13. Theodore Ward on

      this is just great nonbackers will be able to get the collectors edition when i paid for it like cheaper than what i did just great and now i have to wait another three damn months just damn i wished i never backed this damn project because it has become a major SNAFU

    14. Jason Wander on

      (Ugh KS).....will be able to get what we paid alot for cheaper or the same down the line from retailers which is annoying, but also good.
      I kept trying to add the codex to my order as they said that it would be available even after the backerkit ended but they never responded to my messages when I wanted to see how to add it, so I can finally add that.

      Also hoping they don't screw up our collectors boxes as that would be rather annoying.

    15. Jason Wander on

      Glad we are sort of having some progress now. Though I'm seeing peoppe saying that others

    16. Missing avatar

      Tachikomatic on

      Im glad to see some more good news about the progression on everything. But there is one or two things that makes me a bit sad and that is, why spend hundreds of dollars on this kickstarter when you could have bought a CE after it was done for cheap? Since that is what the plans arr according to the update.
      Its kind of a smack in the face for alot of ppl.
      But anyways thats about it.

    17. Bloodi on

      So what I'm hearing is non backers will be able to get the collectors box for a cheaper price point.... I hope this isn't the case. I didn't pay roughly AU$200 for a collectors edition on Kickstarter, then wait for years, just for anyone to be able to buy it, despite not backing,

    18. Bloodi on

      Why complain though? You backed knowing full well that your country charges customs fees.

    19. Playcool92 on

      Also KS comments sucks since you cant even edit what you have written just a few moments ago to fix grammar errors.

    20. Playcool92 on

      At this point I m not even hyped for it, since I paid 575€ at the time, and when this comes, customs will take me at least 120€, for something I paid fully so much years ago, that we still havent received... never again I m backing such large ammounts, if the companiens cant support their supporters and help them avoiding huge custom fees, there is a point any support has to start to think for themselves and stopping getting robbed, because custom fees are a bitch and I predicate due to the nature of this project we will have ALOT of people complaining about it when we are expected to receive our stuff.

    21. Missing avatar


      PS Vita physical versions also just announced on Crunchyroll, for summer release:

    22. Daniel Núñez on

      Well, I like the idea of using TOM. Their boxes are sometimes too big, but their stuff always arrives on time and in good condition.

      I think there was a digital version of the CODEX offered too. While I understand a reasoning to don't distribute it already, you might want to consider doing it.

      Same goes for the digital version of the Vita Port.

      While this have been a long trip and I can't say I'm happy for the delay, the updates give some peace. In my case there were lots of things offered. When this first came out I got a Vita... long time ago...

      So, please just keep the updates coming. And plese, make sure that if there is a retail version, for it to be different than the KS version and please make sure it comes to sale AFTER the shipping.

    23. Dac on

      The 18+ patch is coming after the vita version is finished, right, or after photon melodies?

    24. Paul Downs on

      Yay an update on the physical rewards! :-D I am really looking forward to receiving these, the TSF, book, Sumika figma etc.

      I've never had a problem with Rice Digital, though I do live in the UK and they use a good company here; who do they use when shipping abroad? It may not be Rice Digital but the international courier that's crushing your parcels. Still Rice Digital should fix it.

      Anyway, the impression I get is that TOM are handling everything for backers, but Rice Digital will be selling some CE stuff for the Vita for those that missed the KS.

    25. Missing avatar

      Le Bob on

      If I read this correctly it means that TOM is going to be doing shipping/fulfillment, correct?

      PLEASE DO NOT allow RiceDigital to ship out the Kickstarter Collectors Editions, their shipping is horrible and stuff always arrives mangled, then they refuse to fix it as well.

    26. Brabeus Rapier on

      I'm kinda disappointed with this announce, we have to wait more time and now anyone can get the Collector Edition, so what was the point of Backing this?

    27. Missing avatar

      Sakura on

      Great news for EU backers. Got the Vita CE. I hope the it will be shipped directly from Europe for us (= no customs). ^^

    28. NightWolf21k on

      I am a little bit on the fence with this announcement :-/

      First i am absolut happy to hear that the Vita ports are nearly ready. I havent backed one, but i am glad for the people who had.

      But i have some problems with the following:

      - "finished in the next few months" - This is a sentence i started to hate, because it mostley means nothing - or, even worse, the next update in a few months will say the same (i have backed a few campaigns where this went so - and i think we have heard this already a few times here also).

      - Getting the box by a reteiler - this is again a point i am so burned from other projects, because this mostly means - everyone can get it for a lower price even earlier then the backers, with everything and partly more then from the KS campaign.

      I know many will tell me that this wont happen, and i wont to believe them, but like i said, i am burned from other projects, and this one is not getting better with each update :-/ I really hope i worry for nothing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jack Thay on

      Do we get to chose which region of the game we want ?
      Even though I'm from Europe, I want NA digital and physical copies of the Vita games.

    30. Tentacle Blue on

      I'm not really happy with this announcement for multiple reason :
      1) not agreed that people that have not participate at the kickstarter get the same reward that us. It does not seem that there is a distinction between those who finance the projects and the others ...
      2) Ricedigital suxx to send packagethe content of the collector's editions are put in bulk in boxes and send. There is often damage to books or goodies.
      3) the printing quality of artbook and case are of poor quality (soft cover, fade color, impression errors...)
      4) They often have very limited quantities of goodies, if there is a delivery error or a concern. You will never have a replacement ...

      It's fine to get up with them but pity watch what they do! We did not pay $ 100-200 just to have a broken box with the wrong content and crap print...

    31. Missing avatar

      CAOS Unleashed on

      Hi, I've a question please, are you planning on releasing a R-18 patch for Muv-Luv Alternative any time soon?

    32. Randomacts on

      Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm sure that the PSP guys will appreciate the update as well.