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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

Muv-Luv is now officially released on Steam!

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Muv-Luv is finally out on Steam!

Remember to play Muv-Luv Extra first before Muv-Luv Unlimited!

And please, leave us a Steam Review with your thoughts!!

Also, don't forget about the "Share Some Luv" Giveaway! Just playing Muv-Luv will get you 10 entries!!

Shipping Status Update

We've brainstormed real hard on how to handle shipment in a way that will make everyone happy, and we'd like to run our solution by backers before committing to anything. 

How do you feel about the following?  

  • All physical rewards ship at the same time, including the collector's box.
  • The collector's box will have everything inside of it (figures, Codex, etc.) except for the DVD/cartridge for Alternative. The first game (Extra+Unlimited) will be included.
  • The final part of the collector's box set, Alternative, will be shipped out in a smaller, lighter package as soon as it's ready

We'll also try our best to get Muv-Luv (Extra + Unlimited) PS Vita delivered in the main shipment (first bullet point), so that we can focus on Alternative going forward (third bullet point).

On a side note, we received our dakimakura test prints! The fabric is very nice, and the dimensions are 150 x 50cm for everyone's reference.


If you still haven't received your codes yet, we have setup a guide on how to retrieve your private BackerKit URL - You can also use the private BackerKit URL to update your address.

Last, but not least...

It's a surreal feeling to have eight months of hard work finally in the hands of the people who made this all happen. The overwhelmingly positive response so far and massive outpouring of love from the fanbase truly means the world to us. On behalf of all of the localization team, thank you so very much for supporting us, and bringing this project to life. We absolutely couldn't have done it without you.  

All the very best,  

Evan, and the Muv-Luv Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jamie Gosson on

      Any word on the physical Vita release?

    2. Diego Diaz on

      Vita backer here! I dont mind waiting for full collector box. If the wait is long a bit longer wont do much!

    3. Adam on

      As a Vita backer, I'd like to get whatever I can as soon as possible, personally. It will be a long enough wait as it is.

    4. Jeffrey Palmer on

      I would like things to be shipped at maybe two times so that the package is not too large, I would perfer that anyways. I'm not sure the dimensions of the boxes will be, but I just don't want a giant box showing up at my house or the post office, Please.

    5. Type2000 on

      If you need to split the shipment, I think it's better to split the items as collector box items (Physical game, Figma, OST, Artbook) and non-collector box items (such as CODEX, TSF kits, plushie). That way you can send the non-collector box items first (also non-collector box physical Muv-Luv) which I think should be ready long before physical Alternative is released.

      Sending everything including the collector box items without physical Alternative then sending the physical alternative later on will be weird IMO, not to mention I'm imagining the collector box would be something like the XBOX360 one which also has the figma.

      Or if you really need more space you can exclude Sumika figma from collector box and also ship it with the non-collector box items. I am not sure myself whether I'll like this option but I think it's better than shipping the collector box without the physical Alternative game.

      It might be too early but you might as well open the discussion for the collector box design. I think it could help in resolving the shipping issue.

    6. Kifujin on

      Chipping in to say I don't mind waiting until all items are ready to be shipped out together. My physical edition it primarily for collection/display, so with the digital codes being sent ASAP I can wait to receive that.

    7. Gaim on

      I don't mind waiting until everything is all ready, personally. I'm in the Vita tier as is, so I expected it would be a while. Plus we'd just have to pay shipping twice, right? I'd rather use that to buy someone the game so you guys actually get the money and someone gets the game, you know?

      And as far as the Vita version goes, you guys have already been a lot more open and forthcoming about it than other developers have been, which is more than I could have asked for. So long as you don't keep us hanging in that regard, I think we can be patient. I'm just thrilled to have the game out officially at all right now. Can't wait for Alternative!

    8. warpkun

      I don't care when and how they ship! I shall wait for my beautiful rewards!
      I am more interested in the 18+patch! Hoping hoping!

    9. Rengokuhyouya on

      @The Muv-Luv Team
      I'd rather wait for everything at once, shipping multiple times is a lot more expensive for me, and as long as I get the digital rewards, I'm happy

    10. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      For backers who pledged for collector's boxes exclusively, the solution we mentioned is indeed impractical. We're mostly concerned of backer pledges with codex, jacket, pillowcases, and other high-tier rewards. We will also probably send the shikishis directly for major/fort-class backers.

    11. The Muv-Luv Team Creator on

      We are asking for everyone's opinion on the matter. We'll probably ship everything at once, but give an option for backers to have their rewards delivered asap if they want to ensure the quality of the rewards.
      Take note they will be left hanging for 6-9 months (depending how fast the developers can deploy the PS Vita version). We will try our best to take care of them.

    12. Missing avatar

      trtrtrbzzz on

      @Exia, they are rolling in a *million*. Do I really need to remind you that the licensing and physical goods were part of the package long before that goal was reached? Their inability to account for very obvious expenses and budget accordingly is not backers' problem. If they have a hard time following up on the promises they have willingly made, it is *their* responsibility.

      Maybe they should have scaled back on the rewards. Maybe offering physical release AND Codex AND merch AND a figma was a bad idea. Maybe. But at this point, it does not matter. This is what they promised, this is what backers expect. Just because KS is slowly turning into a glorified scamming aggregator does not mean backers should just be happy to accept whatever good things come out of it. I expect better of ixtl, and I expect better of Degica.

      Why shouldn't I? Seriously, why? It would not have been the end of the world if they gave a more realistic estimate while the KS was running. Delays are normal and expected, so why not account for them from the start? Why disappoint your backers? I won't stop liking the trilogy or other ixtl works, or recommending every single person I know to buy and read them. But does it not leave a sour taste in your mouth?

    13. Missing avatar

      Exia on

      trt, do you really think they are just rolling in millions? the majority of that money was for licensing and the physical goods, and there's A LOT of physical goods for A LOT of backers. This may be a shock to you, but Warehouses cost a lot of money to rent, more so when you have a ton of physical goods pilling up.

      Also are you seriously going to play the "you guys already suck, cause of delays" card? you have got to be joking.

    14. Melody Haren Anderson on

      I'd rather wait, since I can be patient, and want to get everything together. That's fun sounding.

    15. Curdi on

      Well said on everything regarding the shipment arrangements @trtrtrbzzz Agree 100% on every point. I only got the Collector's Box so I can put it on display, it would be a huge let down to have Alternative (the part that solidified Muv Luv as the greatest VN I and many others have read) not be bundled with the rest.

    16. Missing avatar

      hi5dude2 on

      Like many have already said, shipping everything together would be the better option.

    17. Missing avatar

      trtrtrbzzz on

      Not to sound rude, but the project blew past your original funding goal, surely the warehouse costs is something you should have accounted for? I'm well aware that age/ixtl is terrible at management (as evidenced by constant delays and semi-finished products, see pretty much every VN they released), but that does not mean that the Kickstarter backers should be forced to tolerate it. Delays are at least understandable in your case (Muv Luv is a huge project, even reading it takes forever), but backing out of your pledges is not. We were promised a Collector's Box (singular), and that's what we paid for. Some chose this pledge because they wish to put the box on display, and that means leaving it sealed. Some simply wanted it in one package that's easy to store and just looks nice (all 3 VNs are a series, after all!).

      And honestly, what kind of impression would it make, to see Extra and Unlimited bundled in an impressive package that's full of goodies, and MLA just following it like an afterthought? Is it not part of the trilogy? Is it not the VN that received most praise in the series? It would be fine if Extra was shipped first, and the Collector Box later, but the other way around? No way.

      Not to mention the fact that many of your backers do not live in the US, and therefore have to deal with a shipping tax that may be very, very high. How is it fair to make them pay more?

    18. Imani Clark-Marks on

      Speaking frankly and honestly, I'd rather have everything at once, given the size of the codex as well as the game + collector's box and all it's extra rewards. Plus it feels more rewarding to wait and have it ship when Alternative is out, because by the time it's ready, most if not all of us will have finished Extra and Unlimited, but also, I'd rather you guys take all the time you need to get this done to the highest extent it needs to, so I don't mind waiting for everything for another few months, the Luv won't decrease or anything XD

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephen Morgan on

      Congratulations on the Steam launch. I like the proposed shipping plan.

    20. Orphen07 on

      Firstly, thank you for all of the updates and for all of your hard work to keep us fans happy. With that said, I'm incredibly satisfied with the current shipping method as someone who has no issue waiting (thanks to the Steam version of the game), and of course, it saves you money, which saves you trouble.

      On the other hand, I would greatly appreciate if everything were to be sent in one package, in hopes of ensuring that the package or product isn't damaged through shipping, or for people living outside of the US, customs fees. And like catvanoil had suggested, please allow a way to confirm/change your address before it ships.

      Thank you again for everything you're doing, and keep it up!

    21. Curdi on

      Please send everything in one go. CBA to deal with customs more than once.

    22. Missing avatar

      catvanoil on

      I split my time between two addresses for work. In the past with BackerKit projects I've had to manually get my address changed after it locked for the first shipment. When one decided to surprise ship without a "get us your new address" email I got really lucky - it came the week I was leaving that address.

      Anyway I'd actually prefer a split shipment that aside, and if providing a way to let each backer choose also makes it easier to have a different address for each shipment, then that'd make everybody extra happy I'm sure.

    23. Missing avatar

      CQ on

      Uhm, so..any possibility to have a dedicated space for Alternative in the collector's box if it is shipped separately?

    24. Brabeus Rapier on

      I need everything to be sent toghther because of stupid laws in my county (Argentina) i dont mind wating for alternative.

    25. TheSion on

      Ship everything together. Customs here (Italy) are slow as hell and import tax is usually applied, having to wait for two different packages to clear through customs (it takes weeks with normal SAL parcels) and having to pay customs fees twice would be annoying.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ryan Ruvalcaba on

      I would rather get the physical game as soon as possible and wait for alternative. I received the steam key but right now I don't have a computer that can run it (macbook) and I'm dying to be able to start the game for the first time.

    27. Missing avatar

      Konadust on

      As long as the main shipment contains the Vita game that would be fine by me.

    28. Missing avatar

      DarthRavel on

      Honestly, the solution mentioned in the email (shipping everything except Alternative) sounds like a great solution. As a Vita backer, going through Extra/Unlimited on PC has been fun but I can't wait to get my hands on the Vita copy so I can take it on the go, and if shipping everything else out first frees up the team to focus on Alternative, it can only be for the better.

    29. ParaSitius on

      As mentioned by others, I'm happy with whatever works best for you guys.

    30. Kirsch Huynh on

      I'd like everything shipped together but I know that the warehouse costs are the issue.

      I think a mix between this update and the previous update suggestions might work where you send everything except the Collector's Edition out first. I would wait for all the physical games together since digital copies have been provided already.

      You guys mention the box having like everything inside of it. On that topic, I think including only the game cartridges, OST, and artbook would be enough. If the box isn't that huge though, sending it in the second shipment could be worth a try.

      At the end of the day, do whatever works best for you guys. Great work so far, cheers!

    31. Missing avatar

      Victor Yuan on

      I'd personally prefer to get everything at once as to me, it feels so much better to just have access to everything.

      However, it does make sense to ship everything out if Alternative looks like it will take a significant amount of time until completion. If that's the case, then I am happy with getting everything else first. If Alternative will take only a few more months, then I am happy with waiting for everything.

    32. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Household on

      I'm okay with this new plan, personally.

    33. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      like what adrian has mentioned.

      Because in my case, our mailman screws with parcel. I had recently ordered the limited edition of summon night 5 from gajinworks . Finally, there was news that it had arrived in singapore, so i was wondering that it would be delivered to my house as usual.

      After all, that had been the case (i guess i could just chalk up to being incredibly lucky) where for bulky items, they would hand deliver it.

      Guess what happened? They had forced the parcel into the mailbox before shutting it... and yes... the box was crushed, thank goddess the items survived but this has made me a lot more paranoid when it comes to physical items.

      Go for which ever option that u felt is best, i would prefer that the items comes together so even if the boxes are crushed yet again, at least i dont have to worry about seeing them crushed again but i understand that separating them out might be cheaper.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rws vi Britannia on

      To be honest, I'd kinda rather get the collector's edition with alternative. I think the Codex and other goodies (plushie, gift bag) would go well in september. But I would rather get the "Collector's Box" itself with the first game, soundtrack and so on all-together at once -whenever that may be. Sure, if it isn't possible, I guess getting the CE first and then the Alternative CD later works. As a side note, I hope the Alternative CD will be packed well, as I wouldn't want it to be damaged while being sent.

      Also, thanks for being so great and translate this awesome VN. ^^

    35. Chris Adamson on

      Shipping: I'm happy with whatever works best for you guys & gals. Getting the Yuuko's gift bag early sated my need for merch, and now we've got Extra and Unlimited to keep us busy for a few months (really liking the new translation and all the new features, BTW). It's only been 9 months since the KS closed, and we've already got the game… that's pretty great, compared to some VNs I've backed and that haven't shipped anything after several years (for example, next Monday is the 3-year anniversary of the Megatokyo KS ending).

    36. Missing avatar

      Sacae on

      I dont mind getting it either at the same time or later or earlier. Whatever helps relieve your costs whilst making sure the items are delivered safely on our end. I'd like to know if you'd provide 18+ for physicals by patching or as an included option within when shipping out but thats a later concern.
      If I had a preference, I wouldn't mind getting the box early even if I have to wait for alternative.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bill Glassbrook on

      One big, honking, solid box minimizes the risk of delivery damage, so a single shipment is preferred.

    38. Samuraiter on

      Another Vita backer here, and I have no issues waiting for everything. Meanwhile, looks like the first release got 100+ Steam reviews in less than twenty-four hours. Impressive by any standard.

    39. Kai Miang on

      I would prefer waiting (especially since I'm a Vita backer and there's some wait anyway) for the Collector's Box to contain everything since I don't plan on opening it and there's less risk, but if it's easier or cheaper to send them a different way then that's cool.
      Just please be aware that sending Vita Alternative by itself in a padded envelope could result in a lot of damaged Alternatives. About 20% of the CDs I buy have large cracks or have a hinge or both hinges broken off by the time I get it.

    40. Wilson Lim Jiun Voon on

      I have no problems waiting, pick whichever option works best for you guys. I want you guys to be as successful as possible so that we have hope for a schwarzesmarken localization soon =D

    41. Oswaldo Silva on

      I dont hace anyproblem with that. As long as that the besr way for you, I dont hace problema waiting as long as I keep these regulars updates about the status of the production

    42. clairobskur on

      all in one shipment please! and please use a european warehouse for shipment in europe! (for customs)

    43. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Noble on

      I would like to wait and get everything together, that way its easier for me to keep track of everything.

    44. Matt Wehr on

      And by the way: Thank you guys for this awesome Kickstarter experience. Muv-Luv was my second pledge after Shenmue 3 and I appreciate your flow of information and asking for player feedback very, very much. You guys are amazing!

    45. Matt Wehr on

      I would very much appreciate a seperate shipment. I redeemed my Steam code yesterday, but am reluctant to start playing. It's simply because I pledged for the physical Vita version and would love to experience my first run with the PSTV rather than on my PC (to some extend because of trophies).

      I thought about playing through the first games again once the complete trilogy is available on the Vita, but considering how much time Visual Novels take up, I doubt I have the time to get through the novels more than once for a long time.

    46. Cristian Ramos on

      @Muv-Luv Team
      Please, however you gonna ship, use a box for shipping all physicals!
      Two other KickStarters that have already sent the physical rewards, sent the rewards in envelopes. Both received very minor damages in the collector's boxes.
      I, and I know I'm not the only one, do not want to receive a collector item with damage, even if minor. It is a collector item after all, and any damage to the box decrease its value, even if it never will be resold for any reason.
      Even Amazon is doing it, shipping collector items in envelopes instead of boxes. Couple months ago received from Amazon a collector video game with damage to the box.
      Mail carriers seems to not care if packages take damages during transit.

      But you packaging our rewards in boxes will reduce the probabilities of rewards arriving to our houses with damage. Specially the figures.

      If extra shipping costs are needed, I'm willing to pay so my rewards arrive safe.

    47. Missing avatar

      dongaro on

      Whatever is most cost effective for you. I'm good either way.

    48. cabfe on

      From my point of view, I prefer having everything sent in one package. But from yours, I can understand that storage cost is becoming higher each day, so let's help you and follow your plan of a multiple sending.

    49. Missing avatar

      James Thomas Webb on

      I'd be quite happy to receive the game in two shipments. Especially since it would mean I can get playing sooner. I don't have a windows machine so I'm waiting patiently for the Vita copies.

    50. Michael Abraham Dy on

      Having it all at the same time would be ideal but with the topic of warehouse space raused, i am also fine with this approach, assuming alternative fits in the box/ has its own dedicated space, is it also possible to have the R18 content in the box? Thank you very much for having this out :) ML trilogy FTW!