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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
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Anime Expo 2016 summary, and play Muv-Luv!

Posted by The Muv-Luv Team (Creator)

Anime Expo 2016

At Anime Expo 2016, Degica Games had a large booth featuring Muv-Luv! In addition we hosted the creator of the Muv-Luv series, Koki Yoshimune, as our Guest of Honor 

Destroyer-kun has met his creator!!!!!!
Destroyer-kun has met his creator!!!!!!

Each day we held an autograph session and also an open Q/A with Yoshimune-sensei! The booth was constantly packed as a result. Are you curious as to what was at the Q/A?

Lots of people! Lots of Questions!
Lots of people! Lots of Questions!

Yoshimune-sensei showed off some exclusive TSF designs not shown to anyone before and also did a lot of... drawing?

This is how WWII fits into the ML universe apparently!
This is how WWII fits into the ML universe apparently!
At our booth we had a nice selection of Muv-Luv merch, including exclusives that were previously available only at events and items that were very hard to find.
Our setup included Muv-Luv demo stations on tablet and also a VR station using the HTC Vive that we let attendees try the Muv-Luv VR demo on!
CUTYPUMP was our resident Sumika cosplayer and volunteer in charge of ML demos!
CUTYPUMP was our resident Sumika cosplayer and volunteer in charge of ML demos!


Hirei...I mean... Gretel Jeckeln, testing the Muv-Luv VR demo for calibration. KILL ALL THE BETA, GRETEL!
Hirei...I mean... Gretel Jeckeln, testing the Muv-Luv VR demo for calibration. KILL ALL THE BETA, GRETEL!

One of the highlights of this AX was the amazing cosplay meetup that we had on Day 3! We had two other Sumikas (krotonut and madotsuki) and even a F-14 Tomcat (Hyuy) show up to join with our Sumika (CUTYPUMP) and Takemikazuchi (discalibur) cosplayers. Of course, there was a Schwarzesmarken foot soldier (Ikaruga) to join Gretel (Hirei)!

F-14 Tomcat (Hyuy) and Takemikazuchi (discalibur) ready for sortie!
F-14 Tomcat (Hyuy) and Takemikazuchi (discalibur) ready for sortie!


ALL THE SUMIKAS! (krotonut, madotsuki, CUTYPUMP)
ALL THE SUMIKAS! (krotonut, madotsuki, CUTYPUMP)


Gretel (Hirei) has had enough of Yoshimune-sensei's antics. Wish that the Schwarzesmarken footsoldier (Ikaruga) would save poor Destroyer-kun though!
Gretel (Hirei) has had enough of Yoshimune-sensei's antics. Wish that the Schwarzesmarken footsoldier (Ikaruga) would save poor Destroyer-kun though!


Nice group cosplay shot!
Nice group cosplay shot!

We had a lot of Muv-Luv fans come, including Kickstarter backers! We decided to take a group picture to celebrate the occasion. Thank you so much for coming!

Thank you all for coming!
Thank you all for coming!

Also on Day 3, we had a cameo at the Sekai Project panels w/ Sayori-sensei! Check out the pictures below.



Even though not all of the localization team were able to attend AX, we were thrilled at the love all of you have shown us the past year. We hope we can attend AX 2017 as well.


Steam Keys are on the way!

We've just sent out Steam Keys for Muv-Luv to all of our Kickstarter backers! If your order included a digital or physical copy of Muv-Luv then keep an eye out for an email from Backer Kit. This key will activate Muv-Luv right away and will include the bonus wallpaper pack. This means you can start playing Muv-Luv tonight (a full day before the official Steam release). Please be sure to leave us a Steam review and let us know how we did :)

Pre-Orders Still Available

If you have family or friends that missed out on the Muv-Luv Kickstarter then they still have a chance to pick up the Muv-Luv Preorder at a 10% discount (and with a bonus wallpaper pack!). The Steam Store page is here but the preorder is only going to be live for another 23 hours or so!

We've also created the "Share Some Luv" Giveaway to help you spread the word! We'll be updating it with some new ways to enter once Muv-Luv releases tomorrow!

Muv-Luv Unlimited is now accessible from the start!

Degica, ixtl, and age-soft agreed that the second part of the trilogy, Muv-Luv Unlimited, should be available from the very start of the game, instead of forcing players to go through two specific routes of Muv-Luv Extra to unlock Muv-Luv Unlimited the way it was originally designed.  

The parties involved felt it was best to give players the choice to either complete any routes in Muv-Luv Extra and/or dive straight into Muv-Luv Unlimited if they wish to do so, and so it will be available from the very start. We do strongly recommend you spend the time going through Muv-Luv Extra, particularly Sumika and Meiya’s routes for the best possible experience!  

We’re hoping this decision is welcomed by the fans and newcomers to the trilogy alike. We want to make this the best Muv-Luv experience possible :)

We'll be shipping most backer rewards by September.

It appears that we might end up having slight problems with shipping costs—due to storage issues we'll be sending out the majority of Kickstarter rewards early, around September, then another batch for the collector's box and Codex by early next year. We'll manage somehow, and hopefully the game sales do well >_< 

That's all for now. We'll post a Bravo Leader status report about the Steam keys when they’re deployed on BackerKit, and we hope you enjoy the game! As for PS Vita, we will begin the porting process once the PC version’s finalized, probably within the following month. We'll keep you posted!


The Muv-Luv Team
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    1. Connor Krammer on

      @Gaim - On your point about closing the game, you can just hit the window's X button while reading. It has instant-resume, so when you start it again you'll be back at the same scene.

      Works across computers too, due to Steam cloud saving.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shrike on

      I ran into Cutypump at Sakuracon 2015, was one of the few people to recognize Muv Luv. Then I lost my camera, so no pictures. :(

    3. Gaim on

      Having played the game a bit, I've got two comments so far. As others have stated, I think it would be really helpful to have some kind of warning in place before starting Unlimited if Extra hasn't been cleared yet. Additionally, the character animations are... well... I guess I'd like the option to not have the mouths moving and to not have them blinking, if that's at all possible? If it's no longer possible, I understand, but I actually think, at least to me, it somehow gives the game a less polished look?

      Also, unless I'm missing it, there's no way to close out of the game without going to the main menu, which is a bit cumbersome if you're playing in full screen. Then again, I could just be missing it.

      Beyond that, it's awesome to see the game finally here! Can't wait for everything else to move out.

    4. FinalCataclsym on

      Among the same of everyone else's concerns of 18+ and instant Unlimited being unlocked, I also wanted to know if the wallpapers will be available with the physical release as well. I'm committed to playing this only when I get my physical copies.

    5. Shiro

      Great! Now I'm waiting for 18+ patch to start playing.
      @Type2000 I have the same complaints and concerns :/

    6. Samuraiter on

      Hmm. Lots of fans talking about Unlimited being open from the start, but ... hey, today is the day. The campaign has hit the first big opening of the real deal. Downloading now. And I have no intention of skipping Extra. :-) Congratulations on the release, and thank you (again).

    7. Type2000 on

      After playing for few hours I can feel so much improvement compared to the old version. My complaint is that the options is not as conplete as the old one like text size for example. But my biggest concern is that Unlimited accessible from the start (not to mention without any warning) is a really bad thing..

    8. Missing avatar

      hi5dude2 on

      I still want you to change it back to unlimited being locked at the start, but my damn... its beautiful you guys! Great job updating the visuals! Another thing that is sorely missed though is text speed. I super enjoyed being able to manually set the text speed, and thus have it go at the same speed as the voice actors were speaking. Please also consider adding that. It looks soooo gooood!!! :D

    9. Randomacts on


      'unique' is a strong word.. that is a common thing in VNs.

      I do agree that it should have stayed like the Japanese version and require you to play the 2 routes before playing unlimited. :(

    10. Missing avatar

      hi5dude2 on

      NO! We have less than 24 hours till release, and you drop that Unlimited will be available from the start? NO. Please reconsider that decision! The locked Unlimited was so very extremely important to the story! It was one of the things that made the game and trilogy so unique, and made us love it! If people want to skip, they can just hold down Ctrl for 5 minutes, its not a big deal. The title change on unlocking Unlimited was also a huge deal to the narrative. Why would you leave this until the last minute to change or at least let us know so we did not have time to give feedback at least? I have been a loyal backer and hugely supportive of everything so far... but this is not right. Please at least reconsider changing it back. Also considering that the state of your save game in Extra impacts your Unlimited playthrough...

    11. Tetho on

      I, too, think some kind of warning should be implemented to warn readers who try to launch Unlimited without having finished at least Sumika and Meiya's roads in Extra.
      Unlimited's reputation will precede it and quite a few people will be tempted to think "let's skip the school harem crap and dive directly into the robot stuff!", missing a whole part of the experience.
      But that's also great for who've already read the whole trilogy and don't want to reread extra at least two more times.

      Anyway, I can't wait to dive into Muv-Luv again.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ryan Ohlson on

      I'm so hype to start this, I might break my usual one VN at a time rule and start it while I work on finishing Grisaia. Also, when is the patch going to be released?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ein on

      huh, that's a really strange decision. How are people supposed to get invested in Sumika if they skipped extra? I'm with the others. At least play Sumika's route. Extra feels like a generic dating sim (because it kinda is) but it is very important to understand where Sumika and Takeru came from. Without this, it'd be impossible to really get invested in a major plot of Unlimited/Alternative.

      On a different note, I just launched the game to test and make sure everything works and to check out the settings and read a few pages from the prologue so I can't say much yet, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far! The engine used is great (much better than other VNs *cough* Clannad), experiencing Extra in widescreen is awesome, and it was nice being able to resize the window to as big as I want but keeping the aspect ratio (I rarely play VNs in full screen). Just from reading the few lines at the start of the prologue, I'm already getting the feels. Seriously people, read Extra at least once, and if only once, go through Sumika's route (not because I'm favoring her or anything, but because she has a unique role in the latter VNs).

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Conteras on

      Wait, huh? Was the expected date for collectors box moved back or is it just wrong on the campaign page?

    15. Missing avatar

      Rigo Medina on

      I really dislike allowing unlimited from the very beginning. Many people from discussion I've seen would rather skip right into the mech stuff and if they could have they would never get attached to the characters, which is a huge part of the muv-luv experience.

      Not to mention unless there are changes, unlimited assumes you already know all of the characters. I don't think just a disclaimer that you should read extra first is sufficient either. I've been behind all of the things done with this kickstarter thus far, but I think this was something that should have been left alone.

    16. Randomacts on

      @Joel Fox

      They are in the same exe and you can if you are a crazy person play unlimited without playing extra and it won't give you a warning.

      No awesome transition from extra --> unlimited in the UI as far as I am aware as well sadly

      I will say it as many times as it takes... please play extra first if this is your first time playing muv luv.. Please.. it will make the whole series more enjoyable for you.

    17. Joel Fox on

      Downloading now.

      Are Extra and Unlimited in the same executable? I thought they were separate things?

    18. Randomacts on

      @Michael Chen

      Yeah.. I .. kind of am starting to not like that they have it unlocked from the start.

      Lets be real, it takes like 4min to skip through all the text to make a save file that has unlimited unlocked.. and people likely would have just uploaded saves files...

      Sigh w/e

    19. Missing avatar

      Marc-André D. on

      Don't forget to vote for the Muv-Luv games on GOG's Community Wishlist.

    20. Michael Chen on

      i'll miss how the title screen changes from extra to unlimited after 2 routes. Now i need to come up with a reason to make sure my friends dont just skip extra.

    21. Randomacts on

      @Eric Chow

      The game currently does not give any warnings.

      I do agree that it should be added though

    22. FaceEater MK II on

      Thanks @Tristen for the info.

    23. Discaliber on

      I hope there's a huge disclaimer and like a dozen prompts if someone clicks on Unlimited. I think at the bare minimum, there should be atleast one playthrough of Extra.

    24. Chris Adamson on

      Tristen: Never mind, had to log out and back in to get it.

    25. Chris Adamson on

      Tristen: where in BackerKit? I'm logged in but don't see it. TIA.

    26. Missing avatar

      my_name_is_bob on

      [Praying for his key to be delivered quickly]
      Oh boy, this is gonna be a good day.

    27. YumeriaYumi

      Any info on the 18+ patch?

    28. Tristen Roccaforte on

      PSA: You don't have to wait for Backerkit to send you an email. If you log into your Backerkit, the game key is already there!

    29. Michael Macrae on

      Will the steam release be censored?