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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Natchapol Lee-Issaranukul 1 day ago

      Any updates on vita physical?

    2. Margaret Chan 2 days ago

      This is unbelievable. I'm still unable to get into contact with the admins after having sent messages on the forums and through kickstarter using the private message feature.

    3. Missing avatar

      Don Nguyen 3 days ago

      can we expect the game to come out before summer ends?

    4. Wouter Storme 4 days ago

      so...any updates, it's been a bit too long

    5. Missing avatar

      Valerio on June 17

      I want to play this game on my vita :(

    6. Margaret Chan on June 12

      I tried sending a message directly to the team through kickstarter. Is there any other way??

    7. Jonathan Houchin
      on June 12

      Any updates on the physical side of things?

    8. Margaret Chan on June 9

      I had to change my KS email from yahoo to gmail because of security reasons. I need help so that I can retrieve my backerkit survey. Any suggestions?

    9. Sergio garcia on May 19

      Disappointed a about the vita progress

    10. Juan Tutri on May 18

      Any US backers get their physical extras (gift bag, figure, beta plushie, etc.) yet?

    11. Missing avatar

      bahamut zero on May 17

      Please don't be dead...

    12. Adam F on May 17

      Going on 3 months. Come on, guys! 1 month since the "big update soon!" on FB.

    13. Irxson
      on May 16

      Me too, can't wait.

    14. Mike Geib on May 15

      Also would love an update! Can't wait for more news!

    15. Michael Abraham Dy on May 12

      Whens the update arriving?, feel like an idiot checking every 4 hours.

    16. Sergio garcia on May 11

      Well is not like the game are not being translated but yes it is kind of weird that they are not checking their kickstart in order to let everyone know whats going on

    17. Missing avatar

      CQ on May 10

      Let's give a month before going around like headless chickens. The "big update coming" was said in april, 19, so better to wait until May 21 or 22 (you know they sometimes get it a bit late on top of the late xD).

    18. Missing avatar

      Karen Thomas on May 8

      Still no update? I pledged 155$ and am starting to get worried.

    19. Michael Abraham Dy on May 8

      Any one know when the update is expected to arrive?

    20. Missing avatar

      Don Nguyen on May 5

      Still waiting on that big news.

    21. Tristen Roccaforte on May 5

      Considering how much I put into this, I'm getting a bit concerned about all the radio silence. What's going on over there and why haven't we heard anything for around 3 months now

    22. Missing avatar

      Vulnus on May 5

      Any updates?

    23. Ken Carlson on May 5

      Any news? Apr. 19th said a huge update was coming soon, it's May 5th, last update's from Feb. Hopefully this'll be something big!

    24. Irxson
      on April 27

      Can't wait for news!

    25. Missing avatar

      michael myburgh on April 24

      The official Twitter says there will be a big update shortly (posted on april 19th) so news is coming.

    26. Jason Wander on April 23

      Hoping for an update soon. Still waiting on the 3rd game plus all my physical goods.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jens Sommer on April 21

      When will be vita version shipped??????

    28. Theodore Ward on April 20

      Bag i know i am a idiot because i asked that the grab bag ships with the games and other stuff

    29. Missing avatar

      on April 20

      Of course, it's been a while so there's a possibility that I asked for all my rewards to ship at once, back in the day. If I did, then I'm an idiot. Might explain why some people haven't had their rewards shipped.

      Creators, if I'm an idiot, please confirm it.

    30. Missing avatar

      kevenkun on April 19

      just like this, they posted on facebook that a big update is coming soon. can't wait

    31. Missing avatar

      Konadust on April 19

      Yeah any new news on the Vita versions or codex?

    32. Adam F on April 18

      Any updates? Coming up on another 2 months!

    33. Theodore Ward on April 16

      is there any update on when the digital version of the first two games for the vita because i backed the phyiscal version for the vita

    34. Daniel McAndrew( kingrisen) on April 16

      In a nut shell: if you haven't gotten your gift bag by now, It will arrive when they ship out the main bulk of the rewards.

    35. MacRorie on April 15

      Any updates on the Physical Vita version? Still waiting for it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nein on April 14

      I've long gotten my gift bag and I live in the Netherlands.

    37. Conor Rono Patrick on April 13

      My american friends have recieved all of theirs. Peculiar. I'm also a UK backer, but yeah.
      Just looking for some answers really. At this point, I'd take anything.

    38. Randomacts on April 11

      @Bagofrats I haven't gotten anything yet. but I don't think that we are supposed to

    39. Missing avatar

      on April 11

      Ditto on the gift bag. I've not received anything yet (UK backer).

    40. Conor Rono Patrick on March 27

      An update would be nice but, aside from that, I still haven't got my early gift bag and most people got them like
      six months ago

      Any idea what steps I should take guys? Tah.

    41. Jonathan Houchin
      on March 20

      Would really like an update on the Physical side of this

    42. Theodore Ward on March 11

      you're welcome. sorry about not explaining it well i kinda have problems explaining stuff to people

    43. Missing avatar

      Brandon Wood on March 9

      Thank you Theodore Ward.

    44. Theodore Ward on March 8

      it would of had a heading right under shipping info if you had any digital items

    45. Missing avatar

      Brandon Wood on March 8

      I've gone onto backer kit. Then all projects, then selected Muv-Luv. I don't see anything remotely relating a download section. This all under my profile. On the Muv-Luv page there are headings for shipping info, balance, add on items and payment. Unless I've miss interpreted your message I can't see a download section. sorry.

    46. Theodore Ward on March 7

      brandon wood check your backerkit account and check the download section in the muv-luv section and the steam code could be there

    47. Missing avatar

      Brandon Wood on March 7

      Hi I ordered the physical Vita version of Muv-Luv 1&2. I got an email a while back telling me that I would get a Steam key in my next email, which I never received. Was this a generic email that was sent out to all backers? If I am entitled to a Steam Key could you please send the download to me via my other email Thank you Muv-Luv team.

    48. Sergio garcia on March 1


      For the people that asked for the vita physical version, will we get FIRST the dlc codes for the game? I know that the digital version is hopefully releasing in a few months according to the latest update but the complete physical version realistically speaking might release at the end of the year

    49. Missing avatar

      anthony on February 28

      Last year they asked if people wanted the box now or did they want to wait till everything was done and they would ship it all at once. General consensus was to ship everything at once

    50. Dac on February 27


      Apparently those will be sent out with the completion of Alternative, which should be in a couple months.

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