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We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
We want to bring the most highly acclaimed Visual Novel series to the west. Help bring this epic saga to life!
7,890 backers pledged $1,255,444 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Adam F about 9 hours ago

      @Kurusu Agreed, would be nice to get an update on everything, no updates since September. Physical items and Vita information, please! We are already over a year past the original date at this point.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kurusu Kimihito 1 day ago

      Any word on the Vita version? It's been so damn long already.

      Also you guys said you would have photos of some of the physical rewards by the 4th week of October. That was about 3 weeks ago.

    3. Randomacts 5 days ago

      Honestly the only reason this slowness annoys me for the release ect is that it will make it slightly more complicated if they finally get around to shipping around the time that I end up moving to my next apartment.. But oh well I'll figure it out.

    4. Theodore Ward 6 days ago

      When will the digital version of the games for the vita come out

    5. Michael Tirado on November 8

      nevermind. I found it on backerkit. can't wait to play muv luv alternative :) been busy the past couple of months :(

    6. Michael Tirado on November 8

      I think I lost the email for my copy of Muv Luv alternative. Could you resend the information of the steam key for my copy?

    7. Jonathan Houchin
      on November 6

      any updates on physical rewards? feeling pretty out of the loop here...

    8. Missing avatar

      on November 4

      Will Steam's sudden apparent change in policy regarding links to 'uncensored' patches affect the Steam versions for Muv Luv much, or as most discussions seem to think just make it more inconvenient to find the patches? - see link below for a news article:

    9. Silentwatcher on November 2

      Weren't we suppose to get some pics of the Codex? I have no issues if it gets delayed, but I would like to be kept in the loop.

    10. Robert Brown on November 1

      November is here. Wasn’t the PlayStation vita version supposed to come out this month or has it been delayed?

    11. Missing avatar

      Konadust on October 19

      Almost time to see some rewards :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Household on September 24

      No problem. Backerkit's kind of weird and unintuitive if you haven't encountered it before.

    13. David Walmsley on September 24

      ... just posted a fairly msg reply... but i got denied cose of some symbols lol...
      anyways... basically long msg short... cheers for the help... managed to get them now seems its also got the directors cut patches aswell which im assuming are for muv-luv 1 and extra but ill work that which sooner or later.

      sadly cant play them yet as im away from home on a family trip but managed to get them reg'ed to my account now.

      thanks again for the help

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Household on September 24

      @David Walmsley: Put this address in: Then put in the e-mail you used to sign up for Kickstarter. Backerkit will then send you a link to the actual backerkit account with the codes for Extra/Unlimited, Alternative and the Director's cut patch for Extra/Unlimited.

    15. David Walmsley on September 24

      tried to make an account on it but it wouldn't let me set up an account unless i filled the "Project URL * " slot in... considering im not starting a project i ignored that,,, but when i try to click the sign up its blanked out by the mouse pointer turning into a red circle with a line though it...

    16. David Walmsley on September 24

      @Theodore Ward
      i dont have an account with
      i pledged here on KS

    17. Missing avatar

      William Lambert on September 23

      Is there any news on a potential release for Muv-Luv Altered Fable? I'd love to know how things continue after Alternative's epilogue.

    18. Theodore Ward on September 22

      David log into backer kit and log in there by using the email address that you used to back the muv-luv project

    19. David Walmsley on September 22

      Ok, so i logged into steam just now and got the pop-up telling me that "Muv-Luv Alternative Now Available".

      to which i thought "sweeet"
      checked the steam page for the game and ofcourse it wasn't added to my library
      (so ofcourse i logged into KS to check my inbox for a steam code for it or some news at the very least,,,,)

      to which i had no mail in the inbox,,, so i guessed ah it'll most likely have been sent to my email.
      so i checked my email... also no email with a code in it...

      so finally i came back to here to check the updates and comments tab,,, that too has no information regarding it...

      sooooooooooo my question is considering i backed muv-luv and pleged for the digital downloading trilogy teir


      【Muv-Luv Trilogy Digital Bundle】

      Experience the full glory of the Muv-Luv series, the way it's meant to be played!
      ・Receive a complete digital copy of the trilogy on Steam and/or directly from our website!

      last time i checked trilogy ofcourse meant "three"... ive got the first 2 games, which are great,,, but not the 3rd... so im sitting here wondering what gives :S

      any word/idea when KS backers who backed the trilogy pack will get it ?

    20. Andrew C on September 19

      2 questions for the community as a backer who doesn't keep up to date on things all the time.

      1. Will there be a directors cut patch for Alternative like there was for Muv-Luv? If so, I'll wait to play it until its released.

      2. What was the latest on physical rewards?


    21. Theodore Ward on September 17

      I agree with that also when are we going to see pictures of the codex and the boxes for the collectors edition

    22. Missing avatar

      Konadust on September 17

      A monthly update would be nice.

    23. Irxson
      on September 15

      Whats the status on the physical codex?

    24. Austin "Omenoir" on September 8

      Loving Alternative! Can't wait for the physical items to arrive. Great job.

    25. Michael Abraham Dy on September 4

      Excellent VN on kickstarter with a live demo, (Love in Space made the Sunrider series). Worthwhile to check for MuvLuv fans, Sunrider for Alternative fans

    26. Missing avatar

      Mr.pom2p1 on September 2

      I've also fishined Muv-luv yesterday. It was amazing, the game is just exceptionnal, surpassing even Steins gate.
      I hope the goods will be avaible soon, and totally agree that schwarzesmarken and Total eclipse must be traslated.
      Thank you for giving us this wonderful saga!

    27. Sol on August 26

      I just finished Muv Luv Alternative. Man I was surprised when they redubbed the english soldiers I was like WTF where is the Engrish? But I love the redub, it makes the scene less comedic and more serious(awesome). Anyways I hope we get Total eclipse, I know for sure Schwarzesmarken is going to be localized, but I want total eclipse (despite it being rated bad for some reason). I can't just be left hanging after watching the anime when it aired. I need my ending for my sanity!

    28. Isabel Pita
      on August 25

      I've been looking forward to this!

      Also; just in case there's anyone interested: There's another VN localization on at the moment for a game called 'Sakura Sakura' Maybe check it out if you like; as they haven't had much press coverage:…

    29. Missing avatar

      dongaro on August 25

      Its the largest amount I've put in ever. No regrets though. Really want to read the book, and photo melodies/flowers. So much time, but really looking forward to it.

    30. Lidya Latin on August 24

      heh this is my biggest back in kickstarter a 465$~! and i am still wating for phsical rewards! ill be really happy if you started to shippe whats ready. and shippe later the avreyting alse!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ruben Gonzales on August 23

      Has the physical copies been released yet?

    32. Missing avatar

      Austin Rogers on August 23

      Happy for Alternative!

    33. Theodore Ward on August 19

      I hope the alternative translation gets done so they can stark working on the vita versions of the game and also get the android versions done also because I am hoping I can get the tier I backed before Christmas so I can give it to myself because this game was suppose to be the last Christmas present from my mom

    34. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Household on August 18

      Uh, Anger, have you been following the updates? They're not actually done translating Alternative. Yeah, it's not great that it's taken so long, but it isn't like they released the first game and then stayed completely silent since.

      Basically, you have not received the collectors box because they are not ready yet, because the translation of Alternative is not complete. They have not tried to hide this fact, they've actually been pretty clear about it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Anger on August 16

      It has been almost a year. I have yet to receive my pc physical edition collector's box. This is completely outrageous. I have sent messages to the team and have received none.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tachikomatic on August 7

      But the last update was good info and looks like things will happend in sept-okt :D

    37. Missing avatar

      Tachikomatic on August 7

      Hope we hear some good news soon. It has been a while since we last heard something about the status. But I bet they are busy with con's and translation stuff.

    38. Kenneth Kooi on July 30

      Not that I want to revive the meme or anything... but yeah... "Oruta mada~?" pretty much sums up the situation.

      Information about the status of Alternative (and the Kickstarter) would be nice.

    39. Sergio garcia on July 30

      Vita version......... Feels horrible that we don't even have access to the first game

    40. Randomacts on July 18

      Any update on when alternative will be finished and shipping?

    41. Missing avatar

      on July 11

      Interesting article on Anime News Network regarding the Muv-Luv game maker Ixtl being taken over by Avex Pictures (our KS also gets a mention):

      Also, read the forum posts accompanying the article for an interesting hint regarding Muv-Luv's future, and the new owner's apparent stance on licensing material outside Japan.

    42. Missing avatar

      Don Nguyen on June 25

      Are we going to get our monthly update soon?

    43. Missing avatar

      Natchapol Lee-Issaranukul on June 24

      Any updates on vita physical?

    44. Margaret Chan on June 23

      This is unbelievable. I'm still unable to get into contact with the admins after having sent messages on the forums and through kickstarter using the private message feature.

    45. Missing avatar

      Don Nguyen on June 22

      can we expect the game to come out before summer ends?

    46. Wouter Storme on June 21

      so...any updates, it's been a bit too long

    47. Missing avatar

      Valerio on June 17

      I want to play this game on my vita :(

    48. Margaret Chan on June 12

      I tried sending a message directly to the team through kickstarter. Is there any other way??

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