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The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
4,632 backers pledged $198,741 to help bring this project to life.

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Alliance Soundtrack Released

From our composers to your ears
From our composers to your ears

 The Alliance Open Session ended, but for 723 of our backers that doesn't mean the sounds of Alliance have ended. 

If you were part of a backer tear that included the Alliance soundtrack, check your email!

Just redeem the key sent to you and you should have the music in your game files.

If you need any help or are missing a key, let us know at

December Open Period


 Happy Holidays everyone!

We’ve been working hard at Muse HQ to get prepared for our next test phase with a bunch of new content and some major balance changes to make a much smoother Alliance experience. Two massive heavy weapons are coming to the skies including the very requested Heavy mine launcher! We also have a screenshot contest we’re really excited to invite everyone to.

This session will be shorter than last starting on December 27th and ending January 2nd, so make sure you get in early and leave your mark on the history of Icarus.

New content/features:

Alliance Beta (For Open Test Period)

  • The Heavy Remote Mine Launcher sends a storm of high powered explosives into the sky, daring any to get near them.
  •  The Heavy Cavitation Gun fires a singularity, piercing ships and pulling them closer to their destruction.
  • Added alliance specific loadouts  
  • Added leader icon for chat  
  • A notification appears for officers and leader when player applies for their clan


  •  Pietro’s veil (male & female) — As a token of appreciation for those who have supported us early. Every pre-order of Alliance will come with this mask
  • Up/down arrow in chat rotates over your sent messages
  • Dead ships are marked on scoreboard
  • On respawn map, the spot is marked where your ship was destroyed



  • Modified visibility rules to prevent visible from ships popping out of existence in dust clouds
  • Social icons’ optimizations
  • Team tab moved to last in sequence at match end screen
  • Changed mines’ description to less confusing
  • AI that are set to 'shoot only' repair the guns they are on

Alliance Beta (For Open Period)

  • Increased the margin for the in match objective text.
  • Visual solution for not shooting at barge and friendly outpost
  • Assault Enemy Goal Per Player Count
  • Match-end UI: war chest full warning display
  • Fade in and out AI airship spotted lens flares
  • All faction resource goals are now visible on the world map resources panel



  • Mighty Pirate using wrong lines while on helm
  • Player popup buttons sometimes don't work
  • AI switching guns between each other
  • Map edge gust at low altitudes on Dunes
  • Old thumbs up notification is back
  • No sound feedback when clicking on ship's name to check loadout in lobby
  • 5:4 Scaling too high on menu ui, social panel overlap
  • Blocking players will obscure their name text with the background
  • Player profile popup issue with scoreboard
  • Match chat cut off and overlap on 4:3
  • Vet Matches option on matchmaking menu missing text
  • City Hunter 4v4 initial spawn issue
  • Clan missing levels
  • Blue team's 1st captain title is sometimes wrapped and truncated
  • Start screen callout text overlaps images
  • Long descriptions for costumes get cut off
  • Removing clan members from clan list does not immediately show them as removed
  • Improved CPU utilization, particularly for large matches. Should result in better framerates for many systems.

Alliance Beta (For Open Period)

  • Defense was not counting the boss in its "Kill all enemies" end goal
  • AI boss and bases not firing guns
  • Chaladon and Fjord baronies description on faction select screen gets cut off
  • Footer menu items misaligned
  • No boss spawn on survival boss wave  
  • Hitches/slowdowns when bosses and large groups of airships spawn
  • Erratic rotation for map icons
  • Reinforcement buttons popping up on world map refresh
  • Pressing ESC while looking at a specific territory brings you back to main screen instead of the full map
  • Faction Icon Display in faction selection not displaying properly
  • Hear Charging sounds for longer distances
  • Typo in "Mechanized Rebuild” skill name
  • Laser effect is shortening when it hits your own ship
  • Faction leaderboard ordering was reversed
  • Laser sound effect doesn't clean up

Alliance Screenshot Contest

We want the community involved in showing off the game in the best way possible. The images you send in will be used to market the game and make up map screenshots (that you see when selecting a map.)


  • All images must be from no-UI spectate. 
  • Images must express the feel and scope of the map, ships, or game mode.
  • Contributors can submit as many or few maps (game modes) as they wish. 
  • Contributors can submit up to three screenshots per map. 
  • Screenshots should be 1920 resolution in png file format. 
  • Highest settings possible 
  • Screenshots must be sent to with the map name as the file name. paritian_rumble1.png for example. 
  • Include ingame name. 
  • Ends January 3rd 
  • Images will be used to promote the game and may show up in marketing materials.


  • Maps. Showcases the features of the map itself. Ships and battles may be included, but should not be the main feature of the screenshot. At least 3/4 of the screenshot should be background. Avoid prominent decals and players 
  • Ships. 
  • Pristine: Showcase the ships in the best way possible. Try to keep the shot clear of chem, armor, and buff, and other effects. 
  • In Action: Show the ships giving or taking hell. 
  • AI 
  •  a. Capital (boss) ships: Show these beasts as they truly are. Try to express the scale of these ships. 
  •  b. Front line: Give the other ships some love as well. Or hate. Whatever you prefer. Just make it a good shot. 
  •  Players: Show your fellow players at their finest, in their finest.


  • Names in credits as contributing 'photographers'.  
  • A Muse made item from the store.  
  • Title: Shutterbug

Steam has just opened a new contest and we NEED VOTES!

Vote for us today!
Vote for us today!

If you go to the Guns of Icarus store page today, you'll see something new! A steam vote has been added and we need the help of all our supporters for the "I thought this game was cool before it won an award" award.

We need your vote! We've only gotten here today with the support of our community and we're going to keep pushing for more and more. This award would be an amazing way for more eyes, a larger community, and a chance to bring airship violence and faction warfare to more people!

Guns of Icarus 1.4.6 Alliance Release Notes


 Hello Everyone, 

We are officially in Alpha now! This means a huge batch of content and first iterations of major systems for you to test out and give feedback on. Below you’ll see notes on everything from a new map to the first take on Alliance World Progression! 

For Alpha, we have increased the viability of single ship and single pilot games, and we will expand regular group testing sessions beyond every Saturday at 12 pm EST. Stay tuned in the coming days for announcement of more days and times. 

If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at If you haven’t pre-ordered Alliance yet, you can now do it through Steam! Thank you so much for your support! Once you pre-order, just send us an email at We'll give you a code to join us in the prototype, and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback! 

New Contents

  • New (Assault) map: Seas of Alleron
  • It is known that the world has changed its face many times over. Now, Alleron wears an arid mask of sand and scorching heat. However, there is evidence that briny waters once bathed the obelisks that lay partially buried in the dust. Of course, this also means the seas left many valuables resources behind. Sifting sand and drilling through rock is a time intensive process, but a worthwhile enough endeavor that many parties fight over the production facilities that lie in the old seas.

Alliance World Progression Update

  • Claim territory for one of four factions - Anglean Republic, Order of Chaladon, Fjord Baronies, and Mercantile Guild
Alliance Character Progression
  • Improve your class equipment over the course of many battles. For the time being, your account will have the planned maximum number of Upgrade Points for your class skills. In the future, Upgrade Points will be unlocked via a series of achievements for each class as you complete matches in Alliance. Please go ahead and try to upgrade your skills. You will not be able to maximize all of them so choose carefully. Furthermore, the ability to reset your upgrades is not complete but is planned for the future. So… be even more careful. We are looking for feedback on UI/UX flow and the comments on the upgrade paths for items.
New Alliance Main Menu Background
  • Updates based on your current faction.
New Faction Costumes
  • Along with new faction selection screen showing off the costumes you can unlock.
  • For the time being, your account will have the basic level costumes from each of the four available factions. In the future, all faction costumes will be unlocked via Faction Progression (playing matches for a selected faction). In the Faction Selection screen, you will see the Elite version of the faction costumes as a what’s to come preview. Enjoy your new threads!
    Boss Ships Die Harder
  • More dramatic deaths for all bosses.
Boss Weak Points
  • Bosses now have weak points that need to be destroyed in sequence, each with separate armor. They are now tougher on individual ships, but still fear teamwork.
  • Enemy bases defend themselves at long and short ranges - Beware of mines if you get too close!
  • Alternate time-of-day skies and lighting for Voyager’s Cove and Oblivion Approach
  • Better balance for “single player” (one ship, pilot only) mode
  • Loading screen images for new co-op maps
  • New map images for small Voyager's Cove
  • Move quest hotkey Q to another key to prevent people from hitting it by accident
  • Replaced some old armor breaks, updated explosion on escape vessels
  • Compass should show A, B, C for objectives instead of Shields
  • Barges no longer highlighted as enemies
  • Make our base on mini map look a bit different than objectives
  • In-match upgrades (from killing secondary objectives and bosses) indicated on UI
  • Hit feedback: now uses Skirmish-style hitmarkers and spotting colors
  • Fixed audio priority issues that could cause sound effects to go missing
  • Various targeting oddities with lightning and missile circus guns
  • Emplacements missing damaged LOD
  • Ship could jam through destructible walls without shooting it down or breaking it
  • Reappearing particles
  • Fixed some cases of cargo barges causing players to get stuck in narrow spots (ongoing effort)
  • Defense: Planes no longer skip the outer defenses to target the main base immediately
  • Collisions (played getting stuck) on new ship
  • Final Explosion on boss is being offset when rotated
  • Figure head spawning at middle of Alliance ship
  • Fixed some (excessively long) lulls in the action produced by the AI director

Guns of Icarus 1.4.5B Alliance Release Notes

Hi everyone!

In this new update, we’re excited to unveil another big batch of new and major things for your testing enjoyment! In addition to a new map in the retrieve mode family, we’ve also added a new faction ship and 2 more faction weapons. Another major system added is dynamic weather and time of day effects that vary across different map climates. Bases are now more threatening, with defenses and a more dynamic weak point design.

We're now hosting regular group test sessions every Saturday at 12pm EST, and we'll be collecting feedback afterwards. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at

 NEW FACTION SHIP: Chaladonian Shrike The Order of Chaladon have been known as peaceful and reclusive, but the pull of war and the planet’s dilapidated state are starting to change traditional Chaladonian values. Being the mad scientists, the Shrike uses heavily modified balloon gas technology in order to support the ship’s heavy armaments on such a small frame. If you look closely, you may see some of this gas leaking from various pipes on the ship—a common issue with this new substance. The Shrike’s movement is and durability comparable to that of the Squid’s but with additional firepower.

 NEW MAP: Oblivion Approach Similar areas like this one lay scattered across the world, but no route is more deadly than Oblivion Approach. Its deep ravine cuts a narrow passage that’s too risky for most traders to fly in. The low traffic and multitude of nooks makes it an ideal place for marauders to hide or even be used as an escape route. There have been tales of robbers successfully making their getaway through the approach, using the jagged terrain to lose their pursuants. Must feel terrible to get robbed and crash your ship in a single day. Hope that doesn’t happen to you anytime soon.

 NEW BARONITE WEAPON: Heyoka Guided Missiles The Fjord Baronies have always had a distinct flair to every aspect of their culture from their attitude, dress, and even weaponry. Taking a cue from this tradition, the Heyoka Guided Missiles not only provide a spectacle to behold but also excellent support capabilities. The missiles’ movement are known to trick enemies into thinking that shots have been missed, but with a guided aim the missiles will travel to its intended target despite taking a few detours along the way. Use its unique aiming mechanic to dodge obstacles and hit enemy mechanical components to disable them. If the enemy’s armor is down, the Heyoka Guided Missiles also do substantial damage to hulls.

 NEW CHALADONIAN WEAPON: Charybdis Gas Mortar Even though Chaladonian researchers tend to not exclusively focus their work on war applications, many of their experiments have unintended side effects. When trying to find new ways to disperse aerosols, and new environmentally safe pesticides, something went awry. The dispersal method worked fine, but the pesticide didn’t work as intended. Instead of killing deadly insects, it was better at corroding metals and gunking up intricate mechanical parts. When the specially designed shells make impact, chemicals are released in the form of a deadly green cloud that will slow down any ship that gets caught. The cloud will slowly eat away at metal armors, engines, and weapons. There’s even a handy early detonation function on the shells too.

 New Features
Improved visuals and behavior for dynamic storms. Sky and lighting changes give a clue to coming weather, and storm behavior varies across different map climates - dust storms on desert maps, thunderstorms on wet ones, snowstorms on cold ones.

Time-of-day lighting variants for some Alliance maps (Parous Glen and Devil’s Eye)

Escape Pods now escape! Catch them for bonuses before they disappear. Enemy outposts and bases now have weak points arranged around their structures. Keep an eye out on which is active to deal damage to them. Watch out for mines!

Tip for how to pick up and drop off Barge

Travel sound effects (wind noise) for bullets/projectiles/airplanes/destroyed airplane parts

Oblivion Approach now features breakable walls. Choose your shortcuts wisely!

Balance changes:  

Apollo Lens Array: Reduced range to 1500m (from a lot) and added damage falloff starting at 750m range at a rate of 1% damage reduction per additional 1000m.


Better AI plane maneuverability to handle narrow spaces

Change flavor text to bulleted objective list on Loading Screen

Faction switching at match startup

Issues Fixed:  

The brief version of debug overlay disables the "prototype" banner

Debug text is under the gradient background on the match end screen

Beam cannon fire sound effect doesn't have 3D positioning

Match end UI is zoomed in way too much

Hand positioning on the beam gun

End match sequence failed on Parous Glen

Directional hit edge indicators in the new ui get stuck center-screen

Misplaced smoke on boss ship

AI ships don't deal with mines well in clearing them

Boss Ship Guns Particles missing for destruction

Captain command UI looks too stretched on structures

Deploy screen effect remains on screen

Medium gun factory is missing Stand, and Launch Point for config

Exit button on loading screen doesn't work properly

Numerous performance improvements, particularly with regards to enemy aeroplanes