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The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
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Weekly Progress Report 8/7/2015


Hello everyone! 

 Welcome to the countdown to Guns of Icarus Alliance. The entire office is focused on the expansion and a bunch of amazing work has been put into it. To hear about it from the lead designer, Eric Chung, check out at 3 pm eastern. We will be live taking questions, talking about the work we’ve done, and how we may be moving! 

 Shout out to Winnie Song! An indie dev solo at NYU Game Center Incubator making this game right now with local Co-Op. Check it out!

Here's what the office has been working on:

Matthew (Queso): Giving moderators the tools to deal with in match problems. 

Howard: Pax press outreach and looking for a new office. Jerry: Implementing veteran match system. 

CH: Airship agent fixes and working on coop match-end UI. 

CS: Working on the scoreboard in main menu and related features. Figuring out new GoI clan system features. 

Jaegan: More buildings for Alliance mode! 

Alex: Tweaking bits of weather behavior for the new co-op map and tracking down performance issues. 

Matthew (Keyvias): New achievements, new descriptions, and a bunch of hidden jokes throughout the game.

Weekly Progress Report 7/24/2015

A weapon of awesome power, that smells only vaguely of burnt eyebrows
A weapon of awesome power, that smells only vaguely of burnt eyebrows

Hello Everyone! 

 We're excited to talk about all the exciting things happening in the office including new Co-Op weapons that are being tested and built right now! If you're interested in listening to Alex, Mikko, and myself talk about them join us at 3 pm eastern at To see last weeks Stream follow this link

Here's what the team has been working on:

The first pass on the lightning gun finished and then moved on to volcanic rock and ancient wreckage for the new Assault map. 

Working on Maps and revising the world progression system. 

Went to an amazing game dev conference in Taipei and gave a talk, battled jetlag, and will battle more jetlag. 

More player hosted server work. 

Went to Taipei for the Game Developers Forum.

Continued working, chatting, and revising the social progression spec.

Weekly Progress Report 6/5/2015

Hello everyone,

 Good to see everyone has made it through the week. It's definitely been quieter on our side giving us time to regroup and put a lot of work into both Co-Op and some exciting new ideas for Skirmish. 

 I want to give a big shout out to everyone who took part in the Teaching Tournament. They played over 210 games with novices which is almost 3,000 novices that received a much better introduction to the Guns of Icarus Universe. 

 Join us at 3 pm eastern at as we talk about everything we've done, everything we're planning on doing, and take all your questions from balance, to favorite ships, to the stats that make up a lot of our game. S

Doing a lot of map work 

- Working with Tim to get PvE music jump started.
- Sprint planning
- UI spec reviews
- Talk at LevelUp conference with Tim 

 Matthew (Queso):
Getting settled back in the office and trying to spawn projectiles from things that are not guns. 

Working on ship customization tools to speed up that process. 

Working on the next iteration of Retrieve mode. 

Adjusting hit feedback numbers, applying contrail to engines and muzzle flares to enemy weapons. Alex: Improving map-making tools and fixing a handful of little co-op things. 

Airship AI bug fixes and some work on AI cheat prevention. 

Updated and installed the latest environment for later survey on voice chat of PS4 

Matthew (Keyvias):
Completed a couple of Specs, did some video editing, and finished off the emails

Weekly Progress Report 5/22/2015

How a murderous metal monstrosity begins.
How a murderous metal monstrosity begins.

Welcome to all our new aeronauts and welcome back to our awesome returning vets!

It’s been a busy week with all the new players and I want to thank all the “newbies” for being awesome and for the vets for helping all the mallet-rebuilding, gatling-ballooning, novices. A special shout out to all of the players who signed up and are playing in the teaching tournament. It’s never too late to join in! 

 As always join us at 3 pm eastern at for the dev fireside chat where we talk about everything from youtube deals to industry standards and game development. We’ll also be taking your questions live so if there’s something you always wanted to know, hop in! 

Here's what the team has been working on and last week's dev fireside stream!

Jack: Experimental new player ships. Testing layouts, refining gun and component placement, honing in on the theme and playstyle. 

George: Working on tools to support artists in the ship creation process. 

Howard: Sneaking screenshots of new PvE ships onto Facebook, supporting players, talking to fellow indie devs on cross game collaborations, planning for EGX, planning to do a talk in Taiwan in July with the great Criken, did a interview, and coordinating with youtubers on video release. 

Eric: Revising in-match progression metrics. Messing around with creating terrain with World Machine. 

Alex: Cartography! Making tools so that we can make and test new maps more quickly. 

Michael: Mostly fixed bugs and help iterate on the new resource model for Defense and Assault maps Jerry: Working on player hosted servers. 

CH: Skirmish bug fixes and airship AI coordination for coop / assault. 

Matthew: Working with all the community outreach, answering support emails, and making sure our players have a great first time experience.

Weekly Progress Report 5/8/2015


Enjoy last weeks latest museings

Hey Everyone,

Short community update this week. Big thanks to everyone who has signed up for the Teaching Tournament. There’s still time if you want to earn the exclusive Ruby Teaching Medallion.

As always join us live for Fireside this week, follow this link at 3 pm eastern. We’ll be talking about your feedback on the new patch, the game industry, and what we’re working on next!