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The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
4,632 backers pledged $198,741 to help bring this project to life.

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2.0.2 Order & Chaos Update!


New content:  

New factions! The final factions have been added, the Arashi League and Yesha Empire. Each come with their own ship, gun, and cosmetics that are waiting to be unlocked.  

Ship: Arashi Stormbreaker. An extremely agile ship to weave in and out of combat with ease. It may not be the fastest or the toughest, but with the right pilot and crew it’ll be a hard target to chase down while packing a massive punch.  

Gun: Immortal Gaze Heavy Accelerator. Put together from the scraps buried beneath the sand, the Arashi have harnessed a mysterious and devastating power in the form of a new heavy gun. Hold down to charge its power and tear through armor and components.  


Ship: Yeshan Judgement. A powerful ship with a primary and secondary heavy gun ready for dishing out significant damage from afar. A skillful pilot will be able to train the majority of the ship’s guns on enemies, but beware a spread out component layout.  

Gun: Roaring Tiger Heavy Detonator. Exacting control are strong Yeshan characteristics that have even carried through to their weaponry. Launch powerful bombs into the air that can be detonated mid-flight with the alt fire button. Each bomb explodes 4 times!  

Game Mode: Blockade. Control the skies in this high-octane struggle between the defence of your faction's refineries against bomber ships & repelling skirmisher attacks from the enemy fleet!  

New General Weapon: Nemesis Heavy Carronade. The robust cousin of its class, the Nemesis harks back to times when naval warfare reigned supreme. Its classic cannonball slug is a key ingredient to the power of this ordinance.  

New PvP Map: Misty Mutiny. Take the fight of the skies to an exotic and alluring landscape woven together by nature and civilization. Use the cover of the misty environment to make your strike, carry out an assault in formation in the open valleys, or dig in your heels and unleash a maelstrom of your payload!  

New Alliance Class progression:  

Each class has an additional achievement that unlocks new cosmetic items! Unlock victory poses, repair tool skins, and ship decals to use across any class while you play!  

Gunner Unlock: New Victory Pose. The language of victory is a glorious demonstration of your prowess and clever strategic skills in the battlefield. Show your foes your pride in this accomplishment with new victory pose selections!  

Engineer Unlock: New Engineer Tool Skin. Trade is on the rise and with it new gear for prospecting engineers looking to put out fires with exquisite taste. Golden Chemical Sprays are now an available tool option, show some class in tools you use with mastery.  

Pilot Unlock: New Decal. Stand tall amongst your adversaries with your own vessel’s ensign. A symbol of the loyalty and commitment to your faction and your cause


  • War has changed the world… strong borders can been erected where battles wrought the most devastation. Seek new alliances, face new challanges for an unknown future...  
  • All daily login rewards now include coins. 
  • Adjusted faction colors for colorblindness 
  • Added vignette to World Map 
  • Tempest projectile performance improvements 
  • Boss particles on guns tweaks 
  • Better inflow for 'solo' players 
  • Matched map icons for blockade to loading screen and sidebar 
  • Enemy faction is now randomized when rematching in the same lobby


  • Fixed binding of inverted joystick "look" axes 
  • Fixed missing click sound feedback in video options Resolutions lower than 1024x768 are no longer shown in video options (they were incompatible with some UI anyway) 
  • Fixed flickering decorations on birthday Magnate Magnate: 
  • Fixed the "hole" where you can walk off the ship 
  • Fixed some joystick/controller input being framerate dependant Binding settings: changing tabs doesn't go to the top Fix misleading adjacency lines on world map 
  • Fixed missing airplane sounds Munitions upgrade from killing supply ships no longer modifies reload time (previously was bugged and increased reload time by 25%) 
  • Fixed invisible hitbox suspended in mid-air on Northern Fjords Inconsistent fonts on icon display and map "Not Ready" in Match Lobby Lowercase 
  • Fixed boss potentially not spawning when multiple progress events trigger in very rapid succession Water collider and fan colliders

Alliance Releases this Week!


 March 31st marks the release of Guns of Icarus Alliance! Expect a complete and staggering amount of content, explosive AI, and tactical choices. The battle starts day one so be prepared this Friday for the biggest thing to happen in Icarus. All our backers will be receiving a special code through email Thursday night which will give them access to Guns of Icarus Alliance.

What to expect:  

At 12 pm Pacific the build goes live, you’ll see the Guns of Icarus Alliance app in your steam library. 

Brand New Release  

Guns of Icarus Alliance will be a completely new release, with a new store page! We were working within Steam’s constraints earlier and had to go the DLC route, and we worked Steam to find a way to make this a brand new release.

In Guns of Icarus Alliance, you can play both PvE and PvP games, so do not worry about being split up from your friends. Simply turn on the game and enjoy all the steampunk airship combat!

All Guns of Icarus Alliance costumes and cosmetics can be used in both PvE and PvP, so enjoy any rewards you get and flaunt them against your opponents!

Whats Included

Four factions bring four weapons and four ships to start things off, with two more factions being added shortly post-release.


 Bring the stalwart Crusader and Tempest Missile Launcher, capable of firing off a devastating swarm of missiles.


 Created the speedy, yet deadly Shrike and the Gas Mortar, able to disable multiple enemies in a suffocating cloud.


 Put their graceful sails to the sky with the Magnate and harness the sun’s wrath with the Aten Lens Array.

Anglea Republic
Anglea Republic

 Offers a beast of a ship – the Corsair – and the Weaponized Coil that turns multiple ships’ components to slag.

Special Abilities

In the heat of combat and in the most dire of situations, every player, every crew member, would have the chance to be the hero and save the day. In Guns of Icarus Alliance, you can unlock and equip special abilities as you gain personal progression. Once you earn them, you can unleash them in any mission. To name of few of the awesome powers you get to use:

Oversurge Ram Ability-
Speed forward with a massive surge and demolish enemy ships with a powerful ram. Take reduced damage as you shred your foes!

Air Horn-
Draw aggro from all the enemies around, saving vital objectives and valued allies. Extremely valuable for clutch situations to change the enemy forces plan.

Cataclysm Rounds-
Double your damage and blow apart your enemies in a concentrated volley. Now’s your chance to focus fire and cause extreme damage.

Static Turret-
Deploy a weapons turret that demands enemy attentions and puts out damage. Nows your chance to even the odds with your own deployable weapons platform.

Don't forget to check out the Alliance Release Charity War!

Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/16/2017

Hello everyone,

For the past couple weeks we’ve talked about some of the changes we’ve made balance wise and the issues we’ve tried to tackle.

The big part when we make these changes is we have to go back and make sure we didn’t break something.



First on the docket was making sure all of the changes and tweaks to the director didn’t create any oddities on one of favorites: Assault. Despite some interesting tactical choices, we were able to muddle through on Normal while still facing a challenge. Very happy with those results!


With some gravity changes the biggest thing we wanted to see the effect of lumberjack and lens array as we chased down convoys. The weapon was a massive success! At least, at destroying the surrounding ships. With the impact damage reduction on bosses and convoys it took a while to kill, but definitely still good for locking down.



We split up our Muse staff to make a three ship retrieve game with new balancing factors that Eric put in. It was a mess! We had zero communication (despite being in the same office) and took 3 different styles, one rushing forward, one disabling, and one killing the backline. This actually worked out though with a well placed tar cloud shutting down almost the entire convoy and everyone regrouping for an early victory. Disabling wins the game!

Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/09/2017


Hello everyone,

We lost
In testing today. Sometimes we do tweaks and try things and the difficulty is just absurd. This is what testing is for. We failed fast this time and toned everything back for next week’s test. In exciting news, I’ve snuck in some shots of the new Yeshan ship!

With 2 heavy guns and 2 light guns, the new Yeshan ship is a joy in the skies. This is definitely a work in progress shot, but I am in love with the helm area and the design. It doesn't have a name yet, but stay tuned next week as we show off even more of the latest ship to grace the skies!

Our latest Ambush map got some testing, which we promptly lost horribly. The convoys got a health buff from last week, but it turned them unstoppable! We wanted to toy around with health versus repair rate, but things got a little out of hand. Still some great data!

The Heavy Cavitation and the Lens Array both got some minor tweaks. We want to do our best to make these weapons unique and exciting, without them being broken overpowered (which some people may remember for the Lens Array in our first open session.) Eric pours over every new weapon and tool to fit that perfect balance, which means more shooting and explosion testing for us!

Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/02/2017


Hello everyone,

This is Week 2 of us reporting what happened in our internal testing! This week has some super rough around the edges gray boxed items, but we wanted to show you the path we’re embarking on as we test ideas in addition to showing only the more finished work.

This is as behind the scenes as it gets!



We focused on testing the scaling between Normal and Hard difficulties. It’s always one of the most difficult areas to balance between the intermediate players and the more experienced. Strangely enough, with our tweaks for this internal test, we died twice on Normal and didn’t die at all on Hard! More testing is needed to make sure we have this right before the update and open period at the end of the month, but we did learn a lot about the tension controls that caused the swarm that overwhelmed us for Normal. This was also a bit of what people experienced during the last open period, so we’ll be ready to make some adjustments for the next update.



New “Dual Lane” defense map got tested. We tried it with two drills earlier, but was way too short, so this run was with three drills. It’s a max 3 ship map with an ideal number around 1 and 2. It’s a different build than our normal design, but it’s unique set up gave a very tight experience for us and the choke points were amazingly fun. (Enjoy the gray box map preview!)


Continued our Ambush mode testing and ended up getting destroyed with too much disable and not enough kill. We placed our ambush well to get in the way of the convoy, but we had issues doing anything more than slowing them down. We had the boss spawn at the perfect time and our tension ramps were working great. Some tweaks to the enemies and some more effective builds (for us) are definitely in the pipeline as we continue to test this mode.


A new special ability that spawns (currently a target dummy) with weapons! Used to great effect to distract the boss, but also got in the way of the captain. It definitely helped the crew survive and not get insta-gibbed by the Baronies Carrier. Loved the free damage it threw into the boss as well and helped us mop up the mode quickly.