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The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
4,632 backers pledged $198,741 to help bring this project to life.

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Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/16/2017

Hello everyone,

For the past couple weeks we’ve talked about some of the changes we’ve made balance wise and the issues we’ve tried to tackle.

The big part when we make these changes is we have to go back and make sure we didn’t break something.



First on the docket was making sure all of the changes and tweaks to the director didn’t create any oddities on one of favorites: Assault. Despite some interesting tactical choices, we were able to muddle through on Normal while still facing a challenge. Very happy with those results!


With some gravity changes the biggest thing we wanted to see the effect of lumberjack and lens array as we chased down convoys. The weapon was a massive success! At least, at destroying the surrounding ships. With the impact damage reduction on bosses and convoys it took a while to kill, but definitely still good for locking down.



We split up our Muse staff to make a three ship retrieve game with new balancing factors that Eric put in. It was a mess! We had zero communication (despite being in the same office) and took 3 different styles, one rushing forward, one disabling, and one killing the backline. This actually worked out though with a well placed tar cloud shutting down almost the entire convoy and everyone regrouping for an early victory. Disabling wins the game!

Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/09/2017


Hello everyone,

We lost
In testing today. Sometimes we do tweaks and try things and the difficulty is just absurd. This is what testing is for. We failed fast this time and toned everything back for next week’s test. In exciting news, I’ve snuck in some shots of the new Yeshan ship!

With 2 heavy guns and 2 light guns, the new Yeshan ship is a joy in the skies. This is definitely a work in progress shot, but I am in love with the helm area and the design. It doesn't have a name yet, but stay tuned next week as we show off even more of the latest ship to grace the skies!

Our latest Ambush map got some testing, which we promptly lost horribly. The convoys got a health buff from last week, but it turned them unstoppable! We wanted to toy around with health versus repair rate, but things got a little out of hand. Still some great data!

The Heavy Cavitation and the Lens Array both got some minor tweaks. We want to do our best to make these weapons unique and exciting, without them being broken overpowered (which some people may remember for the Lens Array in our first open session.) Eric pours over every new weapon and tool to fit that perfect balance, which means more shooting and explosion testing for us!

Internal Testing- Community Notes 2/02/2017


Hello everyone,

This is Week 2 of us reporting what happened in our internal testing! This week has some super rough around the edges gray boxed items, but we wanted to show you the path we’re embarking on as we test ideas in addition to showing only the more finished work.

This is as behind the scenes as it gets!



We focused on testing the scaling between Normal and Hard difficulties. It’s always one of the most difficult areas to balance between the intermediate players and the more experienced. Strangely enough, with our tweaks for this internal test, we died twice on Normal and didn’t die at all on Hard! More testing is needed to make sure we have this right before the update and open period at the end of the month, but we did learn a lot about the tension controls that caused the swarm that overwhelmed us for Normal. This was also a bit of what people experienced during the last open period, so we’ll be ready to make some adjustments for the next update.



New “Dual Lane” defense map got tested. We tried it with two drills earlier, but was way too short, so this run was with three drills. It’s a max 3 ship map with an ideal number around 1 and 2. It’s a different build than our normal design, but it’s unique set up gave a very tight experience for us and the choke points were amazingly fun. (Enjoy the gray box map preview!)


Continued our Ambush mode testing and ended up getting destroyed with too much disable and not enough kill. We placed our ambush well to get in the way of the convoy, but we had issues doing anything more than slowing them down. We had the boss spawn at the perfect time and our tension ramps were working great. Some tweaks to the enemies and some more effective builds (for us) are definitely in the pipeline as we continue to test this mode.


A new special ability that spawns (currently a target dummy) with weapons! Used to great effect to distract the boss, but also got in the way of the captain. It definitely helped the crew survive and not get insta-gibbed by the Baronies Carrier. Loved the free damage it threw into the boss as well and helped us mop up the mode quickly.

Internal Testing- Community Notes 1/26/2017

Hello everyone,  

We wanted to start a new idea where we show what we’ve been testing. As we get close to Alliance release, we have a lot of cool things to show off and tease! We’ll be posting these up every Tuesday and Thursday. The format and timing may change, and let’s see what everyone thinks!


First match was Ambush. This is a completely new game mode where you have to ambush enemy ships as they try to rush and sneak to your base. Despite the fiery death at the end we were able to squeeze out a solid victory!

The current balance features a tankier enemy “VIP” ships designed to overwhelm player bases. It’s perhaps a bit too tanky, but the over tension felt very satisfying.


Night map returns today with some improved effects and better vision of what’s happening. It’s looking amazing, and we’re really enjoying honing in on the perfect lighting solution to make everything visible, but still keep that dark menace.

The look and feel of the map is very different. The enemies are more ominous, and the spotlighting, boss glow, and bullet tracers are greatly accentuated. The darkness makes discoverability more of an integral element of any match. With the night map project, we are close to our first one being ready.


We also went back to testing Oblivion today, trying out different enemy strengths. In Normal difficulty, we were able to win pretty readily early in the match, which is likely a positive for getting Normal’s overall difficulty level to be more in line with novice to intermediate play. In Hard difficulty testing, we made a valiant effort and lost. And that was likely the expected outcome for us given our skill level. Overall, the balance adjustments for Oblivion seemed to be more on track, and ready for more Dev App testing for everyone.


Proximal Detonation Ability in action. This is how our ideas start with simple colored boxes. Tripling the AoE of explosions, this ability is a game changer! This is its ugly ugly beginning of our ideas, but great for testing a bunch of ideas quickly!


Another gunner ability on the chopping block. The Gigaton Blast Ability lives up to its name and is a blast to use! In our test, I shattered 2 ships armor with one shot by piercing through their hulls. Step out of the way Cataclysm Rounds, a new favorite steps up!

December Post-Mortem

Many new players, many new experiences, and a lot of new data!
Many new players, many new experiences, and a lot of new data!

Hello everyone,  

A huge thanks to everyone who took part in and gave feedback for the December Alliance Open Session.  

Also a big welcome to everyone from our Steam notification and feature. It was great to have so many new pilots, engineers, and gunners experience Alliance.  

In total, over 35,000 players came in throughout the week to fly in our skies. Between all those players, a total of almost hundred thousand hours of Alliance were played, making this open period our largest one yet!  

If you enjoyed Alliance, be sure to pre-order to be one of the first one in and if you email us at with proof of purchase we’ll give you a code to come test with us on the weekend.

The Good

 The introduction of the faction leader message provided some amazing tactical choices with allegiances being signaled to all players. It was great to see the interest and passion from faction leaders in trying to take over the world. We got to see 4,370,500 coins used on the world map to help wage war. In addition, coin usage rate has gone up noticeable, now to 65%, with overflow down to less than 20%.

We also were happy with the positive responses to our two new heavy weapons. The Cavitation gun and Heavy Mine launcher were used to great effect, and the feedback we got on them will help us hone in their message.

Balance and win rates on different maps and modes also improved and were closer to our expected values, but we need continue to work on these to make sure players are experiencing success when they’ve earned it. Again, watching players play throughout the week was amazingly helpful. The common mistakes and maneuvers gave us better ideas on how to craft the player experience.

The Alliance soundtrack was ready for your enjoyment, along with the pre-order special item! The next step is to have it properly display and configured on Steam, so stay tuned!

The “Needs to Improve”The faction map, while improved in many ways that both the data and feedback showed us, still needs more work. Most importantly, the leader needs more communications and impact while the non-leaders need more reason and push to get involved.

Some of our plans of attacks are map actions to be weighted more in leadership attainment. Overflow and system assigned passive resources would also be directed towards leadership designated locations. We are also exploring more in game communication tools for leadership. Some other ideas we’re exploring are achievements and bonus rewards for faction alignment and synergy with leadership. Playing in matches with leaders could also be rewarded. We’re looking at daily and period missions for individual players to learn rewards and bonuses, and a stronger notification on milestone achievements as well as faction world involvement. For everyone who did his or her best to unite and provide us with feedback, the recorded experiences, ideas, concerns, and thoughts were invaluable in helping to craft the next and improved experience, which we’ve already planned for and are taking actions on.

While other game modes are tracking well during the open period and at MAGFest, Retrieve is unfortunately still an issue. Oblivion Approach exploit is plugged, Thornholt Crest exploit is still an issue that needs to be resolved asap. Survival is playing tough, likely a bit too tough. Normal difficulty setting is also playing a bit too tough for intermediate players, which we’ll need to tune. Transition from Novice difficulty to Normal is also too steep, and we’re making adjustments as well. Assault and longer form Survival play length could be improved slightly as well, but we’re getting closer.

Ships wise, the Skirmish ships’ successes and win rates are situational, but the latest novice setup and ship loadouts we set seemed to have yielded good results. Of the faction ships, Stormbreaker was the best performing ship, but the other ships performed surprisingly well. We’ll be looking at adjustments to the Corsair and Shrike, and a bit on the Magnate to bring them up a bit more.

What’s missing?
The final Alliance player and faction progression and rewards we withheld so that we could have everything unlocked for people to help us test. Before release, we’ll introduce it to the Alliance experience. Because we already have historical progression data, we’re reasonably confident that the pacing won’t be too off.

More modes and more maps, even while we show off new maps and modes in each test session, there are new and unique game modes being tested internally. We’re really excited to get these into player hands in the development app as soon as we feel they give a consistent experience. The Yeshan faction ship and enemies are also close to ready for player testing in the development app. We’ll again prioritize everyone who backed us and pre-ordered for testing.

The Skirmish Front

We’re continuing Wild Week! After a test of tank spire that didn’t pan out, we’re calling on players to say exactly what they’d like to see for this idea that was proposed to us to try, probably will never see the light of day, but if you’d like to try random, goofy idea, for fun, have your voice heard here!

To stress, the Tanky Spire, previous trifecta-squid, and whatever comes next in Wild Week are not massive plans to change skirmish, but an opportunity to listen to our community and give them a chance to try the random things they’ve thought about for the past 4 years. We hope you enjoy the experiments with an open mind and embrace the fun of the failures and successes.

Lore Recap
The cold swept through from the northwestern front with devastating effect. The Anglean Republic, learning from their previous missteps, were able to gain key territories in record time. Bolstered by a horde of zealots, who were fevered by newly discovered Ancient ruins, the Angleans made their way south to meet the Fjord Baronies and Mercantile Guild with unstoppable force. The esteemed Zero Zero Zero Zero (215,816 effort; 29,899 coin) was able to lead self-financed armies into enemy territories with brutal efficiency.

The Fjord Baronies and Mercantile Guild were affronted from both sides. Literally squeezed by the Angleans in the west, and the Chaladonians in the east, the two factions came to an uneasy alliance in order to defend against the unfavorable odds. Eranok (110,807 effort), who controlled the vast Baronite armies, and financed by the aristocratic family of Jeff Bridges (13,560 coin) parlayed with the Mercantile Guild’s most respected trade federation run by TikoXi (278,466 effort; 33,198 coin).

In the end, however, another alliance was formed that overshadows all others. Unexpectedly, the Order of Chaladon once again found themselves in friendly relations with the Angleans. Despite their opposed worldviews, another union came to fruition when Order operatives Omnipresent Oatmeal (136,335 effort) and (18,775 coin) brought word of an Anglean truce to the council. Perhaps it means fundamental differences can be overlooked in the search for peace.

But such faith needs to be put aside since war reopened wounds across the earth. Countless millions died, the central plains may never look the same again. It will take time for the factions to rebuild with a total of 4,370,500 coin spent on Conscription (7,240 units) and training Cadets (8,038 units), and the building of Palisades (2,041 units) that now scar the land. The future will surely bring about new alliances if war were to spill across the land once more.