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The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!
4,632 backers pledged $198,741 to help bring this project to life.

Guns of Icarus 1.4.5B Alliance Release Notes

Hi everyone!

In this new update, we’re excited to unveil another big batch of new and major things for your testing enjoyment! In addition to a new map in the retrieve mode family, we’ve also added a new faction ship and 2 more faction weapons. Another major system added is dynamic weather and time of day effects that vary across different map climates. Bases are now more threatening, with defenses and a more dynamic weak point design.

We're now hosting regular group test sessions every Saturday at 12pm EST, and we'll be collecting feedback afterwards. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at

 NEW FACTION SHIP: Chaladonian Shrike The Order of Chaladon have been known as peaceful and reclusive, but the pull of war and the planet’s dilapidated state are starting to change traditional Chaladonian values. Being the mad scientists, the Shrike uses heavily modified balloon gas technology in order to support the ship’s heavy armaments on such a small frame. If you look closely, you may see some of this gas leaking from various pipes on the ship—a common issue with this new substance. The Shrike’s movement is and durability comparable to that of the Squid’s but with additional firepower.

 NEW MAP: Oblivion Approach Similar areas like this one lay scattered across the world, but no route is more deadly than Oblivion Approach. Its deep ravine cuts a narrow passage that’s too risky for most traders to fly in. The low traffic and multitude of nooks makes it an ideal place for marauders to hide or even be used as an escape route. There have been tales of robbers successfully making their getaway through the approach, using the jagged terrain to lose their pursuants. Must feel terrible to get robbed and crash your ship in a single day. Hope that doesn’t happen to you anytime soon.

 NEW BARONITE WEAPON: Heyoka Guided Missiles The Fjord Baronies have always had a distinct flair to every aspect of their culture from their attitude, dress, and even weaponry. Taking a cue from this tradition, the Heyoka Guided Missiles not only provide a spectacle to behold but also excellent support capabilities. The missiles’ movement are known to trick enemies into thinking that shots have been missed, but with a guided aim the missiles will travel to its intended target despite taking a few detours along the way. Use its unique aiming mechanic to dodge obstacles and hit enemy mechanical components to disable them. If the enemy’s armor is down, the Heyoka Guided Missiles also do substantial damage to hulls.

 NEW CHALADONIAN WEAPON: Charybdis Gas Mortar Even though Chaladonian researchers tend to not exclusively focus their work on war applications, many of their experiments have unintended side effects. When trying to find new ways to disperse aerosols, and new environmentally safe pesticides, something went awry. The dispersal method worked fine, but the pesticide didn’t work as intended. Instead of killing deadly insects, it was better at corroding metals and gunking up intricate mechanical parts. When the specially designed shells make impact, chemicals are released in the form of a deadly green cloud that will slow down any ship that gets caught. The cloud will slowly eat away at metal armors, engines, and weapons. There’s even a handy early detonation function on the shells too.

 New Features
Improved visuals and behavior for dynamic storms. Sky and lighting changes give a clue to coming weather, and storm behavior varies across different map climates - dust storms on desert maps, thunderstorms on wet ones, snowstorms on cold ones.

Time-of-day lighting variants for some Alliance maps (Parous Glen and Devil’s Eye)

Escape Pods now escape! Catch them for bonuses before they disappear. Enemy outposts and bases now have weak points arranged around their structures. Keep an eye out on which is active to deal damage to them. Watch out for mines!

Tip for how to pick up and drop off Barge

Travel sound effects (wind noise) for bullets/projectiles/airplanes/destroyed airplane parts

Oblivion Approach now features breakable walls. Choose your shortcuts wisely!

Balance changes:  

Apollo Lens Array: Reduced range to 1500m (from a lot) and added damage falloff starting at 750m range at a rate of 1% damage reduction per additional 1000m.


Better AI plane maneuverability to handle narrow spaces

Change flavor text to bulleted objective list on Loading Screen

Faction switching at match startup

Issues Fixed:  

The brief version of debug overlay disables the "prototype" banner

Debug text is under the gradient background on the match end screen

Beam cannon fire sound effect doesn't have 3D positioning

Match end UI is zoomed in way too much

Hand positioning on the beam gun

End match sequence failed on Parous Glen

Directional hit edge indicators in the new ui get stuck center-screen

Misplaced smoke on boss ship

AI ships don't deal with mines well in clearing them

Boss Ship Guns Particles missing for destruction

Captain command UI looks too stretched on structures

Deploy screen effect remains on screen

Medium gun factory is missing Stand, and Launch Point for config

Exit button on loading screen doesn't work properly

Numerous performance improvements, particularly with regards to enemy aeroplanes

Mayday Friday "Remember our training? We didn't have any training!"

The creation of destruction.
The creation of destruction.

Hello Everyone, 

 he big news of the week is the tutorial progress and a new soundtrack work. To see a snippet of that work involving flames check this out! If you're interested in the wonderful music give a listen here! We're also preparing for new players on their way in.

To hear all the latest news and talk to us live join us at We'll be answering every questions brought up and hanging with you guys starting at 3 pm eastern and going for the next hour. To hear about our work for the week and see our player of the week follow the jump! 

Updating boss logic to make shooting them more of a challenge. A bunch of minor fixes to help Tim make the trailer look good. Adding in-match gun swap functionality to Practice mode. 


Planning for Drill spawn animations, sound mixing related issues, some more controls over boss destruction, fixed some effects bugs and some sound reverb fixes for the acid gun. Also did some tutorial audio and visual tests. 

Testing boss, tweaking maps 

We now have a soundcloud page! We'll continue to add existing music to it as well as some new Alliance tracks! Stay tuned. 

Arashi player ship. Also experimenting a bit with creating the illusion of different pieces of the ship and balloons shifting in relation to one another! 

Working on Marketing Materials: Business Cards, Trading cards, pins, as well as World Some amazing map progression development. 

Setting up more testing help and working on some outreach programs.

Our player of the week is Gentleman Marauder! 

He is receiving a free item for being awesome and these great applauds. 
"amazing captain!!"
"never gave up"
"Seriously helpful to noobs!"

Mayday Firday "Last minute plans!"

New heroes of Icarus and you will soon know why!
New heroes of Icarus and you will soon know why!

Hello everyone! 

 An exciting time lies ahead and we've got a lot coming up. With some last minute changes from some youtubers we're not going to be able to do the normal dev fireside chat as we all need to be on call for the upcoming event. We will still be streaming at 3 pm eastern at but we will be doing a special extra dev games with free items with Josie! 

The work week:

Planning!! And producing a new piece of music. 

World Event system planning, making bosses give you nightmares, and tweaking maps. 

Tweaking and tuning storm behavior for Alliance and familiarizing myself with the boss logic that I'll be working on next. 

Youtuber event, community planning, and speccing out ideas! 

 Player of the week is: BrassBear. He gets a free item of his choice for getting the most applauds all for sticking in bad games and trying his hardest no matter the situation 

"He may have been THE ONLY PLAYER ON HIS TEAM, but he never gave up, and saw the entire match through till the end, despite overwhelming numbers and firepower. We salute you!" 

"Stuck through the pain after his team quit on him. Mad props bro. You're a real great dude."

Mayday Friday: “The New Year Awakens”

An amazing new tournament to start off the year!
An amazing new tournament to start off the year!

 Hello everyone and welcome to Guns of Icarus 2016! 

 Everyone is waking up back at the office so this is going to be a quicker version of the Mayday Friday. As always join us at at 3 pm for the fireside and get a chance to talk to us about all our plans for Alliance and Guns of Icarus Online. 

The Cronus League just finished their first round of sign ups, but they're allowing late entries so if you missed your chance and all you need is one ship of 4 people to enter! Follow this link to join in!,7127.0.html

Our player of the week is Slaind who earned eight applauds over the week!
"He explained everything we needed to know about how to achieve victory for each match we entered. I was proud to be a part of his crew each time I found myself on deck."  
Hats off to Slaind and helping make the community great!

Guns of Icarus Alliance 1.4.5 Release Notes


Hi everyone! 

While last update was focused on improving balance, performance, and enemy behavior based on your feedback, this update is more focused on contents.  We've been working on a number of things, and we're excited to finally share some of them with you!  We have quite a few things for you to play around with and test, and you'll also see a work in progress first version of the world map and progression. As you'll see, it's not fully functional yet, but it's for you to get a first glimpse of the direction we're taking. 

We'll be hosting another group test session this Saturday, 12.19.15, at 1pm EST, and we'll send another survey your way after the test session to collect feedback.  In the meantime, if you have questions or issues with the update, you can also email us at

New Anglean Ship - The Corsair
New Anglean Ship - The Corsair

[NEW FACTION SHIP] The Anglean Corsair 

 Like its creators, the Corsair is extremely rugged and is not easily budged. Based on ancient war machine designs, the Corsair is ideal for inserting itself into a fray of enemies and simultaneously dispatching them from multiple angles. Gameplay wise, the Corsair takes cues from the Spire in its layout. The Corsair has multi-tiered decks and a massive interior. Given the ship’s toughness, scurrying up and down ladders can be kept to a minimum for a skilled engineer.

Voyager's Cove, a new Defense map
Voyager's Cove, a new Defense map

[NEW MAP] Voyager’s Cove 

 The Voyager’s Cove takes place off the coast of Chaladonian shores. Judging by the ruins, it was once a bustling coastal city that has since been reclaimed by the sea. Now, the cove is an important defensive location linking the Isle of Chaladon to the mainland. This new map follows the Defense mode ruleset and is designed for 3-4 player ships.

Zeus Weaponized Coil
Zeus Weaponized Coil

[NEW ANGLEAN WEAPON] Zeus Weaponized Coil 

Reverse engineering parts unearthed from the frozen tundra, the Anglean Republic has reconstructed methods to temporarily store an electrical charge. At first, they were disappointed by their inventions’ instability but soon realized that it could be weaponized to devastating effect.

The gun fires an electrical charge that arcs between multiple enemies. Hold the trigger to charge up to 6 seconds. The damage and the number of jumps increase with charge time. It has a minimum charge time of 3 seconds.

Apollo Lens Array
Apollo Lens Array

[NEW MERCHANT WEAPON] Apollo Lens Array 

Harnessing the power of the sun via a series of carefully crafted lenses, the Mercantile Guild is able to burn its enemies with a focused beam of light. Only the Guild is able to procure such valuable diamonds and crystals that make up the weapon’s intricate lens array. The armament’s devastating effectiveness easily justifies its costly construction.

To operate the Apollo, hold down mouse to start shooting. The longer you train the beam on an enemy ship, at the expense of less turning arc and movement, and the the more damage the gun would inflict.

[NEW ENGINEER TOOLS] Armor Kit and Fail-safe Kit 

Both kits are buff tools, bringing the total buff tools to 3. Buffs can only be applied one at a time and cannot be stacked. Armor kit will apply armor to any component for a set duration of time, or until armor has depleted. Fail-safe Kit applies a rebuilder automaton for a set duration of time. When a component with the Fail-safe buff/automaton is downed, it will begin to rebuild itself. Normal assistive rebuilding still works. Once rebuilt, the buff/automaton is removed.

World Map Rev1
World Map Rev1

[PROTOTYPE WORLD MAP & PROGRESSION] This build marks the beginning of the world progression. The world map and features are very much work in progress, and this is a first look at the direction we are heading. While we are working on the full implementation, we’ve provided a cheat window to switch factions and add War Effort to locations in the meantime so you can get a glimpse of how it would all work eventually. War Efforts are the points that are earned when you finish a match. War Efforts will go to the location that you have selected in the World Map. World Map and contesting locations will play into a larger Resource meta-game that we are still working on and will be implemented in the future. For now, feel free to poke at how locations change hands between factions!

Features & Balance 

  • Additional barges for Retrieve and Defense on Hell mode with 3-4 player ships 
  • AI Enemies are now managed better to engage player ships that are speeding ahead or lagging behind. 
  • Reduced overall enemy numbers and increased overall toughness aimed at offering more weapon tactic choices.

Known Issues 

  • Selected enemy faction on the map is not yet reflected by the enemies in match (but this is planned.) 
  • LOD issue with damaged Refinery 
  • Rope clipping on damaged Magnate 
  • Some sound effects might go missing if too many channels are used 
  • Apollo Lens Array fire sound effect positioning 
  • Assault base displayed at wrong place in minimap 
  • Decoration of traveller theme blocks view on crusader in third person while on helm 
  • Misplaced main engine on boss ship 
  • Pistons clip through material on Magnate and Crusader 
  • Clipping into golden/brass decorations on Magnate 
  • Chandelier above helm doesn't react to ship movement on Magnate 
  • Flickering textures on building (Parous Glen) 
  • Traction cable clipping 
  • Tube connecting the balloon and its repair point is missing on new ships 
  • Tooltip positioning issue for light guns in the 3rd row of customization screen

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!