Guns of Icarus Online

by Muse Games

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    1. Ryan Saul on

      Is your site being pretty hammered right now? I can't get onto it. Looks awesome though, announced it on my blog as well ;)

    2. Muse Games 4-time creator on

      Yep... Game's DNS server is down as well... Face palming in frustration at the moment. And we'll be switching DNS provider you can be sure...

    3. Ryan Saul on

      That's rough. So did you guys have a booth at PAX? I'm pretty sure I didn't see you if you did, but I'm starting to find out that I missed a few other booths I would've wanted to check out otherwise. I know I missed your panel which I feel bad about. Wanted to meet Jason Rohrer as well as you all.

    4. Muse Games 4-time creator on

      Hey Ryan, no we didn't. We set up in our hotel room actually, and invited some journalists over to preview the game. It went pretty well, as we can actually have some dedicated time to talk to people and play proper matches. The internet connection on the show floor wasn't very good. No worries, we'll meet next time!