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World's Greatest Truly Wireless Sport Headphones (400ft Range - Siri - Incredible Audio - Secure Fitment)
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What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

Murel™ is proud to bring the Murel Venom™ to you! These headphones are truly different from what you've come to expect from wireless headphones. The Murel™ Venom offers incredible HD sounding audio from a completely wireless headphone! We've specially designed the Venom to withstand and stay securely in your ears during the most aggressive and strenuous workouts. And last but not least...The Murel Venom™ features a patent-pending antenna, CUx™ (Copper Alloy Antenna), which maintains an amazing 200-feet open-air connection with Bluetooth 4.2 and an incredible 400-feet open-air connection with Bluetooth 5.0. We are confident that the Murel Venom™ are the last headphones you'll ever need!

- HUGE DRIVER - With a huge 8.6 mm driver, the Murel Venom™ delivers incredible sounding HD audio. You can expect to experience a deep bass with defined and sharp mids and highs. The Murel Venom supports lossless CD-quality audio to ensure an uncompromising audio experience.

- BLUETOOTH CHIP - The Murel Venom™ features a Bluetooth™ chip made by Airoha™ Technology—a leading Taiwanese chip maker. This bluetooth™ chip helps the Venom™ to maintain it's incredible Bluetooth™ connectivity...even during the most strenuous activities and workouts.

- HOOK DESIGN - We've spent extra time and care in the design and development of the Venom™ ear hooks. They are made of a soft TPU which wraps around, and securely hugs your ears. The material is soft so you won't feel any fatigue or pain...even with hours of usage.

- ANTENNA - The Murel Venom™ is outfitted with a Patent-Pending CUx™ (Copper Alloy Antenna). This antenna has an unbelievably strong signal. You can expect a consistent and interruption-free user experience while listening to your music. In addition, the Bluetooth™ connection is so strong, you will be able to stay connected with a 200-feet open-air connection with Bluetooth 4.2 and an incredible 400-feet open-air connection with Bluetooth 5.0.

- MICROPHONE - We've equipped the Murel Venom™ with dual Omni-Directional Microphones for a crisp and clear audio experience while speaking on the phone.

- LARGE BATTERY - We've also included a large lithium-ion battery which will accommodate up to 8.5 hours of listening between charges. Never run out of fuel while working out again!

True Wireless Headphones Features Incredible Audio with:

Huge 8.6 mm Driver for Deep Rich Audio Dual Omni-Directional Microphone for Hand Free Calls 120 mAh Lithium-ion Battery (Each Earbud) 1200 mAh lithium-ion Battery (Charging Case) Rare-Earth Copper Alloy Antenna for Superior Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 & 5.0 Compatibility:


The Murel Venom™ securely and comfortably hugs your ears. Experience comfort and security even after hours of use. Your ears won't get fatigued liked they do with other truly wireless earbuds.

Venom Functionality
Venom Functionality

 - POWERFUL DESIGN - We've designed the Murel Venom™ to be as small as possible and still deliver an incredible HD audio experience. We strongly feel that current truly wireless headphones on the market completely miss the mark by designing their headphones with small and weak drivers--which produce weak and poor sound. In addition, many truly wireless headphones only offer 1-2 hours of listening between charges.

 We've taken extra care in the design and development of the Murel Venom™ charging case. The Charging case will charge your headphones up to 3 times...thereby extending your music playtime to an incredible 25.5 hours before you need to charge the case!

 - PERFECT FOR EVERY ACTIVITY - The Murel Venom™ is the perfect headphones for almost any activity. The unique one-size-fits all hook design keeps the headphones securely in your ears while doing the most aggressive workouts, bike riding, jumping, running, etc. Feel secure and confident your headphones will stay put doing any activity! The Murel Venom™ is also great for the not-so aggressive activities, like watching movies, taking calls, or just listening to music. The Murel Venom™ delivers HD-quality sound while doing all of your favorite activities.

- THE BEST TECHNOLOGIES - The Murel Venom™ boasts a partnership with companies like Liquipel™ and Comply™. Liquipel™ has an incredible nano-coating treatment which protects against water and sweat. And Comply™ supplies us with foam ear tips which enhance both the sound and fitment when paired with the Murel Venom™.

- OUR JOURNEY - We've come a long way since our ideation and initial sketches of the Murel Venom. We've gone through many design iterations and tweaking of overall design of the Venom. Here are some various photos of that development journey.

- PRODUCTION READY - We are ready to take the next step and move our product into production. We've already secured the factory and they have already started to prepare the necessary things for the injection molding, tooling, etc. So everything has been prepared so that we can hit the ground running and start production once this project is funded!

- MUREL ZERO - Last year we launched and successfully delivered the Murel Zero™. Our backers loved the HD-sound quality as well as the incredible strong Bluetooth™ connectivity. But we realized through customer feedback that security of the fitment was lacking.

- FRANKEN-PROTOTYPE - So we set out to improve upon the current design by adding a flexible hook that wraps around the ear. We took the Murel Zero™ and a hook from another set of headphones and used special bonding puddy to create our first rough prototype of the Murel Venom™. We personally used this custom prototype in the gym and loved the fitment! We realized we were onto something big!

- ROUGH SKETCHES - From the hand-made sample, we developed sketches that would give a rough outline for the dimensions of the new design.

- 2D SCHEMATICS - From these rough sketches, we designed and developed in more detail the outside shell of the new design. Every angle and dimensions was added to make sure the overall form of the Murel Venom™ was covered. In fact, we used giant circles to give the outside curves their form. If you look closely you'll notice that every line on the Murel Venom™ is curved. This gives the overall design a very futuristic and avant-guard feel to it.

- 3D MODEL - From the 2D design we had a 3D designer create the 3D CAD files in SolidWorks. This design only included the outside walls and did not include the inside components. Those inside details would come later once we've finalized the outside form.

- RENDERINGS FIRST ROUND - We were a little early in doing the 3D photo-realistic renderings from these early 3D files. But we wanted to get an idea of how the final product would look. These renderings would later be modified and altered slightly by the factory in order to accommodate the design of the components on the inside.

- DFM - "DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING" - We then started to work closer with the factory. In order to get the 3D files ready to be manufactured, the factory engineers created the DFM files "Design for Manufacturing". These files are the final and complete files the factory will use to create the injection molding tooling, as well as source the components which will be used during the manufacturing process. The DFM file is the last step before the manufacturing process can be started.

- MACHINE PROTOTYPE ONE - From the DFM files the factory produced two different sets of prototypes. These are hi-fidelity prototypes which are used to test the overall design of the headphones. As you can see in this photo, we did consider embedding wire inside the ear hook in order to allow the user to custom form the hook to fit the ear. In the end we decided against this final design. Instead, we use the natural spring of the TPU material to maintain a comfortable and snug fitment around the ear.

- MACHINED PROTOTYPE TWO - The second prototype set was identical to the first with exception to the hooks--which didn't include the internal wire. We decided this was the best design for the headphones. We added some modeling paint to see how the finished and final colors would look.

- FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE - Our last prototype is a 100% functional prototype. It features all of the electronic components that will go into the final product. This is the unit we've been testing for sound quality and Bluetooth™ distance and connectivity. We can confidently say it has exceeded our expectations. The fitment is secure and doesn't fatigue the ear. Also, The HD audio sounds incredible! And the Bluetooth™ connection is hands down the best we've ever experienced.

- FINAL RENDERINGS - From the final DFM (Design for Manufacturing) 3D model we were able to generate hi-fidelity photo-realistic renderings to show how the final product will look once in production. We love how the white looks in this final design embodiment, However, we are open to doing other color combinations once certain milestone are met.

- FINAL ALUMINUM PROTOTYPE - We decided that for the final prototype and the final production we would make the Venom out of machined aluminum to give it that high-end and study look and feel.

- BE PART OF THE MUREL VENOM STORY - You are the last step in the Murel Venom™ story. We have come as far as we can without your support. With your support we can bring this awesome product to market and into your hands! let's do this!

Murel™ has multiple patents pending on the Murel Venom™. One of which is the CUx™ (Copper Alloy Antenna) which has both an incredible extended range of connection as well as superior connection without interruptions. Secondly, we have a design patent pending for the Venom's™ unique design. We feel strongly that these two patents along with the superior manufacturing capability of our factory, the Venom™ will provide an experience like none other.

Q. How do I pledge to receive 2 units of the Murel Venom?
A. Double your pledge amount and you will receive 2 units of the Murel Venom.

Q. Is there a microphone included? 
A. Yes! You'll be able to take and make calls. Each of the two headphones contains a omni-directional microphone. No hands!

Q. Is there a risk if I'm contributing?
A. We feel fully accountable to the backers. You can be sure that we'll keep a rigorous eye on the financials. We have a highly talented team and we are 100% dedicated to ship an outstanding product, no matter what.

Q. Is there a warranty?
A. We are committed to providing the very best experience possible for our backers and loyal customers. We offer a 1-year warranty on all the electronic components.

Q. I have small / abnormal ears, will the earbuds fit?
A. Yes, the unique ear-hook design of the Murel Venom allows it to fit on any ear regardless of shape or size. Also, you will receive multiple sizes of silicon ear tips to fit any size ear canal.

Q. How is the sound quality?
A. Sounds Quality is the most important priority for us. We are committed to delivering to you HD quality sound. We are confident that our audio quality and experience is as good as the best you've experienced and better than anything else in this category. Our audio engineers have worked with top brands like Sennheiser and others, so we are confident we can deliver an incredible audio experience to you.

Q. Are the earbuds waterproof?
A. They are water resistant. They are treated with a nano-coating over the electronics called Liquipel, which makes them extremely resistant to water and sweat. So feel free to use them in the rain.

Q. What happens if I change my address before you ship?
A. We'll make an announcement 1 week before we ship. You'll then be able to update your address on your Kickstarter profile.

At Murel™ we love designing and manufacturing incredible product for our customers and backers. Anyone who backs one of our projects on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo will automatically become part of the Murel™ Family. Being part of the Murel Family means your name will be added to our family list and you'll be able to participate in special discounts and receive extras in future crowding campaigns we do. As you can see from the very first perk listed above, our previous supporters and backers get a special family price and family extras. By pledging for the Murel Venom™ you will automatically become part of the Murel™ Family and have access to these extras in the future.

At Murel™ we pride ourselves on delivering superior product design, quality, and customer service. Here are some nice things our customers have said about us:

"These headphones are the best I have ever owned. I love the long battery life and the portable charging case. The sound quality is on par or exceeds that of wired headphone that I have owned. And it is true that the Murel Zeros have no skipping. Thanks for a great product and hope to see more outstanding products in the future!" – Richard

"The Murel's are one of the best campaigns I've ever backed. You guys delivered in a timely manner with a great product. The bluetooth connection is smooth and the music is strong and clear. Love that they are priced for the average person" – Isabel

"Personally i like sound to be represented in a spacious, lively way with the emphasize on the bass. Finally i understand that comparing wired to wireless and earbuds to headphones is not a fair comparison in soundquality but my goal is simply giving an idea of the soundquality. Songs: Editors - Honesty (44.1 khz / 16 bits mp3) Pearl Jam - Man of the Hour live (44.1 khz / 16 bits FLAC) Raging Fyah - Fight (44.1 khz / 16 bits mp3) Kim André Arnesen - Magnificat performed live (2822.4 khz DSD) While doing this comparison i found that i am even more impressed with these wireless earbuds then beforehand. The overall sound is neutral and for earbuds very spacious with good details. The quality is definitely above average. It does however all come to down to the perfect fit. In my case this means i regret not buying the extra comply tips since i am guessing this would improve the overall fit in my case. So would i recommend the Murel Zero's to others? Yes, rid yourself of wires but not from good quality and get these Zeros" – Etienne

"I have been thinking of sending yall a thank you since I got my headphones. These headphones have joined my all my other tech in my gig bag for everyday life. The headphones are a true life saver whenever I just need to sit back and relax with my music. The simplicity of turning them on and getting them connected before getting out of my car makes my life quick and easy. The clarity and sound of the drivers are exceptional and I'm so glad I backed this project. keep up the great work, I'll be buying more products soon" – Ricardo

"I must say that I am very happy with my murels. I have backed fireflies earbuds and murels on KS and there is no comparison which earbuds sound better and hold a longer charge. Another bonus is being able to answer incoming calls whereas with my fireflies I always had to take one earbud out to answer incoming calls." – Dan

"I had a pair of wireless sport headphones from another company that just weren't performing up to par for my needs. With only 11 reviews at the time of purchase, I took a risk on these headphones and couldn't be happier. Great headphones; I can't recommend them enough." – Tony

"I Love these headphones. Design is great, sound is loud and clean. I am confident that this company will continue to put out great products and continue their exceptional customer service." – Gary

"I have been using the Murel P01 earbuds for about a year and a half. I have loved their fit and length of charge. They will last 8 hours on a charge. I run ultramarathons and spend a lot of time running at one outing. The earbuds stay comfortable and don't fall out of my ear. I'm looking forward to my next pair, the P02's!" – Mark

"These are great buds! I love mine. They fit nicely and are sweat resistant. I highly recommend these. Their customer service is excellent!" – Mike

"I have to say that this company stands behind there product and will go above an beyond to make sure there customers are happy and that to me is the greatest thing about these headphones. When I was having issues they were quick to respond and provided excellent assistance. I couldn't be happier with my purchase." – Shopaholic

Murel™ is proud to be a company that is born from crowdfunding. We believe that together we can make something much greater. We’d like to thank all of our backers and customers who support the Murel™ brand. Murel™ was founded with the quest to improve upon the past. Our last company CruxCase LLC, received international acclaim including being featured in Wired, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, as well as being highlighted in two recent books: “iPad Secrets” and “Crowdfund Investing For Dummies”. In October of 2012 Crux launched a high-end aluminum product called the CruxSKUNK. This product succeeded in raising $500K on both and the website. In total, Crux has pre-sold nearly $1 Million in product through crowdfunding. Crux was sold to BGZ Brands in July of 2014. Murel™ is a company founded on our passion for sport combined with our unique design-crowdfunding DNA. Our mission is to design and develop incredible products for sport & adventure enthusiasts. We hope you'll join us on this new journey!

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges that Murel faces are very manageable. We already have a working prototype that is functioning exactly the way we want it to. We are aware that there are always shipping challenges to international backers which may be a challenge. Also, we are aware of and have experienced the challenges of shipping, customer service, and replacements. We plan to increase our shipping and customer service capacity by hiring out help for these two potential bottlenecks. But we plan to address each of these by a case by case scenario. Finally, there are quality control issues that may arise. We plan to personally do a quality control check of the shipment before it leaves China. We are confident that we can overcome any challenges that come our way.

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