Murder By Death: New Album "Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon"

by Murder by Death

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      Nika on

      I still haven't gotten a backer survey! :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Nika on

      oh wait. I don't need it because mine's a digital download. IGNORE MEEE :)

    3. Ramiro Gonzalez on

      Have not received the survey to respond to

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      Ryan King on

      i'm pretty sure i filled out this survey but i can't for the life of me figure out how to confirm. i don't ever post 'help me i'm a moron' posts but this one is definitely not easy

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      Lee Dempsey on

      If you received (or completed) your survey it should be indicated at your pledge level over here ---->

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      Patsy Anderson on

      Not sure if this will help or not (I couldn't tell by looking at my pledge level because I have random bouts of moron), but I searched my email for stuff from Kickstarter. The one you want has this title: Response Needed! -- Get your reward for backing Murder By Death: New Album "Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon" by Murder by Death.

      If you click on the button, you log in and then the survey will either pop up for you or tell you that you can no longer edit it.

      Hope that helps!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on

      When you login the survey reminder sits at the top of the screen for a duration. After that it will be added to the pledge category at the bottom.

      eg. Survey sent: 08/15/12 • Your response