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Help fund MBD's album + special edition vinyl; get music + unique amazing prizes like REQUEST A COVER, ADVENTURES w/ MBD + MORE!
2,618 backers pledged $187,047 to help bring this project to life.

One Week left...covers....KY Bourbon Trail + Bub!

WOW. One week left.

This thing has been a major undertaking and we are moved by the support that you guys are giving us. Handling it from the road has been a big job, but honestly we are having so much fun on tour and doing this kickstarter that it isn't phasing us. Tour is killin' it, and every night we get to meet fine people who have contributed to this kickstarter.


  • We sold the Cedar Point Rollercoaster Trip. AWESOME!!! We decided to offer one more in case anyone else was saving up for it or something though and the price was reduced to $4001
  • We reduced the Kentucky Bourbon Trail trip to $6500. This is a lavish treat that will cost a pretty penny but will be totally amazing. We hope somebody gets this as a wedding gift or something. Crossin' our fingers...
  • We hit the $125k mark so it looks look we will have to do one of those three covers...looks like we might even have to do all three... (INXS, Wilson Philips, Murder City Devils)
  • also, remember if we hit $200k, Sarah and Adam will teach a face yoga class online. Most embarrassing thing ever.

Anyway, one week left- please share with your friends and get this out there! We are super proud of this album!


We also want you to be aware of this beautiful kitty. Her name is Bub and she lives down the street from us. She was born with a tiny lower jaw, no teeth, and stunted legs and will never grow to be a full sized kitty. But she sure is cute and a sweetheart. Even Lil Bub is excited about MBD's new album! If you want to know more about Bub, check out
TWITTER: iamlilbub

We love her and wish we could hang with her all day, but alas, we are on tour. Here's her with our albm

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    1. Creator Aaron H. on August 2, 2012

      So where are we going to vote? Rum to Whiskey please!

    2. Creator Roxane Tourigny on August 2, 2012

      Awww Bub is precious! Grats for getting 125k and I'd really be estatic to hear this new album along with the covers.