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Kit ^n^ Kate is a special kind of animated serial for little kids, packed with fun, adventure and important life lessons.

When things go wrong in life, wouldn't it be great to go back and do them over? For little Kit and Kate, they can!

Kit ^n^ Kate is a special kind of cartoon for little kids, packed with fun, adventure and important life lessons. It's a smart little show from some of the cartoonists and writers behind Sesame Street, the mega-hit video game Cut The Rope and DreamWorks' Shrek 2 and Madagascar, and the Russian mega-hit The Fixies.

Yep, that's us…and we're all parents too! From the US, France and Russia. So we made a show for PARENTS LIKE US AROUND THE WORLD –– to help all our kids learn the important LIFE LESSONS we want to give them. And have a blast learning them!

Maybe you have kids too! Or maybe you just love kids. We know it's hard to raise kids to be good and smart. So we tried to make a show that they'd love to watch — while they learn life skills that are SO important these days:

We believe life lessons can be tons of fun — never FEEL like lessons — all in a colorful world that kids can cozy up to like a best friend — and come back to again and again! So join our team now — and take pride in making this super-fun show a reality for little kids everywhere! We'd be so grateful and proud to be partners together.

When Kit and Kate jump inside their MAGICAL TOY BOX and choose a toy or costume the playroom magically transforms into big colorful world, with winding roads, mysteries and choices around every corner

On each adventure Kit and Kate make choices, but bad choices lead to a dead end for them. OH NO! Luckily a helpful stranger happens by to nudge them in the right direction.

Now Kit and Kate can figure out their problems for themselves and try their adventure all over again with the magic words:

Kit and Kate get a chance to repeat their journey — lesson learned — and this time find a happy ending! Can you help us find OUR happy ending of making this series real for kids around the world?

Toonbox Studio (concept, animation, production)

is a good animation studio. A REALLY good animation studio. With headquarters in Moscow and New York, Toonbox has grown into one of the largest animation studios in Russia and a market leader in flash animation. The studio specializes in animated series for kids. To date, the studio has produced more than 210 projects recognized around the world for their creative and production excellence. Toonbox’s production of Om Nom Stories for Cut the Rope was the recipient of the iKids award for the best series in 2012 and has had more than 100M views online.

Mike de Seve (script writer)

the creative director of Baboon Animation, is an Emmy-nominated animation writer and director, working in both feature films and television, from Sesame Street to Shrek 2.

Mike served as a sequence director and story consultant on DreamWorks' Madagascar and as a story consultant on Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Over the Hedge, Monsters vs. Aliens and other films. In the world of international kids’ TV, Mike is a writer on the celebrated Arthur series and has written and directed for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, DreamWorks Television, NBC, THE CW, WB and FOX TV. He’s currently also story editor on the YFE series Heroes of the City.

Michael Mennies (producer, script writer) 

is a co-creator, writer, and English voice director on the hit kids' series, The Fixies, the #1 kids' show in Russia today, with 2,000,000 views daily on Youtube alone. Michael's an award winning producer, writer, voice director, sound editor, and performer, beginning his career in kids’ theatre and music.

Following more than 1000 concerts as a touring musician, he became the commercial producer at WCSC-TV, winning 4 ADDY awards for his writing and directing. Michael then worked on numerous films as a sound editor and supervisor at the Saul Zaentz Film Center. Michael also serves as the Director of International Development and Production for the Riki Group, Russia’s leading animation production and licensing company.

Fréderic Puech — (producer) 

is President of Planet Nemo Animation, an innovative and independent production studio, making high quality programming with strong international appeal. Frederic has put into production 10 cartoon series in the past 5 years, securing over 30 million USD financing both in France and internationally. He has created several of the studio's key series.

Frédéric was nominated for Young Producer of the Year in 2006, Animation Producer of the Year in 2010 and 2011 by the French Producers’ Guild PROCIREP, and European Animation Producer of the Year in 2011 by Cartoon. He lives in Paris.

Do you want your kids to be optimistic, kind and determined? Do you want to be part of the "solution"?

Help us create this series and teach kids everywhere with the help of Kit ^n^ Kate! You will be so proud that you took part! With our 60 million-view track record with The Fixies in Russia and other countries, and hit shows like Sesame Street, we expect to be able to show KIT ^n^ KATE to literally MILLIONS of kids around the world.

We'd be so grateful if you want to JOIN US and help!



Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Toonbox has produced more than 190 animation projects in the past 5 years, so there is almost no risk that Kit ^n^ Kate will not get made. The team at Toonbox will do its best to fulfill the production of each episode and the delivery of the rewards in a timely manner. And believe us, having done projects for such giants as Microsoft, Adobe, and Oriflame, we know what sticking to a schedule means.

However, in the unlikely event of aliens attacking planet Earth, a Zombie Rebellion, or some mundane act of God like a volcano exploding or a key staff member falling ill, there is a slight chance for delays that could slow down the delivery of video, or soundtrack digital downloads, or DVDs... But fear not, if something does goes wrong, we’ll let you know what happened right away and what we are doing to minimize the delay. Why? Because we want to watch Kit ^n^ Kate with our kids as soon as we can.

So if you're the type that doesn't want to miss a thing, stay tuned to the Kit ^n^ Kate backers blog for details on how the production is moving along. Go, kitty kitties, let's go!


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