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60 Terrible Character Portraits (30 male, 30 female, mostly human) that will be released using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
60 Terrible Character Portraits (30 male, 30 female, mostly human) that will be released using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
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A Terrible Update

Backers, Philanthropists, and Interested Parties:

I spoke to Jeff briefly this morning, and he's got a couple things on deadline between now and the end of the week. He has promised that once these deadlines are in the can, he's going to lock himself in a large trunk and book passage on a tramp steamer for a trans-Atlantic voyage, during which he'll have ample time to complete the rest of the project.

I pointed out that the swaying of the ship will give the character portraits a Squigglevision look, and that the light might be better outside the trunk. He agreed, and is currently bound for a sandy beach somewhere in the Caribbean. I regret not asking him which beach, as he has absconded with my pen.

I have, however, been promised a postcard, which will serve as a teaser for anyone getting curious. I'll post that when it arrives. And while I do have an idea for when he'll get back from Cabo San Barbados or wherever, I hesitate to make that information public, as I have an intrinsic fear of both Target Dates and Illuminati Ninja.


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    1. Jeff Preston on November 18, 2010

      Yay! Progress! I'm going to start rolling out this page by page. I'll be snail-mailing Duane original pics to send to people starting next week some time. Then I'll start publishing this page by page (rather than doing it all at once, which is just too doggone slow).

    2. Jeff Preston on November 2, 2010

      Ink, ink ink. Little at a time and it seems to make hardly a dent. I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

    3. eggdropsoap on October 18, 2010

      That sounds awesome. Thanks for coming up for air briefly. :)

    4. Jeff Preston on October 18, 2010

      Indeed, this are progressing a bit slower than planned. Originally I planned on a per page rate of about a day, and it's coming out more like 5 days per page. I think this is because I've done the "special" ones first (the ones that need to look like the contributors according to spec.)

      I'm currently inking away and I'll do layout afterward unless anyone has a personal preference on having these out a sheet at a time (vs all at once).

      I've got the template made in InDesign for this, so I should just need to fit the images in the template and publish the pages.

      Anyhow, that's where I am on this. Pages are slowly getting completed. Slower than planned at least. Overall I'm looking at about 100 individual illustrations and I'm about 30% done. I hope that now that I'm largely done with the really special pics, I can pick up some speed and blast out the rest and be done by November 7-14.

    5. eggdropsoap on October 17, 2010

      Can we get another update? I know art takes time (and unpredictably so). We just want to hear your dulcet tones letting us know that things are on-track even if they're held up just outside the station.