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60 Terrible Character Portraits (30 male, 30 female, mostly human) that will be released using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
38 backers pledged $1,352 to help bring this project to life.

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Backer Packets Start To Drop Saturday

Posted by A Terrible Idea (Creator)

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Portraits Are Up For Download - finally.

Posted by A Terrible Idea (Creator)

Benevolent and Patient Backers,

Earlier this evening, I put the portraits up for download at a public Dropbox link.

I'm also hosting them on my own site :

I'll probably push them up to DTRPG, and I'm aiming to get them into the wiki commons as well, but that may take some time.

The download includes full sized portraits with embedded license info, a license txt file, a readme that briefly describes the project, and a quick set of thumbnails including a 1994-style crude thumbnail gallery.  Feel free to share, mirror, re-host, etc.

I'd like to apologize to everyone for the delay in getting these out.  I've had a number of things come up on my end, and I let some of those things get in the way of getting closure on this project.  That didn't serve anyone well, least of all me, and you all deserved better than that.  This isn't to say that we've hit closure - next up are the backer packages.  These will go out by the end of the month. 

In the meanwhile, enjoy.  And again - thank you for your patience.

HUGE Update - They're In The Can!

Posted by A Terrible Idea (Creator)

You see that handsome fellow down there? That's me.

Nice, huh!

I was the 108th portrait. The last one to be completed.

I am happy to report that all 108 Portraits have been completed and scanned. Jeff has them uploaded, but give us a couple days to get things sorted out, licensing straight, etc. We'll be making them available on both of our sites, and uploading them into Wiki Commons as soon as we can.

Thank you everyone for your patience as we worked through this huge project. We'll try to get the portraits fully available as soon as we can.

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Glimpse some Terrible Character Portraits

Posted by A Terrible Idea (Creator)

Would anyone like a glimpse of what's coming? I posted about it over here but I'm sure not all of you read my blog. The meat of that post is right here below.

Consider these works in progress. We'll release the finals with appropriate licensing information when they are done. This is just to get you a look at how things are coming along.

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A Terrible Update

Posted by A Terrible Idea (Creator)

Backers, Philanthropists, and Interested Parties:

I spoke to Jeff briefly this morning, and he's got a couple things on deadline between now and the end of the week. He has promised that once these deadlines are in the can, he's going to lock himself in a large trunk and book passage on a tramp steamer for a trans-Atlantic voyage, during which he'll have ample time to complete the rest of the project.

I pointed out that the swaying of the ship will give the character portraits a Squigglevision look, and that the light might be better outside the trunk. He agreed, and is currently bound for a sandy beach somewhere in the Caribbean. I regret not asking him which beach, as he has absconded with my pen.

I have, however, been promised a postcard, which will serve as a teaser for anyone getting curious. I'll post that when it arrives. And while I do have an idea for when he'll get back from Cabo San Barbados or wherever, I hesitate to make that information public, as I have an intrinsic fear of both Target Dates and Illuminati Ninja.