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The shattering sequel to Thea: The Awakening. Turn-based strategy-survival inspired by Slavic mythology. Become a god, lead, survive!
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Early Access is almost here!

Posted by MuHa Games (Creator)

As hopefully all of you know by now, we will be releasing our second baby into the world on November 30th. Yay!

So, if by any chance you still haven't got your Steam key, please message me asap, and I will sort it out. 

There is also a chance that you may get access to ea before 30th, so keep your eyes peeled for news about that.

Other Rewards

Truth be told, we have had to focus a lot on the game itself in the last months, so we will work hard to get all the rewards ready for the main release, but please do accept our apologies if you were hoping to have them by now. 

Name in game - if you haven't filled out the survey and specified your name to be in the credits (if your tier qualified for it) we won't be able to have your name there, so please get in touch if in doubt.

Portrait and Creature - all portraits should be done and sent out now, so if you did fill in the form and sent it to me, but not got the portrait back, please message me. Same goes for creature design.

Stories - huge apologies here, but your stories will be implemented during ea. I want to do them justice and there just wasn't enough time. ETA Jan 2019 (December will be mad with bug fixes and balancing I imagine).

Bestiary - TBC, but will sit down to it early next year too.

Physical - also to be sorted early 2019 - but if you did pledge for the physical rewards and have not done the survey, please get it to us asp, the hood and t-shirts need special order.

Early Access Roadmap Draft

Stuff we want to do during the entire Early Access period:  

1. Steam Workshop implementation (+instuctions on what can be modded and how to mod certain aspects of the game)  

2. Steam Cloud saves implementation 

3. Weather (visual effects, gameplay mechanics) 

4. Additional equipment icons (Tier 2 & 3) 

5. Additional 2d/3d artwork 

6. Minimap 

7. Game difficulty options 

8. World generation options 

9. Research (including acquiring researchable items) 

10. Exploration 

11. Finishing and polishing events, including the main quest (proofreading, bug fixing) 

12. Divine Quest and KS backer quests 

13. Voiceover for the main quest 

14. Quest logbook, faction status panel 

15. Endgame + scoring 16. Settings (video, gameplay) 

17. Challenge tutorials 

18. Steam cards and achievements 

19. General bug fixing 

20. General balance improvements 

21. General UI improvements 


Thea: The Awakening Tabletop RPG  

We are excited to announce a new project! The Awakening is a roleplaying game created by our friends at Triglav Studio. It is set in a dark fantasy world and shares the same universe and premise as Thea: The Awakening.

The game is full of eerie creatures you may recognise form Thea. But even those familiar fiends can often surprise you with unique stories and twists.   

The Awakening will also allow you to visit some well know locations as well as brand new ones, like the mirror world of Navye, where you will have to bargain with spirits and other entities causing trouble to your beloved village.

Anyway, it is a pen & paper, tabletop, awesome experience and so it has to have a nice set of rules. The guys at Triglav made sure that the rules are simple to grasp but require some experience and tactical thinking to be properly mastered. 

 The world of Thea is harsh, therefore, the combat in their game is quick and deadly. It utilises a D6 dice and … well we could go on and on with that but it’s best for you to see for yourself and chat to the devs. May the hand of Zorya guide you to their website for the first DEV DIARY and more The Awakening news. 

 And remember, to talk about all things Thea, including this new and exciting project from Triglav, join our Discord channel. 

That's all for today's update and see you in Thea very soon!

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    1. MuHa Games 3-time creator on

      It will update to the ea version, no need for other keys.

    2. Aaron Dunn

      So, I was wondering,will the alpha version I received a Steam key for back in September update to the Early Access release, or do I need a separate Steam key for the EA release?

    3. Jakob Christensen on

      Awesome news, can't wait!!

    4. MuHa Games 3-time creator on

      Early access is open to everyone, even non KS, it is public. EA 'preview', if it happens, is for everyone who pledged £15 or more.

    5. Missing avatar

      david paul boulton

      is everyone entitled to "early access" or only higher level pledges?