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This aircraft will create an unprecedented aerial performance that has never been seen before. Innovative. Radical. Inspiring.

This aircraft will create an unprecedented aerial performance that has never been seen before. Innovative. Radical. Inspiring. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on February 17, 2012.

About this project

My name is Matt Tanner, and I am an airshow pilot. I have been flying since I was a teenager. I currently fly airshows with a plane called the Laser Z300. My team and I have designed a set of vertical wings for my airplane that will allow it to move through the air like no other aircraft has ever moved through the air before. It will be able to turn, loop, and maneuver in unprecedented ways. The vertical wings will fit onto my existing aerobatic aircraft. They each will be two part (top and bottom) wings that will fit through the normal (horizontal) wings. Future airshow fans will be able to watch something that no one has ever seen before because of these vertical wings. There is no other current aviation/airshow project that is as innovative, creative, and original as this project. I have a build team ready to make it happen, and now need the funding to build the full scale version of the wings.

The Project Impact

This project will be an inspiration to current and future aviators, and aviation fans. We will be doing something that has never been done before. Airshow fans will be able to see the airplane move through the air like nothing they have ever seen. We are hoping to inspire non pilots to become pilots, to show people what can be done on our three dimensional canvas - the sky, and to inspire creativity and motivate people to do great things in their lives.

If we don't receive outside funding, we will still continue toward our goal. However, it will take much longer than with your help. By our estimates, it will take between seven and eight years to fund this project on our own. With your help, if we reach our goal, we could have a completed, tested, airshow ready plane by the end of 2012.   

What We Need

We need $75,000 by the end of February 2012 to be able to finish the project by the end of the 2012 season. We're asking for $50,000 for the first phase of the project, which includes the vertical wings alone. It will cost an additional $25,000 to complete the remaining modifications and be airshow ready. We will be flight testing and developing an airshow routine for the next season in the winter of 2012. The money will be going toward building materials and building labor costs. We are using the newest, state of the art, lightest carbon fiber materials to build these vertical wings. It is the same technology used by Boeing to build the new Boeing 787, and by the US Air Force in some of their stealth aircraft. And, although that sounds more expensive, it's actually going to be less expensive than older methods due to decreased labor/build times. It will also be lighter and stronger than older types of carbon fiber.

We will use our existing aerobatic aircraft, the Laser Z300, as an aircraft platform. The existing wing is a wood wing. We have a new carbon fiber wing ready to switch out with the old wing during the project. The new wing will be able to accept the vertical wings that will be removable rigid airfoils on each side of the plane.

We have worked with structural engineers, aerospace engineers, and aerodynamic experts to make sure that the vertical wings will be a success. We will do significant flight testing on the final model to ensure the maximum amount of safety, and develop a great presentation for airshows.

Please help us create something that has never been done before!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you know any individual or corporation that would like significant marketing exposure through sponsorship on a national level, please let them know about our project. We would love to be an ambassador for your company. Our sponsorship package is offered at extremely low cost through Please go to my website for additional pictures, videos, and information about me.


  • I've been getting this question quite a bit! Yes, we have a 1/3 scale plane that we are currently adding the vertical wings to. The model plane will be weighted, powered, and sized to scale. We expect to get excellent results and feedback from the R/C model. We're hoping to have it in the air in the next few weeks.

    Some people have been passionately commenting that this idea has been accomplished (many years ago) with R/C model aircraft. We are fully aware of that, in fact, the models are a good source of inspiration for the full scale plane. Our project is the first ever of this design for a full scale aircraft. We're excited to accomplish something that no one has ever done with the vertical wings and a human in the cockpit!

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