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You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Joel Hodgson (Creator)

Dear MST3K Revival League,

Just like I promised in Tuesday's update...

The first official MST3K PLEDGE DRIVE starts right now, offering some wonderful new rewards and opportunities for anyone who wants to be part of helping us make Season 12!

And, speaking of wonderful new rewards, I'm excited to share this with you: for the new season, we asked our good friend Gary Glover to help design some official new artwork, and I'm thrilled with how it's coming along. This isn't 100% final – we might tweak it a little – but it should end up looking pretty much like this:


Pretty neat, huh? You can get a better look at Gary's artwork on the brand new Season 12 T-SHIRT, TOTE BAG and POSTER rewards!

Also, in case you didn't get a chance to read it in the last update, I want to take a minute to repeat three important notes about why we're holding a pledge drive to help with the new season of Mystery Science Theater.

1. You told us you loved being more involved during Season 11. 

The most important reason for the Pledge Drive is because we've gotten hundreds of emails and comments and tweets from members of the MST3K Revival League over the last year or two, telling us how much you enjoyed the Kickstarter experience, and being more involved with production, and getting some of the neat rewards we offered – and, most of all, how much you enjoyed knowing that you were an important part of the show getting made! 

2. We loved having you more involved during Season 11. 

You already know this, but MST3K has always been kind of unique, and we've done things differently than most other shows. And you know, my favorite thing about the Kickstarter isn't just that we got to bring Mystery Science Theater back, but how we got to do it: with you. We got to make the show with, and for, the people who actually loved it most. 

When we started the Kickstarter, I didn't realize how special that experience would be, or how wonderful it would be to have fans join us during production, or at the premieres. But it was: creating Season 11 with you didn't just make the show possible, it made it better. The shoot was more fun with fans on set, laughing at jokes. We've gotten so many messages about how it felt good to be part of something – and hey, we felt the same way. That's why... 

3. We want you to have the option to get involved again, if you want! 

When we really thought about this season, we all knew we wanted to find ways to keep some of that experience going, and to make the process fun for everyone who wanted to keep going with us. And we also knew that there were plenty of MSTies, old and new, who missed out last time, and didn't get to be part of the fun. So, it was important to us to offer another chance. 

But here’s the big thing I want you to know: I don't want you to feel like you have to keep making pledges to support Mystery Science Theater, you already #BroughtBackMST3K and we are so grateful. But the truth is, your support still makes a very important difference. 

Every new pledge will be used to help us keep Mystery Science Theater healthy, and allow us to take MST3K into the future... plus you’ll get some cool rewards in return!

But yeah, the most important thing, whether you decide to pledge or not, is that we're so grateful that you gave us the chance to bring back MST3K, and we're excited that you're still here with us.

Anyway, that's it! Our first PLEDGE DRIVE is now open for business, so I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out some of the ways that you can get rewards and stay involved in the making of the new season, as well as our ongoing innovations like bringing MST3K to the stage and the world of comics!

Let us know what you think!

Cheers and Thanks,


Hellllllo, friends! Tom Servo, here. Long-time listener, first-time caller. If you want to help boost the Pledge Drive and preserve Mystery Science Theater 3000 for future generations, it's easy! 

Just post this message to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram right now: 

Miss the #BringBackMST3K campaign? Ready for more? It's your lucky day! Join me & support the #MST3KPledgeDrive to help @joelhodgson finish the new season of @MST3K + get new exclusive rewards!

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    1. Missing avatar

      HiddenJester on

      So … was the digital backer level "limited" for some reason? I was trying to sign up and the tab saved in browser wouldn't work. When I reloaded the digital backer tier is just gone altogether. I guess if I want to make now, I'd need to get a T-shirt or a tote bag?

    2. Deana Dolphin on

      @Bruce, I totally get it. I would pay for a physical card too. I'll cross my fingers too, and maybe in the not too distant future we will :)

    3. Bruce Pullen on

      Confounded typos...

      @Deana Dolphin.

      I know Deana. NONETHELESS, I crossed my fingers that if I and others showed interest there might still be a possibility. Hence why I asked.

      Note: I sense there are ton of us who would pay an extra $5-$10 for the actual card. My thoughts at any rate.

    4. Bruce Pullen on

      @Deana Dolphin.

      I know Deana. NONETHELESS, I crossed my fingers that if I and others showed interested there might still be a possibility. Hence why I asked.

    5. Deana Dolphin on

      @Bruce Pullen If you look at the description of the Digital Membership Card, it says everything is digital. No physical card.

    6. Bruce Pullen on

      @Ivan Askwith.

      Is there any more perks arriving during the pledge drive? A Season 12 Hoodie would be one suggestion or VHS tapes of the first episode of Season 12. The MST cup and keychain were also popular and were perhaps missed by those you're aiming at. Just my two cents. Cheers.

    7. Bruce Pullen on

      @Ivan Askwith.

      Will the Digital Membership Kit include the option of an actual card later like the Kickstarter? I don't own a printer. I can't print out a file and what I want is an actual card like before. Is that in the cards? So to speak. Thanks.

    8. Christopher Northern

      Nope. I pledged the previous campaign at the $85 level. I am happy that I was able to support bringing back MST3K. However, I don't like anything about the new version. I am glad for your success. My person preference is the "classic" MST3K seasons.

    9. Melody Fohr on

      I just noticed, but perhaps you might want to correct your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram message there that Tom Servo asked us to post, because @joelhodgson is the Twitter handle of some guy who's a big Denver Broncos fan, not @joelGhodgson, the creator of MST3K. Oops.

    10. Deana Dolphin on

      @Ola, I don't think it will be availble globally on Netflix. You're best bet would be to get the digital downloads.

      @Philip, check out this update for more information on Season 12

    11. Missing avatar

      Philip Sparta on

      Hi. These KS updates are informative and identifies stakeholders and their responsibilities. I probably missed it but I am keenly interested in NETFLICKS commitments relative to this revival of MST3K. Specifically, how many seasons and episodes have they committed to? Please let me know if this aspect is answered in a previous posting.

      Thanks a lot!

    12. Ola Stensson on

      Will the episodes be available on Netflix globally this time, or just in a few countries like season 11?. Need to know before shelling out $50 for the downloads.

    13. James M.

      Not a whole lot of time, but about a month should be OK for me. The safest thing to do if it ends on the 13th though is to pledge no later than the 12th. I'll make a note so I don't forget. Thanks for the info.

    14. Deana Dolphin on

      Oops, yeah August :)

    15. Clarissa

      August not April

    16. Deana Dolphin on

      @James M. it ends April 13. I don't think we have an exact time yet.

    17. James M.

      Maybe I missed it, but how long is the pledge drive open? I would like to pledge to get some of the rewards I saw there (namely DVDs), but it might be better if I can do so later rather than sooner. If you can't give us an exact date yet, please at least make sure you give us sufficient notice of when it will close so that we don't miss out. Thanks!

    18. Ralph Carusillo on

      Here is how I see this. I offer this as another viewpoint only, not as anything disdainful of anyone else’s comments. Thank you.

      I look at this as sort of how PBS stations conduct their pledge drives. I really like being able to support MST3K in a way I never could in the show’s original run. I feel I’m a part of the success of the reboot— and I was able to do that for my favorite show of all time. I pledged as much as I could and I’m glad to help. I’m looking forward to season 12 and to the live NYC shows— I have a VIP ticket for the first NYC show.

    19. Jennifer Stine on

      My offer to take Crow and Servo with me to see Queen as "service bots" still stands. I'll keep them from getting a tattoo or trying to crowd surf.

    20. jt4703 on

      @ Ivan - That is great to hear! I believe the update statement in the description is what confused my buddy.
      Is there any chance for the extra bonus features on the DVD/BluRay to also be offered to digital pledges?

    21. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      Deana Dolphin: Or if one absolutely refuses to have anything to do with Netflix. No offense to Joel and the crew, but I'm glad that the S11 episodes were available from an alternate source.

    22. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @jt4703 - Fortunately, your friend pointed out wrong. The Digital Membership Kit is basically just like getting new "Season 12" membership benefits, including one exclusive "State of the Union" report Joel will write to thank people who help the season. Other than that, the plan is to either continue updating here on Kickstarter, or to move to an email newsletter that ALL MSTies can sign up for, whether they pledged for the original campaign or not. So, no, it's not like you have to keep paying just to hear from Joel about what's happening.

    23. Deana Dolphin on

      The great thing about the digital download is that if a MSTie lives in a country that Netflix doesn't show MST3K, they can get the downloads and still watch the new season!

    24. Alex MacPhee on

      But if you get the DVDs instead of the Blu-rays, most blu-ray players can play all regions

    25. Alex MacPhee on

      @Cameron Myers Shout Factory only do R1/A

    26. Shawn Moore on

      credit card purchase works now.... :-) And while $80 (including shipping) is steep for the 6 episode BluRay set, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

    27. jt4703 on

      My friend pointed out that it seems to continue getting updates you HAVE to pledge $15. Will you stop updating this Kickstarter when the pledge is over? I already backed MST3k to return, not just for one season, so I would expect to continue getting updates even without giving more money. Maybe if it was a buck like on Kickstarter just to get member only updates, but $15??? No thank you. I've slept on it and I'm put off by this whole pledge idea more so every moment I consider it. I would buy the digital downloads if I could also get the extra features but to have to pay for those AND more on top to stay in the loop is wrong.

    28. bonuswavepilot

      @Jordy - it might be worth doing a search on the brand of the player you have: when these devices are produced in the factory, they are all identical -their region is often set en masse through remote control instructions. Sometimes those instructions leak online and you can find a way to make your current player region-free by just inputting a weird sequence of buttons on the remote.

    29. Jordy Licht on

      No more region-free discs? :(
      @Jordan Garren: I see your point, but in my country region-free bluray players start at 200 Euros, which is a lot of money.

    30. David Mello on

      Already the complaints about costs of DVDs.
      True, blu-ray is 70 bucks for six episodes, but it also includes a bonus disc not available in the future Shout Factory version. Pricey, but I consider this "limited edition".
      Would be a good idea to knock five bucks off the price of t-shirts, but if you explain why the prices are higher, that would also be a good idea.
      Thanks, and I think the Mads are mean enough. They should just be less mean to each other.

    31. KevinSensei on

      Love MST3K and I was very happy with my $250 (plus shipping) pledge for the first renewal season. But the prices of these new items seems to be a much worse value. $60 for a 6 episode box set? $45 t-shirts?

      Lat time I pledged $250 and got: A mug, a t-shirt, a 14 episode box set, a poster, a flash drive, postcard and a poster. Also digital downloads of the all the episodes and a whole bunch of classic episodes to boot. THAT was a good deal. And I knew I was helping the show get made.

      Now the show is already being made and the goods are almost twice as expensive. As much as I love you guys and the show. And I really do love you guys. I can't justify the expense this time.

      But I wish you luck and hope you are able to keep making the show going forward. I will continue to watch it and hopefully come out to one of the live shows someday.

    32. Jordan Garren on

      I see a lot people complaining that the Blu-ray set will be region locked. Just get a region free Blu-ray player. They are relatively inexpensive and will let you play REGION 1 / REGION A discs (among others)! Totally worth the upgrade!

    33. John Warren on

      Love you guys, but I'm not paying $45 for a T-shirt. :-(

    34. Missing avatar

      JAMES WEBB on

      Even though it’s a lot less bang for my buck than experiment 300 was (you have Netflix money AND no Kickstarter fees to pay) I was planing on spending $275 ($90 of which on non physical items) on: digital membership kit, one episode credit, T-shirt, Tote bag, Poster and Blu-Ray BUT as the discs are ONLY being done for the North America region (a larger area for Blu-Ray but still excluding most of the world) I’m not going to buy anything at all now!

    35. Kelly Luck

      Is there no way of getting the extra content on the DVDs if we go digital-only?

      Contrariwise, if we buy the DVD/Blu-Ray, will the digital downloads also be available for us? I am pretty much digital only these days, but would like the extras as well.

    36. Michael Gilstrap on

      @J. Nathan Couch --- It looks to me like the discs and digital downloads are separate things ...

    37. Scott Marshall on

      I was going to pickup the Season 12 BD's to sit proudly along side by Season 11 set, but when they're only going to be American region, well, sorry guys I can't buy into that. It's a shame, but I'll just have to make do with Netflix.

    38. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      I also got the "Unable to process payment", which I attributed to having different mailing and billing addresses, so I just used Paypal to complete the payment.

    39. Michael Gilstrap on

      @Melody Thanks ... wish the date was added to the page at the very least

    40. Ken Gagne

      Ditto. "Unable to process payment."

    41. jt4703 on

      I'm going to echo Brian and Charles, these prices are a bit much. I can't fathom $35 for a T-shirt ever, and still shipping on top of that! Cost of the Bluray/DVD/Downloads seems out of line for 6 episodes too. Also disappointed the only way to get bonus content is to buy physical discs. I've shunned those for years now.

    42. Sean Jackson on

      Yeah I'm gonna pass on this. I didn't really care for season 11. Jonah was ok, the new bots not so much. In the past seasons of MST3K felt like a group of friends poking fun at bad movies. This felt like paid actors poking fun at bad movies.

      Then there's the new mads. They're just not evil. Kinga cares only about ratings and fame, and son of TVs Frank is her male feminist ally stalker. Where's the evil for the sake of evil? Where's the hate? Where's the DEEP HURTING? Not with those two that's for sure.

      So yeah pledging money to season 12 is not for me. The only financial support I'm gonna give this is my Netflix subscription. If that's not enough, well then as we say here on Earth c'est la vie.

    43. Missing avatar

      Cameron Myers on

      Is there any chance the DVD/Blu-rays will be available as region free?
      I know on the Pledge Drive it says they are Region 1/A, but could they be made available as region free, they were in the Kickstarter and I know a number of people who love the show but live outside of North America/Canada.

    44. Joe Lawler on

      Not a complaint, but my suggestions to make this feel more like the Kickstarter: add a running tally. Watching that climb was half the fun of the Kickstarter (unless there is one, I don’t see it on my phone) and stretch goals, even something as simple as “once we hit ____, everyone who spent $50 gets a free classic episode.”

    45. Philip Stephens on

      @Brian: It’s entirely up to the individual to decide if any of the rewards are “worth it”. If you don’t think they are, that’s fine. I would have liked the producer credits to have come down in price since the Kickstarter, for instance. I can’t justify spending that much money again when I’m only getting the credit and nothing else. But hey, them’s the breaks.

    46. Brian Slivka

      So I guess I'm going to be the Debby Downer here, but I funded the first Kickstarter, bought VIP tickets to two live shows and have consumed everything MST3K since the 90's.

      But to get the same items as my $100 Season 11 Kickstarter pledge, I would have to spend $180. Plus, I wouldn't receive the mug, postcards, keychain, and stickers. And would get 6 episodes, compared to 14.

      Then, add in that ALL of this money is going to the MST3K folks...Kickstarter got a cut of Season 11. Unfortunately, I'm not as excited about this as I thought I would be.

    47. Melody Fohr on

      @Michael Gilstrap Joel's Tuesday July 10 update said the pledge drive was ending August 13th, but did not give an exact time.

    48. Dante Nipon on

      Is there a chance any of these will sell out? Or will you guys order as many as are bought? I want to know if I can wait until August. Thanks, love the show!

    49. Michael Gilstrap on

      @ivan ---- when is the pledge drive ending? I see no date anywhere