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You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

BIG NEWS: Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return on APRIL 14, 2017 on NETFLIX.

Posted by Joel Hodgson (Creator)

Dear MST3K Revival League,

Joel here. It’s been a really busy couple of weeks, and we just finished our third (and last) “Red Carpet Kickstarter Screening” of the first new episode of Mystery Science Theater, Experiment 1101. I’ll tell you more about those very soon, but right now, I’m writing to share some very important news:

The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will premiere on Netflix on April 14, 2017.

You know, I always promised that I’d tell you as soon as I found out, and Netflix actually just told me as we were finishing the Q&A session for our screening here in Los Angeles. So, I wanted to write and tell you right away.

Anyway, I’m off to meet some of the wonderful backers who came out for tonight’s screening, but I wanted to make sure you heard the news from me before you see it somewhere else. I’ll have more news for you soon.

And just so you don’t worry, we promise: if your rewards include the new episodes – or the livestream screening of the first new episode — we’ll make sure you have them by April 14, when the new episodes premiere on Netflix.

None of this would be happening without you. I’m really grateful.

Cheers & Thanks,



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    1. Michelle Ramonetti on

      The hype is intensifying!!! Thank you, Joel, and all the wonderful folks who have been working hard with our contributions to bring back MST3K.

    2. aron aka jello on

      While I won't go quite as far as a few of the other folks and say it's *the best* campaign I've ever been part of (for those curious - go look up Stonemaier Games.. Jamie runs the best damn campaigns I've ever seen) I did absolutely want to toss my hat into the 'pretty happy with everything' camp. Schedules have been delayed about as much as I expected, you've communicated reasonably well about the issues that have arisen, etc. And I, personally, would absolutely prioritize getting renewed over early downloads. All in all, no complaints and absolutely thrilled that we're getting new MST in just weeks!

      As an aside - In a recent interview bit Joel recently remarked about the bots bodies/arms now being driven by separate puppeteers with Baron and Hampton working the mouths by remote rather than having the one actor fully perform the character. Any chance we could get Joel to talk a bit about that decision/process in a future update? I was discussing that and it's implications with a few fans and one of the puppeteers on another forum but he wanted to defer to Joel for details there.

    3. E. Irizarry on

      This news makes me feel so happy!

    4. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      I agree with others saying that this has been one of the best-run Kickstarters. Ivan has saint-like patience dealing with the impatient ingrates who expect reality to bend to their will and take for granted all the work Ivan and Joel are doing to try to keep Kickstarter promises.

      I, for one, am very happy with how everything is going!

    5. David Cruise on

      I don't know how you do it, Ivan. I seriously don't.

      I guess that's why you help run awesome Kickstarter campaigns and I just yell at my monitor about how simpish people are.

      Keep on keepin' on, in the ultimate scheme of things it's just a show... and if they choose not to relax a bit on their inevitable path to shuffling off their mortal coil as we all must, that's up to them. haha

    6. Daniel DiManna on

      @Ivan, you are truly a saint among men, my friend.

      Your patience, dedication, and tireless efforts to communicate with us over the last year+ has been a blessing to this campaign. It SHOCKS me that, after all the reiterating, reposting, and constant reminders, that ANYONE doesn't know where to look for information on reward timing/shipping. The fact that some backers out there actually feel anger about "being ignored" or "forgotten" baffles me, as you and the MST3K team have done EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to keep us happy for 14 months now! I, for one, can't thank you enough. Do you ever sleep, man? :)

      I've backed nearly a dozen Kickstarter campaigns over the last few years, and it goes without saying that this one has been the best I have ever experienced. Not just because of the fact that it enabled us to bring back our favorite show, but because it was, and is, run so amazingly well. Communication is easy and questions are answered as fast as possible, the community is wonderful, the updates come as frequently as can be expected from such busy people, and their content is always awesome. I have backed campaigns where updates come once every 3 months or so. Hell, I backed a Kickstarter back in 2014 that STILL hasn't delivered the goods, and the last update was over 6 MONTHS AGO! We've got it good, people. REALLY good.

      For my part, I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with my MST3K Kickstarter experience. I've never had an issue that required emailing the support team, but I know that if I did, they'd help me as soon as they could. The rewards aren't a source of stress because I, you know, actually read the Reward FAQ and know when things are coming. This Kickstarter has been a big part of my life for the last 16 months, and nothing about it has disappointed me yet.

      So, to Ivan and any MST3K support team members reading this, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Keep up the amazing work.

    7. Brent Degitz on

      First off.... I want to thank Mr Hodgson and his staff for not only all their time and effort, but more importantly for the love and passion for MST3K. This is the news I've dreamed of since MST3K left us begging for more after it's untimely cancellation on Sci-Fi. Second, we have some awesome backers! If we did not all work on this, the reboot of MST3K would never have happened! I am THRILLED to see MST3K again in about a month in a half.

      Thanks to Joel and the thousands of backers! Love!

    8. Melody Fohr on

      Ivan, thank you for being so kind and polite in your response. The livestream premiere being before the Netflix release date is very important to me (like I said, even the day before is cool) and your answer has relieved my anxiety over the issue. As for the other episodes? Well, looking back over my post I didn't word it as clearly as I would have liked; I understand the issue with leaks and getting the other episodes right before the Netflix release is fine with me and always has been; I wasn't clear on that and I apologize.

      As to my comment about the lack of behind-the-scenes info, I respect Joel's decisions about what to share with us. But I will point out again that it was a promise made from the very beginning that backers would get "exclusive behind-the-scenes updates". In Joel's own words, "One of the big promises I made during our Kickstarter is that our backers would get to see a lot of things before the rest of the world." I don't wish to be disrespectful, but I'm going to quote from Update 38 right before production started:

      "What I didn't think about enough during the Kickstarter was when would be the best time to share everything with you, both because I want to make sure we're 100% focused on making the best episodes we can, and because there's a lot that I can't show you without ruining how you'll watch the new episodes. But, you know, I also don't want to keep you waiting forever, because that's not fair either.

      WHEN YOU'LL SEE MORE. Some of it we'll start sharing this week, and some things I'll save to share with you while the show is in post-production for the next few months. And some things, I'd rather not share until after the new episodes come out, so I don't spoil the fun. I know that it can be hard waiting, but you're just gonna have to trust me, because I've thought pretty hard about this."

      Again, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I think if Joel decided he wasn't going to share *most* (not "some") information until after the show's public premiere, he should have made that clear in another update. Instead, in the very next update (39) he spoke about sorting through pictures from the production to see what he could show us in the "next few months" - we never saw any, and that was the last of anything resembling anything from the production other than where the post-production processing stood.

      As I said, I respect that waiting to share information until after the release is Joel's decision, and I respect his creative vision, but I think that decision could have (and should have?) been communicated to us clearly, instead of leaving us hang on words from an update in October for months. I hope I've made myself clear, and that you can respect my viewpoint on this even though you may consider it completely wrong.

    9. Michael Lipinski

      Hooray! I think I might have to finally get my own Netflix subscription instead of leeching off of others. I want to support MST3K any way I can and get more seasons!

      I can understand why some people are upset or frustrated. But you have to give Joel and his team the benefit of the doubt they are trying their best to give us as much as possible. Just ask yourself, what's more important, seeing MST3K before it's on Netflix or getting a 12th season? After all of the leaks from this Kickstarter for things like private screening ticket purchase links I'd be worried about the episodes getting leaked out onto the Internet before release day too.

      Also, if you haven't used Kickstarter much, this campaign has been by far one of the better campaigns I've backed. The staff is attentive and talks to us, we get regular updates, we even have some of our rewards already. I'm still waiting for physical rewards for Mighty No 9 that came out at retail over 7 months ago.

      So just be patient. We've all waited 15+ years for more episodes, we can all wait a couple of weeks longer.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Robinson on

      Well, time to finally get Netflix. I will make sure they know that I am subscribing specifically because of MST!

    11. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @JAMES JOHNSON + CJ SIANO — Afraid not. The DVDs and Blu-Rays are going to include a bunch of additional bonus materials, such as the “Making of the New Season” documentary… and our director was still shooting new material for that during our screening tour over the last 2 weeks.
      We’ve tried to be clear about this. If you look back at the FAQs, you’ll see that we wrote this:
      A: What we CAN tell you is that you'll see the first episode before anyone else, and you'll get the digital downloads, Blu-rays or DVDs and VHS tape as soon as the episodes are available for sale. We don't know for sure when that'll be.
      We’re doing our best to get everything finished as fast as we can, and we’re hoping to get everything to backers way BEFORE we actually promised during the campaign — we expect the DVDs and Blu-Ray to be ready sometime in May or June, which is probably a YEAR before they’ll be available for sale.
      The DIGITAL DOWNLOADS will be available NO LATER than when they are released on Netflix, and we’re working hard to arrange to provide them SOONER if we can. We’re also talking to Netflix NOW to see how soon we can hold our “Online Livestream Premiere” of Episode 1101, as promised… but that’ll definitely happen BEFORE April 14th.
      @CJ — If you really can’t get access to high-speed internet to download them somewhere, email me at and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to help, so you don’t have to wait too long?
      @YODA-SAMA — Totally understand how you feel, but it’s not quite as simple as it might look from your perspective. We proved we don’t need a NETWORK, but unless we want to start over with a new Kickstarter and ask the fans to directly fund EVERY future season of the show, we DO need a partner like Netflix who will hopefully decide it’s a good investment, and cover the costs of future seasons. If you look back at our Kickstarter, that was ALWAYS the goal — not just to make one new season, but to prove that someone should pick up the show and make even more!
      Joel’s trying to make sure we don’t have to ask backers to cover millions of dollars up front for EVERY future season, if there’s another option.
      And for the coffee mug — NO ONE has gotten them just yet. They’re on the way back from China! We answered that in detail in this update on Jan 28 — -- and you can always find a complete schedule of when we expect to send out rewards here:
      @TIMMO — Good catch on Riverdale… BUT, that’s not a Netflix “Original”, since it’s also available on television. The only reason that Riverdales releases weekly is because they have a deal to put it on Netflix each week right after it airs on television. But Netflix doesn’t do that with their “exclusive” shows. (Believe me, we spent months trying to convince them!)
      @MELODY FOHR — As usual, totally understand and appreciate the points you’re raising! We don’t have a firm promise from Netflix yet, but I can tell you our goal is DEFINITELY to hold the livestream screening BEFORE April 14th… and I know we’d like to make it at least a WEEK earlier, if we’re allowed. Give us another week, and we’ll hopefully have a date to announce.
      Also for @CHRIS SKINNER — As for the digital downloads of the full season, we can already GUARANTEE it’ll be no later than when they are released on Netflix, but we’re still working hard to find out how much SOONER we might be able to get them. And if you look at the FAQ mentioned above to James Johnson, we always knew this could be a challenge, which is why we only ever said backers were guaranteed to see the FIRST EPISODE before the rest of the world. We didn’t want to make promises we might not be able to keep.
      Also – and this is for @MATTHEW MITCHELL as well — as several backers have pointed out, this is a huge risk for all of us – and anyone who wants a new season – because if the episodes are put on BitTorrent BEFORE they appear on Netflix, and it hurts the viewing numbers on Netflix, that could keep us from EVER getting renewed for Season 12.
      So, we’ve got a lot of competing priorities to balance here, but I hope most backers will trust we’re doing our best to fight for your interests and to keep (or exceed) every promise we made during the campaign.
      And finally, I’m sorry if you’ve been disappointed or feel that Joel and our team haven’t delivered on the production updates and behind-the-scenes info. As I think Joel has said, there’s a LOT that we’re still planning to share exclusively with backers — but he realized that he wanted to share a lot of it AFTER the show is released, to avoid spoiling the experience, rather than “in the moment” as it happened over the last year. That’s not really a function of Netflix getting involved or “executive tampering” — it’s just a creative preference on Joel’s part about what he thinks will make this whole experience best for the most people.
      @ZANE APPEL — I get that you’re frustrated, man, but please know that we've thought about and prioritized our backers every step of the way, while ALSO trying to make sure we're securing the best possible future for MST3K, so that we'll have more seasons after this one.
      Every time we learned that the release timeline would get pushed back, Joel told backers immediately in an update, starting in January 2016, when we learned production would take longer than expected due to issues getting movie rights cleared. We made an estimate before the Kickstarter launched. Things changed. We told you about it, and now we have more information, and we’ve shared that too. Crowdfunding campaigns are ALWAYS unpredictable, and because there's so much that can change, there's just no way to treat them like "stores" where you're getting reliable guarantees. (On many Kickstarter projects, it's not unusual for rewards to arrive 2-3 YEARS later than expected, without ever telling backers what to expect!) We know how frustrating it can be, which is why we've tried to communicate about changes every step of the way.
      As for your claim that you "haven't even received all the other rewards yet and no word why I haven't received them or if they have been forgotten” — we’ve explained timing in several updates. Here’s the detailed rundown from a few weeks ago with the status of every reward and when to expect them:
      The last thing we ever wanted was for this to be a bad experience for anyone! That's why Joel has actually done everything he can to OVERDELIVER, including giving twice as many free classic episodes as we promised, finding and releasing the KTMA episodes fans were asking for, and more. But at the end of the day, we’re balancing a lot of concerns, and our goal — as Joel said from Day One — is to set the show up to come back for MULTIPLE new seasons without us having to ask backers to fund it each time.
      @ZACHARY LEVEY — Joel wrote that backers will get to download their episodes BY THE TIME IT COMES OUT. And meant that to mean at LATEST. We’re hoping to do the livestream of the first episode at least a week earlier than that, AND to provide all of the digital downloads before Netflix releases the season as well.
      Please keep in mind that doing all of this also creates a LOT of additional risk of piracy, which could keep us from getting renewed for more seasons. Even so, we’re doing it because it’s what we promised during the campaign, and we’ve always taken that seriously.
      If you still feel as though we’re “waffling on our commitments,” feel free to email me at and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can. We really do want to make sure everyone's as satisfied as possible.
      There are a lot of actual people — Joel and myself included — working around the clock to try to make as many backers happy as possible. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we don’t. And when we don’t, we ALWAYS take that seriously, including now.
      @JAMES WEBB — You’re right, BY doesn’t sound as good as BEFORE… we’re still working on making BEFORE happen. We just don’t want to promise something until we’re 110% sure we’re able to deliver on it. Stay tuned for more news about exact timing in the next week or so!
      @ANDREJ LINER / @RINGO STALIN / @MICKE ASKERNAS / @FLORIAN ROSS — International release wasn’t up to us, I’m afraid, but that’s part of the reason we gave ALL backers the chance to pledge for all of the episodes during the campaign: so that you’d be guaranteed access to watch them no matter WHERE in the world you are. And, for what it’s worth, I think Shout Factory is probably still exploring options to get the show into other (non-English speaking) countries as well. If we get ANY news on that, Joel will share im

    12. Philip Stephens on

      @James: No, only the streaming premiere and the digital downloads of season 11 will arrive by April 14. The DVDs and Blu-rays will be available a few months later. See the link to the FAQ about reward schedules in my previous post.

    13. Philip Stephens on

      @yoda-sama: Joel needed a network or streaming service for season 11 so that he wouldn't need to rely on Kickstarters for season 12 and beyond. I've seen what happens with crowdfunding "burn out"'s likely that any future Kickstarters would not raise anywhere near what the first one did.

      I don't care if the digital downloads of season 11 arrive the same day as they drop on Netflix, because there is one big difference between the former and the latter: we get digital copies that we can keep forever, completely free of DRM so we can copy them onto any device we wish. Everyone else has to pay for Netflix access if they want to revisit the episodes in the future, or they will have to buy the DVD/Bluray box set.

      As for the coffee mug, you should bookmark this link to keep track of the schedule for shipping of rewards:

    14. James Johnson on

      Awesome! So our Blu-Rays will arrive by April 14?

    15. Missing avatar

      yoda-sama on

      @Andrew I will say, it is hard to be concerned how Netflix would feel if people see the show elsewhere first, as they weren't in the picture when we were shelling out money for this project, they came long after. And really, if it was anywhere other than Netflix that MST3K landed a deal I would be up in arms about this issue of it airing before the backers see it, rather than just annoyed we don't get what we paid for before others who didn't contribute get it for basically free; since I was scared shitless for a good while there when Joel kept talking about trying to find a network for the show... We proved we DON'T need a damned network, he really missed the mark on that concept (Joel, get your head out of "the biz", I thought)... But then it was Netflix... so, meh, they're pretty friendly to cancelled shows, so it is probably a good home and a safe choice for the long haul, even if we got bitten as full season purchasers.

      Still, where's my coffee mug? Anyone get that yet?

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher D Stephens on

      I know what i am doing Saturday April 15th, binge watching!!

    17. Kate Cummins on

      I'm glad to hear everything went well!! I can't wait to share your next gen vision with my next gen!! They're looking forward to it!!!

    18. Philip Stephens on

      @Jason: I don't think a trailer has been produced yet. Now that the release date has been announced, I would imagine that a trailer would be in the works.

    19. Jason LaGarde on

      I'm not worried about advance screening. I'll be lucky if I get to watch it on the airdate. :P But what I WOULD like to see is a trailer or something for the upcoming show! Has something like that been released that I've missed??

    20. Mary "Piggy" Peach on

      One more vote for disappointment if we don't get an advance screening of the first episode

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Joyce on

      One thing to consider for those saying that the season should be available to backers before it's on Netflix: out of 50,000 or so people, you know there is still at least 1 bad apple who is going to then post them all over the web just like that link for the tickets to the premiere. And then it would be available for the whole world before it's on Netflix, and Netflix would not be happy about that. It's not a judgment on the other 49,999 of us, but it's just the reality of a group of this magnitude not being safe for something like that, when it only takes 1 unscrupulous tool. Maybe we'll get it a day or more before, but maybe not.

      If not, before you start berating them for this one thing...think about all of the ways that they've far exceeded their commitments so far. Think about the spoiler-free but wonderful behind-the-scenes updates that they provided... Think about the 2 lost KTMA episodes that they were under absolutely no obligation to provide, and could have quite easily sold to us (I would've gladly paid, I've wanted to see them for so many years). Joel gave them away for free. If this one area is not realistic to deliver on, can't we just cut them some slack? I think they've more than earned it. I've been waiting excitedly for something like 16 months to see the new show, and another 7 weeks or so are not going to kill me (if I actually die in the next 7 weeks, then I will have my next of kin post a retraction of this statement.)

    22. Laurence A. Bradley on

      This is wonderful news! Also, thanks for the wonderful celebration in New York. Can't wait to see the first show on Netflix!

    23. Paul Zakrzewski on

      Since I tend to do my TV viewing mostly through Netflix - I'm thrilled!

    24. Sean Boardman on

      To bad it is not April 1st on my birthday but I'll take the 14th it will be an extended birthday gift from you guys at MST3K! :)
      I will also tell my family for sure and try to get them over here for the new episode! :)

    25. Jake Westbrook on

      Now I'm not SAYING you should do the livestream premiere next week, but I don't think anyone would necessarily be OPPOSED to the idea....

    26. Jake Westbrook on

      Now I'm not SAYING you should do the livestream premiere next week, but I don't think anyone would necessarily be OPPOSED to the idea....

    27. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool!

    28. Missing avatar

      Samuel Higley on

      Hooray! You guys and gals are artists, I'm quite happy to see your vision coming to fruition. I'm glad that there were so many people out there who supported a new MST3k. For good or for bad you folks really put something together and you all should be proud! Congratulations!

    29. bonuswavepilot

      To those who are hoping for an earlier copy than the premiere, I fear you will be disappointed. "...we’ll make sure you have them by April 14" is as good as it is likely to get. Any kind of release before the fact will mean the show is probably available on torrents before it is on Netflix, and that is a situation the Netflix folks are going to be keen to avoid.

    30. Timmo Warner on

      For the record, Netflix has at least ONE show that's released weekly that I know about (Riverdale.)

      That said, I hope it's like almost every other series and they just put them all up at once. I know I prefer it that way. Some shows I've binge watched and gotten through a season within a week and other I just watch episodes now and then as I feel like it.

      I love having the choice of watching something when I want to. If you prefer them weekly, watch them weekly.

    31. Ashley Holtgraver on


    32. arf pinback on

      So very gratifying that a group of dedicated HOO-mans can create this much fun, happiness, and joy.

      Hats Off Joel & Team

    33. Missing avatar

      Douglas Solomon on

      I'm so glad this happened. I came to MST3k in reruns after it had left the air. So I have purchased all of the episodes on DVD. I used to riff bad movies in the theaters as a kid, so I became an instant fan.

    34. Anne Brown

      AWESOME SAUCE! Can't wait!!!

    35. FanTom Servo on

      Bunny Day Marathon!!!

    36. Jeffrey Henry on

      In the not too distant future, next Friday AD!

    37. Melody Fohr on

      @Ericka - The patches are supposed to ship this spring, per the last update:

      Shipping THIS SPRING, around when the new season is released:

      Coffee Mugs
      Mission Patches
      Art Prints ("Satellite of Love")

    38. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      Joel you are so rad!
      Thank you for keeping us Revival Leaguers in a tight loop. �
      It's so good to be a MisTie still.

    39. Brad Gravett on

      That said, whither season 12??? Let's get moving!

    40. Brad Gravett on

      Just want to represent the viewpoint that I'm fine if the digital downloads come out alongside Netflix's release. I'm happy with 90%+ promise fulfillment. VERY happy. The new eps are good and the show is culturally relevant again, and that's what matters to me.

      Don't let perfection be the enemy of good!

    41. Brad Gravett on

      Just want to represent the viewpoint that I'm fine if the digital downloads come out alongside Netflix's release. I'm happy with 90%+ promise fulfillment. VERY happy. The new eps are good and the show is culturally relevant again, and that's what matters to me.

      Don't let perfection be the enemy of good!

    42. Missing avatar

      Brandon Woodland on

      Oh god it's real.

      Even when the Kickstarter was still running in fall 2015 and I threw a lot more money than was financially smart at it, it had a sort of elusive air to it. In the months after, it was always there in the back of my head: "Hey, MST's coming eventually! There's some news about progress!" But it still felt so distant, like an impossible distance would have to be traveled for it to see the light.

      The release date, especially one set for the next two months, makes it feel overwhelmingly REAL to me. This has been made, and now it's coming. And I helped pay for it, even if the figure was only double digits on a seven-digit number.

      I don't even know what else I can say. Thank you, Joel.

    43. Melody Fohr on

      Does anyone expect the episodes a month early? I sure don't. But I am hoping we get that livestream premiere on April 13th, at least. I don't think it's being entitled to ask that a promise made is kept. Access to the episodes, at least the premiere, a day earlier than the Netflix release date isn't being demanding or "entitled" (I *hate* that word), it's in keeping with what we were told and promised by Joel since Day One of this Kickstarter. If we as backers get those episodes the same day, only a few hours earlier than the public release, or even at the same time, technically it's keeping the promise, but would it really be in the right spirit?

      Yes, I'm glad the show is coming back, Yes, I'm happy it has such a wide platform as Netflix to increase the fanbase and ensure continued success. Yes, I understand the deal with Netflix led to a lot of legalities and circumstances not forseen in November 2015. No, I'm not angry, demanding, or entitled - I'm honest about how I see things and how I feel. I still support Joel and Ivan and the whole MST3K team 100%.

    44. Brad Gravett on


      MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Ok, next step! So what can we as fans do to ensure that we get a season 12?

    45. Brandon Fesler on

      I don't think that backers getting the season a month early is a reasonable expectation. I think that us getting them (or even the first episode) a few days early would be fine.

      And in all honesty, it wasn't the early access that made me pledge, it was getting the show back. Everything else is icing on the cake.

    46. Missing avatar

      Blot dot dot on

      @Philip Stephens
      Don't tell me what I can and can't say.

    47. Melody Fohr on

      I'm very happy we finally have a date from Netflix! Yay. (The crowd goes wild.)

      But...remember this from the August 1st update when the Netflix deal was announced? Re:
      "Also, some of you are wondering what this means for your Kickstarter rewards, like the live-stream, the digital downloads of the new season, and the DVDs. But don't worry, my friends: We're going to do right by you. We made sure that Netflix knew about all of our Kickstarter promises, and made sure we'd still be able to honor them. So, even though the new season will be available on Netflix, it won't change when you get your rewards."

      "By April 14th" should mean "before April 14th" and not "on April 14th". This was a core promise to the backers, the ability to see the new episodes (at least the premiere) first before the public could. It's even a Pledge Level:


      Take a big step into the high-tech future! You'll be one of the first to see the first new episode when the movie sign sounds, with ACCESS TO OUR LIVE-STREAMING ONLINE PREMIERE, where you can watch and riff the new episode LIVE with Joel, the cast and your fellow backers. It will feel like you’re really HERE."

      I think we all understand and accept the constraints of the Netflix deal; I think it's worth it for the continued viability of MST3K. But if it means that the vast majority of backers, who didn't have the time or money or means to travel to one of the three Premiere screenings, don't get to see the new show until a few hours before the public, then somehow the warm glow of satisfaction from helping to bring back MST3K dims a slight bit, for me at least.

      Selfish? Possibly, I'll admit. But all the production updates and behind-the-scenes info about making the show we were promised vanished once Netflix took over, and I'd really hate this last thing we backers all have, together as a big family, to disappear, too. Remember, we were there at the beginning of this journey. We believed in you before any network or distributor did. We gave you the power to make this free from "executive tampering" (your biggest fear, in your words). Don't forget about us now that you have what you always wanted.

    48. Philip Stephens on

      Enough with the "I'm an entitled backer and should get the episodes a month before everyone else". You won't. Get over it.

    49. The Rev Dr Sherwood Forrester on


      And now I have to figure out how I'm supposed to fill the next month and a half without going mental waiting for it...