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You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Michael Gilstrap on

      @George Gerba ... email from the email you used for this kickstarter ..with your name, backer number. old address [optional I'm guessing but it can't hurt] , new address ... and throw in your email into the body of the email [can't hurt to add it and give all the info possible].... and the folks there will try to help

    2. George Gerba on

      Just wondering what the status of rewards is. I will be moving at the end of the month so if rewards are not delivered by then will there be any way to update my address so late?

    3. Missing avatar

      MHarker on

      K01- is that Kryten? (Red Dwarf fans will know when they see it)
      K02- Help Joel! I'm tripping tripping tripping....
      But honestly, I loved seeing these old episodes, so very glad you added them and hope to see other ultra classic (antique?) episodes.
      Just 2 things I have to say: My top 10 were ALL Joel episodes
      And, please add Teenagers From outer Space. Or is that taboo since its been released on DVD? Well, back to gadding about the house. Knew your father, I did!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tom Robinson on

      Done! Just watched 2 lost episodes. Very cool. Getting super excited for the new episodes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom Robinson on

      Ok I emailed them for help as I have no idea how to begin. It seems I was supposed to have gotten an email with instructions but never did, unless it did not come from Kickstarter and was deleted.Thanks

    6. jaybird3rd on

      @Tom: Scroll down through the comments to see Ivan's earlier message:

      "EVERYONE WONDERING HOW TO GET ACCESS TO THEM: If you pledged for Experiment 35 or higher HERE ON KICKSTARTER, you're entitled to free access to the two lost episodes. If you're still having trouble figuring out how, please email and our team will help you get connected to your VHX account!"

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Robinson on

      Hello all. Not sure where or who to ask but I have no idea what a VHX account is and would love to watch the lost episodes. I'm a $100 backer and thought this entitled me to watch all episodes. Haven't done or seen a thing since I backed the project. HELP!!

    8. Morgan Leger on

      After a hectic weekend, its good to see MST3K history was made. This made me smile so much. It was the discovery of a lost Doctor Who episode made the world stop again. It was that big to me. As a fan of the show, I can't tell you how much it means to me. There's something simple about the premise that makes it so enjoyable. Its a puppet show/monster movie-style hosting show/sitcom comedy/ science fiction/ musical/ parody series that is truly the one of its kind. And to have it part of my life is such a joy that something so unique can exist and be loved by many.

      As for the episodes, they are historical in their own right. It shows the series at a primal stage and I feel its interesting to see the rough edges to understand what evolved over time. It goes for the rest of the KTMA series. This was MST3K in its early starts. And what carried over into the official show makes the compare and contrast interesting. It is slow and there is more movie than riffs. But one must consider the effort that was put into it. Jim Henson believed that what people saw on the screen was really happening in real life. In short, if you found a way to hide the wires and puppeteer's heads, the puppets would appear more lifelike and less like a prop. MST3K is much like what the Muppet Show was. An illusion, but a beautiful illusion. We believed the host, Crow and Tom were real because of the effort to make them real. The KTMA years were rough, but you can see the fun everyone had making them. I'd say this was a great share. I couldn't be more happier to be alive.

      Also, even if episode 3 (Star Force: Fugitive Alien II) doesn't turn up, I'm still glad to see fans get a treat for the first two episodes.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Fox on

      To everybody having issues finding the VHX email: It took me a while but I found my email. I got it on July 8th and it has the subject of "New Digital Content for Bring Back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 on BackerKit" - and has a list of several digital things, nowhere in the email does it actually say VHX.

      As for the episodes themselves, I really like how much things are directed at the camera/viewer. I forgot how much this got down played as the series progressed in favor or more typical skits. Hope to see this back in action soon. Also, having Joe get up to actually to leave the theater to get then eat popcorn was the best gag(?) I have seen on MST3K.

    10. Daniel DiManna on

      That said, as per your kind suggestion, I have compiled a list of observations about these two incredible episodes that struck me as particularly interesting and/or funny! So here they are…

      K01 Observations:
      -First off, as a big fan of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Supermarionation shows, this was a joy to watch. If anyone is interested in seeing more of the series this film was based on, “Stingray”, head over to Shout! TV and stream a few episodes for free! They also have Captain Scarlet, which became “Revenge of the Mysterons”.
      -A lot of the segments, including the entire “vacuum flower” bit, is lifted almost word for word from the Green Slime unaired pilot (which I’d LOVE to see in its entirety one day; all the bits and pieces on YouTube are incomplete).
      -Either that’s Josh voicing Crow, or I’m nuts. It’s definitely not Trace. I wonder what he was doing that day, maybe he was out of town? Any memories about that, Joel?
      -Even odder, there’s no Servo! He only appears in the opening, but makes no appearance in the episode himself. I wonder why the decision was made to give Crow to Josh rather than let him do Servo, and save Crow’s introduction for Trace’s return. Maybe they thought Crow was the stronger character at the time?
      -Joel sits in the theater alone for the first segment, and is then joined by Crow for the rest of the episode. Joel enters the theater AFTER the opening credits of the movie, and it’s a while before he makes any comments. Remember, at the time, this was more of a traditional “Svengoolie” type show with funny segments and an odd movie, with the difference being the host actually watching it with us. By the way, the first riff comes 6 minutes and 20 seconds into the episode, with Joel responding to a character’s insistence that “no one’s there” with a sarcastic “Suuuurre…” Movie riffing is born.
      -Things just get funnier from there. In the space of a single episode, you can see movie riffing literally develop and become the primary allure of the show. It’s still more about watching a movie and occasionally commenting on it, rather than extensively riffing on it, but the results are still hilarious.
      -It’s interesting to see how casual things are. Joel actually eats popcorn in the theater at one point!
      -I love hearing Joel crack up at Josh’s riffs as Crow. If you watch the KTMA stuff, it’s easy to tell the then 17 year old Josh really thrived in the improvisational environment of those early episodes. He’s super funny in this one, and he only gets funnier as the season goes on.

      K02 Observations:
      -The opening segment, familiar to anyone who has seen the old MST3K Scrapbook tape, is the first appearance of Trace as Crow for a television audience. A momentous occasion.
      -Also a big moment: partway through movie segment two (at about 14 minutes and 27 seconds into the episode), Servo’s head pops up in his famous left seat and asks “What’s goin’ on here, hmmmm?” in his best Floyd the Barber voice. It’s the first appearance of Tom Servo EVER! Remember, the second bot in the “Green Slime” pilot was Beeper, so this is truly the beginning of our old buddy Tom. Josh voices Servo with a kind of Sothern drawl for this episode. The only surviving theater clip (so far…) from K03 reveals that Josh changed his Servo voice to a more Marvin the Martian type voice that he kept for a few more episodes before getting his MIGHTY VOICE in K06-Gamera vs Gyaos.
      -After Servo enters, things start to feel very familiar. It’s the first time in MST history that Joel, Crow, and Servo sat together in the theater, actively riffing on a movie. And it’s really with this episode that the many different types of riffing are first experimented with: the riffers call out special effects mistakes, speak for characters and finish sentences, generally heckle a few characters, and begin making pop cultural references. It’s all, of course, at a far slower pace than later seasons (and slower than even future KTMA episodes), but it’s still funny, and it’s truly the beginning of something big and wonderful.
      -Joel brings popcorn into the theater again, and this time shares it with the Bots! When he’s had his fill, he dumps the rest of the bag into Servo’s empty head to save for later. I laughed my butt off. :) When Trace starts coughing later in the episode, Joel reacts and Crow blames it on the popcorn. Gotta love improve!

      Seriously, I could just keep going on and on about the amazing things I saw in the episodes. Like I said before, seeing them has been an incredible, and emotional, privilege. I still can’t believe that these things, long thought gone forever, are chilling on my hard drive right now. I could watch them on a loop for hours, simultaneously enjoying them and being thankful for receiving them.

      With the discovery of episodes K01 and K02, and the recent announcement of a KTMA host segment bonus disk with the order of Shout!’s MST3K: Volume XXXVIII, it seems that the future is looking good for us fans who have waited so long for these episodes to see the light of day. While just what Shout! has up their sleeves for the KTMA material, and the still unknown fate of K03-Star Force: Fugitive Alien II, is anyone’s guess at the moment, right now we can rejoice in the incredible gift Joel has given us fans in the form of these two long lost treasures.

      I couldn’t be any more thankful. :)

    11. Daniel DiManna on

      This weekend, I, like a lot of you, had the unbelievable honor of doing something that most of us thought we would never get to do: watch the first two episodes of our favorite show ever aired on television. Two episodes that aired ONCE nearly 30 years ago, and haven't been seen since. Two episodes that, for various reasons, were thought to be lost forever. But, thanks to the generosity of Joel and the dedication of MST3K’s new custodians at Shout! Factory, they are lost no more.
      I can honestly say that being among the first people to see these two episodes in 28 years has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. Not just because of the historical significance of seeing the beginnings of a cult phenomenon, and not just because the movies, segments, and riffing in these two episodes were great fun to watch, but because these two long sought after experiments were gifts. That is the most significant aspect, at least to me, of this whole, amazing story; after 28 years, the eventual appearance of K01 and K02 happened because Joel wanted us to have them, and gave them to us as a thank you for believing in and supporting his creative dream.
      Joel, there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to thank you for over the years. You gave me my favorite TV show, more smiles than I can remember, a sense of being understood, and laughter during dark times. But this Thanksgiving (even if it is a few days late), I want to thank you for the single most incredible present you could have possibly given to your fans. It’s hard to describe just how much this gesture means to us, and we will never forget it.

    12. Philip Stephens on

      @jaybird3rd: I noticed the difference in the shadowrama effect as well. I suspect they simply relied on Joel and the bots sitting in darkness in front of a brightly-lit screen, but there must have been a stray light source illuminating them from the side as they entered the "theatre". Later on I think they processed what the camera was seeing electronically to pull a matte that could be combined with the movie image.

    13. Mike Battle on

      Thank you so much! Any chance of releasing the other KTMA eps (if you have the masters)?

    14. Dan Horn on

      @Ivan Askwith. I cannot find the email with the VHX instructions. I've emailed several times asking how to get the email resent to me, but so far no one has responded. Based on the comments in this section, others are in the same predicament. Can you please resend to my Kickstarter email? Thank you.

    15. Ray Rich on

      Just wanted to thank Joel and everyone else who were able to put this reward together. I have to say it was so simple to log in and redeem that I was able to do it just a few sips into my morning coffee and had it running in no time.

      It's like getting a homemade Christmas card. It may look amateurish and some of the spelling might be off, but the heart involved in its creation shines through. Best wishes always!

    16. jaybird3rd on

      I have to say thanks again to everyone involved for making these episodes available to us. It still blows my mind that we're finally able to see them!

      I haven't yet had the chance to watch K02 in detail, but seeing these KTMA episodes in such high quality, I'm noticing a few things that I hadn't seen before. I'm curious: was the Shadowrama effect achieved at KTMA using the same Chromakey process that was used later? I ask because, at certain times during K01 (especially as Joel and Crow enter/exit the theater), it's possible to see their contours, as if there's a light shining on them from their left. I don't recall seeing that effect in the Comedy Central years.

    17. Casey Scott on

      I'm frankly shocked that KITTEN WITH A WHIP didn't even crack the top 100 list of fan-selected best MST3K episodes, but HAMLET and many season 1 episodes did. Have the fans who voted just never seen this episode or what?

    18. Timbrely Pearsley on

      Ut oh. I must have missed (failed to read somehow?) this VMX thingie. (Or maybe my pledge was not at a level to qualify?)

      If I cannot find the e-mails I hope I can provide enough info to sort it out.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dwaine on

      What's up with that hair Joel? :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      I was super happy to get those episodes! Such an amazing surprise! Thank you very much Joel!!! Here's hoping we get that last lost episode at some point...

    21. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      OH! Oh man, Joel...I NEED those episodes...I was all "I've already gotten all the old eps AND I don't really have any money right It's ok..."... ... ...
      Please tell me there's a way to get them other than paying VHX $999,999.00

    22. Aric Catron on

      So, what the heck is VHX and how do I get it?

    23. Mike Cattle on

      VHX is listing Space Mutiny as 920, when it should be 820. I just about spent $10 thinking they had one that was missing from the backer collections!

    24. Brett Hubbard on

      Awesome, thank you!

    25. Vigilance Press on

      Hooray! I'm so happy to have these two for my collection. I do hope you'll be able to release the final "lost" episode at some point. The quality on these is SO much better than the nth generation tape copies I traded for with the other KTMA episodes... I'd love to see the whole season in this quality someday.

      Thanks again, folks. As an uber-fan, it's always nice to see glimpses into the early days of MST3k.

    26. J. Nathan Couch on

      Joel and crew: thanks for finally letting us see the two lost episodes. It's amazing to see these episodes shamble out of the shadows of legend.

      Judging from the way this blog is written though, it sounds like the Unfinished Pilot might be lost to time. I hope that isn't the case.

      In any event, these episodes being made available are good preparation for when we make contact with an alien civilization or when someone finally captures a Bigfoot rooting through the gabage: other events we all think will never happen!

    27. jaybird3rd on

      By the way, in case anyone is interested ... Shout Factory offers complete DVD sets of "Stingray" and "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons", the original source of the movies in K01 and K02:

      I might have have to pick these up: they seem like fun little shows, and it would be a great way to say thanks to Shout! for making these episodes available to us.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ford Seidel on

      Wow, I never expected to see K01 or K02, and not in this sort of video quality. Seriously awesome!

    29. John Petty on

      An incredible gift. Thank you.

    30. jaybird3rd on

      @Ed: Search your e-mail messages from last year; you should have received a redeem link shortly after the campaign ended. I received mine on the afternoon of 12/23/2015.

    31. Ed Justus on

      I contacted vhx. Here's what they told me:

      "Hi Ed,

      Sorry for the trouble! Did you receive a redeem link or code from the Kickstarter at all? You will need that to redeem and create an account to watch.

      If you did not receive one, or cannot locate the redeem link/code, you will need to reach out to the Kickstarter campaign via the campaign page.

      If you did get a code and are having issues, let me know!

      Steve Niebauer
      Customer Support"

      Can anyone help with this?

    32. Michael Lipinski

      Wow! I never thought I'd see the day. I know that you guys are shy about the KTMA years, but as a completionist and a member of the old Digital Archive Project, I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for sharing these, this is best Thanksgiving present ever.

      To everyone who's flipping out about not getting access to these right away, chill out. It's sad to see you hurling insults over a GIFT from the MST3K crew. I'm sure it'll all get sorted out in time.

    33. Missing avatar

      Travis Hosey on

      Wow! Never thought this day would come. Thank you Joel & team MST3k!!!

    34. FanTom Servo on

      Well said

    35. jaybird3rd on

      I'm very disappointed that certain backers are resorting to illegal means to share or access the digital rewards, and are so quick to post nasty messages here and elsewhere. The MST3K team has been so generous to share these rewards with us in the first place, and they've gone out of their way to help those who are entitled to access them but are having trouble doing so.

      It's amazing that so many people apparently didn't read the (exceedingly simple) instructions that they were sent last year to access their rewards on VHX, and that instead of digging them out and following them like everyone else, it seems to be so much easier for them to start flinging accusations. Let's try to be better than that, shall we?

    36. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @Aaron: No one reneged on anyone, and no one got jacked. Most backers have figured out how to access them on their own from reading the emails we've been sending this year, which had instructions for exactly how to access your free episodes on VHX. Other backers who had problems have emailed us, and we've gotten them sorted out. So, there were at least two options for solving this that didn't involve posting illegal links or accusing us of anything, just so you'll know for next time.
      I've sent you a direct message through Kickstarter.
      Write back, and we'll walk you through how to redeem them.

    37. Aaron Schaeffer on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    38. FanTom Servo on

      G'day Mr Woller and Aaron
      There was an e-mail from MST3K about 10 minutes after Joels Update yesterday with a link to "Watch Me" that takes you right to episodes. However if you have not registered with VHX yet, go to your BackerKit where you answered your survey and got things like the membership card and certificate, and that has your VHX code. Failing that, e-mail Ivan and he will be able to sort you out. You are definitely entitled to these episodes, like the other 15 or so released. Also if you bought the 87 classic episode collection, the bonus episodes do not appear there, there are 2 separate categories for the bonus episodes (1 for the $35 level and 1 for the $85 and above level, where there are more/other episodes available) K01 and K02 appear in both.
      Hope this helps

    39. Aaron Schaeffer on

      I got jacked also, kickstarter/mst3k took $114 from my bank account and i'm in the mst3k revival league, but they have no record of this. I had to send them a picture of my kickstarter account. Still nothing.

      Pledged $114
      Status: collected
      backer #4153

      picture of proof i paid,…

    40. Mr. Woller on

      AAAND, it turns out I never redeemed my code for the bonus eps since I had previously bought the entire collection of episodes. I hope this is helpful to others.

    41. Mr. Woller on

      Good afternoon!
      I'm a MST3K backer at the $100 leveland I do not have access to the two new bonus episodes.
      Some facts:

      I'm logged into my VHX account and it says I have to buy the bonus eps
      I also, previously bought the entire MST3K collection. This happened before the Kickstarter ended.
      Both my VHX and Kickstarter accounts use the same email address. I dont know if that or any of the above are keeping me from seeing the eps as owned by me.

      Please help when you can! And thank you for all of the hard work and the bonuses!

    42. Missing avatar

      William Sullivan III on

      Never thought I'd ever, ever, get to see these! The KTMA's mean a lot to me personally, as I was a lowly community college student flinging puppets around on a cardboard spaceship set in a dingy campus tv studio back in 1988. (And trying to direct at the same time.) Thanks Joel!

    43. Missing avatar

      Pete Peterson on

      JOEL!!!!!! This is an absolute dream come true!!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing these treasures with us!!!!!

    44. Anne Brown


    45. Zach Kaplan on

      @Ivan Thank you for trying to find a solution!

    46. Tim "Mort" Jenks on

      Very, excited about the two "new" lost episodes. I have already watched most of the KTMA season episodes and enjoyed them, rough as they sometimes are. I look forward to viewing K01 and K02 later this weekend. Now, if only a viewable copy of K03 would just "turn up" somewhere....

    47. Wesley Shadrix on

      Just finished K01. Honestly, I still enjoyed it even as rough draft. I'm still watching a cheesy movie with good company, and there were some decent jokes. It's fun to see the concept take shape, and I would love to watch more. I would even buy DVDs if they were made available. The quality with these digital episodes were still good, even with a few video hiccups and the audio sync issue.

    48. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @Tom: This has nothing to do with Joel, and the intention isn't to "sell them for $1000." The episodes have been provided to everyone who paid $35 or more during the campaign. If you had looked below in the comments, you'd have seen the rest of the explanation:

      "Right now, I don't think we have permission to sell the KTMA episodes. They're only available as part of the "Bonus Classic Episodes" that Joel selected for free, as a reward to people who backed the new season at $35+ here on Kickstarter. If we can figure out how to make them available to more people within the legal license requirements, we will. :/ The only reason it says $1000 on the Classic Bonus Episodes is because no one is *MEANT* to buy them, but if we don't make them available for sale at SOME price, VHX can't give anyone the option to redeem them as part of the Kickstarter digital rewards.

      If we can find a way to give them away or sell them at a reasonable price, we will. In the meantime, no need to attack Joel for trying to give something away to as many backers as possible.

    49. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      I don't know, Joel. You want $1,000 to see the first KTMA episodes? What, are you the actor who played Chewbacca charging $100 an autograph? Come on, man. This feels like a violation. I was one of those "I discovered MST3k at a sleep over and it changed my life" people. I was a little too affected by, you know, the financial crisis most people are experiencing right now to afford an $85 donation tier or your "KISS at the height of their ego" money demands.