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You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Bibi Sandstrom on

      Noooooooo! I spent so much money and I won't get to see MST3K because we aren't on or purchase or are members of (however that works) Netflix... we don't do streaming. Heck, 3.5 years ago we only had dial-up, so now we have the cheapest - and slowest - DSL, and can't stream much less watch a video. What can be done for us cheap slowpokes with our combo VHS/DVD players and our landlines and our Model Ts? OK, my "new" car is actually from 2004 so I'm in the new century for that anyway :)... but ... help?

    2. Matt on

      Thumbs Up all the way Joel! Bring Trace & Frank in for some writing! They seemed kinda sad about it when I saw them doing their touring show in Austin last week. The whole audience (filled to the brim with MSTies!) made sad "awwww" noises. They deserve to work on this new version, even just writing, and the fans would feel the love. P.S. - Whats J.Elvis up to? :)

    3. Wendel Schwab on

      MST3K being on Netflix is excellent! Good choice guys, I can hardly wait!

    4. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks! Netflix is awesome!

    5. Thom Verratti on

      @Ms. Peach and I'm sure many others down the chain: agree, agree, agree. Binge watching is nice to have as an option for shows with a storyline; part of the amazingness that is MST3K is waiting for and being surprised by that horrific movie experiment each week. Having to "wait" 14 weeks? That's nothing -- we've all been waiting 884 weeks and counting for the next experiment. (That was unexpectedly easy to calculate -- the 17th anniversary of the "last" episode airing is coming up in two days -- it was 8 August 1999.) Anyhoo -- +1 for a staggered release.

    6. Nate on

      Yes! Stoked to see the old crew again (* I loved the reunion show). Also, I think Netflix was a fine choice.

    7. FanTom Servo on

      @Jacob, The Netflix arrangement is completely separate to the Kickstarter Rewards. Downloads, I'm guessing, will be through VHX, which is where the current downloads are. They will be Downloadable and DRM Free and you don't need Netflix to watch them. Further series most likely will be funded via Netflix and available through that option including the current season and everything else Netflix offers. Other forms of release, download or DVD/Blu-Ray for Season 12 and beyond have not been discussed or at least not outlined to us via Joel or anyone else, but if and when, I'm sure Joel will let us know.

    8. Jacob Eichenbaum on

      I'm a bit confused. For those of us that are supposed to be able to download the episodes and don't have Netflix, are we expected to buy a subscription to Netflix just so we can download the episodes? If so, that seems like we aren't getting what was promised for the amount pledged.

    9. Missing avatar

      nrs on

      p.s. actually turns out, not too kidding about the "voucher" idea... can put a "redeem by" date on it maybe a couple years down the road. it's the unfortunate side-effect of certain kinds of redeemables/giveaways; some of them can't be found or contacted again. go by last-best-provided info when you can, and keep a record of them somewhere safe and offline, of course! :)

      but man, i am so in love with the idea of mst3k action-figures now; like the lego ideas i'd seen lately... would be neat if 3d-toy-printing is up to that standard!

    10. Missing avatar

      nrs on

      re: no-reply fulfillments? send 'em a recreation of the old 1977/8-kenner's "star wars" action-figure vouchers! :) (omg, if someone like kenner could make mst3k action-figures.)

      and, dude! your layout of the current digi-vs-traditional-cable outlays is brilliant and on-the-mark. -you're teaching a class- at this point man with this campaign! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      nrs on

      "...You’re first class all the way." -secret-agent J

      you are too, mahman, mahman mahmaaaaaiin man.

    12. FanTom Servo on

      The difficult thing, of course, is to buy the additional 13 TVs so that all episodes can be watched at the same time. Come on guys, some linear thinking here.

    13. Robert Kowalczyk on

      All the terrificness just keeps getting more terrific! Also, thanks for the Reunion Show. It was, um, what's the word? TERRIFIC!

    14. ginger j fitts on

      Principal Joel wants those Reward Order Forms or else you get detention in Deep 13.

    15. karena kalinevitch on

      Please, I need a Mike Nelson Torgo cameo really bad.

    16. Mary "Piggy" Peach on

      I am likely to subscribe to Netflix solely because of Joel.

      I do wish, however, that they don't dump the whole season at once. Joel, and this whole Kickstarter campaign is about taking the time to get it done right. I think that philosophy should be mirrored by releasing the episodes weekly. It would be a great idea if they could release one new episode per week, along with one or more "classic" episodes per week on Netflix. That way it gets a chance to build some momentum.

      Besides, MST3K is not like most other episodic shows. There may be a story arc in the host segments, but the movies themselves are one-offs. We saw how the story arc aspect went all higgledy-piggledy when the shows were re-run during the Sci-Fi years. MST3K does not really lend itself to binge watching.

      I think the show would lose a touch of mystique if it materialized all of a sudden as a glut of instant gratification. Part of the success of the show in the early years was how precious each individual episode was. I'd like to keep it that way, my precioussss

    17. Missing avatar

      Jesseca Trainham on

      Netflix works for me! We'd been thinking about getting Netflix again, and this clinches it. Looking forward to the reboot!!!

    18. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      @Jason: If we don't, it's no biggie: they're available on YouTube and (to my knowledge) neither Shout! Factory nor Joel asks any of the episode-circulators to take the episodes down. That may change, though.

    19. Jason Samuels on

      Are there plans to bring selected episodes of seasons 1-10 back to Netflix in addition to the new episodes or will the focus be entirely on new episodes? I was wondering if this was going to be similar to how SCI-FI only ever aired the 48 episodes made specifically for their network. I think it would be best to have as much MST3K on Netflix as possible, but I don't pretend to be an expert on which option will ultimately result in more new seasons.

    20. Missing avatar

      G R Robertson on

      I will give a big 'humph' the first time someone here in the UK tries to tell me about this 'new' show on Netflix while my DVD shelf is buckling under over 37 box sets !! Seriously it'll be great although i don't have Netflix and still want the new show on DVD, preferably region 2 !!

    21. Vince Vazquez

      Huzzah! I cannot wait for this! Every piece of news from this revival seems to just be even sweeter and sweeter! :D

    22. James Venes on

      @ABOhiccups: If you didn't pledge at least $85, you will have to subscribe to Netflix or purchase the DVD set when it's out. Anyone under that cutoff was always going to have to do something more to actually see everything, whether the shows ended up on some sort of cable/satellite channel, digital streaming, or something physical.

    23. Mike Pikowski on

      Hey Joel,
      great to hear you got a new Home For MSTK3K :)

      As i am a Person living outside the English speaking territory(Germany) maybe you could tell Netflix that they should consider doing a German Translation for the New Episodes ?!

      Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie was the only one we got in Germany and it was doing really well here!
      Oliver Kalkhofe and Oliver Welke gave their Voices for the main Cast(Crow and Tom).

      And they told us(the fans) that they would love to make a german Version of the Series(the old as there was no new one in that time), if someone is willing to make it happen(some Network).

      Maybe you can give Netflix a hint that there is a target Audience in here who would love to watch it and that the German Movie Guys would be open for giving their voices again.

      Either way i would love to watch it even if it´s in english only.

      Whish you all the Best


    24. ABOhiccups on

      Oh man! Do I really have to subscribe to Netflix?

    25. Theron Trowbridge

      Thank you for the commitment to your backers. Too many Kickstarter film projects get distribution and suddenly the backers become third-class citizens.

      Super exited to see the new shows - Netflix is a perfect home for the show!

    26. TVsFrank on

      @W.R. Knapp. I believe Elliot Kalan, the head writer for our beloved MST3k revival, has said himself he is ready to get away from the kind of writing he did on the Daily Show. But, go give the podcast The Flop House a listen. He's been doing it with another still current writer for the Daily Show and a very funny 3rd friend for years. It's about them watching a movie that flopped, either commercially or critically, and then they record their podcast right afterwards. It is hilarious, they all obviously have a love of movies and pop culture minutae, but they just about never mention anything to do with politics. And even then it'll be more a pop culture reference, not an expression of political philosophy. I don't think we need to worry, all the people involved with this revival just want to make fun of bad movies. I think they understand MST3k is a place we go to in order to get away from all that other stuff.

    27. Dave Brogden on

      Netflix should be a fine home. As a bonus offer, it should reduce the need to nonsensically edit down the cheesy films -- the episodes can run for however long as they need to run. Yay!

    28. Mark Wiesner on

      I am eagerly looking forward to the new episodes! Please keep us updated on the release dates!

    29. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Powell on

      ... Oh and please give us a release date soon, I'm trying to time my whole series rewatch so that I watch Diabolik the night before the new season is released.... I've got a schedule to keep here people! :-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Johnathon Powell on

      @V R Observer was what his people called each other, Brain Guy was a nickname from Pearl et al.

    31. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      @Wyatt: I can't speak for Joel, but if you go back and watch some old MST3K episodes (like on YouTube), you'd find that the here and there are sprinklings of riffs with a liberal/progressive/democratic bent. If that continues to be the case, I'd hazard to guess it has more to do with honoring MST3K tradition and less to do with the fact that the former Daily Show head writer is on board (and quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that he's sick of political humor).

    32. Missing avatar

      W. R. Knapp on

      Great news, Joel! Very excited about the return of MST3K. I have only one concern. Please don't let it get real political for one party or the other. After all, fans of various political affiliations donated to help bring about this wonderful project. I've seen too many shows that took a certain political angle and they lost viewers because of it. Of course, there are bound to be some current political personality references here and there -- it has to be edgy. But hopefully all of your fans can feel at home and enjoy the show and escape there, totally immersed and without being dragged out of the experience by partisan politics. Really looking forward to watching on Netflix! Can't wait! :)

    33. Pam B Natural

      I cannot love this post and you guys enough. Seriously.

    34. Sarah Patton on

      Great news all around! Hoping you can get Josh to come in for an episode, and explain the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Erhardt.

      How long can we still purchase items from the add-ons? I'd like to get the blu-ray set, but I won't have the money until mid-August.

    35. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      @DZ I can't speak for Joel or Ivan, but from my experience of backing Kickstarters (and in regards to Film and Video in general), Downloadable files usually precede DVD and Blu-ray. The reason is Optical Discs need menus, mastering, extras, package design, etc. whereas computer files don't. That's why computer files could be next-day whereas optical discs have to have some preparation.

    36. Missing avatar

      DZ on

      I have a question that has not been clearly addressed: From Ivan's and Joel's comments, it seems that each DRM-Free downloadable episode will be available at the same time as it airs on Netflix (or perhaps slightly before).
      What about the Collector's DVD/Blu-Ray? Will that only be available once the entire season is out?
      I was under the impression that the episodes were going to be made, packaged into a season, and *then* eventually licensed/sold to some outlet for release, but that the entire thing was going to be made available to backers when it was done. This does not seem to be the case any more (if it ever was), since the season we backed is now being *produced* by Netflix, which means that production schedules are tied to their distribution as well.
      Could you clarify, please?


    37. J. Nathan Couch on

      Not sure why a certain minority of fans think that the show having a home negates point of the Kickstarter. The purpose was never to do this completely DIY. The purpose was to make the shows, then get a network or online platform to carry the show, so hopefully they'll order season 12 and all of us won't have to shake the couch cushions for another 6 mil (Mine's probably only got $4.5 mil in it, personally).

    38. Ralph Carusillo on

      Another great update. I really am happy where all this is going and that I got the opportunity to help put my favorite show of All-Time back in the stream of things. I look forward to further news and stuff and things. Thanks. :-)

    39. Philip Stephens on

      @V R: He had two names. Not sure why, someone better versed in MSTie lore would know.

    40. Mark Marziale on

      YES!!!! Mary Jo, Kevin & Bill!!!!! This is first class wonderful!!!!

    41. Jennifer Stine on

      This is great! My closet friends are outside the country. Unfortunately, the dearest friend is in Brazil. Twitter has a way of doing that.

    42. Missing avatar

      V R on

      I thought the brain guy, was called the Observer? Anyways good job sirs!

    43. Michael Rodriguez on

      I don't comment much, but I read all the updates as they come in and I have to say all the news coming in sounds GREAT! So happy to hear MST's come back is going smoothly! I don't have Netflix, but may be able to stream a few episodes with friends just to help out that possible Season 12! Keep up the good work, Joel (and production team and backers, etc)!

    44. Philip Stephens on

      @Cliff: The add-ons that you could select in the BackerKit survey were optional things you could purchase if you had not purchased them during the campaign. The extra $14 you were charged for shipping would have been for add-ons that you purchased during the campaign. I remember when I got the emails confirming the purchase of my add-ons, they said they weren't charging for shipping yet because they didn't know how much it would be.

    45. Rick Felice on

      Yay for Kevin, Bill & Mary Jo! And yay for Netflix! BTW, you can send any unclaimed rewards my way, just sayin' :)

    46. Jason McGrody on

      The only update I really, really need is when the set visits will be!

      "Because it's MST3K" isn't a good enough reason to just up and leave work on no notice.

      It *should* be good enough, though.

    47. Nischo on

      Also from Germany.
      From a Streaming Provider, this statement doesn't make sense, because Netflix usually makes their Series available everywhere, no need for different contracts, no need for weird contract obligations; "We are netflix, it runs (almost)everywhere, here is our content". I don't care for an synchronization and localization. Now i understand that i don't miss out on anything i still can watch all the episodes because i'm a backer. But what i did with my pledge was to make sure that mst3k can become a reality but not for a handful episodes, instead can actually reboot and walk on its own and to be honest, i want it to succeed so i made my pledge to show you "Hey, i'm from germany we love mst3k too!" so if Netflix wants to air mst3k good! perfect! way to go! But please air it in every country that has netflix, because that was my and i guess a lot more peoples goal by pledging.

    48. ArkhamNative on

      Are there many English-language-only shows on German Netflix? Would they at least need to subtitle them in language(s) native to the Netflix region? And that's assuming the movie had already been translated as well.

    49. Missing avatar

      Cliff on

      This was my first ever Kickstarter pledge. And a very worth-while one. I'm hoping the new season will be PG/PG-13 at the most.

      I was a little confused about how the "rewards" went. I remember reading through what was being offered and selecting a gift package that I would like that was also within my budget. Then several months went by and I was asked to select "Add-Ons" I wasn't sure if this was in addition to what I had selected before (that I didn't remember what they were specifically) at an additional cost, or if it was included with my original pledge. I'm not sure what I'm getting, now, but I just paid an additional $14 for shipping--again--not sure if it's $14 for the original pledge or $14 for the add-ons. Hopefully, whatever I am sent, I will be happy with.

      Pledging through Kickstarter seems to be more complicated that pledging to support PBS.