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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

48 HOURS LEFT: 84% and Climbing. More on MST3K's New Season: 11 New Artists! One Last Add-On Reward! PLUS: Telethon Meetups!


MST3K Revival Leaguers,

It's me again: Joel. I'm back with more good news and a late-night update.

With just under 48 hours to go, our combined total is now over $4.6MM, putting us at 84% of our final goal.

Now, I know I'm burning the midnight oil here, but it's like I told you: there's a lot to cover this week, and we don't have much time left. 

Don't worry: if you need to sleep, this update will go really great with your morning coffee. But for anyone who's still awake and reading me... let's keep moving.


In this morning's update, I introduced you to some of the amazing writers who will be pitching in to help with the next season of MST3K. But, you know, before our writers come up with great riffs, we first need people who are going to pitch in and help bring the world of MST3K to life – both the places and the characters that inhabit this world.

So, making MST3K requires all sorts of creative jobs: drawing storyboards and concept art, designing sets and costumes, fabricating props and robots, creating visual effects with makeup and stage magic, engineering and operating puppets… the list goes on and on.

In this update, I want to introduce you to a few of the wonderful artists, creators and makers that I've met over the years who have offered to lend their talent for the new season.

When I met these people, they shared their love for MST3K, and said that if the show ever came back, they'd want to be a part of it. Thanks to you, I finally get to take them up on those offers!

Now, I want you to remember that a lot of these folks already have really busy careers, so it's not like they're all going to work on MST3K full time. Some of them will, and some of them will be more like special "guest artists," who we call in when we need their particular skills.

But I wanted to introduce you to them, and show you some of their wonderful work, because I think it might help you understand where I think MST3K is going next season.

Here are just a few of the people who have already offered to help:

WAYNE WHITE, one of the genius designers behind Pee-wee's Playhouse (and star of the documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing) is going to some design some cool-ass stuff for us... maybe even a spaceship or two!

Wayne White's sketches from Pee-wee's Playhouse.
Wayne White's sketches from Pee-wee's Playhouse.

PENDLETON WARD, creator of the magical Adventure Time, will be creating some special animation for us – and he'll be offering a few special rewards during our Final Countdown Telethon!

Pendleton Ward's "Adventure Time"
Pendleton Ward's "Adventure Time"

REBECCA SUGAR, the creator of Steven Universe AND a creative juggernaut from Adventure Time is doing a specially designed piece for us, while her brother…

Rebecca Sugar's "Steven Universe"
Rebecca Sugar's "Steven Universe"

STEVEN SUGAR, the ingenious background designer of Steven Universe, has already started work imagining cool ideas for the interior of the SOL and the Mads' new lair.

Steven Sugar's background designs for "Steven Universe"
Steven Sugar's background designs for "Steven Universe"

And GUY DAVIS, the incredible comic book artist behind Sandman Mystery Theatre, writer and illustrator of award-winning series The Marquis, and frequent character and concept designer for Guillermo del Toro on projects like Pacific Rim and The Strain turns out to be a longtime MSTie too! Who knew? 

A sample of Guy Davis' comic book work
A sample of Guy Davis' comic book work

Pretty incredible, right? Now, just imagine what these folks will create for the MST3K alternaverse!

And actually, there are a few more artists to add to this list, and they've already started working on ideas to help us return to Mystery Science Theater

Now listen, I don't want to explain anything about what you're looking at in these images yet… but if you promise not to ask any questions, I'll show you some cool stuff we're already working on.

FRENDEN, the brilliant digital brush designer and graphic artist supreme, has already started designing some characters and costumes ideas.

Here’s his latest work-up on a concept for Professor Bobo:

JOSHUA PRUETT, an exceptional storyboard artist and creator, who has worked as a story artist on The Croods, and writer on Book of Dragons, and as both on Disney’s wildly popular Phineas & Ferb, has already started work on storyboards for the next opening and closing of the show:

GARY GLOVER, a long time friend of MST3K, and top concept designer who’s done concepts and art for all manner of films and toys, has already begun to work his magic doing some beautiful illustrations for us. Here’s his latest take on a spacesuit for Jonah, and some new features for Tom Servo and Crow:  

MARTY BAUMANN has been busy on concept art too. You already know Marty's work from these updates: he’s the man who designed both our Mission Patches and the "Satellite of Love" Art Print available as Add-On Rewards, and he's famous for his work on animated films like Toy Story 3 and Big Hero 6. Here's Marty's pass at a new look for the "Bridge" on the SOL:

BRETT 2D BEAN, a wonderful visual development artist and conceptual designer for all sorts of projects and companies, has done designs for big companies, like Disney, Nickelodeon and Jim Henson's Creature Shop... and also little ones, like MST3K. He's been working on some character designs, including this idea for Kinga:

And, of course, there's one other artist who will be helping out:

STEVE VANCE, our favorite MST3K poster artist, is gonna help me "seam it all together" visually. You've already seen plenty of Steve's work, but I thought this might be a good excuse to show you how the OFFICIAL POSTER is coming along:

It's still not 100% final, but I think we're getting pretty close… and it's been a lot of fun to watch Steve work. As you can see, the finished poster is gonna look just incredible… and remember, it's also gonna be exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign!

So, if you want to make sure you'll have one of these for yourself, just be sure to get a reward package that includes the Official Poster (EXPERIMENTS 150 and above), or get the poster or signed poster as an Add-On Reward.

Anyway, that's just a little of what we've been up to. And I hope you'll agree with me: thanks to all of these people, the new season of MST3K oughta look pretty amazing!

But you know, the show needs more than just visual art. That's why I'm glad some talented, creative minds have also offered to help us out with other parts of production, including... 


As you might remember, "practical effects" are one of my favorite subjects, and I've gotta tell you: the new MST3K is gonna be lousy with them. So, we're planning to bring in an expert:

ADAM SAVAGE, from Mythbusters, has agreed to consult on some of the more ambitious "in camera" effects we're planning for these new episodes. With the help of people like Adam, I feel like we'll be able to pull off just about anything we can think of.


And of course, MST3K wouldn't be MST3K without our many robot friends, so I wanted to save this for last: I've been waiting for the right time to introduce two guys who have been helping "beneath" the scenes – literally! – for over a year: Grant and Russ, who have been operating Crow and Servo since Turkey Day '14 and did all of the puppeteering for our Kickstarter, have agreed to tackle even bigger challenges as MST3K's official puppet producers.

Now, I first became aware of GRANT BACIOCCO through his funny musical act, "Throwing Toasters," but even though we've been friends for a lot longer, I still didn't know how great his puppeteering skills were until about four years ago, when I saw him perform live as part of Henson Alternative's Puppet Up! Uncensored.

Then, Grant introduced me to RUSS WALCO. In the puppeting world, Russ has done just about everything you can imagine: building and operating puppets for The Jim Henson Company, The Muppets, the puppet episodes of The Simpsons and Community, the Pee-wee Herman Stage Show… it's really pretty amazing, and we're lucky that Russ will also act as our team's puppet mechanic and builder.

So, now you've met more of the people who are going to help make your new episodes of MST3K… and with talent like this, it would be a crime if we didn't get to make a full season of TWELVE NEW EPISODES, am I right?

Fortunately, we've still got 48 hours to get the rest of the way there. And to keep moving us closer, we've got one last amazing Add-On Reward to announce:

Making the Next MST3K: The Coffee Table Book

That's right, I said it: a coffee table book!

To me, coffee table books are so good at representing an environment and a mood. So, I think it would be really cool to finally make one that shows you all the wonderful stuff happening behind the scenes of MST3K. There's all kinds of amazing stuff that you almost never get to see... But, you know, if you look at all of the images in this update, I think you'll get it. The whole thing just starts to come to life.

We're planning to make sure this is a beautiful, collectible hardcover edition. In fact, I actually think this is going to be one of the coolest things we make for this Kickstarter. And you know, if you keep it sitting around, it'll give you a perfect excuse to tell your friends, "Oh, what? This old thing? Why, it's just some art our team did for this little show I helped bankroll."

If you want to get one – and help us reach our final Kickstarter goal before time runs out – you can reserve yours now as an Add-On Reward. Plus, for the true art collectors among you, we're also offering a very small number of these books signed by all of our artists.

Or, if you're not the coffee table type, we'll include some of the best artwork as part of another exclusive Add-On Reward: our Art of MST3K - Wall Calendar for 2017.

One last thing: don't forget to join us tomorrow and Friday as we continue celebrating the final week of our Kickstarter to #BringBackMST3K, with more livestreaming special events!


We've got just two days left in our Kickstarter, which means we've also got just two nights left in our MST3K Double Feature Countdown! We've got two more great episodes for you tomorrow at 4:00 and 7:00pm PST, and then a final Double Feature with my favorite episodes ever on Friday at 2:00pm PST.

Then, when that ends at 5:00pm PST, we'll kick off...

The FINAL COUNTDOWN: A Live Telethon to #BringBackMST3K!

We want to spend the final five hours of our Kickstarter campaign with the people who have done the most to help #BringBackMST3K… all of you!

We'll be hosting our live "Final Countdown" telethon from Meltdown Comics in LA, from 5-10pm PST, and now we've got even more surprises and special guests lined up for you. It's gonna be nuts, so you won't want to miss it. And actually...


...thanks to our friends at XSN, you won't have to! 

Our FINAL COUNTDOWN TELETHON will be livestreaming on over 20 different platforms – including our Final Countdown site and the MST3K YouTube Channel, as well as Twitch, Ustream and DailyMotion – so you've got no excuse to miss it. Tomorrow, I'll share a list of links to all the places you can watch online.


And if you want to spend Friday night watching the telethon and helping us countdown to the end live with other MSTies, you should also take a look at our growing list of MST3K FAN MEETUPS! 

There are already big parties planned in lots of cities, including NYC, Atlanta, Chicago and Portland, but if there's not a meetup planned near you, why not start one yourself? All you need is some space, a large screen and an internet connection. Then, just send the details, and we'll do the rest!

Anyway, it's getting really late, and I've got another big set of announcements to prepare for tomorrow morning, so I'll wrap things up. 

Remember: we've now got less than 48 HOURS LEFT to finish this thing, and we can't do it without each of you, so be sure to...


Cheers and Thanks,


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    1. Slainmonkey on

      There is a lot to like here, being an SU fan it'll be fun to see what Robecca Sugar and her brother Steven deliver for the show. The one worrying thing I feel however is the Bobo redesign, I mean maybe for a one of thing of him being shrunk down might be fine....but I hope this isn't planned as a perminate change for the character......also not taken with him being green. Now I get that this could easily just be an early concept that may never get in the show but I think it would be smart to give feed back now.

    2. Kelly Clowers on

      Rebecca and Steven Sugar? Aw yeah!
      May-or Dew-ey, May-or Dew-ey :-D

    3. Steve Parker on

      OK, you got another US$50 out of me with that book. It's OK though, I did some negotiating about Christmas presents, people say I'm hard to by for so it's easier on them :) I don't actually have a coffee table but it will go on the shelf with some other special books.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Rebecca Sugar is gonna work on the new MST3K?!?

      Major Dewey is actually Joel Robinson head cannon... CONFIRMED!!!

    5. Richard Hallock on

      That new bridge set design really looks wonderful! Sort of has a 20,000 leagues vibe to it. I sure hop you do cover it all in little toys and such though!

    6. Shayne Daugherty on

      @Philip and Richard - You guys are right. I'm over-analyzing, and there's not enough to go on. MST3K was a big thing to me growing up (and ever since), so it's easy to get too protective of the original show and characters. I know the show is in the best possible hands, and it will soon bathe us all in 12 episodes of glorious light.

      In restitution for my crimes, I've just upped my pledge another $20. :p

    7. Philip Frey on

      @Shayne I don't usually go this route, but this really is a "just relax" moment. There are an infinite number of ways that the drawing could be justified, given the fact that it's a sci-fi comedy show. Or it could just be ideas being thrown around. It's a nice drawing. I'll wait to see if anything comes of it.

    8. Shayne Daugherty on

      @Richard - Granted, but my problem with the artist rendering is... there do not seem to be many scenarios for the Bobo character where this depiction is the right answer.

      It just gets Bobo wrong. Even if Kevin would come back to voice Bobo-as-a-puppet... what we see here isn't at all familiar as Bobo, even if the voice is. He's somebody we know well already! And Bobo is a Planet of the Apes knockoff! That's where the whole character comes from. And the point of bringing Bobo back is connecting with the original show and nostalgia. If you're going to change the character so completely (negating the nostalgia factor), then you can just as easily create a new character instead.

      But hey, if this is just a depiction of some messed-up-just-for-one-episode Bobo that was given green skin in a temporary mad science experiment... then... alright. But if it's more than that, it seems pretty far off the mark.

      The image just made me fearful that they'll try altering beloved characters from the original (beyond new voices for the bots). In the absence of much context or info on the whole approach in the new show... this image stuck out. I just don't want them to go all George Lucas and try to "improve" their original characters and muck it all up just because they have the money and contacts to do whatever they want now.

      Phew. Now back to finding more money for the final push. I wonder where the nearest blood bank is...

    9. Elizabeth Bradford on

      OK it's official. I'm an idiot...but at least I am in the company of giants.

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott McCombs on

      To me, the desk totally looks like a Recognizer from Tron (the original movie, that is). This is totally a good thing.

    11. Elizabeth Bradford on It's $4,400,000.

      (backing out of room now)

    12. Elizabeth Bradford on

      WOO~HOO $4,440,000!!

      Yassssss Qween!!

    13. Missing avatar

      James Emery on

      I'm curious about what happened to Bobo. Maybe he was turned into a baby like Clayton was.

    14. Richard Gray on

      The thing is none of us know why the Bobo designs were made, which means that we should not be evaluating the design solely on our own presumptions of what it is and how it will be used.

      Perhaps Kevin wanted to do some voice work, but could not/did not want to be on camera.
      Perhaps there's going to be a bit where they put the puppeteer in the suit and operate it on a miniaturized stage so that the puppet represents a full-sized Bobo salvaging things from the old SOL.
      Perhaps there's going to be an episode where the entire cast is turned into puppets.

    15. Jesus and Christina Ortiz on

      I hope the old cast, like TV's Frank, Clayton, Pearl, and everyone really got asked if they wanted to participate. I know we personally wouldn't have even known about this Kickstarter without them.

    16. Andrea Giesbrecht on

      Ho-ly crap.

      Joel, you mentioned Doctor Who when talking about how you wanted to bring back MST3K, not as the exact same show, but as the next incarnation with the same heart. I see another parallel: When Doctor Who came back, suddenly there were all these high profile people in British television who were huge fans, big name writers and actors who wanted to be involved.

      Seems MST3K is kinda going that way too. Maybe not with Hollywood's A-list, but with the cream of the nerdy/geeky/fringe creative crop. The celebrities of the offbeat and leaders of the weird. Who are exactly the kind of people who can keep this crazy thing going.


    17. Mike H on

      I actually really liked the Bobo designs. I don't know how it would work, but, it looked really intriguing and funny.

    18. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      I agree with Shayne. Maybe Bobo has a shrimpy discolored cousin who is a mechanical genius? I dunno. But if you change Bobo, then you're precluding the possibility that Kevin will come back for an episode somewhere down the road to reprise that role. So just make it a new character!

    19. Missing avatar

      Heather Morgan on

      Wayne White AND Rick and Morty in on the show! I am losing my mind!

    20. Htom Sirveaux on

      Dammit....the coffee table it's 150 and counting....LOL

    21. Shayne Daugherty on

      Looking at it again... why would the concept artist rework Bobo like that? Why would he have blue/green skin? Why would he be 3ft tall? He's Bobo! We already know him. He doesn't use crazy mecha-suits, he's a big lovable oaf! If you want a character to go down this route, then go for it, I'm totally down. But don't try to shoe-horn our old friend Bobo into the role. Make it somebody new. (And why does it say Bobo puppet? Bobo is not a puppet. Nor should he be.)

      Ok, phew, enough of that, back to being stupid excited about everything.

    22. Philip Frey on

      Joel, I work on the MST3K wiki, can you confirm which characters Grant and Russ have puppeted and did they do the same characters for Turkey Day '14? Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Bailey Utecht on

      Wow, so many talented people involved! You've really out done yourself, mr Joel. It's almost as if all these people approached you, and not the other way around.

    24. Missing avatar

      JAMES WEBB on

      after adding the coffee table book i'm now going to have to work for 26 hours, 21 minutes and 14 seconds to pay for my pledge level, add-on's and shipping.

      A little disappointed that there will be no more add-on's, I was hopping that they would put on the MYSTERY GIFT for $50 (the difference between experiment 150 and 200)

      paying $85 for the MYSTERY GIFT (buying Blu-Ray add-on and taking gift as experiment 200 reward) is a lot especially considering that of the 6 MYSTERY subscription boxes I get each month I don't pay more than $33 for a box and that includes international shipping

    25. Missing avatar

      JAMES WEBB on

      @strym i think they should take the feet off crow as well
      @Jesse Logterman there are clearly 2 feet they are exactly the same size and place as the ones on crow. the bottom should be a flat black line but it has 2 bumps that are obviously feet

    26. Not TV's Frank on

      I'm blown away by this list. Either I know them or their work. Dang.

      Also, I think Joel is the one on the table in the poster, based on the glasses. Just guessing.

    27. Missing avatar

      brendan sheehan

      In update 8 you said "Hardcore MSTies, I'll just give you a little hint: if you help us make the newest episodes of MST3K, you might just get to see the oldest episodes of MST3K." Pretty certain I know what that means but it's not been mentioned for some time so I assume its not feasible anymore. Can you at least confirm that this stuff actually exists?

    28. Masonio Blah on

      I can't believe I was able to order the signed copy. I thought I was gonna be left in the dust with that one!

    29. Charles Gray on

      Wow! I really feel like you are setting this thing up to succeed, and have another long, prosperous run. So thrilled with everything. Best freaking month ever!

    30. Jesse Logterman on

      @strym take another look a the USB. Specifically the sides on the bottom. That's a hoverskirt, but the two black parts in front look like feet to some people's eyes. If they *were* feet, why would there be two MORE feet on the extreme right and left sides?

    31. Droppo T. Martian on

      I am truly blown away by the caliber of talent you've assembled, Joel.

      In the words of a great man, "woweee wow wow!!"

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    33. Missing avatar

      Torgo the White on

      Beautiful. Just Beautiful!

    34. Pika the Marauding Missingno on

      HOLY CRAP THAT ART. This is just absurd levels of amazing. Especially the space suit (lmao at the duct tape) and the SOL interior. It's the middle of the night and I am short on coherent words right now, but I assure you I am staring in sparkly eyed wonder.

    35. Michael Rodriguez on

      Joel, you keep mentioning Meltdown Comics. Is that an invitation for fans to drive over on Friday? :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric Burns-White on

      Bobo... and... Gamma Pearl...?

      Oh please... oh please....

      (I deeply deeply want a return of Public Pearl for the Telethon.)

    37. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Pickens on

      Mmm, coffee table books...

    38. Brad Gravett on

      One question: will the add-on rewards be available after the campaign? I'm scrounging to back at the level I'm not now, but I still love the mission patches and the coffee table book sounds amazing.

    39. Brad Gravett on

      Harmon and Roiland, Pendleton Ward, Rebecca and Steven Sugar.... in addition to Jonah, Felicia and Patton... god damn you brought out the big guns! Every name announced so far makes me more excited for this.

      I still love the old cast. But I love that MST is evolving and adapting, and I love the work that original cast has branched out to. This is nothing but positive.

    40. Crow T. Robot on

      Are Hampton and Baron going to operate their 'bots eventually?

    41. Mole Person on

      Thanks so much Joel! I love seeing concept art and behind the scenes stuff like this. I think the new episodes are going to look absolutely AMAZING, but still part of the "stitched together with model kits" world of the original. And seeing Mary Jo as Pearl in the concept art of Kinga makes me very excited! (I know this is not any sort of confirmation but just idea of the backstory of Pearl handing the reigns to Kinga is very, very cool.)

      Thank you and all my fellow backers. This is going to be so much fun!

    42. Kenneth Rougeau on

      Wow, that's an impressive list of incredible talent! I'm so excited!!! :D

    43. Ian P. Dwyer on

      All great choices!

    44. Justin Christiansen on

      Great group of folks you have been able to gather on all fronts for this show.

    45. KevinSensei on

      This project is like a gathering of all the people I like best. It's beyond epic at this point. I just.. there are no words..