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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

75% Funded. 4 Days Left. PLUS: join for our LIVE "FINAL COUNTDOWN" TELETHON, this Friday at 5pm PST.

  • JUST FOUR DAYS LEFT, and we're over 75% of the way to 12 episodes!
  • T-SHIRT UPGRADE! Now you can pick from 2 designs and 2 styles! 
  • FRIDAY @ 5pm PST: Join us as we livestream THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!
        • LIVE TELETHON with Joel & Friends to Help #BringBackMST3K
        • Featuring our next cast, special guests, live music, magic & much more!

OK, MST3K Revival League:

We've got JUST FOUR DAYS LEFT and you know what that means!

Or maybe you don't know what that means. That's OK, I'll just tell you.

First, it means there will be SHORTER updates this week, because there's so much left to do before time runs out… and if you think these updates take a long time to read, think how long they take to write!

But it also means there will be MORE updates this week, because there's so much left to tell you. I don't want to bother you with too much email, though, so I promise not to go crazy or anything.

Anyway, right now, here's where things stand:

We've started the FINAL COUNTDOWN in our Kickstarter to #BringBackMST3K, and with 4 DAYS LEFT, we've passed $4.12MM... which means we're now 75% of the way to our final goal of 12 new episodes!

And in case you've forgotten, now that we've passed $4.07MM that means you've also unlocked two of the Bonus Rewards I promised for the Red Zone Challenge:

Great hustle, team! (That's something coaches say in sports when you're doing well.)

And you know, to thank you for pushing us even closer to the Red Zone, I'm actually going to add something extra to the Bonus Reward you just unlocked:

We're upgrading the OFFICIAL T-SHIRT REWARD to give you more options: pick from two designs and your choice of Men's or Women's shirts!

This isn't something I had thought about much until now, but a lot of our female backers have written this month to ask if we could offer "Ladies' Cut" t-shirts. Our team looked into it, and it's possible – it just takes a lot of extra time and work. But you know what? You deserve it, team. You're killing it out there.

Also, Crow tends to wear women’s sizes.

Anyway, anyone who gets EXPERIMENT 050 or higher – or who gets one or more t-shirts as Add-On Rewards – will now get two designs and two styles to pick from. You'll like the way you look in your MST-shirt… I guarantee it!* 

If you want to get BOTH designs, be sure to grab a second shirt as an Add-On Reward... and when you do, you'll be helping unlock the next Bonus Reward!

And if you're having trouble keeping track of all the neat rewards that come with each of our Reward Packages, here's an updated version of our chart for you:

That's a lot of stuff, man. But I think you deserve it. Isn't it time to treat yourself to something nice?

OK, now let's talk about something even more exciting...

Our DOUBLE FEATURE COUNTDOWN starts tonight at 4pm and 7pm PST!

You know, I was about to write something new about this week's Double Feature Countdown… but if you read Friday's update, then you already know what this is about. And if you didn't, then here, we'll use the power of television magic to catch you up with reruns!

(That was from Friday, so I changed it to say "this" week.)

Anyway, this whole DOUBLE FEATURE COUNTDOWN is going to be a lot of fun, and I've picked two great episodes get us started tonight. 

So, I hope you'll join me in just a few minutes, at either 4pm or 7pm PST.

You can watch right here or on our YouTube Channel.

And if that's not enough for you, well, we've got something even crazier planned.

As you know, our Kickstarter ENDS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT AT 10pm PST, and everyone has told me that it will all come down to the very end – that the last 5 hours will be the ones that matter most.

Anyway, I thought we should do something special... maybe have a party, play some music, invite some friends over? Then we started talking about it, and things got a little out of hand.  So...

This Friday, Dec 11th, please join me for MST3K: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, a live-streaming telethon with special guests, comedians, musical acts, magic and more, live at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.

Here's what I think is gonna happen on Friday:

  • At 2 PM PST, we'll start our final MST3K DOUBLE FEATURE, and I'll show you my two all-time favorite episodes of MST3K. You know, just to warm you up. 
  • Then, at 5 PM PST, we'll get together for THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, and spend the last five hours of this crazy month having a big party, and live-streaming the whole thing so you can be part of the fun online.
  • Our GUEST HOSTS will be PAUL & STORM, my musician/comedian friends, who will keep the telethon moving, and might even play us a few songs.
  • Our NEXT CAST will join us to help celebrate, with visits or video chats from cast members including…

         • JONAH RAY (The Next Host)
         • FELICIA DAY (The Next Mad)
         • PATTON OSWALT (The Next Evil Henchman)
         • HAMPTON YOUNT (The Next Crow)
  • We'll welcome a CAVALCADE OF TALENTED FRIENDS, both in person and via video, to help us reach the finish line, including…

         • DAN HARMON & JUSTIN ROILAND (Rick & Morty)
         • PENDLETON WARD (Adventure Time)
         • ROBERT LOPEZ(The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, Frozen)      
         • DANA GOULD (The Simpsons, standup comedian)
         • MICHAEL CARBONARO (The Carbonaro Effect)
         • DEREK HUGHES (magician, AGT finalist) 
         • FREEZEPOP
    (electropop music) 
         • STARBOMB (videogame rock) 
         • JOHN CARNEY (comedian, magician and prestidigitation) 
         • GAME GRUMPS (Let's Play webseries) 
    (movie riffers)  
         • AND MORE GUESTS
    , still to be announced!

So, I think it's going to be a pretty exciting week. And since our first DOUBLE FEATURE is starting in less than 30 minutes, I'd better go finish getting ready!

I'll have more news for you all week long, but remember: we've got just 4 DAYS LEFT to reach out final goal, and we're less than $300K from the Red Zone.

We can do this, MSTies. Just relax, take a deep breath, and...


Cheers and Thanks,


*Not an actual guarantee, just a reference to an advertisement.


    1. Stacy Psaros
      on December 8, 2015

      I do hope the Final Countdown ( will be recorded and stored on YouTube for those of us who will be out of town on Friday. I'll be frolicking in the woods - hopefully avoiding Trumpy and his murder-crazed brothers.

    2. Christopher J. Ferri on December 8, 2015

      Hey there! Very excited about the return! I just got done reading Update 17 and had a question. If we choose Experiment 200 and don't choose the Box Set but choose the mystery reward then do we still get the documentary?

    3. Hera S on December 8, 2015

      HEY TEAM JOEL: Can you have your web person add an anchor link to the Telethon Party info, so we can link directly to in in tweets and facebook? Alternately, maybe pop just that info on Tumblr?

      I want to make sure they see what they're looking for right away. Otherwise, a lot of folks'll just bounce off the page. Particularly people who heard about the event through one of the special (non-MST3K) guests..

    4. Missing avatar

      Tony Redman on December 8, 2015

      Hi Joel! You mentioned in a previous update regarding the Turkey Day Challenge: "if you help us make the newest episodes of MST3K, you might just get to see the oldest episodes of MST3K." I'm assuming you're talking about the KTMA episodes here. I haven't seen anything else mentioned about this in the other updates. Did I miss it? Will it be an Experiment Reward? An Add-On Reward? Both? Neither? Some (but not all) of the the above? Just curious. Thanks!

    5. Jim McGuire on December 8, 2015

      Oh, please, can we have one more countdown?

    6. Jeremy Turner on December 8, 2015

      If the posters are going to be double sided now, any clue how that will affect the autographed versions?

    7. The Pledger formally known as Paul on December 8, 2015

      Been watching these for over an hour for the countdown. First post for me. Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to everyone!

    8. Missing avatar

      jt4703 on December 8, 2015

      @Joel The chart isn't completely correct. It has the downloadables (plus keychain) for $85 selected but that shouldn't include any physical things right?

    9. Mike Campbell on December 8, 2015

      Wait, it says here you only have 3,994,980. Do you really have over 4 million? Or is that adding in the add on rewards??

    10. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      on December 8, 2015

      Heh, I'm in GMT so the daily double bills are kicking off at 12am on the dot for me - thanks for putting the midnight back into midnight movies for us Brit fans, Joel!

    11. Missing avatar

      Nick Komanowski on December 8, 2015

      Exactly right, Philip. I worked for a t-shirt, screen-print company and there are several art considerations to take into account. Seems easy, but it ain't.

    12. Philip Frey on December 8, 2015

      @Johnny Walker - To make sure the designs work on the completely different pattern for a woman's t-shirt? Yes, that is extra time and work. Unless you're lazy and just stamp it anywhere, you need to make sure it looks right on the female form which (in case you hadn't noticed) isn't as flat and blocky as the typical male form.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ben "Bigfoot, look!! Cockroach!" Samuels on December 8, 2015

      I hate it when the donor count goes up but the money count goes down. >:-/

    14. Wendell on December 8, 2015

      Then its a lunch date! 2pm PST = 12pm HST

    15. Jennifer Stine on December 8, 2015

      Snacks stocked, riffing buddy check, phone ignoring. Okay, I just need to get some sleep beforehand and I'm set.

    16. Johnny Walker on December 8, 2015

      "Our team looked into it, and it's possible – it just takes a lot of extra time and work."

      It's a lot of extra time and work to put M or F next to the orders just so your backers can have a t-shirt that fits them? :-/

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick Worth on December 8, 2015

      Wow! The Game Grumps will be involved too? That's even more exciting for me.

    18. Jason McGrody on December 8, 2015

      I am SO excited!!!!! I'll have the coolest thing for show and tell now

    19. Jason McGrody on December 8, 2015

      I didn't see the $4000 invention before. (unless it wasn't there...)

      I just upgraded. Thanks, Mr. Hodgson!!

    20. Joel Hodgson Creator on December 8, 2015

      @Richard: No deeper meaning there. Baron had a commitment out of town where he won't be able to get online. We'll miss him... but, you know, the show must go on.

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard on December 7, 2015

      Anyone else notice the new Tom Servo won't be at the telethon? Hmm...

    22. Dianne DeSha on December 7, 2015

      Insanity: Realizing horrible mural near end of MST3K's "Werewolf" is from your local Steer & Ale 0.0!!!

    23. Joseph Ferris on December 7, 2015

      I can't be the only person who has Europe's "The Final Countdown" stuck in my head now. Hey, Joel? Can we get Heston and the bots to do a version? Pretty please, with Gamera on top! Oh, great... Now I've got the Gamera song stuck in my head now, too.

    24. Josh Lukins on December 7, 2015

      Wow Jonah is using the shadowrama twitter avatar. Get yours here:

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicole on December 7, 2015

      I'm also wondering if those of us in LA can come to the Meltdown show. Maybe sell tix as a new donation option?

    26. Yohannon on December 7, 2015


    27. Nate on December 7, 2015

      More music? More eyeballs? How about both? Get the Residents. :D
      Should be a blast, I'm trying to keep calm.

    28. arf pinback on December 7, 2015

      Keep rocking it Joel! How about a couple of music tie-ins? We need more eyeballs!

      Get the Replacements or Prince onto the theme--or both. What better thing do any of them have to do anyway....and both have been in the 'big kid' news in the past 6-12 months

    29. Ziv A. Kowarsky on December 7, 2015

      I would love to watch the final countdown but sabbath starts at 4pm.

      Please either have this as a dvd bonus feature or available to stream Saturday night.

    30. Jason McGrody on December 7, 2015

      Any chance of another $3000 Invention Exchange reward opening up? I'll take it as soon as it's available...


    31. Missing avatar

      Curt Campbell on December 7, 2015

      Missing this would cause some SERIOUS "Deep Hurting"!

    32. Thomas O'Neill on December 7, 2015

      You had me at 'Red Zone'.

    33. Greg Tally on December 7, 2015

      This Final Countdown event sounds incredible. What if someone wants to see the event live at Meltdown? How do we do that?

    34. ABOhiccups on December 7, 2015

      5:00 PM PST = 8:00 PM EST

      You're welcome!

    35. Chris Means
      on December 7, 2015

      Such a salesman...doubled my backer level to EXPERIMENT 200...and I don't even have a DVD or BluRay player...fingers crossed for the Mystery Gift.

    36. Jon Uzel on December 7, 2015

      And now a GEICO ad is playing in my head...(the Final Countdown)

      "If you're the bots, you riff on movies, its what you do..."

    37. Brittany Mealor on December 7, 2015

      If we're in LA, an we go to Meltdown and watch it live?

    38. ginger j fitts on December 7, 2015

      Hummmm....this seems familiar, I recall a telethon for Public Pearl Television. I would be tempted to up my pledge to $100.00 to hear you sing When Loving Lovers Love..

    39. Troy Babbs on December 7, 2015

      Please please PLEASE tell me you're recording the Final Countdown telethon as a bonus feature or something! I'll watch as much as I can but that sounds amazing!!

    40. Jessi on December 7, 2015

      GAME GRUMPS/STARBOMB? oh my GOD. It's so nice of you to keep catering so aggressively to my wants, Joel.

      Just throwing it out there that I'd be just smitten with delight if Arin/Dan/etc were involved in the new episodes in some way... Arin's a pretty great voice actor and all...

    41. Jason Johnson on December 7, 2015

      Woohoo thanks for the heads up! Watching the livestream!

    42. LeighAnne Winicaties
      on December 7, 2015

      Yay! Robert Lopez!! Hmmm... MST3K on Broadway, anyone? :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Eric on December 7, 2015

      Let's have a countdown. A countdown on Friday. Can we PLEASE?
      "Ok... but this is ... the *final* countdown.