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You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Melissa

      I absolutely love Felicia. I was at that Comic Con and I met both of you there. It makes me so giddy to hear the story of how you two met. Her book is amazing. You'll have to teach her the secret handshake if you haven't already.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patti E. on

      Hi Joel! I just made my pledge. Just wanted say how excited I am that Felicia Day is going to be the new Mad. Awesome choice! Important question, though: is Gypsy coming back? Hope so.

    3. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      I liked the levitating too - looks like Servo 3.0 got a way more powerful hoverskirt.

      Of course, he'll probably make Jonah carry him into the theatre anyway.

    4. Justin Corwin on

      I've watched this update several times. Love the new cast so far.

    5. Jerry Stogsdill on

      A couple things. I was on board with the concept for the git. I loved Mike straight away and thought Bill was phenom as Crow. So I never indulged in the East Coast/West Coast thing over all these years. So I did not need to be won over. Second, OMG, I am in love with the new cast already. I don't know their work, but I will bone up. Just seeing them in these short kickstarter bits makes me super excited. And as a HUGE Trace fan, I can sincerely say that Miss Day is well on her way to becoming the best Sir ever. Not to set expectations too high, but these next few episodes seem to be in excellent hands.

      My only wish is that Kinga's henchman be name McCloud. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ?!?

    6. Andrea Giesbrecht on

      I lost it right around the part where Servo started levitating.

      Is it just me, or has the chemistry between the characters already improved over the last video? That shouldn't be possible. But hey, this is MST3K! Anything is possible! Right?

      I wish I could pledge more. You guys are worth it.

    7. Jeffrey Quisenberry on

      We "might just get to see the oldest episodes of MST3K"? What an incentive! To get to see those first two Supermarionation shows riffed, I'd double my $100 pledge! (A challenge so close to Christmas, but I'll try.)

      If you can do it, just be VERY careful when you guys handle those ancient master copies! And please make the eps purchasable on disc or (even better) digital download. Doesn't matter if they're they're not up to your later standards, they're are part of history I *must* have.

    8. Matt Dunn on

      Just wanted to mention that this is the update that won me over. Not just for Day, or the new voices, but the fact that this show really will be better with a set of fresh faces. I was one of those disgruntled lifetime fans when I first saw this, but you are totally right. Everyone complains about new things, and often it's a bunch of whining for nothing. I'm stoked about where this project is going, and I'm hoping we hit that 5.5!

    9. Greg Pohlman on

      I adore Felicia Day, my only concern about her character is the name "Kinga." Dunno, just sounds weird. No complaint, whatsoever about her ability to play an eccentric, egomaniacal, and yet adorkable villain. I'd never heard of Yount or Vaughn before this kickstarter, but after a brief youtube search, I like what I'm seeing. They've got talent, and aside from their stand-up routines, their IMDB listings are tragically scant. I look forward to their takes on the robots. It'll be a challenge getting used to their voices and style, but like most other cast changes (any Whovians out there?) I think the fans will eventually get over the separation anxiety and embrace the new characters for who they are.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Ruic on

      Felicia Day certainly has the range for the character you have in mind. The other three I'm not familiar with, but I'm willing to see what they put together.

    11. R. Cruz on

      I was skeptical when a new cast was announced, but I'm really liking your picks so far, Joel. The bots having the hots for the new Mad? I'm down.

    12. Scott Hewitt

      If adding Felicia Day's name to the project brings in more pledges, then it's a smart move.
      That aside, I'm more interested in pretty much every other part of this update.

    13. Johnny W on

      @Arthur B The "trending" feature of Kicktraq is by not a projection feature (read here: The "projection" feature is the best guess anyone has at the moment (see some case studies here:

      Time will tell, of course. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but it doesn't hurt to hope for the best while planning for the worst :)

    14. J. Nathan Couch on

      I just upped my pledge. This is so exciting! I'm behind you guys a hundred percent, provided David Spade isn't the new evil henchman.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Komanowski on

      Yes, it certainly doesn't hurt that Felicia is a *hottie*.

      Back off, Servo....she's mine, MINE I tell you!! Though you are a *chick-magnet*, she is immune to your calf-implant, assisted charm!

    16. Jeffery B Eppes on

      For those worried about the goal. I limited my contribution because of Christmas. If we have a follow up to extend the season, I could give more. I'm sure that's true of others here.

    17. Michaeljack on

      Felecia Day? Are you kidding? FELECIA F***ING DAY!

      Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! If i was buzzed for the new show before i'm mad for it now! :D

    18. Dane-Mychal Marvin on

      Netflix just announced that it purchased the rights to revive the TV series "Lost in Space." This is the most recent in a growing line of series revivals by them. I see a lot of overlap between MST3K and LIS fan bases. Those would be perfect to pair together to draw in even more subscribers. C'mon, Netflix! Do it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      @Johnny Walker - What are you basing that on? Kicktraq's currently showing the Kickstarter as trending towards a healthy margin over the $5.5 million mark. Its projection functionality has the top projection at $4.5 million, but that's an extremely experimental feature and I've never known it to be at all reliable in the dozens of Kickstarters I've backed until much, much closer to the finish line. (Even then, it's usually thrown out of whack by a last-minute burst of funding from backers who were holding off until the last minute.)

      $5.5 million is a tough target, but eminently achievable and we're on course to do it so far.

    20. We are Fabio! on

      I just upped my pledge, because I felt a moment of panic at realizing we're going to have a very difficult time getting to $3.3x10^6 by the end of the Turkey Day Marathon.

      It's going to be even rougher getting to $5.5m...

    21. Htom Sirveaux on

      People griping about Felicia Day remind me VERY much of people back in the day griping about Mike Nelson, Mary Jo, Bobo etc.

      Begging for a reward to have her off the show tells a lot about a person. It has some parallels with the Mighty No. 9 Fiasco.

      And for people wondering if she can pull off evil. When where the mads all that evil. They said cruel things, and had cruel intentions, but Frank and Dr. F never seemed that threatening. Now Mary Jo, on the other hand had a little more Evil feel.

      I accuse your parents. ^_^

    22. ginger j fitts on

      If you're going with a woman, she's the best choice other than Mary Jo.

    23. Missing avatar

      MV on

      Love the casting for the bots, though Servo could use a bit more bass.

    24. Johnny W on

      Even the most optimistic projection falls short of the goal: Currently it's at $4m. It's riding on Turkey Day, but they still really need to do something that makes the average person up their pledge.

    25. Matthew

      I love Felicia Day! BUT I was a little concerned about her being evil...but one I saw the video in the annooncement, I feel pretty good about it all. Keep the Kickstarter moving! More Episodes!!!

    26. Jeffery B Eppes on

      Yeah she's got a lot of talents behind the camera and a few in front of it. She's playing a sort of exaggerated fictionalized version of herself in The Guild (as I understand it). Its the one time I haven't cringed at her doing comedy and I took it as her being aware of her limitations and giving herself jokes she could pull off. I've never seen her even attempt anything as outsized as a Mad and its clear she's not going to play anything as dopey as TV's Frank.

      And Bioware does very frequently screw up that could have been part of it. But in Dragon Age 2 she played a sort of self insert fanfic character she'd created previously that was kind of ridiculous from a lore stand point and it made the DLC which featured her character painful (it was also modeled to look like an elvish version of her, so there was no getting away from the "this is Felicia Day's fanfic character" vibe.)

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt Schiros on

      Pre-gripe praise: SO happy this is happening. I've been re-watching the show from the beginning recently, and getting sadder as the remaining episode count dwindles.

      Gripe: How much more do I have to contribute for you not to use Felicia Day? Can we make that a reward level? Everyone else is awesome, but man, that one is a huge miss. I guess I'll just have to hope that the new episodes will pick up the ethos of earlier Joel episodes, where everyone's acting was awful and everyone flubbed their lines and that was part of the charm. MJP she is not :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Mancomb Seepgood on


      I'm not aware of what she did for Bioware, but she created and wrote the Guild, which is good enough for me. I'm not like a rabid fan of her show either, my girlfriend shared it with me briefly. It wasn't quite my taste at the time, but I know good writing when I see it. She's a good writer.

      Felicia has even more XP under her belt now, and every actor has bomb projects from time to time. Not to mention we've got Joel to guide her, if that's even a necessity. I'm not worried.

    29. Missing avatar


      Oh very nice, when I first saw who the new mad was I was thinking, this could be interesting. I think she did well here.

    30. Jeffery B Eppes on

      I want to withdraw. I'd have trusted you to cast unknowns but I've seen what Day can do and it leaves me with growing dread about this project. And no its not that she's a woman, you're right about Pehl being great, but did you test Day?

      Then again, if she's a Mad, then she's not riffing (at least regularly) maybe this could work with the right direction. Maybe Bioware and Joss Wheddon didn't know what to do with her and maybe you do.

      In the end my mst3k fandom wins out over my doubts. I have to remind myself that my meager contribution is about gratitude for what you've already done, not the expectation that you'll do it again (as you pointed out, that would be impossible)

    31. Jason McGrody on

      I'm so out of it that I've heard of NONE of these comedians. But from what I've seen of the few clips so far just on the Kickstarter, I really like them.

    32. Trevor Stasik on

      @Joel - What were company picnics like at Gizmonic Institute?

    33. Lazarus Dark on

      You know what would be great? A fathom event for the first episode. I know a lot of people are going to say its copying Rifftrax, but who cares. Fathom events are a great resource and tons of fun for a lot of different shows. I can guarantee my local theater sells out.

    34. Dave Gold on

      I truly hope that Kinga is trying love child of Dr. Forrester and Sylvia (the scandal caused her and Gerry to divorce, which is why neither ever appeared again).

    35. Marty Ketola on

      Please be Jackie Martling as the new henchman! Oh please, oh please!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ed Ruddom on


      I cannot tell you how happy this update is making me. If this means we can get to see the lost KTMA episodes, I'm hoping that we can reach the $3.3million mark. I think in a perfect world we'd get to see all 21... or would that be 22 with the unaired pilot... of the KTMA episodes released as the 18 we fans have aren't in the greatest of quality, but even if it is just the 3 lost episodes, that would be fantastic!

      C'mon MSTies, we've come this far and now we have the chance to get the 3 holy grails we've been wanting for years! WE CAN DO THIS!

    37. Rob Abrazado

      Huge update! This is all super exciting. Felicia is a great pick!

    38. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      @Joel What about the voice for Gypsy (did Cambot ever have a voice? I don't remember. If that robot had a voice, who's doing the voice now?)?

    39. Missing avatar

      greg galanos on

      Everything looks good so far. BUUUUTTTT Kinga has to wear some Forrester green....absolute must. Just something; a hair scrunchy, earrings...something!!

    40. Daniel DiManna on

      Amazing news!!!! This is the update I have been waiting for, and it had WAY more information in it than I was expecting! Welcome to the SoL, Hampton and Baron! And to the next evil lair, we welcome Ms. Felicia! So glad to have you aboard for this next season! Great video, by the way! :)

      However, what has me geeked out beyond mere mortal comprehension is the fact that, in this update, Joel all but confirmed the LOOOOOOOONG awaited release of at least a few of the KTMA episodes, most likely K01, K02, and K03, of which no fan copies (the only way to see the 18 existing KTMA shows) are known to exist. After the obvious that MST3K is finally coming back to captivate a new generation, and thrill us old school MSTies, this news is the biggest thing to happen to the world of Mystery Science Theater in years. The significance of this challenge from Joel CANNOT be overestimated.

      A week or so ago, I posted a comment to Joel, making a very heartfelt appeal to make the three lost MST KTMA episodes the three initial challenge episodes, as they are the only episodes NO FAN can currently watch. I was excited to see how any people agreed with me in the comments that followed, and made it a point to bring it up in the main comments section as often as I could. But I never dared to dream that it would actually come to fruition that we, right now, have the power to make some, maybe even all, of these lost treasures available to the fans to watch!

      If you're reading this, Joel, I cannot thank you enough for taking our words to heart, putting aside your own feelings about the primitive nature of the early episodes, and giving us the chance to get them released in some capacity. It means more to me, and us fans, than I can ever put into words.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to increase my pledge. ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Elijah Philipp on

      I was excited about Jonah, but i think somehow I'm even more excited about Hampton and Baron. Both of these dudes are excellent stand-ups and with the way Baron riffs when he's guest hosting Put Your Hands Together... this is going to be awesome.

    42. We are Fabio! on

      Ahhhh! Finally managed to watch this updates video. If this all comes together, Felicia Day is going to be ** awesome ** in that role. Honestly, I will probably up my pledge regardless of the new 72 hour challenge, because I now neeeeeeeed to see this happen.

      Like, more than I needed to see it previously.

    43. Shawn Moore on

      Joel, I hope you have given Hampton & Baron their respective robots (or prototypes) to practice their puppeteering in advance of taping episodes.... They need motion with the voices... :-)

    44. Jennifer Stine on

      Is Felicia Day the nice lady from the show Eureka! who ended up being part of a "smart house?"

    45. Laura on

      Yeah, Felicia Day! Also curious if there will be a new Gypsy.

    46. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      Pearl, Bobo and Brain Guy took a little while to get up to speed due to the SciFi Channel's insistence on having a continuing storyline in the host segments, but there's some excellent stuff from that era once they got their style nailed down. The host segments on Overdrawn at the Memory Bank were fantastic and perfect for those particular characters.

    47. Ralph Carusillo on

      I have to admit that I have not heard of any of the new cast members. (Head in the sand? Living in a cave? Head in the sand while living in a cave?? You decide). When I was watching the video, though, I found that I was getting goosebumps....yes, indeed! I do want to welcome Jonah, Felicia, Baron and Hampton to the MST3K family! This is getting more realer and realtastic by the day. I'm looking forward to more thrills, surprises and good news.

      Here's to the new MST3K. Time to take out the chili!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Alex Convertito on

      Im really really enjoying the cast so far. Nice job, Joel!