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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gordon Kauer about 3 hours ago

      SO I just got back from a 6 month deployment overseas. Missed out on all the updates and to be honest really don't want to read that much. Can someone just give me a quick update on when we get the Blu ray DVD's that were part of the kickstarter. Thanks much appreciated.

    2. J. Nathan Couch 4 days ago

      Saw you guys in Milwaukee last night. Great shows. I really hope that the two live shows are being recorded. I'd love to own them
      On DVD or VOD down the line!

    3. Missing avatar

      Conor Moore 4 days ago

      Hey i bought a shirt the other day at the Columbus concert and then when I got home I realized it had a tear in it and I was wondering if I could somehow get a replacement?

    4. michelle D 5 days ago

      @crimsus The end credit names are in alphabetical order by first name.....And there are end credits on each episode. So if your first name was listed as, say AAAlbatross, your credit is on episode 1. If your first name is Zzzzebra, your credit is on episode 14.

    5. William Magann 6 days ago

      @Thom Yes it really was great to see so many teenagers and preteens at the NY show too. The place was packed, and at least half of the audience was younger people. Like you I watched it on the first run, so it is really wonderful to see people becoming fans almost 30 years after the show debuted.

      Sadly my wife and I couldn't attend the secret show. I really hope they release it on video so I can enjoy it. Everyone was speculating on what the movie might be, and I still don't know!

      The new episodes exceeded my expectations. They weren't all home runs, but again like you i would put a few of them in the pantheon of all-time greats.

    6. Thom Verratti 6 days ago

      I just effused about the live Secret Surprise Film! all over update #59, and wanted to drop a bit of it here:

      Nick Mangione at wrote a glowing review of the New York show and noted that the Secret Surprise Film! "...might even be one of my favorite MST3K episodes ever." He is absolutely right -- it was a mind-blowingly incompetent film and one of the funniest riffs I've ever heard. I'd not only love to see the live _Eegah!_ and the Secret Surprise released, I think it would be great if they became official Season 11 episodes 15 and 16 (and could join the rest of the season on Netflix at some point in the future).

      David Cherson -- I understand, and I respect your feelings about the new cast . . . . but I'm very relieved that thousands and thousands of people don't seem to agree. I truly think that some of the new 14 (16!) episodes are in the top few episodes of all time. And although there are plenty of us old fans who watched the show in its original run (I'm one of those too) -- I was amazed at the live show (at the Lincoln Theater in Washington D.C. last week) to realize that all the young adults around me in line were new fans of the show, there because of the Netflix new and classic episodes and fans of Jonah and the new cast. There were pre-teen kids dressed as Tom Servo, older kids in full Gizmonic jumpsuits . . . . it was amazing.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Cherson 6 days ago

      To Joel and all Misties out there,
      I have divided feelings regarding the revival of MST3K. On one hand I am extremely happy that MST3K is back and that it never should have left, etc. But on the other hand upon watching the new version I realized that sometimes a masterpiece can only be created once and then appreciated forever. It's this latter feeling that made me come to the conclusion that it just isn't the same. I respect Jonah and other newbies to the cast and wish them continued success. However I also realized that all that ever should have happened was for the old cast to do just one more film and that should have been Big Jim McLean, a John Wayne classic anti-communist movie from the '50's. (It's so corny it practically riffs itself)


    8. Missing avatar

      Crimsus 6 days ago

      Two friends and I went through the credits of the final episode of the season. We all pledged to include our names in the credits. We are not there. What happened? None of the names we provided were offensive or vulgar.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cliff Hollis 6 days ago

      I have two tickets for the August 10 Richmond show. I am going to be unable to use them. Anyone interested? I am in a dealing mood.

    10. Nate 6 days ago

      (The portion of the interview I'm referencing is @ 7:45 btw)

    11. Nate 6 days ago

      A lot of people may have seen this interview already but I just saw it and I feel like Kevin's take on story arc-ing is exactly how I feel.…
      I've always seen the show as an "excuse to tell jokes" and while I love the new season, I do feel that the time spent on the "story" could maybe have been spent refining the in-theater humor.
      Whether you agree or disagree, this interview is a good watch. Hi-keebs ya'll

    12. William Magann on July 12

      It looks as awful as ever!

      But since they try to make completely different riffs, they don't talk about it as much as last time. I did count three times when they more or less repeated a riff, but they were so obvious it would have been wrong NOT to repeat them.

      They still had a few kinks to work out when I saw the show, but it didn't matter. It was an A+ experience.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on July 12

      How does the newly-remastered version of Arch Hall Jr.'s face look?

    14. William Magann on July 8

      I just got back from seeing the Eegah live show in NYC. If you have tickets to one of the live shows, you are going to love it. If you don't have tickets, why the heck not? It's a great time in a theater filled with fellow Msties.

    15. Daniel DiManna on July 6

      Good luck to Team MST3K as they launch their tour with their first show tonight, and well wishes to those lucky MSTies who will be there to see it! I can't wait to hear what the secret show is!!!!

    16. Slappy Sims on July 6

      kick off today in Boston.. break a leg gang! ... Joel and the MST3K crew are wicked pissah.

    17. William Magann on July 5

      They emailed me today. I guess if you are waiting for info on your live-show package you can expect to be contacted roughly three days in advance.

    18. William Magann on July 5

      My live show event is on Saturday and I still have not been contacted about my VIP access information. Has anyone heard anything from them on this subject. I know I can call the theater and try to get some info, but this is kind of discouraging.

    19. The Bionic Lemming on July 4

      The most epic was the MST3K final hours telethon that was so badly glitchy that it actually deserves a MST3K roast of itself. One of my best mst3k memories ever. Except for the Kirk impersonation - that was just so badly done that no amount of snark will elevate that from the pits of hell.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on July 3

      I love the nod to the epic telethon technical difficulties at the beginning of the Starcrash episode, by the way. Still the greatest telethon that mankind has ever witnessed, in my opinion.

    21. Pam B Natural
      on June 30

      Update: I finally just contacted the theater and got a preliminary schedule. It's not confirmed yet but at least it's a start. You may want to do the same.

    22. William Magann on June 30

      I'm not travelling far, but I have the same question. My show is about a week away and I haven't been contacted.

    23. Pam B Natural
      on June 30

      Has anyone heard anything about the scheduling of the VIP events? The show is a week away. I'm traveling a significant distance and am in jeopardy of having travel plans go FUBAR at this point.

    24. The Bionic Lemming on June 30

      I've cancelled the strike team.

    25. Jeff Richards
      on June 30

      First place is yours, man. I like snake merch, but not thyroid-like 'em.

    26. The Bionic Lemming on June 29

      I was first in line asking. The meek shall inherit the earth, no matter how many thyroids I have to gnaw thru.

    27. Jeff Richards
      on June 29

      It would be a really nice gesture if those who had shows cancelled could get a shot at the merch online in limited quantities. Ah well.

    28. The Bionic Lemming on June 28

      Make the fish snakes for the Vancouver show available for purchase - me first.

    29. Jeff Richards
      on June 28

      I see people talking about it on Twitter too. I guess the Vancouver live show is cancelled.

    30. Jeff Richards
      on June 28

      Did anyone else just get a cancellation notice for Vancouver BC?

    31. Philip Stephens on June 28

      @adam: Constructive criticism is fine, but don't make the mistake of branding those of us who loved the new season as simply pandering. We just have our own subjective opinions, is all.

    32. Kaijuduke on June 28

      My favorite episodes of the new season were Reptilicus, The Beast of Hollow Mountain, The Land That Time Forgot, Yongary: Monster From The Deep, & At The Earth's Core. What can I say? I love rubber monsters & stop motion dinosaurs and every combination of those things therein lol. More kaiju and dinosaur films in the future please :D

      P.S. the kaiju rap was hilariously awesome XD

    33. The Bionic Lemming on June 27

      ps - i want one. Surely arrangements can be made. Else I'll loose my lemming army.

      You have an appropriate amount of time to reconsider.

    34. The Bionic Lemming on June 27

      not offering fish snakes in cans in the store is just plain evil.


    35. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on June 27

      Anyone interested in setting up a Kickstarter campaign for Wizards of the Lost Kingdom 3? ;-)

    36. William Magann on June 27

      I have to wonder if ticket sales haven't been disappointing. This is the second time Joel has used an update to try to drum up business. Maybe the two-shows-a -night approach was overly ambitious?

      And still not a peep about renewal. I hope they are just holding off announcing it for some special occasion.

    37. Missing avatar

      Glen Sawyer
      on June 27

      Salt Lake live show cancelled?
      [insert Darth Vader "Nooooooo!" gif]

    38. Joe Lawler on June 27

      It looks like some people are getting the Zappa MST3K rewards in the mail. I won't spoil the surprise here, but pics are showing up on the Revival League Facebook page.

    39. adam Pankratz on June 19

      Positives - It does have the feel of the old show, there are funny riffs, some of the movie choices are perfect. My favorites are Avalanche, Loves of Hercules, Cry Wilderness, and Beast of Hollow Mountain.

      Negatives (My opinion as well as my circle of lifelong MSTies) - Constant song riffs (They can be funny especially if you make a parody. I noticed some of the song riffs were just singing 3+ lines of the song, though. None of us found that funny), Gypsy in the theater, inconsistent writing (It seems like this season had way more writers than any of the previous seasons. Did this create a "we need to put in a joke from this person so they don't feel bad" mentality?) Doing jokes that are too obvious (some of the riffs reminded me of when the Mads tried to be funny watching Castle of Fu Manchu) or Beating a joke to death (Crabby jokes throughout Wizards). I never felt like the crew was being "tortured" by the bad movies. It seemed more like "Kids! Go clean your room(watch a bad movie)! "Do I have to?" Yes! "Fine".

      Needs work - Chemistry of cast, Riff timing, quality of writing, skits (especially MADS). Impersonations (did the new cast do any?! I can't remember any besides Jonah doing Tom Jones once)

      I view this season as another Season 1. If you go back to the original season 1 everyone was trying to figure out all of the things I mentioned as needing work. It wasn't until season 3 that the show really found it's complete voice and soared from then on.

      As someone who plays the older episodes EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT for the past 17+ years throughout the night as my wife and I settle down in bed and eventually go to sleep I really think there needs to be work and effort still put into it to improve the show. There are things that just don't work and I think the overwhelming positive reviews are sort of like the brand new love mentality of EVERYTHING IS PERFECT BECAUSE WE ARE TOGETHER! (swoon)

      Please take this as constructive criticism. Like I said there are a number of episodes I've rewatched about 4 or 5 times! But then there are some like StarCrash that I can't even get thru a 2nd time. I hope the series gets another season and I look forward to watching the cast grow.

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on June 18

      I sometimes wonder what the discussion was like at the writers' table when the world's most awkward camera angle, somewhere around the 35 minute mark of Carnival Magic, came up. ;-P

    41. Missing avatar

      Jason Barber on June 17

      On Sundays, my siblings and I are currently watching the 6th season of MST3K. On Thursdays, we watch the newest season. The last episode I watched with my family was Yongary. We talked about watching Pulgasari afterwards, but we decided not to.

      I will say this. The series was, is, and will forever be awesome and hilarious. I could go on and on, but I'd be repeating myself.

      Sometimes, we say comments as we watch both the movie and sketches. You guys always blow us out of the water, though.

      Currently, the sketch that I found the funniest was the Hitler coffee one, but I suspect I'll run into a funnier one sooner or later. Each time I think you guys hit the funniest limit, you break it like it was nothing.

      Everyone on MST3K is gold. To me, you're like a few guys and gals who I meet and have a bit of fun with every so often. The only parts my siblings and I didn't like tend to be the plot of some of the movies. so I guess this means that everything you control we all like.

      As for movies my siblings didn't like, my sister didn't like Women of the Prehistoric Planet. She picked up a toy he-man sword and ran around poking everyone with it as she yelled 'I hate this movie!'

      Luckily, we calmed her down by singing the simpsons 'Planet of the apes you'll never make a monkey out of me' song.

      My brother didn't like Teenage Cave Man, but he merely loudly declared it.

      I have yet to run into a movie I don't like. At worse, I just disagree.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Chernay on June 17

      Yongary introduced my daughter to Toonces the driving cat and Beastie Boys Intergalactic. I brought up the video on YouTube and shared a bit of my youth with her. That was awesome sauce.

      So far I only didn't like the loves of Hercules. But I still have 6 shows left. The high energy riffs are a welcome change. And I'm a proud dad that my daughter is jumping at the chance to watch these episodes with me.

      Well done Joel.

    43. Missing avatar

      Amelia Margetts on June 17

      Cried laughing at the B-Movie Hybrids sketch, then had to kick down my sister's door at 2:40 a.m. and make HER watch it.

      I'm also in love with the new door sequence. I love that it's his living space, and the miniatures are great.

    44. Lynn Knott on June 17

      "And no, it's not Kevin Murphy."


      Oh, how glorious that would have been.

      Love the show, classic and new. Great mix of riffs covering wide variety of topics. Something for everyone. The guys really play off each other well. Tunes are great. Great choice of movies.

      See you guys in (It's not easy being) Green Bay in August!! Can't wait!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Bradford on June 17

      I am overall very pleased with the new episodes. Yes, they do not have the exact same tone, nor the exact same type of of humor as the originals, but I wasn't thinking that they would, in fact, I was expecting it to change. It changed, and I'm happy with how it turned out. Of course, there are things I like and don't like, and with your permission, I would like to extend that thought further.

      The things I really loved about the new show. Well for one thing, the riffs are still hysterical, that was the main concern I had. They're still funny, and they're still memorable.Another great change was the fact that Gypsy not only got a few riffs into the movie now, but her riffs are hilarious! You even go people asking what she's dropping off in the theater! Brilliant! Jonah is definitely right for the part. He's nothing like Joel or Mike's character, which I find to be refreshing, as he is his own character.

      The big question I had in my head the entire time was the new voice of Tom Servo. He sounded nothing like Kevin Murphy, and Servo is by far my favorite character. However, after the first episode of season 11, my worries are laid to rest. The new Servo is funny, a little different, and still awesome! So I approve all around.

      As for my favorite episode is definitely Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, and yes I loved the sequel episode too.

      What I didn't like about the new episodes. I can't get past the Kinga scenes. Felicia Day is good as Kinga, but her part was not written very well. Her scenes are not especially funny, they are quite clumsy, and her interactions with the cameos just don't really work for me. The cameos from the Scifi Era villains were very poorly done, especially Bobo's new mask, it looks awful.

      As for Jonah and the Bots, the worst thing I can say about them is their riffs can get a little too fast and too frequent at times. With so many riffs coming in all at once, it gets a little hard to absorb. However, this is just a simple nitpick on my part, and not at all a deal breaker.

      My least favorite episode has to be the Land Time Forgot. It was somewhat excessively boring, and the riffs did not leave much of a lasting impression.

      Overall, the worst part about it was the ending. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, but I thought it was a little too much of a downfall for preparing for the end of the series, were it necessary. That's all I'll say about it.

      I'm loving it, and I'm crossing my fingers for a season 12! If you actually read this, Joel, I'm more than happy with pledging a hundred bucks! No buyer's remorse what so ever! Let's hope we can keep it up!

    46. Joel Tilley on June 16

      My favorite episodes are the classic sci-fi movies, like Reptilicus, Beast of Hollow Mountain, Land that Time Forgot, and Yongary. Avalanche...not so much, but still worth watching. Thanks!

    47. Mary Bergman on June 16

      First off, I have loved the new season. It really seems to have distilled the best parts of the original series down to a very consistently funny and smart essence.

      However, the thing I have truly enjoyed the most is the fact that you have kept the show apolitical. At a time when half of the country is apparently not speaking to the other half, it is a a huge relief to turn on something where for 90 minutes I don't have to hear anything about our current sordid state of affairs. Thank you!

    48. Missing avatar

      uncleblob on June 16

      OK - I've been watching MST3K since season 1 (guess that says I'm old) and I remember when Mike took over it was a little jarring at first, but I very quickly loved the new show just as much as the old. I have always welcomed the new additions and changes the show has gone through and this latest version is no exception. Very well done!! I have enjoyed this new season thoroughly and love all the new cast, sets and all! The breaks that replicate going to commercial were a wonderful idea. As far as memorable moments I think everything is very funny - but I shot milk from my nose most when watching Yongary and the new bride said to her husband "guess who's dressed like your grandmaaaa?".
      In short - is this just like the original series - no. Should it be just like the original - no. This is the perfect balance of well produced and still cheezy and fun. Keep up the good work!! I can't wait for the next season!
      Sorry for all the explanation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      love always
      Bob Quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Mark Eric Elton on June 16

      Heyo all!

      As a longtime fan, I can honestly say I loved the new season! My fave episodes were the Wizards of the Lost Kingdom duo. Also loved Cry Wilderness.

      The only thing I really missed were the Dutch angles. Admittedly, I know it seems like a small thing, and with all the green screen used, probably not a practical thing, but there was something about the askew camera angles that made the older episodes feel much more alive than the new ones.

      That said, I still loved the new season. Writing, humor, pacing all felt inline with previous seasons, and though many people seem to be complaining about the voices, I actually loved them - thought they were perfect.

      So yeah, that's it. Thank you for the hard work! I sincerely hope you get as many additional seasons as you desire. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on June 16

      I am unable to stop rewatching both Wizards of the Lost Kingdom episodes! Definitely my favorite episodes of the new season, with Cry Wilderness in third place.

      (Very slight spoiler ahead, maybe -- I don't think it is a spoiler, but YMMV)

      The movie climax scene and final host segment in Wizards 2 has some of my favorite laughs. The best is when Crow asks (during the final host segment), "What about when all the heros start kissing at the end . . . ."

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