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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Arthur B
      about 1 hour ago

      To be fair, some of the movies would have been spoilered 30 seconds in if the old title sequence format is being used.

    2. MadJo about 3 hours ago

      @Daniel, sadly that video isn't available in my country.

    3. Joe Lawler about 9 hours ago

      @Televiso: The problem is, you need to show some riffing to get across the idea of what MST3K is. The studio segments are 90% of an episode, if you don't show that, people might assume it's a Red Dwarf/Other Space-style sci fi show and get disappointed when it's mostly people talking over movies.

    4. Mike Haushalter about 10 hours ago

      cool trailer.
      very happy to at least know some of the films we are going to be seeing. not all of us want to be surprised

    5. Daniel DiManna about 10 hours ago

      Well... that's disappointing. I guess NDA's don't mean anything to some people. If it was a mistake and they thought the embargo was lifted (footage from Reptilicus was shown, so everyone whose seen the trailer knows it'll be in the new season by now) then hey, mistakes happen. If not, shame on them.

    6. Jake Westbrook about 11 hours ago

      Cat was kinda outta the bag on that one anyway. Things don't stay safe on the internet for long.

    7. Jake Westbrook about 11 hours ago

      @Daniel DiManna Too late, one of the screening attendees was on Reddit, assumed the embargo was lifted and already confirmed it.

    8. Daniel DiManna about 11 hours ago

      Unruffled? Wow... *unriffed.

    9. Daniel DiManna about 11 hours ago

      @Jake Westbrook,

      I would if I could... but I can't. So I shan't. ;)

      Sorry, buddy. Until I hear it from Joel or a figure of likewise authority, I can't confirm or deny which movie is riffed in episode 1101. But either way, you (and/or anybody who has seen the film) have to agree... Reptilicus is remarkably, unbelievably, insanely PERFECT for the show! It's a movie I've seen a million times unruffled, and trust me... it's the stuff of MST3K dreams.

    10. Bruce Pullen about 12 hours ago

      Sirs and Ladies. I'm happy this is happening at all. We did it. New episodes are inbound in 23 days. Our near two decades drought is coming to an end. Whether a trailer for the new season is released here or generally is inconsequential. Be happy and don't fret the small stuff. In a month it won't matter.

    11. Jake Westbrook about 12 hours ago

      I get the feeling that Netflix dropped the trailer without warning Joel, otherwise we probably would've gotten a concurrent update.

      That being said, can someone finally legally confirm that Reptilicus was the episode shown at the backer screenings last month?

    12. Daniel DiManna about 14 hours ago

      Right there with ya, @Justin! Its great to see the elements again in a repeatable format. Seeing the episode live was such an overwhelming experience, and things were happening so fast that I definitely didn't absorb the fine details. For example, the woman next to Kinga who looks a HELL of a lot like Pearl? That's Rebecca Hanson, our new Gypsy! There's a story behind who she is and shy she's there, but mum's the word... :)

      Also, check out this "New to Netflix in April" trailer that just got posted as well! There's some brief new footage not seen in the trailer at the 47 second mark, including some awesome stop motion!…

    13. Missing avatar

      Televisio Frankus about 14 hours ago

      Was anyone else a little disappointed that they spoiled several of the episodes with the trailer? I would rather have had all the episodes surprise me.

    14. MadJo about 14 hours ago

      Would've been nice if the release of the trailer coincided with a Kickstarter update. :)

    15. FanTom Servo about 14 hours ago

      @ (North) Andrew
      Friday the 14th - It's Good Friday, but now it going to be Great Friday

    16. Justin Corwin about 14 hours ago

      Trailer was awesome.. great teaser for anyone who doesn't know the show or has been sitting on the fence about the new season. It's great to see some of the concepts I saw in 1101 again for me to rewatch over and over and let it sink in a bit more. The skull henchmen are my fav.

    17. Daniel DiManna about 14 hours ago

      Damn, the new MST3K trailer comes out, Shin Godzilla 2 gets confirmed, and I get a paycheck ALL IN THE SAME DAY?!?!?!?! My heart can't take all the awesomeness!

      That said, its great to finally be able to see people's reactions to footage that I had the privilege of seeing in Chicago last month! Even more exciting is the sneak peek at the movies riffed in the new season! (I wont ID the 4 films seen in the footage here unless you guys want me to... let me know!) One of them I knew about already, of course, but the other three were complete surprises that I am EXTREMELY ECVITED ABOUT!!!!!!!! If you are cult film fans, just seeing the footage probably revealed what the films are, but if you don't know and want to, I'll share!

      23 days until Movie Sign!

    18. Joe Lawler about 16 hours ago

      @North: I believe Netflix posts its new material at midnight Pacific time, so it all depends on what time zone you're in.

      Heh, Time Zone Urine.

    19. Philip Stephens about 16 hours ago

      I believe they will be released at 12:01am PDT.

    20. (North) Andrew about 16 hours ago

      So will the new episodes be released at 12:01 on the 14th? er...? I'm trying to decide if I need to take the day off work so I can just watch and watch and watch until I get through them all. Or if it can wait until Saturday. . . Or maybe I should just take the day off anyway, get in the right head-space by watching Classic MiSTies until the new ones drop.

    21. Missing avatar

      Torgo the White about 17 hours ago

      Oh, and while we are on the subject, I have seen people complaining about aspects of the new show. (On the internet?! No?!) Instead of ripping them a new moon base, let them know, especially the ones who like the old cast better, that Mike, Kevin, and Bill are still riffing and bringing the funny to modern movies like Twilight, and that if they hurry (only a couple days left) they can back the old crew on the RiffTrax Kickstarter for just $1 and get 10 free shorts (and maybe more stuff, like Batman vs Superman, Civil War, Age of Ultron, Fantastic Beasts, It's a Wonderful Life, and more) Or you can remind them it's just a show.

    22. Shayna Shaw about 17 hours ago

      Am I crazy, or did they not announce the trailer here at all? Feel like we should have known before the masses...still, looks great.

    23. Missing avatar

      Torgo the White about 17 hours ago

      I love the new trailer! I love the concept, the style, the sets, crow shaking what his, um, Joel, gave him! I am massively excited for the not too distant future.

    24. Jake Westbrook about 20 hours ago

      According to the trailer, that leaked iMDB list from last year was correct

    25. Adam Smith about 21 hours ago

      Attn: MSTies! While you wait for April 14 to roll around, there are still three days left to back the RiffTrax Live 2017 Kickstarter:…
      This year's campaign funds three live shows with Mike, Kevin and Bill: "Samurai Cop"; A "Summer Shorts Beach Party" with special guests Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl, Bridget Nelson and Paul F. Tompkins; and a MYSTERY SHOW that they can't reveal yet because [INSERT LEGAL REASON HERE].
      ALL backers, at ANY LEVEL (even just $1), will get 10 RiffTrax shorts for their support, and the more backers we gather, the more stretch goal goodies we can unlock, including a multi-riff MP3 of a summer blockbuster of backers' choice; an MP3 of Mothra; an MP3 of the first episode of Westworld; an MP3 of Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi; and an MP3 of It's a Wonderful Life.

    26. Missing avatar

      jeff mashke 1 day ago


      Thanks. I love this community. I totally appreciate your feedback and comments about the show quality. I have less than zero doubt that i will love it. Been a fan of Jonahs from early early nerdist days and i know his passion. Plus there's such a wonderful bunch involved in production, writing, puppet wrangling, and mad scientisting. Squee. Good tip about netflix, but no worries there, i'll watch it over and over and will do my part to ensure Netflix picks it up for a long time. Never thought we'd get this chance again and im not gonna let it get away.


    27. Daniel DiManna 1 day ago


      The shirts were mailed out months ago, even overseas. You may want to shoot an email, and they'll help you figure out what happened and fix it for you. :)

      As for the other rewards, don't expect any of them before the premier, aside from the digital downloads and the personalized audio/video messages. When in doubt about rewards, always go here first:

    28. Daniel DiManna 1 day ago

      Howdy, @Jeff! ;)

      @Randy pretty much covered it; I know just about as much as everyone does. The goal is to have the backer premier a week or so before April 14th, but there is no set date yet. The digital downloads are set to be available no later than the premier (although I'd recommend EVERYONE watch them via Netflix if you can, to increase viewership and show them that we want a Season 12!). The DVD's/Blu-rays are expected around July or August.

      What I CAN add is that, when you see the premier of the first episode, you will be mighty pleased. Our money was put to damn good use, I promise. ;)

    29. Christopher Lyons 2 days ago

      Does anyone know if anything has been shipped beyond the postcard and membership card for non-US backers yet? I'm in the UK and I've only received those two, but I keep hearing of people receiving the hoodie and t-shirt, which I'm still waiting on. I was hoping most things would arrive before season 11 premiered, but it keeps looking less and less likely :(

    30. Missing avatar

      jeff mashke 2 days ago

      @Randy. Thanks for the reply and possible info on premiere. Much appreciated. Im soooooooo stoked to be getting new MST after all these years. Cant Wait!


    31. Missing avatar

      Randy Cox 2 days ago

      @jeff: The most recent word is that they are shooting on having the live streaming premiere a week before the Netflix launch. The downloads should be available no later than the Netflix launch and the DVDs in the summer. Hopefully we'll get some updates about it soon.

    32. Missing avatar

      jeff mashke 2 days ago

      PS: Not sure if this has been posted yet, but there is an outstanding and comprehensive list of every original MST3K episode, ranked, on paste magazine online done by Jim Vorel. Its a wonderful resource of information on the episodes..its kind of a great supplement for the "Colossal MST episode guide" book from back in the day and a nifty prioritization to help those of us who rewatch this show all the time. Check it out!!

    33. Missing avatar

      jeff mashke 2 days ago

      Howdy Daniel,

      Do you have any information on when backers will be able to access the new episodes whether it be by digital download or receiving the dvds? Will the backers responsible for bringing MST back and funding these new episodes not even get access to the episodes (or a subset of them) prior to anyone with a netflix subscription? Im beyond stoked for the return of my all time favorite show, and probably just overly eager to finally get to see it, but it is surprising (and a little bumming) that there's been no news for kickerstarter backers in any of the updates about when we'll actually get to see it. Anything you can share about the release strategy, independent of netflix, would be much appreciated.

    34. Matthew Kerr 2 days ago

      I started my marathon when Joel released the first two KTMA episodes. Figured that would be a good time to start a new marathon (I watch through the show at least once annually). Finished up last week.

    35. Daniel DiManna 2 days ago

      As the countdown continues, I'm continuing my epic MST3K marathon with the intention of having seen all 197 episodes of the show (plus the movie), in order, by the time the new season hits Netflix on April 14th. I'm up to Prince of Space, which, when finished, will leave 32 episodes to go! Is anyone else attempting a similar marathon, or at least binge watching the 20 classic episodes that are currently on Netflix?

      Only 25 days until movie sign. ;)

    36. The Wise Guy 3 days ago

      @Joe Lawler
      Oops! Brain Fart! I believe I told her it was Jonah Ray, not Jonah Hill... well...
      Whatever it takes to get people interested in the show!

    37. ArkhamNative 5 days ago

      Hmm, the "Play MSTie For Me Triple Decker DVD" limited bonus (for the first 1500 preorders for new MST3K collection #38) sounds like someone has already done the work to assemble the Kickstarter "favorite songs" digital bonus. :-)

    38. Joe Lawler 5 days ago

      @The Wise Guy, hopefully she's not too disappointed when she finds out that Oscar-winner Jonah Hill isn't involved with the new season.

    39. The Wise Guy 6 days ago

      I got a non-MSTie interested in the new season. She knew about Jonah Hill, Felicia Day, and Patton Oswalt from their other projects, and was very interested that they'd all be involved in this show she knew nothing about.
      Spread the word! MST3k will rise again!

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric Neff on March 15

      Whoever does the closed captioning for Netflix has a really hard time distinguishing Joel from Servo.

    41. Mary "Piggy" Peach on March 15

      to make keen or eager; stimulate:
      to whet the appetite; to whet the curiosity.

      I whet them!

      We are thoroughly whetted.

    42. Daniel DiManna on March 15

      @Slappy Sims,

      Unfortunately, Shout! Factory does not have the rights (yet) to des tribute that episode. Diabolik is owned by Paramount, and Shout! would need to reach a deal with them that included both the physical (DVD) and digital distribution rights for the film. It's one of only 14 episodes that hasn't been released officially on DVD yet, unfortunately. Whether the episode ever recieves a release is entirely up to Paramount at the moment. Hopefully it happens one day, so more fans can see the end of the classic series.

    43. Slappy Sims on March 15

      damn Daniel.. good intel . I just jumped on to share the same info .Day late and a dollar short.

      my only grief for that FANTASTIC list of awesome MST3K selections would be where we left off.. The final movie of season 10 danger diabolic ..

      just seems fitting to add that one in.

    44. Daniel DiManna on March 14

      BIG NEWS!!!!

      Shout! Factory just announced via Tumblr that 20 fan favorite classic episodes of MST3K will be hitting Netflix... TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

      In a move to get fans pumped for the new season, we will now be able to enjoy some classic episodes to wet our appetites (as if they needed to be wetter!) for Season 11!

      Here's the press release:…

      And here are the episodes you will be able to watch on Netflix in just a few hours:

      · Catalina Caper
      · Eegah!
      · Future War
      · The Giant Gila Monster
      · Hercules Against the Moon Men
      · Horrors of Spider Island
      · I Accuse My Parents
      · Jack Frost
      · Laserblast
      · Manos: The Hands of Fate
      · Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders
      · Pod People
      · Puma Man
      · Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
      · Sidehackers
      · Space Mutiny
      · Teenagers from Outer Space
      · Time Chasers
      · Werewolf
      · Zombie Nightmare

      Let the binge watching begin... NOW!

    45. Philip Stephens on March 14

      Ummm, not sure where that response came from. I'm almost certainly going to be streaming the episodes more than once. I'm just not going to try and second guess how Netflix rates its programs, is all.

    46. Philip Stephens on March 14

      Ummm, not sure where that response came from. I'm almost certainly going to be streaming the episodes more than once. I'm just not going to try and second guess how Netflix rates its programs, is all.

    47. J Brian Workman on March 14

      >I would be surprised if Netflix considers the number of people binge-watching more important than the number of episodes viewed overall.

      Then don't help, Philip. Ignore the suggestion.

      As I said before, "The more viewings the better." Sheesh.

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