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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. JJ Shotz about 3 hours ago

      (North) Andrew...I agree. There's gotta be an answer....the truth is out there! The live shows would get me by...but only for a short while. Can I look forward to another Turkey Day Marathon? I'm sure there's been talk but I don't think I've seen an announcement....

      I'm in really bad shape, come on please, please, GIMME GIMME GIMME. I NEED, I NEED, I NEED. :P

    2. William Magann about 8 hours ago

      Yeah, come on Joel! A month ago you said you had a living room full of lawyers working on this and asked us to send good thoughts. My good thoughts well is running dry!

      What's the news? Should we be hopeful or doubtful? What's the plan, fearless leader?

    3. (North) Andrew about 9 hours ago

      The sounds of crickets from the updates is becoming deafening!

    4. Bruce Pullen about 17 hours ago

      Seconded John. Either as extras on the Boxset or as a standalone available for purchase.

    5. John Capaul 5 days ago

      Anyone know if the live shows were filmed for release? I'd buy 'em!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 14

      Only Netflix knows for sure how many people watched. They've lost their Disney content at the same time they've announced an increase in their content budget, so they certainly have room for it.

    7. William Magann on September 14

      Based on the number of reviews and likes on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, relatively few people watched the MST3K revival. If Netflix decides to fund another season it will be as a "prestige" project and not because they think it is a revenue generator. The people that watched it loved it, but there just weren't very many of us. The petition campaign to ask for renewal generated less than 1,600 e-signatures, and that is really telling.

      Since they didn't fund it in the first place, will they even feel obligated to announce that there won't be a second Netflix season?

    8. Missing avatar

      teal123 on September 13

      You know I've been thinking about this Netflix thing. Maybe there really aren't enough people as Joel puts it "Get it" to go completely mainstream. Maybe it should remain small scale to keep up the quality and not pander to the lowest common denominator. Doesn't Shout Factory own the rights so it makes a lot of sense that it would be on their streaming service. Though I do know if it isn't renewed on Netflix my subscription will also not be renewed.

    9. William Magann on September 13

      What does Netflix need with MST3K when they now have a series about Stretch Armstrong AND their first show produced in Polish?

      Sorry, but it gets tiring reading the Netflix press releases every day and never seeing anything about MST3K. But, where there is life there is hope, so as long as they don't cancel I will keep hoping.

    10. Joe Lawler on September 7

      @nita, have you tried contacting

      @Stimpy, what's got you down?

    11. Missing avatar

      Stimpy on September 7

      What a disappointment.

    12. Nita McCreepy on September 2

      I still don't have my t-shirt. I am still very very sad.

    13. William Magann on September 2

      Of course. I check the press releases at Netflix every day lol.

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 2

      Plus, I would imagine Joel cannot say anything until you see it here:
      (Nothing yet)

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 2

      @William, there are a couple things to keep in mind:
      1) a deadline to decide is not necessarily a deadline to announce the decision.
      2) "we're still working on it" is not the same as "we don't know."

    16. Michael Gilstrap on September 2

      @Joel et al ... correction ... you can download a zip file to a kindle and then you need to use an unzip app to get the music onto the device. You need to fiddle around with the app to get the job done.

    17. Michael Gilstrap on September 2

      @Joel et al Thanks for the getting the music files onto vhx. Only issue is that I only have a kindle at the moment so I can't directly access the albums which are packaged in zip files.

    18. William Magann on September 2

      No mention of the renewal status in the latest update, so i guess the August 31 deadline was just a rumor

    19. Daniel DiManna on September 1


      I done brain farted. The hyperventilating bag bit is towards the end of Cry Wilderness, not Avalanche.

      Guess you'll have to watch both now. Bummer. ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 1

      Thanks, Daniel! Looks like I'm rewatching Avalanche next then.

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 1

      Oops. Our comments crossed. :-)

    22. Daniel DiManna on September 1


      The MST3K Season 11 Soundtrack IS out today!!!! Hopefully this means that us backers will be receiving it soon!

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 1

      Actually, I suppose any of you could answer that question for me (I actually am mildly curious, and not just making an Apollo 13 joke). The green tape tells me that it was on screen, with the tubing being chroma-keyed out, perhaps in the theater. Episode and approximate timestamp?

    24. Daniel DiManna on September 1


      That mysterious gizmo was a special "hyperventilation" doohickey that attached to Crow's mouth and could be used by the puppeteer to make it look like Crow was breathing in and out. It was used in an early episode in Season 11 (Avalanche, I think).

      Pretty ingenious, indeed!

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 1

      Joel, way back in update #38, you showed us a picture of a length of clear tubing, wrapped in green tape, attached to a brown paper bag. You wrote, " I'm not going to tell you what it is yet, but it's pretty ingenious."

      Could you tell us what it was now?

      Was it an adapter to make the CO2 filters designed for Moon 14 fit in the CO2 scrubber of Moon 13? :-P

    26. William Magann on September 1

      The "Skip Intro" feature has always been there, at least for me.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on September 1

      I think Netflix changed the MST3K icon yesterday. They also added a "skip intro" feature.

    28. Michael Gilstrap on September 1


    29. Michael Gilstrap on September 1

      Seeing posts about the mst3k soundtrack being released on Amazon today (September 1, 2017) years

    30. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on August 30

      Anyone else think the Segoth in At the Earth's Core bear an (unfortunate) striking resemblance to Corey Feldman?

    31. Daniel DiManna on August 29

      If the rumors of Netflix having until the end of August to decide to renew the show or not aren't greatly exaggerated, then we MIGHT... MIGHT just hear something within the next 72 hours. Let's just hope the riffing gods are on our side..,

    32. James Venes on August 29

      @FanTom Servo: IIRC, they estimated the Mystery Gift value at around $100 when the campaign was going on, so I'd be very surprised if it was what you're speculating about.

    33. FanTom Servo on August 28

      Thoughts on the Mystery Gift
      Across Australia and the UK, there has been a Funko Pop advertised called the Tom Serv-Crow, a cross between Tom and Crow (actually Crow with Servo colours (I'm Australian, we spell it that way)). No acknowledgement of this figure is available through Funko themselves either and official word is very quiet on any eventual release. Stores are selling them in countries other than the US already for about US$12. Is this the Mystery Gift, and if so, why would it get out to retail before reward release?

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on August 28

      @Jerry, send an email to They'll help you sort it out.

    35. Jerry Graham on August 28

      Help! I'm not sure which address you have to ship my box set & other stuff to (I've moved around a lot in the past year). Any chance someone can email me to confirm that y'all have the right one, or point me in the right direction so I can confirm it myself? Preferably before stuff ships...? Please?

    36. Missing avatar

      Barbara Ashenberner on August 26

      to get to adds on---go to where it there is a link about feqently asked questions in the last email----at the very top it has add-on

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on August 26

      Thanks, William. I gave the update another read with your comments in mind, and I feel more positive now.

    38. William Magann on August 26

      I'm a resident pessimist, but I found Joel's update comforting. If he thought the show wasn't going to be renewed he could have said that, but he didn't. I thought it read a lot like the updates he gave while he was negotiating with them the first time around.

    39. Gary Libby on August 26

      @Steven they delivered on their pledge to bring back MST3K, so I'm not sure what you're griping about or are you just trolling?

    40. James Venes on August 26

      Steven: you backed the production of a new season and we've got exactly that.

    41. Joe Lawler on August 26

      @Steven, you backed this to see a new season and the rewards that have been/will be delivered. Anything they do outside that is just gravy.

    42. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on August 26

      @Amy, that is definitely weird and encouraging. Thanks for sharing that info.

      "Just repeat to yourself: I'll have a smoke. I should really just relax." ;-)

    43. Missing avatar

      j on August 26

      It says we can still get Add Ons until Sep 1, but how?
      When I click "Get Add Ons" it just takes me to a completed survey saying "You're done."

      Can someone please send an update with a direct link or very clear, specific instructions on how exactly we would add to our pledge?

    44. Missing avatar

      Amy Katsouris on August 26

      Here's a weird encouraging sign: Netflix has come out with a number of marijuana strains based on some of its prominent shows. MST3K is one of them with their strain called "Moon 13": At the very least, it is a rather unique collectible item.

    45. Bruce Pullen on August 26

      @Steven. The live tour was a dream realized. As was the new season. I have no regrets. Whatever comes we received our money's worth. And then some. I earnestly thank Joel, Ivan, Jonah, Felicia, Hampton, Baron, Patton, the writing staff, the technical gurus, and all my fellow backers on making the impossible possible. Even if only once. The rest is to the fates to decide. To those embittered or feeling cheated, don't. The show did return. Everything else is gravy. And I'll bet the tour appears eventually for everyone to see. Stay positive. This is MST3K. To fret is not believe. Believe. I do. I know I'm not alone.

    46. Missing avatar

      Steven Brocksieck on August 26

      If I backed you to go traipsing around the continent, then I want my money back. You hacks. I backed MST3K -- keep circulating the tapes! NOT Go And See Them if you Can Afford To.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on August 26

      Here's what I got from reading the latest update (I may be wrong in my conclusions though):
      There are many MST3K allies in different non-television parts of the entertainment industry who share different parts of Joel's vision and passion and are eager to help keep the brand alive. As such, the brand will hopefully grow and broaden, and also change.... but the TV run may be over. :-(
      However, Joel is still finding happiness in these changes and wants us to be happy too (we all fell in love with the caterpillar, but dying or changing into a butterfly were the two options). Taking lots of time to finish the coffee table book tells me that the book is no longer just about the beginning of an exciting adventure, but will be a eulogy of sorts. Man, I'm depressed. I really want to be proven wrong here.

    48. James Venes on August 26

      Michael: it was Argoman the Fantastic Superman, and while I didn't get to see it I hear it was even MORE worthy of the live MST3K treatment than Eegah.

    49. Michael Andrews on August 26

      Now that the tour is over, has anyone mentioned what the secret movie was? I'm curious. Also way way back the original plan for the USB drives was to have an episode(s) on it, but I recall Joel later saying he would put random goodies on it instead. Any word on what those goodies will be (or even if the plan is still to include them)?

    50. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss on August 25

      My current favorite riffs:

      From Cry Wilderness: "Yes, I know it makes me look like a Jeep, but that's the whole point. I like Jeeps."

      From Wizards 2: "It's pronounced rah-THEED!"

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