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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mancomb Seepgood just now

      Actually backers had until the 12th to choose, and the notice I got said we would get an update on the 16th.

      Not complaining, just stating the facts. :)

    2. Michael Gilstrap 1 day ago

      @Jose De La Mora ..... folks had until February 16th to choose what they want for a replacement gift. We'll get an update at some point

    3. Jose De La Mora 2 days ago

      Any update on the missing Mystery Gifts?

    4. Bruce Pullen 2 days ago

      @Eric. My sincere appreciation in you sharing that. I read that awhile back and it always stuck with me.

    5. Bruce Pullen 2 days ago

      "Truly an inspiring force with his contagious optimism."

      He was. And the sweetest man. An example for us all to follow.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 3 days ago

      On May 23, 2016, NostraThomas wrote this:

      "It's been a long road getting from comment 1 to 60,000. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and how appropriate. To the creators, past-present-future and especially to Joel, we love you all. To those MSTies past, thank you for keeping the faith. To those MSTies present who Kickstartered this awesome project, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those new MSTies and future MSTies, you are in for a wonderful time. This is truly the best community of fans and people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Your kindness and companionship are truly inspiring. Remember, this crazy train isn't stopping until we let it! I forsee much happiness and laughter in our future and a glorious future it is! What do you think, sirs? Oh, and stickers!!"

      Truly an inspiring force with his contagious optimism.

    7. Slappy Sims 3 days ago

      crawling towards comment 63,000. who ever gets the honor. please give a shout out to our old pal, Tom/Nostrathomas ( I called him OBI-TOM Kenobi, because he had all the answers)
      Happy trails Tommy.. where ever you are.

    8. Missing avatar

      Garett Auriemma 7 days ago

      @William Magann -- On a recent Nerdist podcast, Jonah mentioned that they were starting to write Season 12 the following Monday. Not sure when it was recorded, but I presume that means writing has begun. Dare to dream for a Fall 2018 release?

    9. Michael Gilstrap on February 10

      @Paul Niedernhofer ----- you may want to inquire at and ask about your set.

      Have you gotten an email from backerkit about your set being sent?

    10. Missing avatar

      JAMES WEBB on February 9

      @tom “missing arm” sounds to me like Tom Servo is making clones AGAIN!

    11. Bruce Pullen on February 8

      @Peter. I wrote a list of possibles. I felt it in bad taste to share. Maybe one day I will. After the fact.

    12. Peter Pembridge on February 7

      @Bruce ooooooooooh I feel like I should put my Sherlock Holmes deerstalker on and trawl through their back catalogue!!! ;))
      I absolutely love MST and the prospect of another season rocks my teeny tiny world!!! :))

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Bushey on February 6

      I just took my Tom Serb-Crow out of the package for the first time since it arrived, and now I notice that his left arm is missing from the elbow on. It was not loose in the package either. Anyone else have a missing part? I imagine it will be impossible to get a replacement part since this was a limited edition.

    14. Bruce Pullen on February 6

      @Peter. A possible tip or one I've thought of. Look to Scream Factory and Shout releases of B-movies in the last few years for possible clues to what Joel might choose. He wanted good looking versions of B movies and in their proper aspect ratios. Shout now the home of MST3K on home video and a partner in producing the new seasons have already remastered films appearing in Season 11. Reptilicus (1961) and The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956).

      Canvassing other Shout B movie titles in their catalogue could bear fruit. If you wanted to hunt down possibilities. Cheers.

    15. Bruce Pullen on February 6

      "Oh man, season 12! How exciting is THAT?! Can’t wait to see the lineup of films!!!!"

      Me too Peter. I'm so stoked, happy, and amazed how far we've come in 26 months. A new season and now a Season 12? I'm over the moon and to Grandma's house I go. A dream realized. And I have all of you to thank for it. Thanks everyone.

    16. Bruce Pullen on February 6

      @William. I assume in the near future. Now remember as far as the Kickstarter goes our updates were to end when the new season reached completion and all our rewards were in our hands. The latter is a work in progress and Season 11 is in the history books. Season 12 as a Netflix exclusive production isn't privy to the access we had on 11.

      Joel alluded once everything was said and done we'd be briefed on Season 11's inspirations and behind the scenes stuff that he couldn't share before. I wonder if all that is going into the Coffee Table book or if we'll have updates on these reflections eventually in the Kickstarter. Time will tell. Thanks.

    17. Peter Pembridge on February 6

      Oh man, season 12! How exciting is THAT?! Can’t wait to see the lineup of films!!!!

    18. William Magann on February 6

      Have there been any details about season 12? It has been a long time since Joel confirmed that we would have one, but I haven't heard a word since then.

    19. Paul Niedernhofer on February 4

      When should I expect the blu-ray edition of the show from my pledge package?

    20. Peter Pembridge on February 1

      Phew! Looks like we’re there! Nice one Ivan and team, MUCH appreciated!! Woohooooooo!!!

    21. Alex MacPhee on February 1

      Great news & well done via the last e-mail, Ivan!

    22. Peter Pembridge on January 28

      Phew, sounds promising Ivan! Thanks for all you’re doing to help solve the problem, really appreciate it. :))

    23. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on January 27

      Hey All!

      Quick update:

      For international backers waiting on resolution to the region-encoding issues with the Blu-ray set, I think we've been able to work out a solution everyone will be satisfied with. Just waiting for final confirmation from Shout that they can accommodate it, and then we'll be emailing all affected backers to offer the solution.

    24. Alex MacPhee on January 26

      The price has risen since I bought mine, plus I did not have to buy from outside the UK
      As a collector, multi player was a must for me for stuff like Criterion Collection (when Ghost World was announced that was the day I finally decided to purchase one)
      Again, I meant no harm & am sorry you have not been able to play these straight away & hope it gets sorted soon

    25. Mark Slater on January 26

      £70 + £19 postage + VAT (approx. £18 @20%) + VAT handling charge from carrier (variable £8 - £12 depending on carrier). Total approx. £119 when you take the whole cost into account. To play one set of disks (I did say a multi-Region player was an option in my early post), but it’s beside the point. Cheap is relative. But thanks for the link.

    26. Peter Pembridge on January 26

      @Dominic Lafford I’ve not heard anything yet about the blu-ray region problem, I sent an email a few days ago but as yet no reply. I guess we just sit tight and wait mate, Ivan will be fighting our corner and I’m hoping for an update any minute :)

    27. Alex MacPhee on January 26

      @ James Webb & Bruce Pullen, Certainly

      @ Jakob K I am not allowed to reply to people who are making comments aimed at me, some very snarky. If I do, that makes me a troll? I have tried to be very polite in my responses but you label me a bully
      It does not matter if I have received my item, I am still interested in the outcome. "STILL on here", "you are done here" sorry I didn't realize it was up to other backers to determine when my time was up
      But if you or Mark do reply, I will not follow up

    28. Missing avatar

      Dominic Lafford
      on January 25

      Any updates on the Blu-ray situation? Still not recieved any email from Ivan or the team.

    29. Bruce Pullen on January 24

      @Alex MacPhee

      You suggested an alternative. Leave it there. Provide links perhaps. Anything more is unnecessary. Ivan is helping them. They paid their dues like the rest of us and deserve what they were promised. Leave the table tennis conversation for social media. Thanks.

    30. Jacob K. on January 24

      Well stated @Mark Slater! You are welcome to vent as needed here, don’t let trolls like Alex ruin your day!

    31. Mark Slater on January 24

      @Alex MacPhee. I’m quite aware of the ins and outs of DVD and BluRay region coding thank you - I bought my first Region 1 DVD in 1999, so I don’t need to do my ‘homework’ nor do I need to be lectured on the subject by you. Once again, your comments are spectacularly beside the point. If you have received your rewards and are satisfied, excellent, you are done here. Let those of us who are still trying to sort things out with Ivan do so without your noise.

    32. Missing avatar

      JAMES WEBB on January 23

      @Alex Macphee
      Instead of saying players are not as much as you think they are! You could be constructive and post a link to where a cheap player can be purchased

    33. Jacob K. on January 23

      @Alex Macphee
      *everyone who is sick of all these bullies on here please report Alex MacPhee*

      I had a conversation with Ivan awhile back and I am confident that you will have his (and Joel’s) support is combating trolls like Alex who are STILL on here harassing people, even though they have no reason other than sitting around and picking fights with strangers.

    34. Alex MacPhee on January 23

      Mark: No Conclusion? And your Example of Con Man (which I have too)is laughable seeing as it was a brand new project, did not have a company releasing any discs beforehand, so there were no licensing rights issues. Plus why would they get two companies to release the same set when they could do it so much cheaper for one? Unfortunately for us outside North America, particularly in Europe, there are certain hurdles that definitely put a bump or even block us when it comes to KS such as shipping cost & such as this case, region codes which is why you really need to read up & do your homework on blus & licensing instead of thinking that everything will always be OK for you & do not rely solely on what the organizers say (sorry Ivan!)

      BTW, I do not approve of dog fights, thus I don't have one in this fight. I believe I gave you a polite response last time & tried to help you out showing that players were not all at the price you think they are. Thank you for your bitter reply.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dominic Lafford
      on January 23

      Any update on the Blu-ray situation?

    36. B. on January 19

      Ivan, will you put the info about region locked blu-rays/DVDs in an update or do those of us affected need to send an email to

    37. Peter Pembridge on January 18

      Fingers crossed!!!

    38. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on January 18

      @Mark (et al) -- Have connected with Shout Factory and gotten some answers. I'll be responding direct to everyone who was written an email about it to to let them know what's going on!

    39. Mark Slater on January 17

      For an eventual home video release perhaps yes - but again, no conclusion could be drawn about backer rewards. I’ve received BluRay disks as backer rewards from other U.S. based media projects (cf. Con Man) - region locking never been an issue, as it shouldn’t be when you are soliciting support from an International fan base. And from what Ivan has said, this was thought of an in hand - but there appears to have been either a lack of or mis-communication with Shout Factory at the critical point. I’m happy with what Ivan has said in his response, and await a proposed solution from him and his team with alacrity.

    40. Bruce Pullen on January 17

      I brushed across this. A fan edit version of The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961). Those who love the film might want to investigate. MST brought this to my attention and it's one of those like Manos (1966) I'll never forget.

    41. Joe Lawler on January 16

      But the news came out as the Kickstarter was starting that Shout Factory had just (partially) bought MST3K. Between that and the fact that Shout had been releasing MST3K DVDs form 7 years at that point, it seems like a reasonable conclusion that a Shout would be producing the home video release.

    42. Mark Slater on January 16

      @Alex McPhee No, no conclusion could be drawn in advance that Shout Factory would be producing the reward BluRay - none at all. You might speculate that a commercial release might come via them eventually, but nothing more. There was no indication of region coding given, and indeed Ivan has indicated that reassurances were given that disks would be region free. Hindsight is wonderful isn’t it. Well done you for getting your off-brand multi-region BluRay player for ‘only’ £60 - but I’lll take a pass if that’s ok. Honestly, if you actually have no dog in this fight, then leave the responses to Ivan,

    43. Jose De La Mora on January 15

      @Ivan I figured it out. Also appreciate the time an effort in setting things right.

    44. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on January 15

      @Jose -- Detailed question. Might be easiest if you email us at so I can help you out there.

      @Mattias -- We just learned about this and are exploring what we can do to fix it for affected backers. But in the meantime, it sucks and we're sorry about the inconvenience. :(

      @Jacob -- Coffee table book will have some pages of the original grayscale artwork, but also color artwork, as well as tons of full-color photos and images. There might be a few images that appear in both the calendar and the book, but there's a LOT more included in the book -- just at smaller sizes than the calendar allowed.

      Also @Jacob, re: your note about suggesting other rewards, I'd put your request in the "Other rewards" field of the survey! (FWIW, I'd love to send people things like set pieces, but there are WAY more people than there are pieces of set, which was part of the challenge to begin with!)

    45. Jose De La Mora on January 15

      @jameswebb thanks for taking the time, I will look thru my email to see if I find that code cause I double checked and my pledge does include the new season on digital.

    46. Jacob K. on January 15

      I have a question regarding the replacement mystery gift survey/rewards.
      Firstly thank you for offering so many options for us, really cool of you guys!
      My question is about the coffee table art book, is the art I color? I got two of the wall calendars and didn’t really like them at all, just wasn’t impressed with the artwork or format, not a good item for display in my collection, so is this the same artwork that’ll be in the book? I just am not into black and white sketches for such a bright colorful show.
      Also, what about sending a survey out to ask backers for ideas outside of the offered rewards, I know that sounds really daunting, but an autographed script of piece of set would be an awesome collectible that I know fans would cherish! Thanks!

    47. Peter Pembridge on January 15

      hiya :) read through the previous comments, Ivan and the team are working on it for us, watch this space ;)

    48. Mattias Collén on January 15

      Waiting two years to get the Blu-ray and it's INVALID REGION. NICE!!

    49. Missing avatar

      JAMES WEBB on January 15

      @jose just installed the app on my iphone 6 and when i managed to get logged in the content was already there. if you've not watched any of the MST3k on VHX at all you may need to look through your email for follow a link and redeem a code to add it to your libary

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