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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES this year, including a new holiday special, and will return in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The World's Most Interesting Werewolf about 2 hours ago

      @Daniel DiManna - bless your heart and eternal optimism sir!

      You admirably filled the shoes of Tom "NostraThomas"! A man whose presence is definitely missed here.

      Best Turkey Day wishes to you my friend.

    2. Daniel DiManna about 4 hours ago

      Time to resurrect the Hype Train to Mundo Fine! Here's an interview with Joel and Jonah about Turkey Day tomorrow:

      There are some interesting tidbits of information, the unfortunate bit being the fact that the bots will not be appearing this year. :(

      They also reaffirm that no deal has been made for new episodes yet, but they are hopeful. An interesting and funny read, but nothing about a new season that we haven't heard a hundred times...

    3. The World's Most Interesting Werewolf about 5 hours ago

      It's quiet... Too quiet...

      Crickets can be heard...

      Fingers are firmly crossed that Turkey Day brings news and updates of some kind that shatter this deafening silence.

    4. Patrick McLARGEHUGE 2 days ago

      Company not common

    5. Patrick McLARGEHUGE 2 days ago

      As far as Netflix goes,I am really not hopeful.House of Cards fiasco has but the common a huge bind,they own Kevin Spacey tons of money and have no morals clause in their contracts.They broke off another project with him and own him more money becomes that.They are going to have to raise prices soon and cut programs.

    6. Missing avatar

      Iain Odlin 2 days ago

      So for those of us dumb enough to get the mystery gift and not the bluray, is there anywhere I can see the bluray extras? I just checked my vhx library and none of it is there...

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 2 days ago

      I must say that an off-script Felicia and an off-script Jonah make a cool combination. Felicia can say wild, unpredictable stuff on any theme, and Jonah can fluidly go along with it and build off of it. Before you know it, they'll probably improvise an entire skit about giblets!

    8. William Magann 2 days ago

      They use the word "NetFlix" at least three times, then Jonah tells you to go watch it on NetFlix now if you can't wait for the Turkey Day Marathon, and Joel reinforces that sentiment.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 2 days ago

      @William, got a link to that?

    10. William Magann 2 days ago

      The second Turkey Day trailer is full of requests for us to keep watching Season 11 on NetFlix.

      That would seem to imply that a NetFlix renewal is still in play.

    11. Ken Zich 3 days ago

      I still haven't received any of my Blu-rays or the last of my rewards

    12. The World's Most Interesting Werewolf 3 days ago

      @Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss, I would 100% back a Kickstarter to make those slippers. ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 3 days ago

      @Werewolf, you win the Kodo and Podo bath slippers! (If I had a pair to give away, that is.)

    14. Coolsome 3 days ago

      Ah cool I don't mind waiting I just don't want to not get it due to an error or something.

    15. The World's Most Interesting Werewolf 3 days ago

      I can name that tune in one note... Beastmaster 2: through the portal of time

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 3 days ago

      I would say you can't make this stuff up, but someone did. :-P

      The following plot summaries describe the same movie, which sounds "interesting". It was the long-awaited sequel to a movie I absolutely loved when I was growing up.

      "Prehistoric Dar (Marc Singer) goes by time warp to Los Angeles to smite his laser-equipped long-lost brother (Wings Hauser)"

      "Dar is a warrior who can talk to the beasts. He is forced to travel to Earth to stop his evil brother from stealing an atomic bomb and turning their native land from a desert into, well - a desert."

      I'll make you folks Google it because the poster is worth seeing. Seems ripe for riffing. ;-)

    17. Skeletortilla 4 days ago

      I knew it hadn’t changed. I just couldn’t remember it, so thanks.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 4 days ago

      @Skeletortilla, the address to get support hasn't changed. It's Hopefully, they'll be able to help you out.

    19. Skeletortilla 4 days ago

      I just received the last of my rewards and everything but the VHS arrived in good condition. The VHS arrived damaged. I’d like to exchange it, please. What is the email address that I direct that request to? Thanks.

    20. The Bionic Lemming 5 days ago

      I'm happy. I even bought the crow and servo pops just for a display. Would never have bought em if it wasn't for the mystery gift LOL.

      I did try contacting funko to get the total run of the serv crow - and they did tell me that since it wasn't an announced limited edition that they would not give the number of them created out - which smells like a lawsuit if Joel wanted some cash for their nefarious deeds.

    21. Patrick McLARGEHUGE 5 days ago

      Calendar is in this wave of Black Box shipping,if you ordered it as an add-on.

    22. Joe Lawler 5 days ago

      Lawrence, people have got their calendar. I think it was only an add on, did you check backerkit to make sure you had ordered it? I thought the same thing, but turns out I didn’t order it.

    23. Patrick McLARGEHUGE 5 days ago

      Blu-ray set on eBay first went for BIN $200 and another one is bidding war up tp $305 ,I haven’t opened mine and considering selling.

    24. William Magann 5 days ago

      #Coolsome I got mine yesterday and they never notified me that it had been sent, so maybe you will get a pleasant surprise soon. You never know.

    25. Coolsome 5 days ago

      still aint got my stuff sent out.

    26. Adam Beard 5 days ago

      If we get a season 12 I’d take a season 12 blu ray set in replacement of my missing mystery gift since the blu ray set was the other side of the coin this season.

    27. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Stetz 5 days ago

      Whatever happened to the calendar that Joel promised us months ago? I have not received mine yet.

    28. Kevin R. 6 days ago


      I too was one of those ho chose the mystery gift and also picked up the season box set - knew I may or may not like the mystery item hen I pledged, but knew I was supporting the show. :) Would I do it again? In a style mimicking the ever baby-faced Wil Wheaton.,"You're darn tootin' ;) Just poked into the box and found the COA. Yep, I guess that means I'm authentically certifiable. :)

    29. Joe Lawler 6 days ago

      @Dave: Not that I noticed.

      @Steve: Unlikely, some people who ordered the Mystery Gift haven't been able to get it and may be in for a long wait. I expect fulfilling their orders will come before any additional orders.

    30. Dave Scheppler
      6 days ago

      Hey anyone who got the blu ray set,

      Has anyone heard a loud high pitch sound during certain segments of the documentary feature on the 8th disc? I was just watching it and during certain interviews there was this annoying sound that was almost made it unbearable to listen to. I changed some settings on my speakers to make it less noticeable but I'm wondering if anyone else has heard it.

    31. Steve Campbell 6 days ago

      Is there any way to still get the mystery gift?
      I heard it was a Tom Serve-Crow Funk Pop and I have the other two.
      Would love to be able to get it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jack Holbrook 6 days ago

      Thank you to everyone who pointed out that the mystery gift had a signed COA included. Completely missed that and had put it on a book shelf.

    33. The Phantom Piper 6 days ago

      I am one of the people that supposed to get the Mystery Gift and didn't. At this point, I just want to know what "it" is. Can someone message me as to what I actually missed out on? Thank you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 6 days ago

      @James, there was so much excitement flying about as the campaign and rewards were being set up, I imagine they got a bit carried away. Fulfillment time appears to have had many sobering reminders of what was exciting then versus what is possible/feasible now. Be confused, disappointed, angry, or simply laugh it off and rewatch the episodes. Up to you.

    35. James Venes 6 days ago

      One thing I will say about the Mimobots is this:

      What's the point of having them 8 GB USB drives when the icons, ringtones, and wallpapers only take up about 1 GB of that space? I know they had to go away from putting episodes on it because of space limitations, but the indication I had was they'd still be packing it full of other stuff, which they clearly did not do.

    36. Patrick McLARGEHUGE 6 days ago

      Shout Factory is already worthy of paying for.It is a great app on Roku and I kinda would watch it more if it wasn’t for the commercials.You see the same one over and over,going to a pay model @$7.99 a month and adding some titles would be worth it.MST3K back to a release every week would be better.I love The Big Top Gear Tour format on Amazon.Consuming a show or season over a few days cheapens the experience.And Netflix has so many stinkers now,Shout Factory Premium!

    37. William Magann 6 days ago

      I got my stuff today, despite never getting any notice it was on the way. A pleasant surprise!

      As far as the Mystery Gift goes, maybe they should have made it clear that they weren't assuring us an item of equal or greater value lol. If you are a collector of such things, then I'm sure you would be thrilled with it. Mine was #141, and the signature is a nice touch. I can be positive about this experience because I anticipated that I might not be overwhelmed with the Mystery Gift and ordered the DVD set as well. I can understand how some folks are not pleased. It is pretty cheap if you disregard the sentimental value of what it is and why you opted to get it.

      Now, bring on season 12!!!

    38. Patrick McLARGEHUGE 6 days ago

      Think of the guest stars affordable now ,Louie CK ,Al Franken,Kevin Spacey along with Harvey Weinstein (production) and Bryan Singer (Director) .Season 12 got to made ,plus hearing Jon Stewart is going to be available soon.

    39. GK 6 days ago

      @Eric yeah you're absolutely right. I had to squeeze a pillow into my abdomen whenever I laughed (or coughed or sneezed etc.) It made things interesting, that's for sure.

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 6 days ago

      All those riffs on top of fresh surgical wounds?
      I imagine that you had some moments of pain-filled laughter.

    41. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 6 days ago

      @Steve DeBellis,
      To summarize, as long as Joel presently owes you a mystery gift (i.e., you either purchased it as an add-on item or you elected to receive it in lieu of a DVD or Blu-ray boxed set, and you have not received it), and you want to personally own this individually numbered and signed collectible rather than sell it, and you will email the support team to tell them that they no longer owe you a mystery gift (or its equivalent), you can contact me with your shipping address, and I will send you my mystery gift.

      Sorry to spell it out in such excruciating detail, but again, I really like this gift, so I need to know it is going to go to a proper place so that giving it up will make me happy instead of sad. Hopefully, that makes sense. ;-)

      You can send an email to the address listed on my mst3k profile:

    42. GK 6 days ago

      Well technically not a teen in the 70s but I was born in '70 so close enough... ;D

    43. GK 6 days ago

      Indeed! :D

    44. William Magann 6 days ago

      @GK I hope all is now well.

      And OMG Caroline Munro is an understatement. What a dream woman she was for a male teenager in the 1970's, which I suspect we both were!

    45. GK 6 days ago

      My personal outlook, although Kickstarter likes to say it's not a store, I *usually* approach it that way in terms of books, minis, electronics etc. I very rarely approach it more as the "patron of the arts" thing that they technically present themselves to be, but on this project I did. I like all the physical rewards I got, but when I look at the pile of them if I were to ask myself if they alone were worth $500 or so I'd have to say "nah". I admit to being a bit disappointed in the mystery gift for what it cost. But overall I'm delighted that 14 new episodes of a show I've loved for decades now exists because of us. Was it perfect? No, but it was enjoyable, and I'm glad they were made. And I'm hoping for a season 12 announcement soon.

      My personal story, and sorry if this is too much information, but almost exactly a year ago I got a diagnosis of prostate cancer. My surgery was done on April 13th, right after the new episodes were available for streaming. I got to watch several on the 12th while I was doing my otherwise unpleasant day-long pre-surgery prep. Then once I got home from the hospital I was able to watch the rest of the new episodes while propped up in bed with 5 incisions in my lower abdomen and a catheter. It was a pure coincidence, but the timing of the release of the new season was perfect. It really helped pass the time and take my mind off things. I watched every episode multiple times over the next few weeks while I was recovering and in the months since (especially Starcrash, because omg Caroline Munro).

      I understand some people being disappointed in the swag, or the episodes themselves... especially those that haven't received their items. I for one am delighted that this revival happened and I really hope things keep rolling.

    46. Steve DeBellis 6 days ago

      @Eric - I'd love to work out a deal for the mystery gift. I promise I am a collector and am really disappointed that I missed out.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 6 days ago

      (I guess my only other requirement would be that you'd tell Joel and Ivan that they no longer owe you a mystery gift.)

    48. Missing avatar

      Eric "NotTheRealJoel" Kiss 6 days ago

      @GK, I like the way you think.
      Personally, I like my mystery gift A LOT, but I'd be willing to give it to another MSTie who is owed one and wants it, as long as they'd promise not to turn around and sell it. I'd require nothing of monetary value to replace it (I didn't purchase it as an add-on item).

    49. GK 6 days ago

      Since there are people who got the mystery gift and don't want it and people who want it that didn't get it, it seems like some shuffling around could make some people happy. Of course in the end whomever paid for one and doesn't end up with one needs some sort of recompense, I agree. Sounds like straight refunds may be off the table if they're saying all the money has been spent.

      But, say they announce a season 12 on Turkey Day, I for one would be happy to preorder a bluray set or digital downloads of the season if they need an influx of cash to provide refunds...

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