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Almost there! MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 will return... and if we can get to $5.9MM, we'll get THIRTEEN new episodes of MST3K!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
You did it: you brought back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000! Thanks to you, MST3K shot FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES in 2016, including a new holiday special, and returned in 2017 on Netflix!
48,270 backers pledged $5,764,229 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mario Villanueva
      1 day ago

      Personally I am looking for "From Hell It Came" or "The Flying Claw" and a Halloween themed show for Season 12...

    2. Deana Dolphin 3 days ago

      Thanks for the update Ivan!

    3. Michael Gilstrap 4 days ago

      If Season 12 doesn't feature a film with Anthony Zerbe in it I am so done with this show

    4. Sean McDonnell 5 days ago

      Hey man, as long as you guys are okay, we're good. Looking forward to the update

    5. Ivan Askwith Collaborator 5 days ago

      Apologies, all -- Pledge Drive delay is definitely on me. I thought we'd be ready to go this past week, which was way too optimistic amidst the work of actually being in studio and shooting the new episodes. We'll have an update out soon with more details, but you haven't missed anything!

    6. The Phantom Piper

      So no update on the pledge drive?

    7. Kaijuduke on

      Has the pledge drive been pushed back to a later date?

    8. Missing avatar

      Philip Pomeroy on

      So, what happened with the pledge drive?

    9. The Phantom Piper

      @Jake. My bad. You are correct.

      So is the pledge drive happening? Link?

    10. Jake Westbrook on

      ...I was told there'd be a pledge drive?

    11. The Phantom Piper

      What time is the new MST3K Kickstarter supposed to start? (I am in the eastern time zone)

    12. The World's Most Interesting Werewolf on

      Wow... And shooting Season 12 is done, just like that. On to post production!…

      Dare I say a Turkey Day miracle is on the horizon? Consider a Season 12 premier on the 30th anniversary...

    13. Missing avatar

      G R Robertson on

      Its time you came over to the UK with the live show. We had Rifftrax in London in February and The Mads in May. Please come over soon !!

    14. Missing avatar

      Vikki DeVries on

      Hi-Your email says, "So, if you’re buying a ticket in San Diego, it will be available at 10am Pacific time." I have looked for a San Diego show on your tour page, and there isn't one. Will there be one added later? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Serena Pitala on

      I'm so excited to see the guys live! I got the VIP tickets for my BF as an anniversary present. Broke my budget a bit, but it'll be worth it. The photo op is going to be so cool.

    16. Mario Villanueva

      @ David Sloan Yeah, I was hoping to get a signed photo of Joel and Jonah like I did when the Mads came to Houston last year so I got the second tier Premiere tickets just to play it safe. Sure, it's a bit more than I expected to pay but I figure it's a rare event since who knows when they'll be back to Houston again. I'm sure I'll enjoy myself and get my money's worth

    17. Missing avatar

      K Humphrey on

      Correction on Portland - might have to use the full website and not the mobile site to get the password screen and access

    18. Missing avatar

      K Humphrey on

      Looks like Portland’s presale isn't actually happening, or if it is nobody bothered to tell the theater

    19. Ben Wink on

      Any word yet as to which cast members are actually going to physically be on this tour this time around? Besides Jonah and now Joel that is.

    20. Glen Carpenter on

      I guess the window for a backer presale is a good time for system maintenance?

    21. Missing avatar

      Live Mocking on

      See you in Atlanta!

    22. Missing avatar

      michaelckenneally on

      Front row for St. Louis! I'm considering this my Redemption Tour as I forgot to shake Jonah's hand the last time. Maybe this time I won't be such a dork. Who knows?

    23. David Sloan on

      Mario: Me too!!! I hope we get to do photo ops, maybe a "backer only" VIP experience?

    24. David Sloan on

      DOH! User error! Wasn't putting in the code!!

    25. Mario Villanueva

      I got my tickets for the Houston show! I'll be seeing Joel and Jonah and maybe I'll be able to flick Crow behind his metal ears as we watch the movie!

    26. David Bourland on

      According to Ticketmaster my double charge is just a hold and will drop off in 3 to 5 business days so if this happens to you probably the same deal

    27. Missing avatar

      Sara Waterfall on

      Is it possible to add a photo op to a ticket at these events? I’m very fond of all these folks, but I can’t afford 4 tickets at $200 a pop... but I do want to get my sister a nice birthday present!

    28. David Sloan on

      Site won't let me actually buy tickets for Houston show yet!! What gives??? HELP!

    29. Missing avatar

      Norman Fair on

      It took six tries and a password reset, but I was finally able to get a ticket for The Brain in Orlando. The "convenience fee" sucks though.

    30. David Bourland on

      Damn Ticketmaster, charged me twice for VIP purchase... Gave me an error on CVV code, reentered and ended up with two charges for first order. Be careful, watch out for snakes!

    31. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      @Stephen Dierks no need on the email check the latest update on the kickstarter here, All the info is in there

    32. Stephen Dierks on

      I have not received the email yet. Anyone else?

    33. Skeletortilla on

      What is the cost on the VIP tickets?

    34. Mary "Piggy" Peach on

      Message says it does not work until 10 am in local time zone

      "Just like last year, each show is going on sale at 10am in its respective venue's time zone. So, if you’re buying a ticket in San Diego, it will be available at 10am Pacific time. If you’re buying a ticket in Boston, it’s available at 10am Eastern time."

    35. David Bourland on

      Thanks Joel! I almost guessed the code too. Got VIP for Orlando: The Brain, and 4th row for Deathstalker!

    36. David Sloan on

      Brian: It's not 10 AM CST yet. Give it 20 minutes.

    37. William Magann on

      Some places don't appear to be on sale yet even with the code. It worked fine for me. I got two tickets to the afternoon show in NYC. See you there!

    38. Missing avatar

      Tina B. on

      Not working for me. Says sale link is not valid. :(

    39. Jon Calderas on

      Worked for me. I almost guessed the code! I tried a bunch before they posted. Splurged for VIP this time, my son will be excited.

    40. Brian Klessig

      Trying to buy tickets to the Chicago show but it is not prompting me for a password and i can not buy tickets. :(

    41. Brian Klessig

      Where do we put the code?

    42. Dan Cleri on

      The code is not working for me :(

    43. JJ Shotz on

      Woo hoo! Got great tickets, so excited!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jack Holbrook on

      new update is out there with the code

    45. Missing avatar

      Moises Taveras on

      Hmm he said a 12 hour head start so perhaps 10pm?!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Everything surrounding this kickstarter (minus the show itself) has been late and/or disappointing. Any surprise they have failed us on the presale code also...nope not in the slightest

    47. Edwin Santoni on

      Did they forget the East Coast time zone when they said 10am?

    48. David Sloan on

      hopefully we get the code today, because local presale here in Houston starts tomorrow at 10.

    49. The World's Most Interesting Werewolf on

      Ok- got where ineedtobe, now just need the code, haha

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