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When you pre-order Pray for Brain's CD and play it, people will ask you, "WTF was that?"

When you pre-order Pray for Brain's CD and play it, people will ask you, "WTF was that?" Read More
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New Premixes Now Up! (and a $5 backer update)

Christine, Jefferson and I were back at the studio yesterday with Dave, working on some general levels and tones so we could have a good baseline for review and editing. 

In a "Reservoir Dogs" moment, Jefferson is Mr. Magenta, Christine is Miss Brown, and I am Mr. Green!

I am very excited by what we heard, and so I'm sharing a sample set of these with you...  While raw and not fully dialed in or edited, these are the takes we're keeping.They have some moments, we think.

The set takes you on a little Pray For Brain microjourney,  from 1) hyperfunk Arabilly  to a  2) soft guitar and bass improvised intro with Indian nuance, to 3) uptempo oud,  4) fretless Indo-rock intensity, 5) sufisurf and finally 6 ) closing with a gentle dialogue with oud.

Pray For Brain: CD premix preview

And that's less than half of what we have on tap...To help bring the rest of the music  and the  final, polished CD from us to you, pre-order your copy (and other merch) before Sept 13!

And if you do, please spread the word!

Also, see a big change to the $5 pledge category: Now for $5, you can choose a digital download of any one track from the CD! We'll have an online survey if the drive completes for you to choose your track.