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It's festival time on Cannibal Island and everyone wants the honor of being the main course!
It's festival time on Cannibal Island and everyone wants the honor of being the main course!
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A Dozen Designs

Did I say updates once a week, or once a month? It's been a busy time but I've been working with the artist to refine our style for Who's for Dinner? Here's an even dozen of the new cards:

I'm really happy with the faux woodcut look he's developed for the cards, and the overall fun feel of them. In fact, it seems like the flavor text (like on Fork & Knife and Clean Hands) seems redundant now. Anybody got any thoughts on that?

I'll be sending out the survey at the end of this month. It'll ask everyone for their addresses, type of finish and (if applicable) t-shirt size. KS recommends waiting for as long as you can in the process and I'll need to do it then in order to get all the production details sorted. If you get the survey and you know you'll be moved before the end of July, please let me know in the survey and I can send you a direct message when it comes time to ship.

P.S. I'm making this update public, since I think it's worth showing off the new cards to anyone who's interested.


    1. Creator gbreden on May 20, 2012

      Okay, I can see it that way. Thanks for the reply

    2. Creator Matthew Rodgers on May 20, 2012

      Wow, I really appreciate all of the great feedback. I'll be experimenting with the flavor text and positioning... some of the other cards have more conversational flavor text and I'm not sure if that will translate well to Shaun's idea about putting the next near the titles, but we'll give it a try.

      @gbreden: I really appreciate your points about thematic art and immersion. I'm trying to straddle a line between having flavorful art and having humorous art. Yes, the game is about cannibals on an island, but it's a game about cannibals who want to be eaten. Some of the art is going for the absurdist point of view, sort of like the coyote who somehow orders expensive gear from ACME Corp. and then gets it delivered into the desert; the stop sign and wrapped present are supposed to remind everyone that this isn't an anthropological study of cannibalism, but a fun little game with a slightly off-kilter theme. Still, I'll have the artist take a look at all of this feedback... everything helps us get better and move forward!

    3. Creator Shaun Guth on May 20, 2012

      I agree the Knife & Fork text is pointless now, the art is much better. The sanitation joke is funny, but it doesn't need to be a thought bubble - how about just some italics text below the card name?

    4. Creator Kayote on May 20, 2012

      I like the flavor text on the sanitation card. Knife & Fork is just meh and unneeded and not that amusing, but sanitation makes me laugh a lot. The sign/hat I didn't bother me at all--I had to go back to see what he was talking about.

    5. Creator gbreden on May 20, 2012

      Same thing for gift-wrapped present gift exchange card.

    6. Creator gbreden on May 20, 2012

      I have two comments. First, I agree that the bubble-speech flavor text isn't needed, and I feel it takes me out of the theme of the game. That is the same feeling I get seeing a red stop sign and a black felt magician's hat .... both of these cards take me away from the feeling of being on a cannibal's island .... it's very jarring, and I think unnecessary. Surely cannibals can hold up something else to indicate 'stop' (just their hand? a totem? a club or spear?) and would perform a magic trick in another way as well (multi-colored smoke or fire? hole in the ground? I don't know ... something else!) I want to feel that I am connected to the theme of the game, which is one of the strongest things it has going for it with this art, I think. Flavor text and unnecessary objects from modern or mundane life really kill that for me.