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It's festival time on Cannibal Island and everyone wants the honor of being the main course!
99 backers pledged $2,819 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goal and Kicking It Forward Again

Wow! You guys are amazing... everything's really picked up in these final hours. So it's time for one more stretch goal:

$3000 Three New Kickstarter Inspired Cards for Every Level!

If we hit three thousand dollars, we can add on three new cards for every copy of the game: Each of them has been inspired by suggestions from Kickstarter backers (two tie into our new reward levels and the third came from a very helpful suggestion):

Each of these two cards gives you one more chance to get points for yourself when someone else goes out.

This card is worth negative points. So it might be worth it to go out with in order to earn a juicy meal card. Otherwise you'll be burning an action to get rid of it.

Kicking It Forward Again:

I got an email from the support staff at Kickstarter about the Kicking It Forward initiative. It seems like it's been a point of confusion for some backers and for some project creators. So we've been asked to change it up on the main project page. Don't be alarmed, I still believe in Kicking It Forward and how it represents creators becoming consumers and vice versa. We just want to be clear that it's a voluntary thing that I elected to do, and won't negatively impact any of our backers.

In case all of this is new to you, the Kicking It Forward initiative means that after Who's for Dinner? is all printed and shipped and everyone's got all their promo cards, t-shirts and everything's paid for; I'll take 5% of the whatever remains (the actual profit such that it might be) and spend it on other Kickstarter projects. Spoiler Alert: I was already going to do that! I love Kickstarter and the alternate distribution model it enables.