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Cooperative 1-4 player card game with a comic-book theme and a combo building core.
Cooperative 1-4 player card game with a comic-book theme and a combo building core.
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From Idea to Card: Commissioned Content

Posted by Matt Barr (Creator)

Top tier rewards in board game Kickstarters is always a tricky line to walk. Exclusive cards or expansions DOES get backers, but it's kind of extortionary. Miss our Kickstarter or back at anything other than the highest level and you can kiss the most exciting and exclusive content goodbye. Some companies offer exclusive components like play mats or miniatures, but that won't work all that well for our low-goal kickstarter. The goal of our Kickstarter is to print the lowest quantity run we can and get the game to our backers as cheap as we can. But we've still got a few exceptionally supportive backers and we want them to know that they're special to us. So we decided to put something IN the game that everyone gets that's special to our top backer: Commissioned enemies, bosses and heroes.

Expanding the base game for everyone, these added cards let players either immortalize their own likeness, original characters or concepts in our style. To get a closer look at the process, we're going to walk you through one that we've done in advance with one of our earliest backers!

The original conversation had a little more back-and-forth than that but once we had made sure that we had the full idea, we sat down and sketched our first take on Dr. Patchwork just to make sure that we were in line with Josh's vision.

 Once we confirmed that we were on the right track we took to the tablet and started digitally inking and coloring the picture. A few iterations later we ended up with our final art for the card...

 Our experimentress was alive! Aliiiive! But the battle was still only half done. Now that we had art for Joshua's custom card, we still had to deliver on the theme: A mad scientist who experiments on her own health to the detriment of the players. And we needed to deliver on that in a way that gave interesting choices and situations to the players. We could write a whole update on the choices and considerations that went into the design, and if people want, we will! But this is getting a little long so in the end we're pretty happy with what we came up with:

 So we're proud to introduce our latest criminal: Dr. Patches! She pulls from her own health to unleash a second monstrous attack at the end of the Enemy Attack phase. But like horse-shoes and hand-grenades you only need to get her CLOSE to knocked out in order to watch her hoist herself on her own scientific petard.

We've seen a few other great ideas and archetypes already and we can't wait to put them together. You guys have some pretty great ideas and it's super exciting to work with our fans to bring their creative ideas into the game. 

Do you have an idea you'd love to see in the game? Want your friends and enemies to fight their way through YOU? Or even save the city AS your custom hero with their own suite of attacks? There's still commissions available at every tier. Back today and tell your friends!

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