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The card game of survival, teamwork, and sabotage.
The card game of survival, teamwork, and sabotage.
The card game of survival, teamwork, and sabotage.
908 backers pledged $44,175 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on March 1

      Hey there, Tudor. Contact us through and we'll see what we can do for you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tudor Leonte on March 1

      Hello, can i still change the shipping address? i moved out, and i cannot change the address on backerkit anymore.

    3. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on February 12

      If you've filled out the survey, you're good to go. If you're still concerned, email us at support[at]snollygostergame[dot]com and we'll verify your survey.

      We're planning on an update soon. The art and design of the cards, rulebooks, and packaging are nearly 100% finalized and we're waiting on physical proofs from our printer to review and approve or make adjustments if necessary. Once approved, they'll begin printing.

    4. Ben on February 12

      With the CNY now in full swing where are we at in production?

    5. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Byg on February 10

      Mine says the same, and I've a receipt that I filled out the survey.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ravineel on January 30

      It says on the campaign tab that there was no survey sent from my account. But when I check my email I do have a response from the snollygoster backerkit of me confirming my pledge?
      Is everyone's campaign pledge like that or is something wrong and I don't have my survey updated/completed yet?

    7. Ben on December 21

      So we are ahead of schedule? I got an email saying that it's about to ship. Is this correct?

    8. Chris Akers on November 16

      March needs to come sooner! thanks for all you are doing

    9. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on November 16

      Working as hard as we can to move March closer to us.

    10. Chris Akers on November 15

      I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER GIMME YOUR GAME! Maybe i can wait a few months longer...

    11. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on November 6

      Hey Keven! The surveys have been sent. Double check the email you have associated with your Kickstarter account. If you don't think you've received your survey, please go here:

    12. Keven Lee on November 6

      When will the survey be out?

    13. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 20


    14. Jessica Pierce on October 20

      Where doing it man WHERE MAKING THIS HAPPEN

    15. Missing avatar

      Possum on October 20

      Congratulations! Good job, can't wait to play this game :D

    16. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 20

      Thank you so much, everybody! I just wrapped up a 14 hour drawathon so I'm a bit exhausted. I just wanted to express my gratitude for every pledge, comment, message, and show of support. This was an absolutely wonderful experience. I'll write an update later when my brain has somewhat restored.

      @nlt Thanks a ton, dude! It'll be the perfect way to celebrate.
      @John Hell yeah, thank you! I really appreciate it.
      @Bradley It's been one hell of a morning! Didn't quite make it but had fun along the way. Thanks again for backing!

    17. Missing avatar

      njt on October 20

      Congrats on a project well funded! I'll be celebrating playing this game on my b-day on April the 18th ;) ;).

      Well done, and well played :).


    18. Missing avatar

      John Kania on October 20

      Love your comic and this game sounds awesome! Can't wait to play!

    19. Bradley Baker on October 20

      DONated at the original SUite, good luck with getting to 50k! Im gonn pass out my , excited what the morning will bring.

      Sorry if this looks like garbage, typed it on My ios 11 iPhone... garbage.

    20. Missing avatar

      Grant Davis on October 19

      Nevermind that last comment. I have only just seen the updated Suite round 2. - Sometimes reading helps you know, people....

    21. Missing avatar

      Grant Davis on October 19

      I can't help but feel the project might have earned some extra $ if there were more than 50 of the Lovenstein pledges available, I too am eager for Mr Buldge to get involved in the project.
      Regardless, I'm sure the game will be fun either way :) Looking forward to it.

    22. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 17

      That's quite alright, Quentin! I appreciate the support regardless of what you pledge.

    23. Quentin Cartenuto on October 17

      I have to change my pledge for the $108 Mr.Lovenstein suite to the $40 pledge as I do not have the funds for it. But on the plus side, at least I’ll be able to get the game and the other expansions. I’m just happy to support this game however I can.

    24. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 16

      Hell yes, Eddi. They say 3 is the magic number.

    25. Eddi
      on October 16

      666 backers 33,333 $ and 3 days left

    26. Eddi
      on October 16

      666 backers 33,333 $ and 3 days left

    27. Eddi
      on October 16

      666 backers. Only a few $ for the next SG :)

    28. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 16

      Aw heck, Dan is such a sweet boy. Thanks for backing the game! Snollygoster absolutely NEEDS some Deathbulge all up in it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Capaneus on October 16

      The Deathbulge facebook page sent me here, and this is exactly the kind of thing I love! I really hope we get to $50k. I want some sweet Dan Martin cards!

    30. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 16

      Hell yeah, Luis! It looks like you managed to get THE LAST ONE! Thanks a bunch for backing, buddy!

    31. Missing avatar

      Luis Felipe Takano
      on October 16

      Yay! I missed the first one but managed to back Mr. Lovenstein Suit - Round 2! :)

    32. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 15

      Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. That'll make it even easier for me to slip in a little birthday message. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      njt on October 15

      (Sorry don't want to spam this area too much but feel this is important). The video of your play through pushed me from being hesitant to purchasing the game. (Even went for the lovenstein set - since I'm a huge fan). So thanks for showing that. ^^

    34. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 15

      Fantastic! I'll try to remember to wish you a Happy Birthday when the time comes. :p We've had several people reach out to us asking if we were doing localizations or if they could help translate the game. It'll have to be after our initial run, but it's definitely something we want in the future. Thanks for backing!

    35. Missing avatar

      njt on October 15

      March is right before my birthday - so I guess that works :D. Any chance to let others localize it into another language? Japan has a rather huge board game following :). (Doesn't have to be for the KS, just food for thought for the future~)

    36. Eddi
      on October 11

      Let's help this great project. Everyone should klick this kicktraq link to put the campaign to the top:

    37. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 10

      Hey there Vojtěch, thanks for backing! Our estimated delivery date is March of next year so we wouldn't be able to get it to you by Christmas this year. There's always birthdays, though!

      @Alex Yes sir! I just posted an update with a gameplay video!

      @Diego Thanks a ton, buddy! :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Vojtěch Mahel on October 10

      Hey there, Is it possible to get it until Christmas? Just wondering if I can use it as a present

    39. Alex on October 9

      Gameplay vid in the next couple days?

    40. Diego Trejo on October 9

      I really look forward to this game, it looks amazing and fun! :D

    41. Eddi
      on October 7

      @Andrew: There are some Mr. LOVENSTEIN pledges left.

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Pearson
      on October 7

      This looks awesome! I remember your cartoon of Pokémon go teams and it's hilarious. Was hoping to get lovenstein pack before it left :(

    43. Andrew Cassady on October 7

      You could add some items from your online shop as add-ons, assuming it wouldn't be a fulfillment nightmare. It may get people to raise their pledge amounts and maybe motivate some who haven't pledged yet.

    44. Quentin Cartenuto on October 6

      Awesome thank you so much!

    45. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 5

      @Quentin Just wanted to give you an update. After talking to backers in that reward level, I've made ten more Mr. Lovenstein Suites available. To make it fair to the first fifty backers of that reward, the new ten are eight dollars more. So if you still want that reward, here's a second opportunity!

    46. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 5

      Hey Quentin! It's tough to say. Part of the value of that reward is its exclusivity so I'll have to ask people in that reward level what would be a fair way to offer it to more people before I make anymore available. I'll keep you posted.

    47. Quentin Cartenuto on October 4

      Is there any possibility that there'll be anymore Mr. Lovenstein Suites available to get?

    48. Keven Lee on October 1

      Ofc it's sound a lot to me considering the fact that the cards done not affect the gameplay, I presume it's more on artwork. I guess it's more about exclusivity. But for value wise $40 I think will shine for people. Thus, I hope the price won't increase by a lot if you're planning on more expansion pack.

      Look at the recently finished Unstable Unicorn, have exclusive contents with all expansion pack. They are able to rack up $1.8 million

      No hate though :)
      Backed this project for a long time already

    49. J. L. Westover 2-time creator on October 1

      @ionas Gameplay video is on the way! Expect it sometime early next week. I'm planning on making two videos. One showcasing the cards and going over the basic mechanics of the game, and another video showing a group playing through a full game.

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