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A generative ornamental typeface accompanied by a series of unique letterpress prints in a mixture of ferrofluid and Pantone ink.
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Nightmare Before Christmas

Posted by Craig Ward & Linden Gledhill (Creator)

UK and Europe backers, it's time to roll out the Picard face palm GIF...

We just had word from Parcelforce / Royal Mail that the prints are still held up and subsequently won't be released in time for pre-Christmas distribution. This is, quite frankly, a disaster and we are so, so sorry.

This is partially due to time of year back-ups, partially due to paperwork, and partially due to the distribution office being closed from tomorrow for the holidays... I've spent this morning on the phone but the best we can say is to expect things to roll out straight after New Years. There is a glimmer of a chance that we may be able to get the distribute office to open again on Monday to deal with some, but I'm afraid we can't promise it at this time. If that turns out to be the case you'll be the first to know.

This is hugely frustrating given the effort taken to get everything out before Christmas, and we can only apologize, especially as the response from those who have received the prints (about 2/3 of our backers now) has been so positive. Also we know that a few of them were supposed to be Christmas presents. 

Again, huge apologies, really didn't want to be writing this update. In the words of Robert Burns, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft aglay..."


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    1. Richard Loveday on

      Hi Craig,

      Any updates on the UK shipments?

      Kind regards,


    2. Missing avatar

      ignacio on

      Hi again, I'm still waiting for my print. Do you know anything about this? please let me know when you have some info.

    3. Missing avatar

      ignacio on

      Hi, do you know when shipments to Argentina would arrive? Do you have any tracking number?
      thanks, I still waiting anxious for my print.
      best wishes.

    4. Suzie Baer on

      I got mine and it is so awesome!! Thank you so much. I can't wait to frame and hang.

    5. Patrick Franke on

      You are doing a great job. Keeping your backers up date what is going on, is the best thing to do. Sadly not quite as common as one might expect, considering my experience with other projects. So, thank you very much and all the best wishes.

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Littler on

      Something to look forward to in the new year! Thanks for the update.

    7. Peter Holthaus on

      I agree with Don Moyer.
      It might not be on time for Christmas but it'll be a very nice start into the new year!

    8. Don Moyer

      Kickstarter sponsors don't rely on Kickstarter projects to be on time. I prefer to have details right and don't mind some delays. You've clearly tried your best. That’s good enough.

    9. Missing avatar

      Shelley Wall on

      What is the status of Canadian shipments?