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Nothing but a bunch of college students proving that their second feature film can, and will be, better than their first!

A Quick Overview

The Bridge is a film made by college freshman. It's not their first film, but it's actually their second film! In the summer of 2012 these college freshman were all graduating high school and they decided to take their high school movie trailer project, and turn the movie trailer into an actual full length feature film called, The Admin Effect. The movie, The Admin Effect was later an Official Selection of the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival in Maine, and it was even nominated for Best Maine and People's Choice! For more information about the festival, please visit the festival website here. You can also watch the movie trailer for The Admin Effect below: 

Our Second Feature Film

Last summer we had a blast making The Admin Effect. It was our first movie and we just jumped right into it with very little knowledge of movie making. We had so much fun that we decided to come back and make a second one! This time, we're applying everything that we've learned and we're going to try and make an even better movie. We learned so much from The Admin Effect and we're going to take that knowledge and use it in The Bridge.

Why Fundraise?

Well you see, we're all poor college students who don't have any more to spare, so that's why we need the help! If you noticed though, we're not asking for much. Of course, the more we can get, the better, but if we can just cover the basics, such as costumes, props, theatre rental, and posters, we'll be happy!

Things we'll buy (and what we'll do if we get more than $1000)

So obviously we've already told you that we are getting costumes for the actors, props, posters for advertising and rental of the theater, but what else? Well we have the camera but we need a new lens that's better for low light. We also need a better lighting setup, so with whatever money we have, we'll put towards that. If we make more than $1000 (which would be great!) we plan on putting it towards a camera glider, renting a camera jib and even trying to make our own camera stabilizer! Obviously there are many things that we could get with the extra money, and the more we raise, the more we can get for the movie! We'll be sure to update you on what we end up getting for equipment.

So, what's the movie about?

Good question! We don't want to give too much away, but don't worry, we have a script that's being edited as we speak. (For a fun fact, The Admin Effect was a movie filmed entirely on improvisation, with nothing more than a large outline) The movie follows two friends who go on a yearly hiking trip, but this year they end up going to a different forest, a forest that holds an old legend about a man who lurks in the shadows. You can only imagine how interesting this can be! Woods, scary people, camping, hiking... it'll be fun to make, and fun to watch! Now, this won't be a super funny movie, but we think it has a lot of potential, a movie that'll make you go "ohhh, I had no idea! I never thought of that!" We're excited to show you more about The Bridge!

You want to stay connected?

We're on Facebook and Twitter!

The Crew

Well, we're all still in college now, but we're so excited for our summer to begin! We stay very connected online making sure everything is ready to go as soon as we all get home. Here's part of the crew from last years movie, The Admin Effect.

The Premiere

So when and where will it premiere? August 2013 right in Maine! I know that seems fast but believe it or not, we made The Admin Effect in less time so we're actually glad to have some more time to work with! Once we know the exact date we'll be sure to tell you!

Last but not least

We want to really say thank you. Thank you so much for reading this page and looking us up! We hope you enjoy what we're trying to accomplish, and if you would like to donate to our movie, we would greatly appreciate the support! Thanks again!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are many risks and challenges in any movie, but one of the great things about this group of students is that we have learned to work with what we have! Obviously we don't have huge budgets and large sets, so we work with our resources. We all lead busy lives but we prepare and set schedules. We've made sure to set dates for pretty much everything we do. If something goes wrong, we adapt and quickly fix the situation. One of the biggest things to do is to not panic, which we don't plan on doing! Simply learn to adjust and move forward! There's no time to worry about a small problem, we're busy trying to make a movie! :)


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