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A collection of surreal illustrated short stories collected in a 192 page hard back book.
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Dust jacket front cover design

AlIEN INK & OTHER SURREAL TALES is a collection of short surreal stories that I have been working on for over a year. They were originally published on my website as a monthly web comic. Now all eleven stories are all collected in this hard back book for a one-time-only print run.

Each page has one picture (like below) with acompanying text underneath to tell the story. 

Out of body experience taken from Lizard Thing.

Many of the stories have been created using story cubes (picture dice) to create very random and often surreal tales. It's been a fun way of creating stories and getting others involved. People are free to interpret the pictures as they see fit. I then write down what they said and convert it into a comic at a later date. This creates very free formed tales that tend to go to unexpected places.

Voodoo Advice, taken from Shiny Hole.

This project is one of love and is a celebration of collaborative spontaneous story telling. Using techniques pioneered by the surrealists and employed by the likes of William S.Burroughs, David Bowie & Thom Yorke I set out to prove that anyone can tell a story and this is the evidence. 

Alien Head, taken from Invaders.

The book itself will be a 192-page A5 sized hard back edition. This will be the only print run and I am saving room for your name to be printed in the book as a big thankyou for your support. The book will also have it's own book launch with exhibit to celebrate the release. It's all in motion so I'm relying on you guys to get this project funded. If you are local to Derby then why not pop in and see the exhibition too?

Dubrek Book Launch Poster

For even more information you can visit my website at:

I hope that you can help to achieve this goal and I hope that you will enjoy what should be a beautiful modern day story book.

Thanks for reading

Steven Brown

Risks and challenges

The comic book is nearing completion and I have only one more story to add, some text to write and a dust jacket design to finish. In terms of the work it should be no problem in meeting the deadline I have set.
At £14 I know it seems pricey and I worry about this. I just need to spread the word and let people know that this book is in full colour all the way through and it is a hard back edition. It should be quite luxurious, hence the price. Full colour printing can be pricey but the results should be worth it. This is also a one-off print and makes this project very unique and limited.

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