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A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
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Posted by Mr Bingo (Creator)

So I thought I should do a final update and close the curtains on this thing. It’s sort of finished, but then it’s not really because I’ve got to meet some people for a pint in five years time. 11pm on Wednesday 16th September 2020 is when the project is really completed.

The main thing I want to say is thanks. In July last year I set out to crowd fund a book. I made a rap video, came up with some rewards and stuck this thing up on the internet. To say I was overwhelmed by the response would be an understatement. The project funded in nine twatting hours! I know it’s a cheesy line, but I couldn’t have done any of this without you guys, the backers. Please give yourselves a pat on the back because collectively you made the most funded UK publishing project on Kickstarter, ever. Thats the thing I like about crowdfunding, instead of just putting a book out and saying “hey, buy my fucking book”, you get a load of people who believe in your thing to invest their own cash and become personally involved in the project. If someone said to me, "Who are the most important/intelligent/influential people alive in the world today" I would simply point them in the direction of the Hall Of Twats.

There are a lot of numbers of things when you do a kickstarter. I’ve signed 2,433 books, told 307 people to fuck off on the internet, trolled 20 people, sent 157 Hate Mails, drawn 23 Queen Elizabeth II's in sexually provocative poses, abused 5 people by telephone, got drunk with 20 people on a train, sent 20 rude Christmas cards, talked at 7 companies, done 5 peoples washing up and been on 3 dates in Wetherspoons.

I learnt quite a lot of stuff from doing this project, I learnt how to rap, how to make a rap video, how to make a book and I cemented what I already knew: I have no fucking idea about numbers and business and probably never will. That’s why I don’t go to work in a suit.

So what did I do with all that scrilla*? I know a lot of you think I made £100,000 profit and spent the rest of the year lying around on beaches laughing at all the mugs who threw money at me. I wish that was the case but sadly, business and the real world doesn’t work like that. The truth is I pumped almost all of the money back into the project. I doubled the print run of the book, I threw a lot of extra money at getting exactly the right paper so the book could be delivered on time (well almost!) and made a beautiful die cut ‘Up Yours’ bookmark. I also spent over £20,000 posting the fucking things. This isn’t meant to be ‘oh, poor me, I ended up broke’ by the way, I mean I’m doing ok, I’m still washing my balls with Aēsop, it’s just helpful to give you an honest breakdown of what happens to the money a kickstarter earns. I also believe in doing things fairly, so as soon as the money started going crazy I made sure everyone involved got paid. Especially people who had originally donated stuff for free, like Eli Sostre, the producer from Brooklyn who gave me the beat for the rap, just because he’s a nice guy. I sent him some money as a gesture. I also gave a third of the true profits to Youth Music.

So what have I learnt from all of this? Well it’s really restored my faith in the general public. I put a lot of really daft rewards up for sale for this project and people actually bought them, proving that humans are a lot more fun and willing to engage with stupid stuff than I thought. This bodes well for my future.


Finally, I just want to remind you all that the book is available to buy here! Buy another one, buy one for your mum, buy one and give it to a stranger in a public toilet, buy one for your fucking dog. BUY ONE.

I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do now, but hopefully I’ll come up with something else ridiculous that you can all get behind again and we can make some more cool stuff. For now, I bid you farewell...

All my Fucks,

Mr Bingo

p.s. Now I know out of the 3,752 backers, there’ll still be 30 of you who still haven’t received your reward. This is due to something known as 'Natural fuck ups'. If that’s you, and you’re reading this, please send me a private message on here rather than leaving an angry comment below this post. It’s nicer and I’m much more likely to sort it out.

*Scrilla is an urban term for money.

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    1. Keira Anderson on

      I never got my book. I was just assuming that this was the "ultimate insult..."

    2. James Stone on

      Oh for Gods sake Karen! :D

    3. Theo Bonham Carter on

      Thanks for the book! Now go and wash your mouth out with soap.

    4. Theo Bonham Carter on

      Thanks for the book! Now go and wash your mouth out with soap.

    5. Stu Reeves on

      I received my book round about when you said I'd get it. Pretty amazing work you did there.
      I only really bought the book and an offer of being tweeted something rude because your rap video was funny and I find it amusing how you use insults on a daily basis. (They don't appreiciate that humour in my office, bunch o'cunts).
      Any way I've been very busy at the office staring out the window from my desk while other tits stick wings on aeroplanes. Plus I moved house and all the things that go with that and having small kids like painting fucking bedrooms for children!
      So I thought I'd tell you thanks for delivering my book on time but I've not even opened it to read it yet as I can't be arsed making time for it.
      Maybe you should get your slimy arse up north and read it to me you, Mr supposed bingo wings.
      No regards
      Your least read backer

    6. Mark Reynolds

      Only one thing to say: FUCK!

    7. Missing avatar

      Andy Youings on

      What a lovely message...needless to say, it was an absolute pleasure to back this project and an even greater pleasure to see the result. I still chuckle like a naughty schoolboy every time I pick up my copy of Hate Mail. Genius. Life is good, and rather silly.

    8. Ryan Blackstock

      Can't wait to hear about and support your next project. I LOVE this book!
      So stop fucking around and figure out what's next!

    9. Chop Shop on

      Bought one. Sent to a friend that I KNOW will love this.

    10. Amelia Gregory on

      Fucking amazing... now I feel suitably inferior because I haven't done a final update for my own recent Kickstarter project. Which lost me money. HAHAHAHAHA. But maybe I should let my backers know this too, the trouble is if I do that it will probably sound like whining. You make everything sound okay, despite foul language. I bow down to you.

    11. Jules Jones on

      I wandered in through one of Kickstarter's "if you like that, maybe you'd like these" messages, thought it looked entertaining, and plonked down my cash. Or at least my credit card number. No regrets whatsoever. :-)

    12. Edoardo Ramella on

      I'll write that in Italian cause it makes scarce sense in English: Sei un grande! �

    13. david jellison on

      You have restored my faith in the joy of being a contrarian smartass, and now I have a reason to live. Killer book, genius satirical brain. Cheers, David

    14. Stephanie Lowe

      you are your sense of humor and ability to insult people who prob don't know you're insulting them...and love the fact you let your cat play with the money like it won the lotto..i think you should def do another rap video at some point...stay phenomenal! and here's to hoping you'll never have to ever put on a suit and tie.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marco Livingstone on

      With all due respect, Mr Bingo, it's not obvious how to send you a direct message on here, so perhaps Karen can't be blamed. Or are we just being stupid, not working out how to send a private message to you? I guess we're in the Hall of Twats for a good reason.

      I may have to buy another copy of the book, as it's a bit embarrassing people seeing the little drawing of a penis with which you kindly inscribed my copy. I look at my cock every day, with great pleasure, but I'd still like to know if you have special powers that made you pick that image without knowing me or my tastes? Or maybe I'm not so special, and you share your cock willy-nilly?

    16. James Zahra on

      Well that was all a bit gushing innit? Fucking love my Hate mail and doodled book though. Keep it up dick cheese x�

    17. Ron Eve on

      As one of those on the train we'd like to say it's been an amazing journey.

      Actually it was a hell of a ride because after that train journey we went on...and on.. some of it I don't rightly recall... But Nikki and I had a FANTASTIC time with you the the other guys, we laughed, we cried, we abused each other, and the other passengers joined us in our mirth. If they didn't we threw them off the train!
      We've shown the book to many many friends and it's gone down a storm, most wishing they could have joined in.
      Good luck and all that bollocks, we'll be watching you!
      Ron and Nikki.

    18. Nils Eastwood on

      Top Job. The book made me and my friends laugh - a lot. One of them even bought two copies directly and promptly left them in a pub. That made us laugh even more. He should have chosen nicer friends.

    19. Mr Bingo Creator on

      Hi Karen, please see the final paragraph at the bottom of the post that begins "p.s. Now I know..."

    20. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      This is all well and good, but I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK I PAID FOR!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Olivier J on

      Actually, you really deserved this success and our support. You worked hard for it. This was one of the best executed Kickstarter projects I've ever seen. You did everything - from your video to selecting the stupid paper - with passion and incredible attention to detail. Congrats, mate - and thank YOU

    22. Missing avatar

      Marco Livingstone on

      I'm a bit worried about those guys in the train. What's that suspect, foul-looking stuff in their glasses? And I sure hope for everybody else's sake that they weren't in the first-class quiet carriage, as they look a rowdy bunch.

      I show the book to all my visitors. Separates the old goats from the sheep.

    23. Katy Wallis on

      It's been amazing watching this unfold! Thank you for doing it! I love my book it's got a very special place in my bookshelf!

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Leaning on

      Mate. What a journey! Can't tell you how fantastic it was to watch the dosh build on that first day. You did us proud dude in every respect. The rewards were hilarious and the book is magnificent. Result.

      Good looking bunch on that train by the way x