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A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
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Fucking returns

Posted by Mr Bingo (Creator)

This is just a quick update about book returns, so if you have received your book there's no need to read on, please continue doing whatever you're doing, and please don't send me a fucking message to let me know that everything's fine. Running a Kickstarter is like lying under a pile of bricks and every time I get a new message, it's like a new brick being placed on the pile, slowly squeezing the last bits of life out of me and pushing me nearer to my eventual kickstarter fuelled death.

So all copies were sent out in November last year. A fulfilment company in Derby helped me with this job, so they're also dealing with the returns. In the next 24 hours they're going to send me a full list of returned books. If your book has been returned I'll be in touch to let you know and it'll be sent out again in the next few days.

If your book hasn't been returned and it's still missing, I'll send you a replacement copy within the next 2 weeks. I'd love to give you a quicker timeframe than that but I'm afraid the numbers for this project are big, so everything takes a while!

Thanks for your patience... you will all get a book eventually, I promise!

Mr Bingo

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    1. Missing avatar

      George Evans on

      I've not received mine yet and also moved house - the new tenants claim there has been no post for me. They might be thieving bastards though...

    2. Ben Houston on

      Hi mate, nothing for me yet either. I moved house in what seemed to be the vital 'don't-move-house-in-this-space-of-time' window. Cheers

    3. Missing avatar

      Ray Ho on

      Hi! I also haven't yet received my book yet. Checking in because I also was away when it was delivered, so I guess it was sent back.


    4. Alexander Bergendahl on

      Hi Mr. Bingo! I was travelling when my book was delivered and so it got returned before I could pick it up. I haven't received any news about a new copy being sent out yet, so I figured I'd check in here. Thanks!

    5. Mr Bingo Creator on

      Hi all going through these today, you'll all get a response (via the messaging thing on here) within 24 hours x

    6. Mick Veale on

      Hi, I've not received a book yet either. Curses from Dublin.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gabriella on

      Also tentatively checking on the status of my book... surname is Seemann (pronounced Zeh-munn).

    8. Missing avatar

      Oli g on

      sorry, should probably add that my surname's Goossens. thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Oli g on

      hey bud. sorry to be a pain also, but can you have a double-check what happened to mine?! cheers.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alice Elkind on

      Hi. I have not received my book as well. Can you check please what has happened?

    11. Missing avatar

      George Evans on

      Is it safe to start chasing up the whereabouts of my copy yet?

    12. Sandra Bayer on

      Hi i'm also still waiting for my copy.. did you forget me?

    13. Lametrie on

      Still no sign of my book.
      We can say that I'm pretty looking forward to receiving it.
      Any news please?

    14. Missing avatar

      seb gwyther on

      or even check up on it!

    15. Missing avatar

      seb gwyther on

      Still no sign of mine.
      Be ace if you could check up it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Julie Hardin on

      I've already died and been reincarnated waiting for the book and its killing me again. Fuck!

    17. Missing avatar

      Frederick on

      Hi there, I have not received my copy of the book and its killing me.