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A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
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Impatient cunts

Posted by Mr Bingo (Creator)

Dear fucking backers,

Every day I receive a lot of messages via kickstarter/twitter/email/instagram/facebook/text/whatsapp from people demanding to know why their books haven't turned up yet. As more and more books are appearing to be arriving at other peoples homes, the messages get angrier and angrier.

There are 3 reasons why all the books haven't turned up on the same fucking day.

1. It is difficult to post 3,752 books in one day. It actually took 18 days and the final copies went out on Thursday evening.
2. You live in different countries and it takes different amounts of time for things to travel around the global postal system.
3. I am just one person, not fucking Amazon.

Oh one other thing (and I should've probably said this earlier!), all the rewards arrive separately because the books are posted from Derby and the other bits are posted from London, so don't worry if you've received one thing and not your other thing yet, that's meant to happen.

All my fucks,

Mr Bingo


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    1. Missing avatar

      Fred on

      Dear Mr Bingo. I feel there's a strong possibility I wholeheartedly fucked up this bastarding thing. Like a Kickstarter virgin mug I thought all I needed to do was back a project and then sit back and wait for the pissing thing to arrive. Wrong. I need to do a survey and tick some boxes and supply addresses bla bla bla. Fair enough. That makes sense. I'm not complaining. I'm just not sure if I realised in time or whether you've burnt my gear. If someone could just let me know whether this fucking shit is ever gonna come or whether I might as well have just eaten the money that'd me ideal. I backed your cunting project, and I know if I don't get it it's my fault, but how in the name of holy fuck cheese has this shit already arrived in Ottawa and I'm chillin 5 minutes down the road in Hacktown and no book or print for Fred yet? How long does it take to get to Hackney from Derby? Anyway, safe Mr Bingo. Big up your chest. I'll always back a project by you, I'd do it again if you needed it, just let me know somehow whether the cunting book and print I backed this time is ever going to be sat on my book shelf and hanging in the space I made in my hallway. That's all I need to know.

      Many fucks given,


    2. Missing avatar

      Julie Hardin on

      I bought this for a Christmas present and didn't received it. Waste of money.

    3. John Beauchamp on

      I got my lovely fucking book in Warsaw this morning. Cheers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Emily Ledbrooke on

      Any ideas when my fucking book will get to me in London?! It's still not arrived. Fuck.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sam Matheson on

      The fucking book has arrived in Ottawa and I'm dead chuffed. Nice one! It does indeed have an "interesting" aroma, but I figure that's just part of the experience.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      Got the f'n book. It's awesome. One weird thing. It has an interesting aroma. Reminds me of your mums mattress.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lizzie Fox on

      You fucking cunt. I got the book this week and it is fucking awesome. Seeing my name with all the other cunts was also joyous. Thanks. I'm going to be lording over everybody who doesn't have this fucking book. Ha.

    8. Melanie DeSilva on

      I received my book and it's fucking outstanding. I especially enjoyed your personalized message telling me to "Fuck Off." Thanks for that.

    9. Eric Moreno on

      Arrived in California.

    10. Simon Brotherson on

      Is there any way of checking what address mine went to?
      i've moved twice since backing.
      If some other thieving cunt's got it i'll have to go round and give the fucker some chin music.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nik Finan on

      How the fuck can you hate me more than Ryan Air? (Rest of the book is amazing!)

    12. Mark Servian on

      Mine arrived last week and I'm in New Zealand, so you'll get no fucking complaints from me...

    13. Nathanael Pine on

      They're all mailed? Well it's about fucking time. Looking forward to scanning the better gags and posting them on fucking Facebook.

    14. Whiskywood Limited on

      Mine arrived last week !
      How long do you think before someone can take it along to the antiques roadshow ? I'd love to see the experts discuss the book.

    15. Missing avatar

      Helen Buck on

      When will the nation comprehend that life is a series of endless, relentless, grinding disappointments? Cunts.

    16. viragodawg

      Mine arrived today. Thank you!

    17. Missing avatar

      J F Gibbs on

      Book arrived last week. Read it in 1 sitting, laughed so much l thought I would choke..

    18. Missing avatar

      Martin Gear

      Got my copy and it is a thing of beauty, many thanks for putting so much effort into it.

      Don't let the inpatient twats get you down.

    19. Ian McKie on

      My copy arrived today, wonderful quality and very tastefully put together.

    20. Richard Overton on

      I blame Postman fucking Pat with his wanky elongated head and dickhead cat!

      On a side note - I haven't stopped stroking it. The book that is!

      Bloody lovely!

    21. Stephen Smith on

      Are you ok duck?

      *Sets reminder to tweet twice a day to ask where it is.

    22. Missing avatar

      matt on

      I received the book Mr Bingo you soft cock. It made my laugh so hard I had to change my sheets. That pissed me off. Fuck all the other cunts that didn't get it yet. My postie is better than yours. Do one Bingo.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Friedrich on

      ur the fucking best!


    24. neil dowling on

      Got mine and apart from The Secretary of State, it is my favourite addition to my collection.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mick Flynn on

      A phenominal work from a passionate man. Will become a family heirloom. Treasured Sir, fucking treasured.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Does the book come with batteries or do we have to provide those?

    27. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      Got my fucking book! Now fuck off..!

    28. Missing avatar

      robin ryde on

      Mine just arrived today and it's an absolute beauty. Thanks. Fantastic job!

    29. Missing avatar

      Rachel Bradshaw on

      Miserable bastards, got mine ��

    30. L-Roy Royston Patrick ( dodcoquelicot) on

      Yes, my heroe I apologize, I had tweeted like a twunt , - but kindly as a sunny bee on a winter rose - about :" where is my F.cking Bingo Book Mr B ?! "
      Mr Bingo you are my man and I could wait all my lazy and boring life for you ! Love from France, another beach cuntry !

    31. Missing avatar

      Kate Owen on

      You are worth the wait Mr Bingo!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Fuck u all I've got mine! ❤️

    33. Dan Northcote-Smith on

      I can tell anyone who hasn't got their's yet it's well worth the wait.

      Got mine today and read half of it already. WORTH the bloody wait!

    34. Missing avatar

      Marco Livingstone on

      I love the book and it was well worth waiting for. But I must correct your punctuation: "It's on its way". Since you sent me a sweet little cock with my signed copy, I forgive you! How did you know to choose so appropriately?

    35. Amelia Gregory on

      I love your updates, I wish mine were half as funny :)