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A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
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The fucking book is being made

Posted by Mr Bingo (Creator)

Yes that's right, the book is being made as I type this.

If you can’t be fucked with a load of reading and you don’t care when your stuff arrives, just read this paragraph. I will be closing the ability to edit your delivery address on Wednesday 21st October. So from that point onwards, you won’t be able to ammend your address. If you have moved house or work since you backed the kickstarter, make sure you make the address change in the next week. Thankyou.

The book is currently in production and it’s looking fucking nice. Darren and myself popped over to Italy last week and saw the thing being printed in a small industrial estate surrounded by snowcapped mountains. As promised in the Kickstarter campaign, we did get it printed by a specialist high end fine art book printers who gave us a very bespoke service with a lot of care and attention. We saw 12 tonnes of very expensive paper (170gsm Munken Polar Rough Crisp White if you’re interested) going through a Heidelberg Speedmaster press and coming out the other end with a load of swear words and cocks on. Every artwork was meticulously studied and compared with proofs to make sure all the colours and everything are fucking bang on. There’s also a section of blue paper in the back of the book just for the fucking sake of spending extra money on it and making it more special. The book has cold glue, lay flat binding. I’ve no idea what that fucking means but apparently it’s a good thing. The ‘up yours’ bookmark is also in production in the UK and it's looking nice!

Dicking around in the factory
Dicking around in the factory
Checking the fucking print
Checking the fucking print
Fucking loads of paper that will be turned into books
Fucking loads of paper that will be turned into books

So, when should you expect your fucking rewards? Most of them were promised to be delivered in October, but in the spirit of almost all kickstarter projects, I am behind on my delivery schedule by a few weeks. But that’s normal right? That’s crowdfunding, it’s a bit unpredictable and things don’t always go exactly as planned. The main problem (ok it’s a very good problem I realise) is that I sold a lot more stuff than I expected to. This means a lot more rewards to deliver and a lot more books to print. My promise is that wherever you are in the world, you will recieve your reward by Christmas. Hopefully most of you will receive it in November.

Signing fucking screenprints
Signing fucking screenprints

If you want to know when to expect your stuff, here’s a list of specific rewards and expected delivery dates.

The fucking book - November

Get told to fuck off on the internet - October / November

The book with a fucking signature in it - November

Troll package - November/December

A signed book plus a fucking print - October/November

A signed book plus a different fucking print - October/November

Hate Mail - November/December

Dirty Queen - November/December

Fuck Christmas - December (of course) 

Fuck Christmas - Deluxe edition - Christmas fucking day! 

Fuck it list - October/November 

A couple of bits of fucking paper with some words on - October/November 

The T-shirt with my fucking face on it - October/November 

Meet me for a pint in 5 years time - Do I really need to fucking answer this one?

For all the experiential rewards, I’m in touch with all of you individually and you all know what’s going on. Talking of those ones, we had another great ‘Getting shitfaced on a train’ last Saturday on the 12:05 to Bournemouth and back. Top banana.

Finally, for those of you who are interested in buying more books, they'll be available soon through a little webshop thing I’m making.

Thanks for your patience, fun things will be coming through your postboxes soon!

Mr Bingo 


Signing off stuff to go to print
Signing off stuff to go to print
A man and a machine. If the book was a baby, this man is the midwife.
A man and a machine. If the book was a baby, this man is the midwife.
A huge pile of MOTHERFUCKERS
A huge pile of MOTHERFUCKERS
This has nothing to do with my book but I saw it in the factory and thought it looked fucking cool.
This has nothing to do with my book but I saw it in the factory and thought it looked fucking cool.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Barlage on

      I got it! And it's fucking brilliant. Now--is there any chance I could get a t-shirt with your fucking face on it? Got any extras? Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!?

      Ken (aka the man whose soul you love to hate)

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicolagypsicola on

      Still waiting for this but ain't a big deal… the problem is, I had it ship it to my office and now we are moving the office to another space in London… how can I change the address?

    3. Shea Warnes on

      Chop chop cock breath.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eamon O'Hara on

      I am still waiting for my parcel of shit so pull your fucking finger out you lazy fucking cunt

    5. Missing avatar

      Sam Matheson on

      I got my fucking print today - class. Will have to keep the hand-printed and signed customs declaration as well. Now to find a proper goddam A4 frame in Canada!

    6. Duncan Hall on

      Hi I need to change my address - today is the last day. Who do I contact to do so?

    7. Kate jenkins on

      I am BEYOND excited about getting my will be the highlight of my year

    8. Simon Newsome on

      Yeah thats the correct attitude pal - just get it sorted and delivered when you can. There is no rush, I mean its only £150k of other peoples money that you are pissing about with.

    9. James Cross on

      Spelt 'amend' wrong. Ironic.

    10. Lorenza on

      Fucking lovely update as usual. Can't fucking wait for the mother fuckers and the finely tuned book with all its extra fucking blue pages.

    11. Stu Reeves on

      Is that 'meeting for a pint of piss in 5 years time' from then or from now? It's not that obvious you tick turd.
      (And no i didn't buy that option because I just want abusing on the Internet and some gay Italian printed book sending to me. Love you bye bye night night)

    12. Missing avatar

      Francesco Belvedere on

      Fucking cant fucking wait!

    13. Bence "BenyoBoy" Kósa on

      Thanks for the fucking update!

      But for real, thanks for the update, and that few extra weeks of waiting is realy nothing, especially here in Kickstarter.

    14. Matt Willis-Jones on

      Awesome! Can't wait! I usually only get the chance to insult my friend verbally so I can't wait to see his face when I give him this awesome book and kick him in the nuts