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A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
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Making books is boring

Posted by Mr Bingo (Creator)

So it's been 43 days since my last update. For some reason, five of you impatient cunts have demanded (via the comments section) an update. Although this only represents 0.13% of the entire backing population, I have caved in under the pressure. So, Julien, James, Richard, Tim and Simon, this is for you.

I have a feeling that half of you think I've fucked off with the money and I'm sipping cocktails on the beach. I wish I had done that, but I haven't, I'm actually making a fucking book.

To be honest there isn't much to say. I've adopted the stance which people DON'T do enough on Twitter, which is that if there is nothing of importance/interest happening, say nothing. I am making a book. On the whole, making a book is not interesting. Today I spent 11 hours 'artworking' images and getting them all perfect and ready for print. Darren spoke to some people in Italy about paper and grain direction, and batch converted some PSDs from RGB to CMYK. It's not interesting and I don't need to tell you. I mean what else d'you want to know? D'you want to know what I had for fucking breakfast? I'm not Harry cunting Styles.

Anyway, it's hard writing this stuff. There's certain expectations for it to be good. I'm not talking about the majority of you 3,751 basic twats, it's the fact that Louis Theroux reads this shit you know? Imagine when you go to your pointless little job and you type your pointless little sentences into your computer all day, imagine doing that but with the added pressure that Louis will be reading all of that and fucking judging you. It's utterly HORRENDOUS.

I guess what you want to hear is that the book is coming together and it's going to print very soon and all the things I promised are going to happen. Nothing has changed, the book is still going to be as fucking great as I originally claimed. The rewards are slowly starting to happen. I've trolled a few people, I've been on a couple of Wetherspoons dates, I got shitfaced on a train (Kings Lynn if you're asking) (Yes it was fucking great, if you're asking) and I've done the first 'Fuck you and fuck your company'. As soon as the book goes to print, reward fulfilment season (is that a thing?) will be in full swing. So thank you for your patience on that bit, I will be telling you all to fuck off in some sort of way soon.

Oh yeah, I'm putting together the final benefactor list over the next couple of days. If you haven't answered your survey yet, please do it now. Otherwise I'll be basing your benefactor name on whatever name is attached to your kick-starter account.

I'll probably do another update in a few weeks with a photo of me in some fucking printers in Italy, looking at a machine or something.

Bye for now,

Mr Bingo 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve Devlin on

      wheres my book you tawt!

    2. Jan Treen on

      Drunk in Kings Lynn, thats so tragic its not and I should know.

    3. Missing avatar

      J F Gibbs on

      Nice to know you've got your arse in gear

    4. Tom Muller on

      Very disappointing read. I was hoping for at least a picture of day-glo cocktail.

    5. Andrea Carroll on

      I wanted a video of 24 hours a day for 43 days to show what you have been doing.......... pffffft. Sod em, i'd be shitting my pants if Louis was going to me in the possession of one of my books!

    6. Missing avatar

      Amy Elizabeth Samuels on

      How longs a piece of fucking string it takes however long it takes so fuck everybody else. The books going to be great no matter what so ignore those bunch of tools and carry on! yolo

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim Cameron on

      Fuck Louis Theroux

    8. Stu Reeves on

      Yawn � what a boring thumb twiddling moany update.
      If your turkey breath life has become so boring write a fucking book about it...... Oh wait a shitting minute!

    9. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      That was a wonder to read, if your drawing is half as good as your updates, I will be a happy kiwi!

    10. Gary Cohen on

      And do you talk to your mother with that language? Really!

    11. Gary Cohen on

      Dunno. I expected a music video or something. What a complete letdown.