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A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
A retrospective of illustrator Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail postcard project.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alice Steinke on December 25, 2016

      My kids were finally here for the holidays. THe first thing I showed them was your fucking book.

      They loved it and really get you Mr. Bingo. Most impressive!

    2. David Arkapaw
      on April 29, 2016

      I just wanna say, this book is great. Not over the top in presentation so its perfect to sit on a table and get people curious

      Let us know if you make another

    3. Mr Bingo Creator on March 2, 2016

      Hi, if you have any problems, please send me a private message rather than leave a comment, cheers. x

    4. joel bradley on February 17, 2016

      Just got mine, really cunting late but at least I got it. ( Is this respectful and considerate?)

    5. Wilson Ho on January 8, 2016

      I received my book, he even wrote my name, thanks Bingo!!

    6. Jim Bradshaw on January 8, 2016

      Dear fellow stragglers: just got mine. He's still at it, like he said.
      And the book is beautiful.

    7. Alex Riley on January 5, 2016

      Hi there, no Fing book. Any help please....Cheers A

    8. Missing avatar

      Julie Hardin on December 26, 2015

      Still no book. I sent a private message about the book and got no response. All I got was my first comment (that I hadn't received the book) deleted.

    9. Mr Bingo Creator on December 19, 2015

      Should've been a bit clearer... I mean a private message on kickstarter, rather than a comment. Thanks!

    10. Mr Bingo Creator on December 19, 2015

      Yo! If you're book hasn't turned up, please can you send me a message on here and I'll get it sorted as soon as I can... thanks!

    11. Cristina Pina on December 19, 2015

      I haven't received mine either... I am ok with waiting, it's a gift to myself, but I am wondering whether it got lost on its way... Seems like it should have been here ages ago.

    12. maarten on December 18, 2015

      There goes my Christmas present, flying home on Monday, time to find an alternative.

    13. maarten on December 18, 2015

      Still no book here either :-(

    14. James Bavington on December 16, 2015

      Hey - I've still not received my Kick Starter book, although I've received a second book that I ordered of your website as a gift. :(

    15. MinMax on December 12, 2015

      Hi when will the other higher tier rewards ship? I haven't received mine.

    16. Glynn Warren on December 8, 2015

      I love this book - it cunt be bettered!

    17. Missing avatar

      Antony Martin on December 8, 2015

      I received my fucking book today. Good job, twatwaffle! Funny. As. Fuck.

    18. Simon Brotherson on December 7, 2015

      Bingo. Still no fucking book.
      I'm worried i fucked up the address somehow. (i've moved)
      can you check where it went if you've sent it or let me know if you have no address to send it to.
      What a cunt! (me not you)

    19. Julien Cocquerel
      on December 6, 2015

      Just received my cunt face on this fucking book. Man, I love this book. Thank you and congratulations for this amazing job.

    20. Missing avatar

      squaley on December 3, 2015

      Exsqueeze me fart face for rudeness but... THANK YOU DUDE ! You make my year !
      Keep up the good work Bingo !

    21. David Arkapaw
      on December 2, 2015

      This will be a centerpiece on my dining table when I buy my first home,

      Its great!!

      And theres a message?!??

      *drives home from work frantically*

    22. Jacob Edmond on December 2, 2015

      Arrived and couldn't be more impressed with the personal message on the title page.

    23. Katherine Pan
      on December 2, 2015

      Got my book today! Fuck you very much!!!

    24. Glock Panda on November 30, 2015

      Finally got my copy. I feel elated to finally be in a "hall of" something. Thanks arse-munch!

    25. Phillip Ansell on November 29, 2015

      Bingo ya twingo. ...just got your email trying to explain to the hard of thinking why they (including me) have not received a copy of your boooook. Well I couldn't give a shit. Let them sweat. Sometimes saying nothing is more of an insult. Also I have a new insult mechanism that you can exploit should you care to. It's the half rule. "See that bloke over there, well he's half a cunt". Think about it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mick Flynn on November 29, 2015

      A beautifully crafted work from a passionate creative cunt. Well done son.

    27. Missing avatar

      Alice Steinke on November 28, 2015

      Got the fucking book - all the way to Arizona. Fucking great book Bingo!

    28. Missing avatar

      Laura Louthan on November 28, 2015

      I've got the fucking book thanks. It made it all the way to California.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ed Wood on November 28, 2015

      Fucking Shit! Love it.

    30. Tyler on November 28, 2015

      Got it it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be thanks m8

    31. Missing avatar

      Dave Sperandieu on November 28, 2015

      Apparently I'm a dick. Good job. Thanks you slag !

    32. Missing avatar

      Johannes Heuckeroth on November 27, 2015

      When will the books being shipped?

    33. Missing avatar

      Oliver Williams on November 27, 2015

      So people are getting there book in Sydney but little old me is still waiting for mine in london??
      Switch on Bingo!!!!

    34. Ravipart on November 26, 2015

      Just got it today in Sydney, Australia with very very poor packaging. but the book is fuxing assome. Thanks

    35. Michael Jenkins on November 25, 2015

      How are these being sent? Is it via Royal Mail?

    36. Monsieur Phal on November 25, 2015

      Cher Monsieur Bingo,

      Je viens de recevoir votre livre. Putain de nom d'un cul, cela fait plaisir d'avoir soutenu votre projet. Si vous ne lisez pas le français, Google Translate va sans doute mal traduire toutes les formules de politesse contenues dans ce message. Mais ce n'est pas bien grave. Le coeur y est et c'est bien là l'essentiel.

      Thank you from France.

    37. Missing avatar

      Emma Redstone on November 24, 2015

      You are a twunt and your book is a fucking atrocity. I LOVE IT!

    38. Samuel Chapman on November 24, 2015

      Simply put. Love the fucking book. Great job!

    39. Nils Eastwood on November 24, 2015

      Book has arrived and it looks great. Never saw that coming, law of averages I guess.

      Personalised message was shit (though possibly accurate).

      Nice one you used fuck-sock.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris Whitnall on November 24, 2015

      But the book is fucking awesome (I almost forgot to add) x

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Whitnall on November 24, 2015

      Got the cunt yesterday...personal message was too fucking generic

    42. Missing avatar

      Glenn on November 22, 2015

      I've been out of the country for 2 weeks and came back to a fucking redelivery note for a package. It's apparently been returned to the sender - I'm assuming that's you? Is there any way I can sort this out?

    43. Andrea Carroll on November 21, 2015

      Just got it today........ there are not enough cock drawings I am disappointed in this lack of penis doodling

    44. Mark Reynolds
      on November 21, 2015

      Postman dumped a pike of shite on the doorstep this morning, not a bad effort for a fuckwit.

    45. Missing avatar

      Matt Molloy on November 20, 2015

      Futuristic plastic packing inserts! Fuck yeah!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel J. Finnegan on November 20, 2015

      Mine hasn't arrived yet. I shall wait prick! ;-)

    47. Bryan Westbrook on November 19, 2015

      My copies arrived too, cheers and fuck you :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Oliver Wyatt on November 19, 2015

      Just got my signed copy of the book today, looks ace, ta!

    49. nexus
      on November 17, 2015


      Any chance for an update? Or could we please get one anyway, even if there's no chance for it? :D

    50. Missing avatar

      Sopphira dadral on November 16, 2015

      Hi I opted for the print and book option with personal message - still haven't received my book but got the print a few weeks back. Just wondered if they're still being printed etc or if mine has got lost some how.

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