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Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop!
Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop!
Missed this campaign? Follow the link below:
Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop! Missed this campaign? Follow the link below:
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    1. Chris Allen 1 day ago

      I agree the communications is the issue.

      Statements such as "we aim to deliver 100 per month in 2018" are not helpful, and neither are pictures of piles of boxes supposedly waiting to go out. They create a false impression.

      Each status should include at a minimum the current number of shipped units, and the number expected in the next month, along with the current blocking issues.

      I would estimate we are currently at less than 30 shipped, and I also worry that backer units will only be sent out when money from new orders via maker fairs or the website are received.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gruenig 2 days ago

      @Papje I think to have problems on projects is part of it. It happens differently you planned, this is the only sure thing in crowdfunding projects. Different is communications and how to involve backers into a project. I was backer in many projects, delay problems had every project. But how they communicate these delays makes big difference. Why Mr. Beam II announce presales with a delivery date of August but cannot give a delivery date for backers. Something is wrong they have a big communication problem. I had good experience with Flux but u are right also they had their problems. I hope every project learning on that way.
      I had the experience other project getting financial problems because backer-money was used, then they started to sell their first machines to pre-sales customer to get new money. I'm worried Mr Beam II doing this with us!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter 3 days ago

      "ORDER NOW!
      Available in our online store"
      ... actually not available; it is a pre-sale, estimated delivery August 2018"

    4. Papje 4 days ago

      @Stefan I do not agree about flux 3D. They also have problems! When I read the comments lots of people are complaining about the support of this company. Also delivery printer dec 2014 but still there are backers who didn’t receive their printer in 2016! It’s always the same with bigger projects on Kickstarter, delay, broken promises, technical issues and so on. I still back some little projects here on Kickstarter but Mr Beam II is my last “big” project here on Kickstarter that I backed. Kickstarter is to much an unreliable platform for backers. The biggest problem here on Kickstarter is that backers has no protection to get their product or have much influence on the quality of the product! Kickstarter protects to much creators but that’s the whole part of their business plan. They still get their money. I trust Mr Beam that they will deliver a good product, but for me i doubt i will ever back an expensive project here on Kickstarter!

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gruenig 5 days ago

      for all of frustrated Mr. Beam Backer who are waiting for delivery date. It seems alternate Products arriving! I was Backer on flux 3D printer, amazing product, and they hold what they promised. It makes me sad how Mr Beam team cheating us!

    6. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gruenig 5 days ago

      und das schönste ist auf eurer Webseite zu lesen! AVAILABLE IN OUR ONLINE STORE! Nun ist es klar, das wir Backer uns hinter das "frische Geld" anstellen müssen. Mit eurem Verhalten macht ihr definitiv den Croudfounding Markt zur Schnecke!

    7. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gruenig 5 days ago

      "bit of magic to bring you closer to your very own Mr Beam II and to let this happen asap, stay tuned :)" ich kann es schon gar nicht mehr lesen, das hören wir nun schon seit mehr als einem Jahr! Sagt doch einfach klar und deutlich, wann wir unser, vor zwei Jahren bezahltes Produkt, erhalten werden. Es interressiert uns herzlich wenig ob nun die Anleitung in English verfügbar ist oder nicht. EINEN LIEFERTERMIN BITTE!

    8. Meister Richter 6 days ago

      Ich habe gerade im Quickstart Guide gelesen, dass Mr. Beam II neueste Webtechnologien nutzt, und aktuell nur von Google Chrome unterstützt wird.
      Und wenn ich diesen Browser nun gar nicht verwenden will, habe ich Pech und kann Mr. Beam nicht benutzen?
      Was soll das denn?

    9. Florian Horsch 6 days ago

      @Mambo: Cool to hear that! Sharing confidence - didn't know that this is a thing. But it feels warm and fuzzy :) No seriously: Very happy, if this helps people far away to understand that some good work is happening in Munich.

      Let's keep fingers crossed that it's soon shipping time!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mambo on April 17

      'cause no one did so far...
      Thank you very much for your point of view, Florian! Very good to hear that and my confidence also grows more and more after your post and seeing new samples from users in social media channels.

      @Mr. Beam! Thank you also for faster updates and comments here!!! Gives us a better feeling ;-)

    11. Florian Horsch on April 13

      @Benjamin & community: I've met Teja and Andy yesterday at MakerCon Heidelberg where they have been invited to come. Last time I saw Mr. Beam 2 at Make Munich (that's a year ago).

      You guys WOULD NOT believe how much the quality of the machine and ease of use progressed from there. This is a top-notch and beautiful machine. The message here: Those guys are real and working super hard to get them shipped asap to everybody. It's running, it looks stunning, the software is up to speed - but as with every hardware project: sometimes the supply chain is just missing a screw and holds you back.

      So, let's rest assured that Teja & team will get our babies delivered as soon as humanly possible. For myself: I rest in full confidence and pleasant anticipation from here on.

      It's gonna be good - soon enough ;-)

      Here is a small video of a custom keychain they cut for my lady. Setup time (in the BROWSER! :D) was below 1 minute. Mindblowing... #suchafanboy

    12. Benjamin Witton-Leemhuis
      on April 12

      @Mr Beam Lasers: is this the plan now or was that supposed to be the case before? i received the notification that my mr beam will soon be ready on the 28th of february and still haven't received anything.....

    13. Frederick on April 10

      @Sven: I remember optimistically hoping for August 2018 when the "100 per month" was mentioned. Guess I should hope for August 2019 now.

    14. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on April 10

      @Nils, Papje,
      You will receive a notification e-mail 2 weeks before your Mr Beam II delivery. You can always let us know in case anything needs to be updated.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter on April 9

      Erinnert ihr euch an die Hoffnung zur Weihnachtszeit? Ich glaube nicht dass hier so schnell was vorankommt.

      Do you remember hope for Christmas? I don't think things are moving that fast around here.

    16. Papje on April 9

      @Nils Good point about coming vacations in summer! You don’t won’t that your package will be send back to Munich. Here in the Netherlands they hold your package for 3 weeks and then send it back. I go for 4 weeks on vacation so this can be a problem!

    17. Nils Midttveit on April 8

      Can you please give an estimate on shipments outside of Germany. Some of us purchased a Mr.Beam 2 for business reasons. The delay has been beyond burdensome for us. We were looking forward to having it for use during the school season but I’m starting to think that will not happen. I’m begging you, please tell us when it will ship. May, June, etc.

      Some of us will need to make special arrangements if the product ships in the summer months. We will not be staffed to receive packages

    18. Wonjae Choi on March 30

      Good Job! I hope we can meet soon.

    19. Suzanne Melton
      on March 29

      Thank you for the diameter!

    20. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on March 28

      The diameter of the exhaust tube is 50mm.

    21. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on March 28

      We still have some moments to be finalized before delivering outside Germany. Once we have a better understanding of the timelines, we will communicate them immediately via the Kickstarter update. Can’t wait to have all of you start enjoying your experience with the Mr Beam II :)

    22. Suzanne Melton
      on March 27

      Back on January 16, Patrick Tan asked about the diameter of the exhaust port of Mr. Beam II. We will also be creating our own filter.

      I don't see an answer here.

      Thank you.

    23. Alexander Acosta on March 23

      Hi! When Mr. Beam 2 will be delivered to non-German backers?

    24. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gruenig on March 18

      @Christian ja sieht leider so aus. Schade eigentlich uns Backer ist allen Bewusst das ein solches Projekt NIE so läuft wie es geplant ist. Umso mehr sollte offen über die Probleme gesprochen werden und nicht eine Strategie des unendlichen Aufmunterns resp. Vertrösten gewählt wird. Ich bin 100% überzeugt das echte Backer Verständnis habe für die Tücken solcher Projekte, mann muss sie einfahch ehrlich kommunizieren. Wie gesagt schade für die Community und für ein solch schönes Projekt.

    25. Frederick on March 16

      @Papje, the "swap out" question was intended as a "do it yourself", the second question was purely informative :)

      I was just wondering if it would be a valuable improvement in sense of performance etc ...

      Of course, that would be assuming we get our Mr. Beam before yet another model is released.

    26. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on March 15

      Thank you @Papje for the reply, very good points.
      As we need to plan our production ahead, 3B Raspberry Pis have been already purchased and we are not planning to ship the machines with the new model in the nearest future. Also once we decide to switch to a new model, we would need to conduct another EMC testing.
      Currently, we are planning to perform some tests with the 3B+ model in-house to see how it affects the work of our laser cutter.

    27. Papje on March 15

      @Frederick Not a good idea I think. Most important is to have a good product with the Pi 3B! From what I did read the difference between the 3B and 3B+is minimal! But nobody’s holding you to upgrade yourself when you received mr Beam II! If this is possible of course! But at this stage not very smart to upgrade it to prevent more problems!

    28. Frederick on March 15

      @Creator: a new model Raspberry Pi has been launched, the 3B+. If I remember correctly, Mr Beam II is powered by a Pi 3.

      Will we be able to swap out the Pi 3 in favour of the new model? Will you ship with the new model (is same price as old version)?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on March 14

      Update: So I just had a long and very productive phone call with the mr.Beam support. Seems like my laser has some mechanical issues and has to be sent back for repair service. Good part about it: Seems like I was just unlucky and the problems I faced are not normal and shouldn't occur on your mr.Beam laser :-)

      So now I have to put my laser to sleep and wait for it to be repaired and sent back to me. I will post an update of the repaired laser as soon as I have my hands on it again :-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on March 13

      Hi fellow backer,

      since a lot of you are waiting for further information, here are the problems I had to face so far as a beta tester: 

      1. Problem: the Lid was bent.

      After sending pictures to the support and talking to them, they assured me, that this has no effect on the functionality of the laser. but they offered to replace the lid free of charge, if it bothers me. 

      2. Problem: The laser cancelled engravings with „unknown error“.

      This problem did not occur since the last software update. so it seems mr.Beam alredy fixed this. :-)

      3. problem: Laser head movement.

      sometimes the laser head seems to get stuck for a moment while moving from left to right on the metal bar. When this happens there is a scratching sound and the laser head stopps moving for a moment before continiung to move as if nothing happened. It happens rarly but mostly while moving from 0,390 to 500,390 or 0,0 to 500,0. Also it happend once while engraving the camera calibration arrows and one arrow was out of position (more than 10mm). So this seems to affect the right scale of the engraving  / laser job. 

      4. Problem: the camera was not able to calibrate.

      when I got the laser the camera was not streaming a picture. I had to go to settings and choose „calibrate camera“ first. But after engraving the arrows and oppening the lid the camera is not able to track all four arrows, since the lower two arrows are out of sight of the camera. Maybe this is a problem in conjunction with the bend lid (see problem 1)? So now the camera is streaming a picture, but it is way out of scale and the position shown in the software is not matching the actual position of the working area.

      5. Problem: the laser head or the software is not accepting the used coordinates.

      Since the camera is not working correctly I tried using the coordinates to adjust the digital Data to the Material in the working area. But it doesnt matter which coordinates I use (for example: 5,5 or 20,0 oder 50,30...) the System is placing the Data on the very same position. On the Screen (in the software) I see the Data moving accordingly to the used coordinates... But the Laser head is always moving at the very same position, as if the coordinates had not changed.

      6. Problem: The Laser head got stuck at the home position.

      This occured just once until now. The laser head was in home position and the laser was offline (no key in it). I turned the key to start the laser and the laser head made a short, jerky move and a kind of banging sound. After that the laser started normally. But when I wanted to start a Laser Job or move the laser via software it did not move and the software showed an error (unfortunately I did not write down the exact message) it was something like „Laser head hit border“ or something simillar. Restarting the laser did not change anything. Restarting it a second time it was again doing a short, jerky move. After that everything worked again and no error was reported again.

      7. Problem: Confusing working area.

      I am not sure about the exact working area. In Update 37 from 28. July 2017 it says the working area changed to 510x398mm. On the mr.beam homepage it says 510x390. The actual working area on my mr.Beam seems to be 500x390mm. Don‘t know if this is a mistake in the settings or wrong information in the update / homepage.

      because of problems 4 and 5 I am currently not able to use the laser, since it is not matching the position of the laser job to the position of my material.

      I already contacted mr. beam support a couple of days ago, but did not recieve an answer yet (Just an automatic answer that they are on a trade fair till 13th of march and an answer could therfor take some time).

      So I guess I will get an answer soon :-) but I fear the answer will sound like „you have to send back your mr. Beam for repair service“ :-(

      Long story short: the laser is pretty awesome but there seem to be still some problems that have to be fixed. Maybe I was just unlucky and recieved a damaged Laser and the others are working just fine. But from my point of view it is not so bad to wait a little longer now but then recieve a fully working laser :-) (just my opinion.. because it is really a bummer to have this awesome toy at home and not beeing able to use it).

    31. Missing avatar

      Christian Werner on March 12

      @Stefan: Sieht leider ganz so aus. Wir Backer Warten und warten während auf anderen Kanälen ganz offen vom Mr.Beam persönlich verkündet wird dass man mach Investoren sucht. (Siehe Link in einem früheren Post von mir)
      Ist ja auch logisch dass man frische Investoren eher mit fertigen Geräten ködern kann bzw. Messeexemplare direkt gegen Cash verkaufen kann und wir als Spender keinen Rechtsanspruch auf ein Gerät hat.

      Schade das durch solche Projekte die gesamte Gründerscene in ein schlechtes Licht gerückt wird

    32. Missing avatar

      Christian Werner on March 12

      @Eric: even mit many in Germany have received the delivery. I live about 250km away from Munic and so there must be many backers directly nearby the Mr.Beam office or only 3 or 4 Prototypes where send..

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Krell on March 12

      As an earlybird backer did I miss an address confirmation somewhere or is it still coming?

    34. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gruenig on March 12

      Ich wäre schon zufrieden wenn ich ungefär wüsste ob ich das Ding noch diese Jahr bekomme oder nicht. Mit der Produktionsplanung scheint es nicht gerade wie am Schnürchen zu laufen. Ich habe leider schon einige Croudfounding Projekte erlebt, bei den die Backer im Regen stehen gelassen wurden um mit neuen Kunden frisches Geld nachlaufen zu lassen. Hoffe beim besten Willen nicht das dies bei diesem schönen Projekt der Fall ist.

    35. Chris Allen on March 12

      Good update, but would like a reassurance that future machines will go out in backer number order

    36. Cesar on March 12

      @MrBeam: Thanks for the (good) update. I can't wait for getting mine!!

    37. Maxim Morozov
      on March 12

      @MrBeam team: Happy to hear about improvements and hope to get my early bird cutter soon!

    38. Maxim Morozov
      on March 11


    39. Erik on March 11

      Has anyone outside Germany received their Mr Beam II yet, or notice of upcoming delivery?

    40. Missing avatar

      Sabine Thürauf on March 7

      I started trying different materials (e. g. engraving chocolate works well ;) , until now I was very careful with materials where no settings were set before. Did anyone try further materials? In case yes, with which parameters. Maybe we could start some table with different materials.

      Did someone tried anodized aluminum or mirrors until now? I would be really interested in that!

      @Papje No, I mean the sheet has 7 different wood layers. Tried with 6 times cutting, maybe I will re-try with more or other settings the next days

      @Martin For me it worked if you just open the lid, maybe closing and re-open to get an updated image

    41. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on March 7

      Dont get me wrong: There is already a material archiv with presettings and some short information on how the settings work in the software.

      And also there is a step by step explanation on how to calibrate the camera in the software (if you manage to find out you have to calibrate the camera first and where exactly in the software to do that)

      But it is missing a documentation that tells you that you have to calibrate the camera and where to do that.

      (Just as an example)

    42. Papje on March 7

      It surprises me that there is not much documentation! In update 38 / Oktober 2017 they were already busy with a manual they say! And now it looks that there’s nothing! Only a quick guide that’s barely enough to get it to work! Very disappointing!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Mambo on March 7

      Just commenting because it is comment #1000 and using the time to thank everyone who shares experiences, problems, faults and solutions with Mr. Beam II here and on Instagram!
      Keep it on!

    44. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on March 7

      Since there is not much of a documentation yet. Here is what problems i faced during my first use of mr. Beam 2.

      For those who struggle to activate the camera:

      You have to go over Settings and calibrate the camera first. After that the camera is live streaming and you can adjust your designs.

      For myself i have the problem, that the camera is just calibrating the upper two coordinates (NW, NE) the lower two coordinates (SW, SE) are not in the filmed area of the camera and are therefore not found whole calibrating. Has someone else had the same problems?

      Also i realised, that the "home" position of the laser head is marked 500,390. But if the working area is 510 x 390mm ... shouldnt it be 510,390? Can someone who already has his/her mr.beam please compare that to their home position?

      Third "problem" that occured yesterday was that the laser head sometimes kind of got "stuck" while moving from left to right on the metal bar. It stoped moving for a second and made a screaching sound, then continued moving. I couldnt find any damage on the bar and also reconnected the laser head again and again, to make sure it is in correct the place. This problem occured rarly. But mostly when the laser head was moving straight from left to right at the back of the working area (0,390 to 500,390). Has someone of you had the same "problem"?

    45. Missing avatar

      Martin on March 6

      @Sabine Thanks for the hint.
      How do you use the camera for adjustments?

    46. Missing avatar

      Huzi on March 5

      Got mine today, early bird #94 ! I received the mail to verify my shipping address on 14th of February.
      Connecting the device to my home WIFI took also a while. Could not finde the mr-beam with the provided local link, however, the IP address as mentioned by Niels Kühn did the job!
      So far I tested engraving which worked great.

    47. Papje on March 5

      Do you mean 7x times repeat laserjob with 7 layers?

    48. Missing avatar

      Sabine Thürauf on March 5

      If you use different colors for cutting an engraving, it is no problem.

      Tried different plywoods, a 4mm with 3 layers (cutting and engraving worked out well with the predefined settings) ad a 2mm with 7 layers which I was not able to cut until now

    49. Missing avatar

      Martin on March 5

      Is it possible to engrave and cut plywood in one process or do you have to cut it fist, position and then engrave it?

    50. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on March 5

      So, as I mentioned earlier mine was delivered two weeks ago to tübingen. Since I wasnt there till last weekend I couldn't unpack and test it yet... two looooong weeks hahaha. Well I was able to fetch it yesterday. First of all the Set-Up was quite easy. Connecting it to the Internet was quite a struggle though. After many tries it worked this way: laptop connected to the router via lan-cable. Also laptop connected via W-Lan to Mr.Beam.

      All other ways (just w-lan, connecting mr.beam via lan-cable to the router or to the laptop ....) did not work. Maybe this information will help some others..

      Other than that everything worked smoothly. Moving the laser-head is louder than I thought it would be, nut not at all a problem for me.

      Only bummer: couldn't realy use it yet, since the orange lid is a little bit curved / bend on the back side (about 4mm i would guess). The orange plastic is on one level with the case on the sides, but lifted up in the middle. I already sent pictures and contacted the Mr.Beam Team yesterday and even got a short answer. Probably no problem for using the laser (safety reasons). But they will discuss this today and tell me wether I have to send it back for repair service or if it is fine like that. And that I should not use it until then.

      Sooo.. little bit more waiting and fingers crossed, that I do not have to send it back.

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