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Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop!
Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop!
Missed this campaign? Follow the link below:
Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop! Missed this campaign? Follow the link below:
791 backers pledged €942,673 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jason Todd Cave
      about 2 hours ago

      I agree 100% with Martin! By not communicating what he has stated puts us all in a vulnerable place. Your backers want to help, but are getting very restless with the minimal amount of information being provided. There are many others that want to help get past these hurdles you face, but without communication, people will/are turning to skepticism and making assumptions based on the unclear future. Let us know the real deal so we’re not all out of options after it’s too late. Again, people want to help, let us!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris about 12 hours ago

      Thin line between saving your invested money and throwing good money after bad.

    3. Papje about 18 hours ago

      @Arwed Good idea to pay some extra to speed up the whole process! Until now I believe all the setbacks for Mr Beam costs a lot of money, time and effort! There are about 600 backers! Let say every backer spend an extra €20-30, that makes €12000-18000! Personally I’m willing to pay an extra of €50 if this would speed up the process.

    4. Missing avatar

      Arwed Tschoeke 2 days ago

      lets put it to an end: I would be willing to pay an extra to finish this before everything is lost.
      How much would it cost to get the heatsink faster from another source to speed up the process within reasonable time?
      And if you are selling the product would it be possible to offer 'rewards' on a commission basis?

    5. Frederick 3 days ago

      #801 - Laser + Filter.

      What seemed like a good investment at the time, is probably making less and less sense as time passes. Technology evolves, and I'm afraid Mr. Beam II will be outdated by the time I get it. Which will be summer/winter 2018?
      I backed because you weren't new on KS and proved yourself with the first campaign, I'm starting to regret this.

      Is this the next Glowforge?

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin 3 days ago

      Guys, I think it's time for a *serious* update. Not one on current or expected issues, but about the state of the project:
      - Which of the device-specific parts do you have in stock? (Housing, Lid, PCBs, Laser diodes, heat sinks...)
      - Which share of the total number of parts required to manufacture the MrBeams for all backers?
      - What is the state of delivery (if not at 100% yet)/quality of those products?
      I'd expect a table in the form [Product | Percentage Delivered | Quality/Remark] contianing info on all those products.
      Then we would also be aware where open ends are and issues may arise. Currently the communication looks like salami-tactics with issues "suddenly" popping up that are hard to believe haven't been known earlier.

      Secondly I'd expect some information on your financials - is it at all realistic that you survive the delays financially? You'r 1,5 years behind schedule and during that time not only costs for storage/personnel accumulate, but there is also no income from any additional sales. In this context (although I hope it won't be relevant) I'd like to point out that you are under an obligation to file for insolvency at a rather early stage in Germany - it is usually too late when the first bill arrives that you factually cannot pay anymore. As filing too late is also subject to criminal punishmet, please get yourself advice early enough.

      To be clear: I am more than willing to help get you through this critical phase. If further (also financial) support is needed, you have to communicate that. Then we can see what has to be done and what can be done.

      Only dropping updates with some bad some good news every three weeks will only f*** your backers off and will make it only harder to find a solution.

    7. Missing avatar

      Melmac 3 days ago

      #733 - noch schlimmer - und auch noch das Vollpaket - Laser und Filter - was für eine Fehlentscheidung - zwischenzeitlich glaub ich nicht mal an eine Lieferung bis Weihnachten 2018 -

    8. Missing avatar

      Sven Krauter 3 days ago

      #719 naja danke für die Ehrlichkeit.
      Ich habe damals überlegt; Bitcoin oder Laser-cutter? Was für eine Fehlentscheidung...

    9. Dirk Herbst 3 days ago

      Ohje, ich bin Backer #704. Ich kann also ca. bis Juni warten. *sad*

    10. Maxim Morozov
      3 days ago

      Soooooo, you will deliver by backers numbers? Cause I'm backer 14 and can't wait any moreX)

    11. Missing avatar

      Christian Werner 4 days ago

      Hey Andy @Mr.Beam,

      "Social Relation" includes also to answer the questions from your backers and not to ignore them. Very poor show: the last comment alomost 6 weeks ago and the last update (with no information inside) 3 weeks ago.

      But this is an all over theme in the hole start-up scene. Place great ideas with an unrealistic timetable and when 80% of the target is reaced they got stuck. But to get this reward from a team that is not new on kickstarter is very disapointing

    12. Blanca Helga 5 days ago

      I guess you are very busy, but it would be great an update to feel that is nearer the moment when is going to be ready. The last updates were really appreciated, and make the waiting time easier to bear. Also any estimation would be fantastic...
      Thanks indeed folks!!

    13. cfaerber 7 days ago

      Falsches Fenster, sorry.

    14. cfaerber 7 days ago

      Ich würde die Zwerge auch gerne am Samstag auf der Spielwiesn abholen. Muss ich da noch etwas beachten, außer dass ich mich als Unterstützer "ausweisen" können sollte?

    15. Missing avatar

      Arwed Tschoeke on November 11

      so what's up? In the meantime I hope you have figured out details on the missing components. I would appreciate an update. The last report actually increased the pressure. With the goal so close any information that helps us, your backers, in planning (I think most people pledged on purpose and not to possess a stylish gadget sometime) would make things easier for all. As before: an estimate is far better than... nothing.
      Carry on,

    16. Missing avatar

      Joao Quaresma on November 2


      Thanks for the latest update, those are great news, keep up the good work.
      Do you have a timeline for the delivery?
      What is the the order of shipping, is by backer number or are the early bird going to be shipped first?
      Bets regards.

    17. Maximilian Zenk on October 28

      Hey guys, sorry, I lost track among the comments and updates as well.
      What's the estimated timeline for delivery? What stage are the early bird machines in?
      Or do you go by backer number?

    18. Papje on October 27

      Yes, communication is a problem. I want to see more videos how Mr Beam II is performing in different engraving and cutting jobs. I want to see how the software works, camera, filter system and so on!! Now it looks like we will get our Mr Beam right at our doorstep without this information. Not good! I know you guys are working hard but get some more information and status about Mr Beam is really necessary for your backers.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris on October 26

      Die Kommunikation ist echt zäh.

      Klappt es noch in 2017?

    20. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on October 26

      Update please! :-)
      Last one was 20 days ago.. when can we expect a delivery? :-)

    21. Maxim Morozov
      on October 21

      @MrBeam Team: Any approximate date of delivery?

    22. Markus Schicker on October 19

      Kann man eigentlich mit Mr. Beam II auch Stempel damit herstellen? Also "Lasergummi" abtragen?
      Is it possible to create stamps from "cutting" rubber mats?

    23. cfaerber on October 17

      Ich würde es auch gerne abholen. Ansonsten muss ich zum Paketshop, und das ist weiter. ;-)

    24. Markus Schicker on October 15

      Abholen wäre für mich auch kein Thema - je nachdem ob es den Prozess für euch auch vereinfacht :-)

    25. Papje on October 13

      Not free but nice examples!

    26. Klaus Zimmermann on October 11

      Je nachdem wann Beamy fertig assembliert und Ready to go ist, würde ich diesen auch direkt abholen.
      Wie gesagt - hängt bisschen vom Zeitfenster ab :D

    27. Axel Pfeiffer on October 11

      Nachdem ihr ja jetzt fleißig am Zusammenbauen seid, werd ich langsam hibbelig! Nicht vergessen, ich will meinen Mr. Beam bei euch in Muc abholen kommen und warte eigentlich nur drauf, dass ihr Bescheid gebt, damit ich ins Auto hüpfen kann. ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Mambo on October 9

      @Papje: Thank you! There are some good links in your list! (I already had some of them in my personal link-list :-))
      Anyone who knows a good link for 'hardware' (wood, acryl and so on) ? I could'nt find one who sells in Germany pure wood (cherry, maple, walnut, ... ) 1 or 2mm thickness for a good price.

      @Mr. Beam: Maybe it's time to start the new forum/wiki for links and other stuff?

    29. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on October 8

      @Mark Pedersen: We did not try that yet, as we already know, that carbon fiber itself is hard to cut.
      But there's a great alternative: Basalt fibers or woven basalt fiber mats (see You can use them as a direct replacement for carbon fibers. One local river surfer guy here uses our laser cutter to cut out enforcements for his hand molded surfing fins. Basalt fibers are 100% mineral and therefore less dangerous to work with than carbon fibers.

    30. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on October 8

      @Mabux compare the published pictures with fsl muse ;)
      It's a nice, but quite different than Mr Beam II.
      With the CO2 tube laser it has all the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. We believe that semiconductor lasers are the best technology for the desktop, especially in terms of durability, power consumption, maintainance and safety.

    31. Mabux
      on October 7

      Wondering how will compare to MrBeam, what do you think (there's not much information yet, but in general) ?

    32. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on October 6

      @Papje thanks for sharing. We did that by hand for our video and know the effort if you do it properly.

    33. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on October 6

      Hey Klaus und Zimmermann ;)
      just published an update. Hope you like it.

    34. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on October 6

      @Mark: CFRP = carbon fiber reinforced p...? Is this assumption right and what is the last one?

    35. Klaus Zimmermann on October 6

      Hey Teja und Co.,
      gibts heute wieder ein paar News rund um das Baby?

    36. Mark Pedersen on September 30

      This has prob been answered, but coulndt find it(or missed it). But here goes:

      Will we be able to lasercut CFRP with mr.beam? :)

    37. ErstO
      on September 27

      Thanks Papje, another great link, do you know a source for old French postcards? they would make a great puzzle set.

    38. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on September 15

      @Raphael ... und ich hab jetzt was über Kerntechnik gelernt. :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Raphael Stäbler on September 13

      @ Klaus: Das war ein Spaß.....

    40. Klaus Zimmermann on September 12

      @Raphael: Keine Ahnung aus welchem Bereich du kommst, aber der Begriff ist für mich Alltag und in der IT geläufig.
      Und ich denke Teja & Co. wissen was gemeint ist - auch ohne Google und Wikipedia bemühen zu müssen. �

    41. Missing avatar

      Raphael Stäbler on September 12


      Unter dem Begriff Assemblierung versteht man in der Kerntechnik den letzten Teilschritt bei der Herstellung von Brennelementen für Kernreaktoren. Vereinfacht ausgedrückt bedeutet die Assemblierung den Zusammenbau von einzelnen Kernbrennstäben zu einem Brennelement. ...

    42. Cesar on September 11

      @MisterBeam Feels like the right time for an official udpate or...? =)

    43. Nils Midttveit on September 7

      What is the updated "estimated time for delivery"?

    44. Klaus Zimmermann on August 30

      Cool. Danke für die Details ;)

    45. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on August 30

      @Klaus ich hab eben einen neuen Liefertermin für die verspäteten Teile bekommen: 22.9. Die Assemblierung beginnt dann wenn die Qualität der Teile passt am 25.9.
      Woran wir in der Zwischenzeit arbeiten: Software, Verpackung, Betriebsanleitung, Koordinierung von den Zulieferern, Business Development, Qualitätskontrolle, ...

      Once more in English:
      we got a new arrival date for the delayed parts: September 22nd. If the quality of the parts is fine, we will start assembly of the devices at September 25th.
      In the meantime we're busy with software, packaging, user manual, supplier management, business development, quality assurance, ...

    46. Klaus Zimmermann on August 29

      @Mr. Beam Lasers
      Was bedeutet die Verspätung für die Auslieferung des Gerätes? Wann sind alle Teile beisammen und können spätestens Assembliert werden?
      Danke und Gruß
      P.S.: An was arbeitet Ihr, wenn Ihr auf Teile warten müsst? Verbesserungen der Software? Etc.? Denke das würde die Backer hier auch interessieren.

    47. Mr Beam Lasers 2-time creator on August 29

      Delay announcement: Two suppliers just notified us that their factories had to stop production because of the typhoons Hato and Pakhar. They had to shut down the electricity for safety reasons. According to their estimations the production continues in the first week of September.

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