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Moving Windmills is a feature-length documentary that tells the true story of William Kamkwamba, a young innovator from Malawi, Africa.
376 backers pledged $111,545 to help bring this project to life.

Bedtime update and watch the short film that started it all!

Good evening backers! 

1. Pledge Update  2. The Moving Windmills Short that started it all.

1. It's 1 am on the East Coast of the U.S. and we're getting sleepy. Before I go to bed, the tote board: 31 hours left and we're at $103,345! It's absolutely amazing and it's because of YOU. We've had pledges from $1 to $1000 SINCE we crossed the $100K threshold. We've decided that $100K is amazing, but we forgot for a moment that Kickstarter and Amazon Payments both get a cut, which is totally fair and we're happy to pay it. But, if we get to $110K, we'll net an even $100K, instead of $90K from $100K. So we have just $6,655 to reach our final, yes, now seriously, no I'm not kidding final goal. (I promised not to move the goal posts again!) I have heard rumors from other filmmakers that a lot of people (brand new and familiar) jump in in the few hours, so there is no telling where we'll end up. I invite you to guess in the comments.

2. Watch our short film from four years ago when WK's English was not so good, we hadn't sent a crew to Malawi yet, and we had massive time pressures to finish it to submit it to the Pangea Day Film Festival. There was one winner for each continent and we won for North America.

True story: I promise you we had NO IDEA. I was actually photographing the award ceremony on behalf of Pangea Day. I thought we had no chance as we were up against very polished fiction shorts. While they were reading the North American winner, behind the camera I silently mouthed the words "Moving Windmills" and to our absolute shock those words came out of the mouth of one of the judges as if I were a ventriloquist. Our team FREAKED OUT. The ceremony was by a hotel pool, and I remember all of us gathering in the shimmering blue light to say to each other "now we have to make the feature!"

Here is the short. Virtually none of this footage will appear in the feature length documentary, and the production values in the big doc are way higher. Still we are really proud of this short.

Tom (awake) and Ben (also still awake) : )

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