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Escape the crypt is a film noir/suspense adventure game built off off the Escape the attic game. This game is part film part choose you Read more

Seattle, WA Video Games
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This project's funding goal was not reached on March 19, 2012.

Escape the crypt is a film noir/suspense adventure game built off off the Escape the attic game. This game is part film part choose you

Seattle, WA Video Games
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Recent updates

Eleventh Hour

It's down to the wire.  Been a fun time with you all.  Follow us at

(well, follow us there sometime this week)

We had a good run, rounded up some interest among filmmakers and video game folks, and talking with a major game producer about using movieGame as a sort of interactive advertising.

If we don't get all the funding from Kickstarter, we're not done by any means, only delayed.  Since this was dreamed up 4 years ago, new technology has emerged.  Over the last year, we've built the tools and refined the concepts to make it a reality.  As soon as there's a break in our other projects or the financing rolls in, we're going to make this thing and people are gonna poop their pants like when they heard Eruption or saw Star Wars.

I appreciate your backing.  It's awesome to know that people get the vision and want to see it made.  Stay tuned, and you'll see it happen.

Thanks for your support!

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Game Developers' Conference

GDC was a good move.  We met with CEO's, film people, VP's, and game people.  Results were positive, and we have 1.5 deals brewing.  Mostly, people are interested in experimenting with the technology, or using it as a "try before you buy" type of advertising for existing games.

My last update will be content-related.

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Interactive Trifecta

The last type of interactivity we'll demonstrate here uses traditional film techniques to reveal more information that changes the viewer's perspective about a scene.

You might have seen the TV series Lost, where flashbacks would frequently change your perspective about the characters.  Or perhaps you saw Vantage Point, or Pulp Fiction, films that played with thematic perspective to reveal more about what was going on.

In simpler terms, they're shows where you go "Aha, now I see what's going on." and if it's done well "Whoa, I didn't see that coming!"  Mystery shows have been doing it for a long time, just not cinematically, but more through dialog. (you're told a different perspective rather than shown)

So, this update uses a few shots of a scene in a room.  As you click around in it, the camera angle changes and you might see something that changes your perspective. Have fun.  Here is the demo.

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How We Do It

Going to GDC is exciting.  Takes a ton o' work.  Arranging meetings, making promo material, not to mention flight and hotel.

This update demos the software we use to create a movieGame.  It's got a pretty streamlined interface and can make a game quickly.  (The real time-consumer is actually editing the footage.)

I show you how to make the movieGame from the last update.

Part of our budget is going to re-tooling the software.  For instance, it currently allows for clickable zones, but the zones can't be animated.  For film footage, it's pretty necessary to be able to do this, otherwise all the shots would need to be stationary.  We'd also like to have silhouettes as the clickable zones, not just rectangles.  So if you click on, say, a fork, your not just clicking a big rectangle overlaying the fork, but a nice silhouette of the fork, matching it's shapes and contours.  There's a couple other things like auto tracking objects in the film and a non-destructive non-linear video compositor.  Although all of the above can be accomplished using work-arounds, it takes away from the focus on quality.  Having the right tools for the job means having a better quality product at the end.

So, in a nutshell, the software is good, and could use some improvements.

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Interactive objects

The previous update demonstrated navigational interactivity in a movieGame.  When you clicked on a hotspot, it took you to another place within the game;  in geek speak, you navigated there.

This update demonstrates interactivity with objects in the game world.  To check out what I mean, go here, click the start button, and interact with the filing cabinet.

FYI, I'm spending only a few hours on these demos.  The production value is purposefully low.

In the next update (this week some time), I'll show you the software we use to create games.  We spent the last year+ writing it.  Currently it's being used to create a Big Fish hidden object game.  We're re-tooling it with more video features for movieGame.  Part of the budget for Escape the Crypt includes improvements to the engine.

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