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Gameplay. The Big Update!

Posted by MoveableCode (deleted) (Creator)

Apologies in advance for the length of this update, but many of you have asked for details on how gameplay will work, and here they are.

Please be sure to get your friends to back us too. We are still a long way from our target. Thanks for your support!


What is Incantor?

Incantor is built to play like an MMOG but in the real world. Your wand is your weapon and a sophisticated game controller that does everything by gesture recognition. 

To achieve all the goals in the game and level up you must use your wand, paired with your smartphone, in the real world. 

There are hazards, items, creatures and power ups that will be pushed to your approximate location that will constantly add challenging and rewarding opportunities for you and your Binding (the equivalent of a Guild in Incantor). 

And…of course…there is battle between Incantors. Many different modes are supported from one on one straight up duels to binding vs. binding to capture the flag to last man standing and much more. Battles happen in real time. It's not turn based, unless you feel like cutting your opponent a break ;-)

Ongoing stats will be captured live and rolled up into local, regional and national player standings. 

There will be a rich multi-modal interface on your smart phone with all the UI information you’ve come to expect from an MMOG. You can play fast and furious in real time with all of your friends, displayed in a fantastic map overlay showing your actual physical location.


Game Structure

You win by depleting your opponent’s vitus (life points).

Battle is all about using spells, virtual hazards and magical artifacts to effect vitus of your binding, your opponents, or yourself by: 

  • Depleting it
  • Restoring it
  • Protecting it

Spells and magic are the tools you have to achieve all your goals and there will be literally hundreds of spells with level and modifier variations. 

All spells have a cool down time and different effective distances. Some spells do their damage or effect over time. Some spells are area spells like land mines or shields.

All classes have more complicated and unique spells they add, learn and earn 

Some other tidbits:

– An Incantor typically only carries 10 spells ready to use in his virtual spell bag for each battle. 

– There are five realms with five flavors of magic: Red, white, blue, black, green

– Each Incantor makes a wand from two parts to pair with an Incantor master in one of the five realms.

  • The Handle of your wand indicates your magic color/realm 
  • The Tip of your wand establishes your light or dark orientation 
– All classes have basic single-gesture spells easy to use day #1
  • Bolt – single damage dealing spell
  • Mend – Healing spell for self 
  • Ward – Damage prevention shield
  • Diffuse – Enemy spell cancellation 

– You can own and level up more than one wand but you can only play a single wand per battle or quest (a bit like having several characters you are leveling up in an MMOG)

– You level up through experience points gained in battles and challenges

  • Leveling up makes you more powerful: You get some new spells Some existing spells get slowly stronger 
  • Your vitus does not change (keeps game workable with different levels) 
  • You get access to deeper lore and privileges in bindings (guilds)


The Classes of Incantors

There are ten classes of incantors that you can choose from when choosing what kind of wand you want. Just like in any good MMOG, those classes all have different powers and abilities as well as uniquely different roles in the game.

Incantor Basic Class Descriptions

Red Realm: Damage Dealers. Uses the magical elements of fire and lightning. A realm of extremes and powerful emotions. Pure Warriors of damage.

  • Red Handle, Light Tip: Sorcerer. Heavy hitter, glass jaw.
  • Red Handle, Dark Tip: Warlock. Hit and run, assassin.

Blue Realm: Damage Preventers or Reversers. Uses the magical elements of Water or Ice. Culture of healing and the flow of vitus (lifeforce).

  • Wand with Blue Handle, Light Tip: Priest. True healer, doesn’t fight back.
  • Wand with Blue Handle, Dark Tip: Adept. Stops damage by befuddling enemy spells before they are cast.

Green Realm: Make themselves high priority targets i.e. Tanks. Uses the magical elements of earth and growth. Culture of survival of the fittest using magic to create strength and perseverance.

  • Wand with Green Handle, Light Tip: Warden Hard to kill, protects allies.
  • Wand with Green Handle, Dark Tip: Druid Plague bearer, Dangerous to leave alone, high value target.

White Realm: Supporters with some healing Uses the magical elements of light. Culture of alliances and strength of numbers.

  • Wand with White Handle, Light Tip: Paladin Powers up allies. High value in high exchange battles.
  • Wand with White Handle, Dark Tip: Occultist Beware where you stand! Able to ensorcel locations and situations.

Black Realm: Masters of Death, Loners. Use the magical elements of Shadow, corruption and death. Culture of the cycle of life. Rebirth and death through corruption are their primary powers.

  • Wand with Black Handle, Light Tip: Necromancer Takes advantage of weakness. Reverses death.
  • Wand with Black Handle, Dark Tip: Sangromancer The leach of vitus and power.

Roles Within Classes: 

– DPS (Damage per Second): Classes with a DPS role focus on dealing damage to enemy targets.

–  Corruption: Classes with a corruption role rot their enemies. There are two types of damage, instant and damage over time. Damage over time could be through curses placed on opponents.

– Tank: Protects allies through Wards/Redirection, allowing them to take the brunt of the fire rather than their friends. They often sacrifice damage capabilities for extreme defense and survivability.

– Healing: Keeps allies alive by healing their wounds. These classes are often very low on damage and survivability but play a pivotal role for their team. Alone, healers are weaker than other classes, but gain experience at an increased rate.

– Buffer: These classes support their team with a hybrid role, performing one of the above roles while making the rest of their team stronger through incantations that improve abilities or shorten cooldowns.

– Debuffer: These classes perform a hybrid of DPS/Tank/Healing, but also weaken the opposing team by extending cooldowns or reducing defensive/offensive capabilities.

– Control: Another hybrid role that focuses on controlling the flow of battle, often through dangerous zones place on the area or counter-incantations.

– Defensive: Often paired with tank classes, this hybrid role focuses on huge prevention abilities, but sacrifices other capabilities.

– Revival: A very unique role performed by few classes. This role drains all combat capabilities for the incredibly powerful ability to revive an ally from the dead in various ways.



Congratulations if you made it this far.  That's a lot to digest, and as you would guess we can talk about this stuff for many many hours.

More coming soon.

Don't forget to get your friends to back the project! Let's make this happen.


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    1. Markus Kostarczyk on

      I am really thrilled to see the designs of the different wands, the Red Realm White(?) Tip looks pretty neat....

    2. Markus Kostarczyk on

      Thats a hilarious idea x3 I think I would have alot fun with that class!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      As we developed the game, I always imagined just how much fun it would be to curse a restroom. Eventually, everybody's gonna have to trip the spell.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted Creator on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Markus Kostarczyk on

      Ohhh, I like the Occultist class! I gonna make my enemies run arround while I curse the ground they stand on, haha!