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MAGIC MADE REAL! A game with a Bluetooth magic wand –paired with your smartphone– that casts spells based on gestures you make.

MAGIC MADE REAL! A game with a Bluetooth magic wand –paired with your smartphone– that casts spells based on gestures you make. Read More
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About this project

Incantor brings the gameplay of an online fantasy game in to the real world. You play the game with a bluetooth magic wand and your iPhone or Android smartphone.

We posted quite a few updates to this project. If you're new here, you might want to read these updates first:

Read on to learn more...

We’ve always wanted magic to be real.  From casting spells, to magical battles and quests, we want a real magic wand that works in the real world.  And while we’re asking for wish fulfillment, let’s add in the depth of a big fantasy online game and the strategy of a cool Trading Card Game.

And that’s what Incantor will deliver.  A game with a Bluetooth magic wand – paired with your smartphone – that casts spells based on the gestures you make.

In the game you can cast spells, run quests, or have battles that involve you and all of your friends!  

Learn the art of spell casting. Play against other Incantors and virtual beasts.  Gather with your friends and pursue magical quests to find lore, power and valuable items.  Combine the physical and virtual to create a truly unique gaming experience. 

That's Incantor.  And that’s what you become part of if you back us on Kickstarter. 

Incantor isn't just a wand and a special app on your phone, but a community of gamers. You'll be able to establish an identity, form groups, and learn and practice skills that give you the potential to make your Incantor wand different from any other wand on the planet!

Interested in learning more about the lore that backs the Incantor universe? Visit our blog where we will be posting new art, concepts and lore constantly! We're into fantasy just as much as you are so we love creating this stuff!

The wand is filled with enough technical goodness to make magic real! Every wand is: 

  • A sophisticated motion control device, with haptic feedback, that is paired to your smartphone.
  • A game controller that can lock onto intended targets, read your spell shaping and cast your spells.
  • A weapon of magical martial arts that takes training and skill to master.
  • A high quality collectible object that is personalizable expression of who and what you are and how you've developed it!

The wand holds and controls your magical powers. You become an Incantor by choosing your wand. This sets your class in the game and creates a pairing with an Incantor in one of the other five magic realms. As you play the game, you'll have the opportunity to learn more spells, and develop your wand. 

You can own multiple wands to use at different times just like leveling up multiple characters in your favorite MMOG. Some wands are healer wands, some are damage dealers, others are stealth magic and so on. All wands can do battle, quest and level up.

Your wand is paired by Bluetooth to your smartphone. You can now cast and receive spells, target opponents, find and reveal hidden magical items and kick all sorts of magical butt in the real world! Through your smartphone, we know where and when all Incantors are using their wands and all the specifics about your level, what spells you’ve chosen and if you are forming them correctly when you cast (yes it takes practice and skill! Did you think being an Incantor was easy?). 

There are multiple UI modes to manage your spells, track your friends, enemies, events and items, and manage your strategies in all gaming modes.

Prototype for Spell Management Display

Prototype for Real-time Battlefield Heads Up Display 

Some of the other things that make Incantor unique:

  • There are thirteen different modes of play are in development with more to come. Those modes of play include various forms of questing, battling and training for single players or whole teams of Incantors. 
  • We are planning gatherings, events, leagues and more after launch and we will be tracking your stats on the local, regional, national and international level.
  • We will launch with one-on-one sparring/dueling and several modes of questing. Additional modes of gameplay will be added rapidly after launch.

Finally, Incantor is fundamentally a social game. Though there are many ways to play on an individual basis, it really kicks into high fantasy gear when you and your friends come together. A magical team/guild is called a “Binding.” A Binding can be as few as two Incantors but can also grow to dozens. Strategy on the field of quest and battle is rich and nuanced when a binding learns to employ different classes of Incantors and combinations of spells and items to achieve their goals and move up in the levels and stats.

For five thousand years the battle between the five great realms of magic has been silent. 

A sorcerous ward of unimaginable power, cast by the five greatest Incantors, sealed the reachings between realms and stopped the battles that threatened to destroy all.

But now the rumored sixth realm has been found: Earth... It is a realm bereft of magic and unbound by the great barrier!

If you build a wand that is an exact match of a wand owned by an Incantor from one of the five realms of magic, you will become that Incantor’s apprentice. You will be able to channel their power through a “reaching” between the realms!

With magic unleashed once more, old alliances across realms will be renewed... and ancient enemies will re-awaken to do battle through their apprentices on Earth.

Your quest is to gain skill in your sorcerous art, find other Incantors and bind together amassing your power, knowledge, skills and artifacts.

The battle is upon you as the realms press closer, thinning and penetrating the veil that separates Earth from all manner of mystical wonders and threats.

To triumph, you must train hard. Learn the lore, gain spells, creatures and items from beyond our realm. Magic is your martial art and you are our only hope...

A: It establishes a rich fantasy world within which you shape and grow yourself and your binding as Incantors. 

The Lore delivers the key information you need to advance in the world of Incantor. New spells and where to find them. Historical strategies. How to defeat or capture different kinds of magical creatures and faedes. 

The Lore itself is part of what is discoverable in the world of Incantor. There are places and times where the fabric between our world and the five realms thins. During those times items and information from the other realms can be found and pulled into our realm. Incantors who are good at finding and harvesting these bits of Lore will be very valuable to their bindings and will gain rewards for their skill at Lore.

A: We believe that Kickstarter is the best opportunity for us to get connected with you, the gamers, the fans, the lovers of rich magical fantasy. We want you to work directly with us to influence the outcome of the final stages of the development process.  In short, to help us make the game better and make it for you! (The alternative is to have some investment bankers with one hand on the wheel...)

Funding to the $100K level gets us to a first release! We've spent 18 months developing the technology, software, gameplay and narrative. Now that we have a working wand prototype, we are ready to move the first level of functionality into the hands of real gamers. This first release will support two or three modes of play for all ten classes of wands.  From there it’s off to the magical races and growing our player base and all the additional content for the game itself!

Any generous overfunding we get will be applied directly to building out more of the gaming modes, spells, player functionality, wand features, social support, events and publishing earlier.

A: For those of you who help us by contributing, we are granting many different levels of lifelong benefits available only to our kickstarter supporters. Those benefits range in scope based on contribution level, but include:

  • Honorary in-game titles and privileges that we will never offer again
  • Early lifelong access to new wand releases, upgrades, new designs and more
  • Rare Beta wands
  • Beta-test participation
  • The newest wands for life
  • Custom or one-of-a-kind spells you get to name
  • One of a kind wand
  • Collectible, signed development art
  • Early access to Lore (believe me, it’s an advantage)
  • Game dev access and input
  • VIP event status and much, much, more
  • And the lifelong props that you were one of the first Incantors in the sixth realm!

Please check out all the goodies at each level of contribution.

We hope you will support bringing this new form of fantasy gaming to first launch and pass along the news about Incantor here on Kickstarter to your magically inclined friends, family and colleagues. 

A: Our management team has spent 35 years in entertainment and 42 in technology. As individuals, we've worked for, collaborated with or delivered products to Apple, Dreamworks, Hasbro (including Wizards of the Coast), Intel, Mattel, Microsoft, Sony, Turbine Entertainment, Warner Bros and many more. 

We've worked on properties from Batman to Jurassic Park, Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Starship Troopers to Lord of the Rings Online.

In addition to the core team, we've reached out to our friends in the entertainment industry to pull together the most talented people we know. These individuals include published artists with credits on well known games and TV shows, Magic: The Gathering illustrators and product gurus that have worked in the guts of the games industry for companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Incantor is the passion project we all share.

Nicholas Napp, CEO 

– “I’ve always loved applying technology in non-obvious ways, especially when it comes to having fun.”

Nicholas has spent his career in and around technology, working in mobile, web and enterprise software and entertainment production. He spent the past three years as an external technology scout for Sony Ericsson exploring everything from apps to MEMS-based sensors, nanofilms and novel display technologies. As VP of Animation for Rainbow Studios, Nicholas produced episodic TV, commercials and cinematics for A&E, Hasbro, Sony, Microsoft and many others. 

Kevin Mowrer CCO

 – “I have been creating successful fantasy work my whole life in pursuit of making the dreams we imagine into realities we can live in.” 

Kevin is an award winning creator of fantasy entertainment, narrative, play and art. Kevin ran Hasbro’s worldwide design and development and founded their entertainment division, the fantasy factory, while working with all divisions including Wizards of the Coast. He also created the Meta-story process for developing narratives for expression across different media, play and gaming formats and counts many large entertainment companies amongst his present clients (Dreamworks Animation, Turbine Games, Mattel, Hasbro, to name a few). Kevin holds Two Emmy’s for his work in TV, multiple product patents and is a well known fantasy illustrator (

Trivikram Prasad VP Engineering

 – "Engineering and Technology have always been my forté, but to create magic with them brings me unspeakable joy and fulfillment!"

Triv has over 18 years experience in engineering, technology and leadership working with large corporations in USA and India, including Intel and Intuit. In addition to starting new teams and organizations, he teaches leadership classes in influencing, cross cultural training and management all over the world. More recently, Triv started the engineering team for MoveableCode and shipped 4 mobile products to 3 global markets in 83 days. The Bangalore team now consists of a dozen brilliant engineers and a superior pool of high quality interns. This has assured the creation of an engineering and development organization that is on the forefront of mobile technology and engineering excellence.

Neal Adams, Comic Book Artist and real life comic book hero (check out his Wikipedia entry!)"I think this project a year from now is going to have people playing games in parks, campuses, backyards and camp sites. This is the game play of the future for anyone who has two legs to walk on or a wheelchair to ride around in. This is it! Magic!"

Andre Kirk, Concept Designer"What immediately drew me to the world of Incantor was the idea of this unique approach of combining fantasy elements in a real-world setting. From a creative, concept and design standpoint, the world of Incantor has been a great playground to experiment with. Apart from working on creating some of these unique worlds and their inhabitants I am most excited about having my friends join me in exploring them. This goes beyond gaming and into actual interaction with a fantasy world." 

Carlos Sanchez, Concept Designer: "Incantor is one of those rare projects you jump at the chance to be a part of. It has such an experienced crew behind it that you know it’s going to be huge. The technology driving the concept is absolutely the coolest part of it all. Magic wands, epic battles and a fantastic character structure in a truly social environment, what’s not to love?"  

Chelsea Stark, Blogger/Journalist, "A startup called MoveableCode hopes to make magical worlds real by creating wands that sync to players’ smartphones, allowing them to cast spells with the wave of a hand."

Marshall Honoroff, Contributor, "Startup developer MoveableCode has just Kickstarted Incantor, a peripheral-based game that works in conjunction with smartphones that allows users to battle, quest, and cast all manner of magic spells in the real world."

Scott Kirsner, Blogger/Journalist, Boston Globe & "Seems Like the Next 'Guitar Hero' award... Betaspring clearly saved MovableCode for the last slot of the day for a reason: the startup had a wacky, fun demo of a new game, Incantor, that combines a mobile phone strapped to your arm with a magic wand.  You can cast spells and do battle alone or with other players — and the company will of course sell you special spells after you've gotten hooked."

Scott Pickering, Blogger/Journalist, Mass High Tech: "MoveableCode… unveiled a small dose of Incantor, their new fantasy game where users combine their smart phones with Bluetooth-enabled wands to battle like Harry Potter and Voldemort — in the real world."


  • You tell us!

    We plan on launching with iPhone and Android support, but if there's another platform you want to see support for, like Windows Phone, just let us know.

    Last updated:
  • Shipping is included for US-based backers only. If you are based in Canada, please add $10 to cover shipping. If you are anywhere else in the world, please add an additional $20.

    Last updated:
  • A full production wand will cost about the same as a platform game title.

    The game of Incantor is free to play 24/7/365 (or 406 depending on the realm you’re living in). No limits on levels, no forcing you to purchase to level up. Some spells, items, and specialty quests are purchasable in-game and ex-game.

    Last updated:
  • We hope you'll treat your wand like the precious collectible it is, but accidents happen. If you've chosen a reward that includes Free Wand Repair, we will do our best to repair your wand, or provide a reasonable alternative for the life of the game.

    Last updated:
  • A full production wand will cost about the same as a platform game title.

    Last updated:
  • If you chosen a reward that includes wand updates, you will receive every upgrade free of charge, as soon as they become available for the Realm you choose to join. Please note that shipping charges will apply to non-US backers.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Incantor Primus: Be recognized as an early supporter of Incantor for all time inside the game!

    Increase your odds of getting the player name you really want with early access to our site. You'll be able to build your profile before it launches to the public. You'll also receive a digital badge and title showing your status as a Primus Incantor.

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    Incantor Primus: Get all the privileges from the previous level of support and get to skip to the front of the line and have first access to order your very own Incantor wand!

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    Incantor Primus: This includes everything in the earlier tiers of support plus early access to our digital comics and the Lore that is the basis for Incantor. Early access to Lore may significantly improve your success in the game!

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    Pledge $65 or more About $65 USD

    Incantor Primus: Just the wand. Includes everything in the earlier tiers of support plus you will recieve one of the very first production wands. Please note: this is not a limited edition wand like the $100, but still, it's a magic wand people!

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Incantor Nobilis: Get ready to play. You get all of the Incantor Primus benefits, and you will receive a customized production Incantor wand exclusive to early supporters. We'll be shipping these at the end of 2012, before any other wands go on sale! Please see our shipping details before pledging (in the FAQ).

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    Incantor Nobilis for 2! Playing Incantor with friends is a great way to experience the game. Receive two of the limited edition Incantor wands scheduled to ship at the end of 2012. Both will be armed with a special spell that is exclusive to wands that were ordered as a pair. You'll both also receive the benefits of Incantor Primus supporters. Please see our shipping details before pledging (in the FAQ).

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    Incantor Regium: Participate in the early development of Incantor! In October we'll send you a beta Incantor wand, you'll also get early access to the Incantor community and be able to participate in forums to provide feedback with the Incantor team. Receive all of the benefits of Incantor Nobilis supporter, so you'll get the production Incantor wand at no additional cost when it becomes available. Please see our shipping details before pledging (in the FAQ).

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Incantor Potens: Own a piece of the Incantor Lore with a limited edition, signed, museum quality Giclée art print. You'll additionally get free wand repair for life should your Incantor wand ever become damaged (please see the details in the FAQ before pledging). You'll also receive all the benefits of being a Incantor Regium supporter.

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    Incantor Regulus: Join the world's first official Incantor battle and be a part of the development of Incantor. We'll be hosting a weekend in September in Providence RI, where we'll be holding our first real world trials of Incantor on the battlefield! Not only will you be amongst the first invitees to the Incantor community, you'll also pick up a pre-production Incantor wand in person! Give feedback to the production team and have a blast trying it first. You'll also get all the benefits that Incantor Potens supporters receive, which means you'll get a production wand too! Note that travel is not included with this benefit.

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    Incantor Rex: Become an ultimate supporter of Incantor. Not only do you get all the benefits of being a Incantor Potens supporter, you'll also get some very exclusive privileges to go with it both in game and in real life. Any wand technological, functional or aesthetic revisions we make will be sent to you for life, so you'll always have the latest and greatest Incantor wand. Please see our FAQ for details.

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    Pledge $4,500 or more About $4,500 USD

    Incantor Regium for 10 people! If you have a group or guild this is for you! In October 2012 we'll ship a set of ten beta wands, that represent the ten classes of Incantors, for you and your team to play with. Participate in the community of other early testers and provide feedback and shape the experience! Every member also gets all of the Incantor Regium benefits, which includes a production Incantor wand. Please see our FAQ for details.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Incantor Conditor: Play a very important role in the development of Incantor by working with the design team to create a unique spell for the game. For all your hard work and creativity, the spell is yours to name. This also includes all of the benefits of the Incantor Rex status. All of the spells attributes and name are subject to the final approval of the Incantor team, but dream big!

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    Pledge $7,500 or more About $7,500 USD

    Incantor Magister: Receive all of the same benefits as an Incantor Conditor supporter, but the spell you create will only be yours to use as it's bound exclusively to your Incantor wand. This is a chance to not only design part of the Incantor experience, but have something that separates your Incantor wand from all others.

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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Incantor Imperialis: Create something that's one of a kind! Work with the design team at Incantor to modify our existing wand sculpt into something that's unique and custom for you and you alone. This also includes all of the benefits of the Incantor Rex status. All designs are subject to the approval of the Incantor team and must be based on existing designs. If you have questions, let us know!

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